Best Backyard Zip Line kits reviews 2022

Being bored of keeping yourself busy with video games, are you looking for some backyard adventurous game? What could be a better choice than having a backyard zip line kit for this purpose? This game requires two strong trees or poles to set the zip line as long as you need it.

I have come with a review of some best backyard zip line kits, which also contains the facts that are needed to consider before buying a backyard zip line kit. I have kept CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat on the top of this list. Continue this article to know details about the listed items.

Best backyard zipline kit

Backyard zip line kit cost guides

Before buying a backyard zip line kit, it would be great if you have a clear idea about the pricing of these kits. Before talking about the price, I would like to categorize the zip line kits in three types.

Level one or beginner level zip lines: This requires two trees, not too much longer, but should be strong enough to bear the users' weight. These zip lines are designed simply and far more safe for the kids. These zip lines will cost you around $150 to $350. If you want a safe adventurous time for your kids, you can go for these zip lines.

Level two zip lines: The first thing you need to think before using the second level zip line is that have you taken enough safety measures? In these zip lines, you will enjoy a faster ride with a good bit of height. You need to spend around $400 to near $1000 for having these zip lines.

Level three zip lines: Two strong trees are must for third level zip lines. There are only a few guys who love to use third level zip lines. These zip lines cost more and also are less safe. You need to spend from $1000 to $3000 or more for buying these zip lines.

Best Backyard Zip Line kits

1. CTSC 95 Foot Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat (Best for kids)


Brand: CTSC


Weight: 15 pounds

Key Features

  1. 5.3 feet stainless steel spring brake
  2. Weight holding capacity of 250 pounds
  3. 7 feet sling cable
  4. 95 feet main cable.

This zip line kit from CTSC is made with giving safety the first priority. The kit includes a 5.3 feet stainless steel brake, which allows you not to stop the zip line suddenly. The product is made in such a way that it guarantees the safety of your kids.

It comes with a 7 feet sling cable and also with a 95 feet main cable. The sling cable is used a wrap around the start tree and the main cable is used to cover the distance between the two trees. It is also equipped with non- slippery rubber grips.

2. Slackers 90' Zipline Eagle Series w/Spring Brake Kit


Brand: Slackers

Weight: 17 pounds

Key Features

  1. Total of 100 feet cable
  2. New compression 5.25 steel spring brake
  3. High-grade steel trolley with locking screw
  4. Easy to assemble.

This zip kit set is a combination of 90 feet zip line and a spring brake system from Slackers. The total cable length of this kit is 100 feet. It comes with a new compression 5.25 steel spring braking system for enhanced performance.

It has a high-grade steel trolley with a locking screw to offer you a good grip on the handle with added durability. You need to follow the installation process guide and can quickly assemble the product. No tools are required and this will take less than an hour for setup.

3. Zip Line Gear 150' LX SLEADD Zip LINE KIT (Best Professional)


Brand: Zip Line Gear

Weight: 61 pounds

Key Features

  1. 160 feet 5/16 inches galvanized aircraft cable
  2. Handlebars with sturdy rubber grips
  3. Two sets of tree saver blocks
  4. Safety stop blocks.

This zip line kit from Zip Line Gear includes all the easy to install tools and set up to begin the adventurous ride. It comes with 160 feet 5/16 inches galvanized aircraft cable that is pre-affixed to a built-in tensioner tool.

This kit's red trolley features handlebars with sturdy rubber grips, stainless steel dual ball bearing wheels, and an eye loop to easily attach harness or optional seat. It also includes two sets of tree saver blocks and safety stop blocks.

4. HearthSong 100' Green Kids' Backyard Zipline Kit


Brand: HearthSong

Weight: 18 pounds

Key Features

  1. Improves kid’s strength, athleticism and balance
  2. Steel cable
  3. Adjustable seats
  4. The weight carrying capacity is 250 pounds.

This backyard zip line kit from HearthSong is specially designed for kids. It improves the strength, athleticism and balance of your kids. This zip line kit comes with the ability to hold weight up to 250 pounds. 

It includes steel cables, tree protectors, the carriage that comes with non-slip handles, adjustable seat, rubber stopper, and hanging hardware. It has installation and safety information equipped, which offers you to easily install the item with maintaining the safety and begin adventurous fun in your backyard.

5. Slackers 70' Hawk Series Zipline kit


Brand: Slackers

Weight: 15 pounds

Key Features

  1. Adjustable seat for riders height
  2. The main cable is 70 feet long
  3. 5.25 feet extra long powder-coated steel spring
  4. Rubberized stoppers.

Slackers designed this zip line kit, which comes with a seat with an adjustable bracket for the rider's heights. The main cable of this kit is 70 feet in length and it can be adjusted if you wish to have a shorter ride. 

It comes with an extra-long 5.25 feet long powder-coated steel spring, perfect for all zipline users. It has rubberized stoppers at each end to protect the line, the trolley and the rider with a smooth finish.

6. Zip Line Gear 150' Chetco Zip Line Kit w/ Seat & Carabiner


Brand: Zip Line Gear

Weight: 41 pounds

Key Features

  1. ¼ inches galvanized aircraft cable
  2. Custom designed powder coated steel trolley
  3. Wooden seat with 1-inch rope
  4. Maximum load-carrying capacity of 350 pounds.

This zip line gear set from Zip Line Gear comes with a premium quality trolley designed with powder-coated steel. The trolley features handlebars and dual bearing wheels. All these things add more durability to the set.

It can carry a maximum weight of 350 pounds. It comes with ¼ inches galvanized aircraft cable that provides superior strength and weather resistance. It has a round-shaped wooden seat with a 1-inch rope and carabineer. The whole set offers you easy installation.

7. ZLP Hornet Cable Trolley


Brand: ZLP

Model: zIphornet

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

Built-in handlebars

Steel powder coated body.

Dual ball bearing wheels

Hinge for easy load and unload.

This cable trolley from ZLP is built with a steel body. It comes in two different colors, yellow and pink. It has built-in handlebars with rubber grips.

The hinge of this trolley allows easy load and unfold from zip line cable. It comes with dual bearing wheels for providing a fast and smooth ride. You can gracefully use this high-quality trolley for a better riding experience.

Buying Guides

Buying a backyard zip line kit is never an easy task if you don't know what you need to consider before the selection. So you need to know the crucial facts that are vital to consider before choosing the product and I'm providing the points below.

Backyard zip line kit

1. Length of the zip line: There are different lengths of zip lines available in the market. For beginners, the length measures from 50 to 200. You can extend the size if you are well aware of the risks of zip lining. The length of zip lines can go up to 500 or sometimes even more.

2. Construction materials: The materials used to make the zip line kits are handy for the performance. You will find zip lines made of both cheap and high-grade materials. High-grade materials like stainless steel and aluminum will provide you great sturdiness during the ride and ensure durability.

3. Weight carrying capacity: The weight carrying capacity for kids and adults are different for zip lines. For kids, the ability to bear weight should be at least 200 or 250 pounds. But for adult users, it must go over 300 pounds. 

4. Trolley: One of the essential parts of zip lines is the trolley. There are mainly two types of trolleys, one is attached with handles and the other one is attached with seat plus grips. The second type of trolley is safer for kids. But for adults, you can go with a trolley that is connected only with the handle.

5. Brake system: Without brake, it would not be a safe ride for you and your kids, of course. The zip line you will ride must have brakes to stop the ride whenever needed. I would suggest buying a kit that is equipped with a spring brake system. 

6. Safety measures: While you are buying this Zipline for kids, you must keep their safety in mind. The zip line kit should have enough safety measures with comfortable seats, brake and strong trees, of course.

A brief history of backyard zip line

Ziplines are now vastly used for recreational activities or having backyard fun. But it wasn't popular then like now. It was first used in the 1970s in Costa Rica. That time the purpose of using these zip lines wasn't amusement. In the rainforest, zip lines were used for adventures and for passing the forest. After that, it gained a lot of popularity among the people and that’s why it has now become a good source of outdoor backyard fun.


What size cable for zip line?

Different size of zip lines requires different sizes of cables. Most of the cables are found with a measurement of 0.1875 inches, 0.25 inches, 0.3125 inches and 0.375 inches. The cable size depends on the length of the zip lines and also the carrying capacity it posses.

What is zip lines made of?

To make zip lines, you need several materials. It would be best to have nylon rope, cable clamps, turnbuckles, rubber tube, steel cable, pulley, etc. These few things are mainly used for constructing a zip line. And you also need two strong trees to set the zip lines.

What is a zip line ride?

Zipline ride is a ride where the rider is fastened into a harness or seat for safety. The ride happens through a landscaped route, where the strong rope is set up with two strong trees. That's why it is also called an adventurous ride.

How much is the zip line?

Zipline cost differs depending on the level of zip lines you are using. First level zip lines are simply designed, safer, and cost you around $150 to $350. Meanwhile, second-level zip lines require more safety measures and these zip lines cost you $400 to $1000. And third level zipline costs around $1000 to $3000 or sometimes even more.


After reading the listed products' review, you guys might have already decided which one is perfect for your backyard. If you haven't yet, then the buying guides following just after the product discussion might help you a lot. Most new buyers fall in confusion before choosing the kits because they don't know what things they should look for before selecting the product cost of these kits and for this reason, I have given a slight idea about the cost of these backyard zip line kits.

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