What are basketballs and basketball hoop made of

If you know something about basketball then you should also know that basketball and basketball hoop are the two most important equipment needed to play this sport. You can’t think of playing basketball game without a basketball and hoop that are used to score points.While playing basketball or shooting the balls into the hoops, such … Read more

Does Basketball Make You Taller: What’s The Reality

Does basketball truly make you taller? Yes, it does, but genetics is the main factor that increases one’s height. There are frequent movements of the body while playing basketball due to constant running, jumping, dribbling, and shooting. Thus extra blood flows through your growth plates that help to increase the height. Taking a proper diet, having … Read more

10 shortest basketball player list in history

Have you ever heard the word NBA? Yeah, you of course, have. So you may know that is the association of basketball. Hearing of NBA one thing must have crossed your mind certainly that is; basketball is a game of tall players. Well that is true enough that it is a game of tall players. … Read more

When was and who basketball invented?

Basketball  game was invented in the late 19s. The inventor of the game was James Naismith, who was a physician. It was invented in 1891 in Springfield, Massachusetts. The idea of the game came from the thought of throwing a ball inside a basket hanging from the balcony to improve the physical conditions of the young … Read more

What is 3 second rule in basketball game

The three-second rule in a basketball game is, if a player stays more than three seconds inside the painted area without guarding any offensive player then the referee will call a violation, which is called three seconds violation rule in basketball.The rule is simple, if you want to stay inside the painted area, which is … Read more

What is a triple double in Basketball

Any kinds of sports are worth watching and when the sports name is basketball then the excitement is everywhere. But during a game, we may face trouble regarding some questions. What is triple-double in a basketball is such a question.If you are here new to know about what is triple-double in basketball, then probably you … Read more

What is a double-double and double dribble in basketball

Double double is achieved in a basketball when in a single match; a player reaches double figures 10 or more than 10 in two of these categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals, and blocks. The most common double double combination is points and rebounds. Any other combination is much hard to achieve.Rules of a double doubleIn … Read more