Must Needed Umpire Gear List In Baseball And Review

Isn’t it difficult to take the baseballs in the field on the part of an umpire if he doesn’t have any pouch? It is difficult indeed, and that’s why it is regarded as one of the necessary gear for an umpire in baseball.

However, he first needs to protect himself by putting on MACGREGOR Umpire Pack (PAC). We have included all vital gears list in the list, which an umpire needs to put on before he is ready to enter the field.

What one needs to ensure before buying these gears is the quality. Without having proper quality, you can never think of having a long-lasting performance.

Baseball Umpire Gear List

Baseball umpire equipment

There is some major equipment a baseball umpire needs, so as there are some minor requirements available. Now let’s make a quick list of the items that one should have before getting ready to conduct the game.

These are the few things necessary to make an official ready for the game.

  1. Face mask
  2. Throat protector
  3. Chest protector
  4. T-shirt with an official appearance
  5. Breathable pant
  6. Cap
  7. Cushioned and breathable shoes
  8. Ball bag
  9. Indicator dials.
  10. Arm sleeves

1. MACGREGOR Umpire Pack #1 (PAC)



Weight: 6 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used high-quality rubber to construct the accessories.
  2. It includes a B29 pro mask.
  3. There is a chest protector included.
  4. The package is equipped with leg guards.
  5. There is a ball bag.
  6. It also comes with a plate brush.

Before entering the baseball pitch, an umpire should put on proper gear. This baseball umpire’s complete gear includes everything he needs to put to conduct the game with safely. The mask, leg guards, and chest protector save the upper to lower body with efficiency.

The four-way indicator records balls, strikes, outs, and innings, although you have to buy it individually.


  1. The mask keeps the face safe from wild pitches and foul tips.
  2. The chest protector and leg guards ensure extra protection by absorbing impact.
  3. You can keep the extra ball in the bag.
  4. The quality ensured pack is durable enough for long-time usage.

2. Wilson Throat Protector


Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. The throat protector measures 4 inches.
  2. The manufacturer used tough and molded plastic.
  3. There are two button-snap straps included.
  4. It comes in black color with a white MLB logo.

When you have worn the mask and chest protector, you may feel a bit of lack of protection around the throat area. But this throat protector ensures your safety and protection by properly fitting in that area. Also, it is easy to install that won’t take a lot of time, and stay fit.


  1. The strong, molded construction reduces the chances of bending and breaking of the protector.
  2. The length is perfect for the throat protection of an umpire.
  3. It fits with the umpire mask of any brand.
  4. The protector is pretty easy to attach.
  5. The durability makes it a long time usage.

Another lovable side of the protector is that you can use it with a mask of any brand.

3. Champion Sports Ultra Lightweight Baseball Umpire Face Mask


Brand: Champion Sports

Weight: 18 ounces

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used durable and lightweight hollow wire to construct the frame.
  2. It has sweat-wicking and bacteria-resist pads.
  3. It is designed with an adjustable harness.
  4. It is an ultra-lightweight mask.
  5. There are extended forehead, ear, and throat guards.

Protecting the head is mandatory, and it becomes more efficient when the gear protects the forehead, ears, and throat alongside the head. Moreover, it also allows the umpire to keep the gear on for an extended period. The reason is the moisture-wicking nature of the face mask.


  1. The hollow wire frame adds impressive strength to the design.
  2. It keeps the wearer cool and dry by wicking away moisture and sweat.
  3. It protects the user from stray balls.
  4. With the adjustable harness, it adjusts to any head size.
  5. The lightweight design doesn’t put excess weight on the wearer.

4. CHAMPRO The Field Polyester Baseball Umpire Pant



Weight: 4.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used 100% woven polyester and water-resistant fabric.
  2. It is available in XS to XL sizes.
  3. There are front pockets and 2 set-in rear pockets.
  4. It comes with serged unfinished open hem bottom.
  5. It has a stretch comfortable elastic waistband.
  6. Grey color in both inside and outside.

A proper outfit with protection is necessary to ensure safety in a baseball field and this pant allows you to wear it with shin guards with proper fitting. The water-resistant fabric and high-grade construction make it usable in any condition and also durable.

Even after using it for a long time, the user won’t feel disgusted because of the breathability it offers.


  1. It fits properly to plate umpire’s leg guards.
  2. It resists any sort of wrinkles.
  3. The user finds comfort and proper breathability through the pant.
  4. It ensures a good hem job.

5. New Balance Men’s MU950V2 Umpire Low Shoe


Brand: New Balance

Weight: 12 ounces

Key Features

  1. This pair of shoes is constructed with 75% synthetic and 25% mesh materials.
  2. The manufacturer used rubber outsoles.
  3. The upper panel has TPU reinforcement.
  4. Lightweight EVA cushioning is used in the midsoles.
  5. The insole is removable.
  6. Toe protection is available in the shoes.

Even an expensive pair of shoes can make you feel uncomfortable when they don’t fit on your feet properly. But according to the manufacturer, this pair fits perfectly to the baseball umpire’s fit. And like the other products of New Balance, they have ensured the quality here as well.

It is also a long time usable because of the cushioning offered in the midsoles and heel area.


  1. The shoes fit perfectly to the user’s feet.
  2. The shoes are quite lightweight.
  3. This pair is an ideal choice for users with a wider fit.
  4. The cushioning on the midsoles and heel area improves comfort.
  5. It provides adequate toe protection.

6. Wilson Sporting Goods Umpire Bag, Black, 36″L x 16″ W x 15″ H


Brand: Wilson Sporting Goods

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. It has separate upper and lower compartments.
  2. There is a separate vented shoe compartment.
  3. Inline wheels or rails in included.
  4. Comfort grip cargo handles are available.
  5. It is equipped with interior pockets.
  6. There is PVC corner stops included.

Taking all the necessary gear of an umpire becomes easier with this carrying bag. The individual compartments of the bag allow the user to securely and separately store items. Also, it is easy and comfortable to take the bag as there are wheels or rails designed underneath.


  1. The user can keep the gear and clothing separate in separate compartments.
  2. The shoes don’t release any odor as they are kept in their allotted compartment.
  3. It is easy to transport with wheels and carrying handles.
  4. The spacious design allows the umpire to put all the necessary equipment.

7. Midland AVPH3 Transparent Security Headsets with PTT/VOX


Brand: Midland

Weight: 0.71 ounces

Key Features

  1. It comes with a wrap-around design.
  2. There is an inline vox or PTT switch available in the headset.
  3. It supports wired connectivity.
  4. It is compatible with Gxt, Lxt, and G-series models.
  5. It has a transparent design with lightweight construction.

Keeping earbuds or larger headsets away, you can comfortably use this compactly designed headset. It perfectly fits on the ears of the user and lets no chance of falling. The wired connectivity reduces the chances of noises except for the intended sounds. The clarity of the headset makes it an ideal choice for umpires.


  1. The transparent construction provides a discreet fit during usage.
  2. Anyone finds a comfortable feel while extended wear because of the lightweight design.
  3. It is an ideal one for security industries.
  4. The lapel clips keep it handy and out of the way.

8. ADAMS USA Elite Umpire Ball Bag




Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used 100% polyester twill.
  2. It measures 12 by 13.5 inches.
  3. It has 3 interior pockets.
  4. There are two wide belt loops.
  5. It has one zippered rear compartment available.
  6. It can hold up to 8 baseballs and 4 softballs.

A carrying bag is indeed a necessary gear for the umpire to carry the baseballs on the playing field. The pouch offers you to use it for carrying both softball and baseball. Also, two wide belt loops allow the user to have a secure fit at the waist.

Also, the lightweight design of the pouch makes it easy and convenient for carrying. One zippered compartment on the back attracts most users.


  1. The bag has a secure fit with two wide belt loops.
  2. It is a lightweight bag.
  3. The user will find plenty of space inside the bag.
  4. The polyester twill construction retains the quality of the bag.

9. CHAMPRO Men’s Umpire Polo Shirt



Weight: 11.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The polo t-shirt is designed using 100% polyester pro-weight fabric material.
  2. It has three button placket front and 3 inches ribbed collar.
  3. There are 1.25 inches of striped knitted sleeve cuffs designed.
  4. The bottom comes with a double-needle hemmed and split tail design.
  5. It has a chest pocket on the left side.
  6. The t-shirt comes in from S to 3XL size.

With various sizes and graceful appearance, this polo t-shirt suits the baseball umpire and gets him ready to conduct the game. Even after wearing it for an extended period, the umpire won’t feel discomfort. The breathability makes the t-shirt long-time wearable.


  1. The design of the shirt provides an official appearance.
  2. The wearer stays cool and comfortable with the breathable mesh fabric construction.
  3. Small accessories are storable in the left chest pocket.
  4. With the split-tail design, the umpire can move freely without any restrictions.

10. Champro Umpire Indicator, 4 Dial


Brand: Champro

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used durable plastic to build the indicator.
  2. There are highly visible optic yellow dials.
  3. It shows strike, ball, out, and inning dials.
  4. It has a logical call-order design.

An indicator comes in really handy in a basketball game for the umpire as it lets him keep different ongoing gaming information securely noted. There are four different dials included in the indicator that contains strike, ball, out, and inning dials.


  1. The durable plastic construction makes the indicator usable for a long time.
  2. The indicator does its job with great accuracy.
  3. The left-side ball slot lets the umpire show this using his left hand.
  4. The strike is on the right side helping the umpire to use his right hand for this.

11. Adams USA Baseball Mesh Comfort-Fit 8-Stitch Umpire Cap


Brand: Adams

Weight: 4.5 ounces

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used moisture-wicking and interlock fabric to construct the cap.
  2. It is compatible with an elastic sweatband.
  3. It is a buckram fusing and stain-resistant pant.
  4. It is designed with an 8-stitch construction.
  5. The cap has a size range from S to XL.

It is necessary to put on a quality cap on the head to make the outfit complete as an umpire. This cap is available in various sizes, which allows umpires with different head sizes to find their comfort zone with ease. The construction and stain resistance design makes it a durable one.


  1. The moisture-wicking fabric construction provides long-lasting usability.
  2. The various sizing fits properly from small to larger head size.
  3. The S and M size fits head size from 6 7/8 to 7 ¼ inches.
  4. The L and XL fit head sizes from 7 ¼ to 7 5/8 inches.

What does umpire wear in baseball?

The outfit of the baseball umpire differs from tournament to tournament. But there are still some common things that everyone needs to put on.

Baseball Umpire

T-shirt: Most basketball officials put on a black polo t-shirt, which has strips on the hand and downward is of the shirt. It should be breathable and soft.

Pant: The full-length pant is typically gray and offers maximized breathability.

Cap: Typically, the caps are black-colored, and they come in moisture-wicking fabric construction.

Shoes: Most umpire shoes are constructed with rubber, and these have steel toes.

Protective gears: Check out the list above to find out the protective gear you need to stay safe and smoothly conduct the game.

Cost of umpire gears in baseball

The cost of umpire gears depends on whether you are buying individual items or a complete gear set. Typically a complete set will cost you around $150, which includes a face mask, chest protector, leg guards, ball bag, etc. However, buying a face mask individually costs around $50.

A throat protector is available for around $20. The official t-shirt price remains around $35 and the pant price stays around $40. The bag ball, cap, and indicator dials are cheap products that are available for $15. However, a good pair of shoes can cost you something near $80.

Lastly, you need to spend more than $150 to purchase a quality carrying bag to store the items inside and take them on the go.

It is mandatory to ensure the safety of a match official in sports like baseball. So check out the list carefully and decide which one is missing from your list.

Knowledge: PBUC UMPIRE MANUAL .pdf

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