Best Aggravation Board Games Review 2022

Want to let your kids a wonderful board game with some marbles and playing dice? The aggravation board game is such kind of game, which can provide your kid’s excellent fun during their pastime as it is quite a simple game to play. I have come to you with a review of some best aggravation board games, which you might love to look at before selecting any other board games.

The list begins with Winning movies Aggravation (classic). The buying guide section will help you to choose the right product to great extent and also you will find the playing rules of this game to make it easier for the kids before they start playing this game. So stay with me for further information.

Best Aggravation board game

Proiest recommend

Aggravation (classic)

Pickle Sports Marble Wood Board Game (Folding and Portable)

What is Aggravation board game?

The aggravation board game is a two to six player board game, which great for the kids aged 6 years or more. The object of the game is to take all of your playing pieces, which are marbles to the home from the base position. The player able to do this first will win the game.

It is a simple game to play and the setup is pretty simple too. Set up the board, gave away four marbles to each of the players and roll the dice to begin the game. Aggravate your opponent’s marble that falls in your landing spot and raise the fun of the game.

How to choose this board?

Before you purchase an aggravation game set, you must look out whether it is a complete set that includes all the pieces of equipment or not. Further discussion will make it clearer for you.

Game board: Look out the game board, at first. It’s the first thing you need to play aggravations. I have seen many game boards made of paper, wood, or plastic. But I would suggest you go for a game board that is made of high-grade hardwood. This construction will ensure the sturdiness of the board during the game and it will also last for a long period. Select the size of the board for your comfort. There are boards for four players, six players and also for eight players. It depends on you what type of board you need.

Marbles: A player needs at least 4 marbles at the starting of the game. And the total number of marble you need depends on the version of the game you are going to play. While buying, make sure that there enough marbles of different colors to divide them among all the participants.

Dice: Some game sets come with only a single dice include, which of course I don’t like personally. You should go for a game set that has dice for each player. I meant, if you are playing four-player games, then four dice and in a six-player game, you should have six dice.

Storage cover: This will provide you comfortable portability and you can also store the pieces of equipment and board securely when you are not playing. A strong clothing cover is the best solution for this.

Multi-version game set: Instead of buying a game set that only lets you play a single version game, look for a game set that comes with a double-sided board. Then you will be able to enjoy two different versions of the game just by flipping the board.

1. Winning moves Aggravation (classic)


Brand: Winning Moves Games

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Comes with a heavy-duty game board with 1962 artwork
  2. 30 marbles of 6 different colors
  3. A rolling dice
  4. Playing instructions.

This is a complete aggravation game set from Winning Moves Games that can accommodate up to six players. The game set comes with 30 colorful marbles of six different colors. There are 5 blue colors, 5 yellow colors, 5 white colors, 5 pink colors, 5 green color, and 5 orange color marbles included in the set.

The heavy-duty game board comes with 1962 artwork. You will get dice with the game set and full playing instruction. This will help you in understanding the rules of the game quite easily and provide your kids to have unlimited. You can take the shortcuts to zip ahead or can also take the super shortcut and shoot across the board.

2. Large Oak-Wood Hand-Painted Wooden Aggravation Marble Game Board


Brand: AmishToyBox

Weight: 8.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Game board made of solid red oak hardwood
  2. 24 marbles of 6 different colors
  3. Beautifully hand-painted holes
  4. Six dices.

This aggravated game set from comes with a double-sided wooden game board. The game board is made of solid red oak hardwood. The board comes in a hexagonal shape and it measures 24 inches in width. You can play a six-player version game on one side and 4 player version game on the other side of the board.

The game is completed with 24 colorful marbles. The marbles come in six different colors red, white, blue, green, black and yellow. You will also find six dices for each player in this game set. The playing instruction is included to make your kids understand the rules quickly and easily. It comes with beautifully hand-painted holes for easy play.

3. Pickle Sports Marble Wood Board Game (Folding and Portable)


Brand: Pickle Sports

Weight: 3.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Foldable game board
  2. Game board beautifully crafted from solid wood
  3. Gold color latches and hinges
  4. 4 sets of handmade glass marbles.

This game board from Pickle Sports comes to you with a foldable game board. The board also provides you the opportunity to easily carry it without needing any extra carrying cases or having the chances of missing the marbles. You can store the marbles inside the board after playing and fold it down for great portability.

The game board is beautifully crafted from solid wood with a natural finish. It has gold color latches and hinges inside the board. The logo of Pickle Sports is designed on the exterior of the board. It includes a custom playing card w/cheat sheet, 4 sets of handmade glass marbles. The marbles are green, white, red, and blue color. And this game set is suitable for four players.

4. Solid Oak Double Sided Aggravation Marble Board Game


Brand: Cauff

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Complete game set with a game board, marbles and dice
  2. Double-sided game board
  3. Game board made of ethically sourced oak hardwood
  4. Playing instructions included.

This is a complete aggravation game set from Pickle Sports that comes with a game board, enough number of marbles, dices and playing instructions. The game board comes with a double-sided playing option, where you can play both the four-player version and six-player versions. Just flip the board and enjoy the game in whatever version you want.

This double game board is made of ethically sourced oak hardwood that ensures your board will last for a lifetime. The board is hand-sanded and sealed for a smooth, long-lasting finish. It has hand-painted holes for easy navigation during play. The game set is equipped with a black velvet bag, which makes it easier for you to store the playing pieces.

5. Craft house Ludo or Aggravation Game Premium Hardwood


Brand: Creative Crafthouse Store

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. Game board made of premium wood
  2. 7.5 inches square design makes it 40% larger than other boards
  3. 20 marbles of four colors
  4. A cover included.

This aggravation game set from Creative Crafthouse Store comes with a high-quality wooden board with cover and playing pieces. The game board is made of using high grade, premium hardwood. This board measures 7.5 inches in length, 7.5 inches in width and 1.5 inches in height.

The 7.5 inches square design makes the board 40% larger than most other game boards you will find in the market. The cover makes it a perfect one for taking it on the go. You can safely store the playing pieces and the board inside the cover. It is equipped with 20 marbles of four different colors, blue, red, yellow and green. A maximum of four players can participate in the game with this game set.

6. Yellow Mountain Imports 2-in-1 Reversible Wooden game set


Brand: Yellow Mountain Imports

Weight: 2.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. 2 in 1 game board
  2. The game board is completely made of wood
  3. The game board measures 11 inches by 11 inches
  4. Playable between two to four players.

This is a two one wooden board game set from Yellow Mountain Imports that includes ludo on one side and snake & ladders on the other side of the board. The board is completely made of wood. Both these games are playable between two to four players.

The game board comes with a dimension of 11 inches in length, 11 inches in width and 0.7 inches in height and the playing pieces included in the set measures 0.5 inches by 1.2 inches. The objective of the Snake and Ladders game is to navigate your piece in a numbered field with gridded squares, helped or hindered along the way by snakes or ladders and in ludo, players race their game pieces, from start to finish.

7. Large Aggravation Fast Track Board Game


Brand: Games by 3D

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. 26 inches wide game board
  2. Made of plastic
  3. Comes with 3 variations of rules
  4. Beautiful inlaid white top with colored markings, sides and bottoms.

This aggravation game set from Games by 3D is a bit different from others. The game set allows two to eight players to participate and enjoy the game. The board is 26 inches wide, but quite simply stores in a 12 inches wide cloth bag.

The game set comes with 3 variations of rules that allow playing with one dice like the original or with two dice or with two decks of cards and all these are included in the game set. The boards and men are made of plastic. It features a beautiful inlaid white top with colored markings, sides and bottoms.

How to play the aggravation board game?

Knowing the playing rules before starting the game, clears the concept of the game and makes it easier for you to advance in the game with a bit of intelligence.

  • First, setup up the board in the middle of the table and give each player 4 same color marbles.
  • Now place all the marbles on the same colored base as the marble.
  • Decide which player is going to go first by a coin toss or by each player rolling the dice once.
  • Now the first player will roll the dice to get out one of his marbles from the base. To bring out the dice he has to roll 1 or 6.
  • If he rolls 6 then, he will get another opportunity to roll and move the marble from the start position clockwise on the game board. But if it rolls 6 or 1 again, he may not be able to bring it out, because there’s already a marble in the start position of the board. He can land on his marble. So he has to skip your move if it rolls 6 again.
  • Then each player will deliver their first move by rolling the dice and move forward their marble clockwise on the board to get closer to the home.
  • Now, what about the aggravation? If you land on a spot by an exact count, where there is a marble of your opponent’s then you are going to send it back to the base and this is called aggravation. The same thing will happen to you if one of your opponent’s marble finds you on its landing spot. Suppose, your marble is on the starting spot of your opponent and he rolls out 6 or 1. Now he will bring out one of his marbles and put your one back to the base.
  • You can’t land on your marble and have to skip the move.
  • You can go past your opponent’s marble during your move, but can’t cross your marble.
  • There are two shortcuts ways in the game. If you land on the star spaces surrounding the center space by exact count, it will be a shortcut. You will come out of this shortcut by exact count.
  • If you move your marble through an exact count to the center space of the board, it will be called a super shortcut.
  • The objective of the game is to take all your marbles from the start position to home before anyone does. And the player doing it first will win the game.


Grab a game set that you loved most after reading the product discussion section. If you have further confusion, the buying guide section is also here to help you and make the buying process a lot easier. Read out the playing instructions for your kids and let them have fun with this amazing board game.

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