how long is the NBA season? History of NBA

An NBA season runs more than six months of the year. It takes 82 games with each team to complete a regular NBA season. It usually starts from the last week of October and ends in late April. After the regular season, starts the playoffs which take the best of 7 game series of 4 … Read more

How much does a basketball hoop cost-in-ground, portable and wall mount

There are different types of basketball hoop available. In-ground, portable, and wall-mounted are some of the kinds of hoop available that you can buy according to your needs.In-ground basketball hoop will cost you more for sure than the other categories because you have to pay for the installation process also.The amount that can cost for … Read more

How high is a basketball rim?

How high is a basketball rim

Basketball rim is the most necessary item for playing basketball. You are playing basketball for too long, and you are striving all the time to put the ball inside the hoop, but if now I ask how long a basketball rim is, can you answer it?If not then maybe, you never did research on basketball. … Read more

How long is a basketball game(NBA,college,high school and women)

Basketball is a popular game that is played by so many young people around the world. Playing basketball develops so many things in human life. Example: It develops the peer relationships between people, increases a person’s self-esteem, develops one’s leadership qualities, and helps to keep good physical health.Now the question is how long is a … Read more

Best basketball duffle bag reviews 2022

To carry needed daily basketball accessories or traveling materials, you need good bags to help get things from one place to another. This bag has some specifications, such as a lightweight, flexible container meant for carrying items and many more opportunities.The basketball bag is the duffle bag overall other bags that contain healthy materials. In … Read more