Best Arm Wrestling Tables reviews 2023

Choosing the right size of arm-wrestling table is the key to arranging a world-class arm-wrestling battle. But a table needs to have some safety features as well. You can find proper sizing and adequate safety features only in the Best Arm Wrestling Tables, nowhere else.

Thinking of the safety of the users and also providing them a world-class arm-wrestling battlefield, I have kept INNOLIFE Standard Arm Wrestling Battle Table. You might also love to check the other tables with which the list is equipped with. Also, there is an arm-wrestling handle included in the list. 

Let’s check out the listed products and their main features briefly.

Can one hold the table in arm wrestling?

According to the rules of arm wrestling competitions, the participants can’t hold the table. After taking a position on their end around the table, they should grab each other’s wrestling hand firmly. And the other hand of each player should remain on the hand peg, not on the table.

Also, it is not allowed to touch any of the body parts during an arm-wrestling match, rather it should be called a foul. As there are pre-installed hand pegs situated on the tabletop of the arm wrestling table, one can’t just hold the table during the battle.

Best Arm Wrestling Tables

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How to choose?

To have the intended performance on the wrestling table, you need to purchase the right one of course. And when you don’t know what things you need to check out before buying, the whole task becomes a tough one for you. So here are the things you need to consider before buying.

Build-quality of the table

The first and most important thing to consider before purchasing any arm wrestling table is the build quality. It is the build quality that makes the table durable and long-lasting. Most arm wrestling tables use steel frames, although some makers use thickened iron here.

The tabletop should be made of three-layered plywood or smoked wood. Also, the top must have a PVC leather finish extending the durability of the product. As a protective structure, there should be EVA foam used on the top plate of the table.

Size of the table

Almost everyone wants to enjoy the arm wrestling battle on a tournament-size table. Most arm wrestling table manufacturer tries to put the official measurement on the table. The length of the table should range from 35 to 38 inches maximum.

According to the official arm wrestling table dimensions, the width of the table shouldn’t be more than 25 to 26 inches. However, the height can be measured with and without elbow pads. Without elbow pads, the height should be around 40 inches. And with elbow pads, it can rise to 44 inches as well.


The forearm is a key factor to ensure the protection of the arm of the wrestlers. But the thing most buyers want is the adjustable design on the forearm. The adjustability of the forearm allows arranging battles between both right-handed and left-handed players.

But if it doesn’t offer adjustability, you can only have battles between left-handed or right-handed players and buy another table.

Elbow pads

 Elbow pads are indeed a crucial attachment in the arm wrestling table to keep the participants safe from several arms and wrist injuries .pdf. Almost all arm wrestling tables come with detachable elbow pads, and as a new buyer, you should also ensure having this feature in the table you are going to purchase.


To have strong and non-slip grips are essential to have success in arm wrestling. The strength of the grip is ensured when it is made of high-quality steel or stainless steel. This construction makes the grip durable and rust-resistant to a great extent.

Moreover, the performance depends a lot on how firmly the player can hold the grip. So the grip should be covered with slip-resistant rubber or plastic material. However, some arm wrestling competitions don’t allow having rubber grip.

Protective design

In the case of protective design, having elbow pads is the main thing. You also need to ensure that your wrist remains safe and harmless while moving on the table or taking off the table. Elastic soft cotton on the tabletop and soft side edges do a good job for the protection.


 It is a matter of concern when you need to carry the table and set it up in a suitable position. Most arm wrestling tables weigh around 40 to 50 pounds. But some high-end tournament-grade tables weigh around 90 pounds as well.

Best Arm Wrestling Tables

1. INNOLIFE Standard Arm Wrestling Battle Table



Weight: 39.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used steel to build the frame of this arm wrestling table.
  2. It is a three-ply board table, where the plate is covered with EVA foam.
  3. The top board plate comes with a PVC leather finish.
  4. There are detachable elbow pads and protective forearm pads designed on the table.
  5. The table allows adjusting the forearm position.
  6. The table measures 35.8 inches in length, 25.5 inches in width, and 44 inches in height.


  1. The design of the table provides an exquisite appearance to the users.
  2. The wrestlers will enjoy a safer arm battle here on the table.
  3. It is a lightweight table.
  4. The users can easily carry the table wherever they want.
  5. It allows both left arm and right arm battles.

Arrange a safe battle with your fellow wrestler and try to know who is better than whom. The lightweight design lets the user easily take the table to a suitable location to arrange the battle. It doesn’t matter, whether you are right-handed or left-handed, both types of battles are possible on the table.

As the table has a PVC leather finish on it, it creates a nice view to participants. However, the battle between these two strongest wrestlers will be safe with the elbow pad and protective forearm pad.

2. HENGGE Standard Arm Wrestling Table



Weight: 41.8 pounds

Key features

  1. The frame of this arm wrestling table is made of steel.
  2. The table comes with a three-layer top, which is constructed using a stiffened industrial board.
  3. The top plate of the board is made of PVC leather and an elastic sponge.
  4. The desktop comes covered with EVA foam protection.
  5. The table is designed with a detachable elbow pad and a protective forearm pad.
  6. The table measures 35.4 inches in length, 25.6 inches in width, and 39.4 inches in height.


  1. The tabletop construction provides better protection to the user for a safe battle.
  2. The high-quality construction increases the lifetime of the table.
  3. The adjustable forearm pad positions offer both right and left-handed battles.
  4. The use of an industrial board makes the table plate firmer.

The manufacturer has used top-quality materials to build the table and make it a long-lasting one. Moreover, they have ensured the safety of the wrestlers during battle alongside the durability of the table. The extended safety features allow kids to also participate in arm wrestling, but under adult supervision.

The whole butt technology of leather and elastic cotton used to construct the table ensures the table won’t shift or wrinkle. The durability of the safety pads also prevents them from being deformed.

3. San Qing Arm Wrestling Competition Table


Brand: San Qing

Weight: 88.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used top-quality stainless steel to construct the frame of the table.
  2. It comes with a three-ply board table plat that is covered with EVA foam.
  3. It has a separate top smoked wooden tabletop.
  4. The table is equipped with a detachable elbow pad and a protective forearm pad.
  5. The top board plate has a PVC leather finish.
  6. The table measures 36 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 40.2 inches in height.


  1. The integrated docking process used to design the table makes the leather unpeelable and non-displaceable.
  2. The table offers a long-lasting desktop.
  3. The elastic cotton on the tabletop prevents the wrist from being hit by the hard surface.
  4. The adjustable forearm position makes the table suitable for both right-handed and left-handed battles.
  5. The PVC leather finish on top provides an exquisite appearance.

The table is larger compared to the other two tables included on top of the list because it is a World official wrestling competition WAF special table. However, the manufacturer also made a smaller and lightweight version, which weighs around 44 pounds for family use.

However, no question needs to ask about the safety of the table as the tabletop has an elastic cotton setup. It saves the wrist from getting hurt unintentionally while taking it off.

4. TTJZ Standard Arm Wrestling Table


Brand: TTJZ

Weight: 50.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer used thickened iron to build the frame of the table.
  2. The table has three ply-board table plates, which are covered with EVA foam.
  3. The top board plate has a PVC leather finish.
  4. It comes with an integrated docking design by using thickened high-grade elastic cotton on top.
  5. The handles are made of steel, which measures 5 inches in length and 1.1 inches in diameter.
  6. The table measures 36 inches in length, 26 inches in width, and 40.2 inches in height.


  1. The integrated docking process makes the top leather unpleelable and non-displaceable.
  2. The elastic cotton prevents the tabletop from hurting the wrist.
  3. The elbow pad materials protect the elbow while battling.
  4. The adjustable forearm provides both right arms and left arm battles.
  5. The table is durable and long-lasting.

It is a key to have better protection on your wrestling arm, only the right table can provide this protection. TTJZ has ensured the maximized protection by using protective construction on the elbow area. Also tabletop has elastic cotton to keep the wrist safe.

Moreover, both right and left-handed wrestlers will find the table usable because it comes with an adjustable forearm design.

5. Arm Wrestling Table, Arm Grip


Brand: Finly

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. It is a non-slip, durable ABS engineering plastic handle.
  2. The handle comes with a 6.6 mm spring designed.
  3. The manufacturer used hardened plastic to construct the handle.
  4. The handle is also built using thicker material.
  5. The handle 12.2 inches long without base and 14.1 inches with base, and the base diameter is 8.46 inches.
  6. The package includes mounting gaskets and nuts.


  1. The spring lets the user simulate the real scenes of arm wrestling.
  2. The handle is non-slip and durable for long-lasting performance.
  3. The spring design of the handle prevents deformation and rust.
  4. The plastic handles provide more support.
  5. The handle provides strong absorption and strong performance.
  6. It is easy to pull out and stick to any clean surface.

You can attach these wrestling hands in any place you fancy using them. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for office people, family members, students, etc. The spring structure of the handle provides a realistic wrestling arm battle feel to the user.

Another great side of the handle is that it comes with a mounting gasket and necessary nuts to allow the user to easily install it on an office desk, home table, or even in the school desk securely and conveniently. So you can train your upper body muscles with a lot of fun.

6. ARTARM Armwrestling Grip for Handle



Weight: 1.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. To construct the grip handle, the manufacturer used silicone, and magnesium carbonate.
  2. The grip offers both thumbs around the grip and a thumbless grip.
  3. They are made for both left and right hands.
  4. It fits with dumbbells, barbells, stirrup handles, or any bar goods.
  5. It measures 3.75 by 3 by 4.73 inches.
  6. The grip is available in red, green, and blue colors.


  1. The grip simulates gripping an actual hand.
  2. It enhances the user’s training by improving grip.
  3. It also helps to strengthen muscles in the wrist and forearm.
  4. It fits almost every muscle training sports equipment.
  5. It can be used as a standard stirrup handle at the gym.

Improving your wrist and muscle strength has now become a lot easier with this high-end grip from ARTARM. The manufacturer ensured that the grip is compatible with almost every gym and sports equipment. Most users will choose this because of the thumb around the grip and thumbless grip design.

Also, they are available in three different color variants, which allow players of different tastes to select their favorite color. The heavy-duty construction also makes sure it will provide the user a long-lasting service.

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Arm wrestling table cost

The cost of an arm-wrestling table depends on whether you are buying a normal table or a high-end, tournament-grade one.

In most cases, arm wrestling tables are available from $360 to $450. These tables are also equipped with all the basic requirements for arm wrestling.

However, the cost of high-end tables can go up to $700 as well. Basically, if the purpose is casual use, then one shouldn’t spend that many dollars for an arm-wrestling table. A normal table will go on well for the purpose and also will provide a tournament-grade feel.

Are wrestlers with shorter arms better arm wrestlers?

Not really, because both shorter and longer arms have their own advantages on the arm wrestling tables. Because of the shorter length, the shorter arms provide a better side pressure on the long arms. Also, as it stays close to the shoulder, it can produce more strength.

On the other hand, longer arms have a better reach compared to shorter arms. So on a few occasions, shorter arms can provide better performance on the arm wrestling table for sure.

 The last choice is up to you, which one of these arm wrestling table suits your demands. But before making a blind decision, don’t forget to read out the buying guide carefully again.

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