Best baseball and softball arm sleeves reviews 2022

Wearing arm sleeves to protect the arm and elbow from unwanted injuries is a very important measure that a baseball player should take. These arm sleeves are typically made of durable fabric. You need such kind of fabric arm sleeves that can soak the moisture from your arm and make you feel comfortable during the game.

B-Driven Sports Athletic Sport Compression Arm Sleeve USA is the best among all these baseball arm sleeves that I’ve listed in this review. You need to know the features of the sleeves, especially the built material and the buying guide section is her for this reason. So don’t skip it if you are looking for the best baseball arm sleeves.

Best baseball arm sleeves

Which arm do you wear a baseball arm sleeve on

A player uses two arms in the baseball and you can wear arm sleeve on both the arms. But it largely depends on your comfort level.

Throwing arm: Players mostly wear arm sleeves on the throwing arms, so that it gives a bit relax to that arm. It will increase the blood flow in the vein of the arm. However, someone loves to go free throwing without any arm sleeve on.

Catching arm: Least number of guys wears sleeves on the catching arm, where the worn glove for easy catching.

What are baseball arm sleeves used for

A baseball player should wear arm sleeves in their arms for having a lot of comfort during the game. There are some more reasons why wearing arm sleeves seem to be important to me.

Increase blood flow: During the game, wearing sleeves in the arm increases the blood flow in the veins in your arm.

Skin protection: This arm sleeve protects your arm from UV rays, which is harmful to your skin.

Reduce chances of getting injured: You can play comfortably without having fewer chances of getting injured because of the cushioned design of the arm sleeves.

Keep moderate body temperature: Sleeves sucks the moistures from the skin and keeps a moderate temperature inside.

Best baseball arm sleeves

1. B-Driven Sports Athletic Sport Compression Arm Sleeve USA


Brand: B-Driven Sports

Weight: 1.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. Made of premium pro-fit fabric
  2. Re-enforced elastic silicon band and flat seam stitching
  3. Size ranges from 8 to 19 inches
  4. Available in 40 different designs.

This compression arm sleeve from B-Driven Sports is made of premium pro-fit fabric. The pro-fit material is made with 10-15 mmHG compression, which is moisture-wicking. The sleeve is designed with a re-enforced elastic silicone band and flat seam stitching. B-Driven Sports has printed this colorful sleeve with its advanced HD print technology.

You will get a wide range of compression advantages wearing this arm sleeve as it comes in a variety of sizes. The size of these sleeves ranges from 8 inches to 19 inches. A sleeve coming with one size fits all feature provides less compression and that’s the reason it has wide ranges of sizes. You will find 40 different colorful designs of these sleeves and choose the right size for your arm.


  1. The high-quality, pro-fit fabric wicks away the moisture from the skin.
  2. The sleeves protect the arm from sunburn and insect bites.
  3. It also protects from turf burns while your arm meets any sort of sliding.
  4. The compression sleeve increases blood optimization.
  5. The tightly woven structure provides extra protection to the arm.

2. OutdoorEssentials UV Sun Protection Arm Sleeves


Brand: OutdoorEssentials

Weight: 3.3 ounces

Key Features

  1. Combo pack of six sleeves
  2. Made of sweat-wicking fabric
  3. Keeps your arm dry even in the hottest weather
  4. Ensures ultimate UV protection.

This is a combo pack of six arm sleeves from OutdoorEssentials. If you are looking for sleeves that can protect your arms from sun and sweat during the game, it will serve you in a much better way. The sleeve is made of sweat-wicking fabric. The fabric design of the sleeve lets the air in and keeps your arm cool even during the hottest weather condition.

The sleeve comes in two solid colors, black and white. You will get superb coverage using one of these types of sleeves, I guarantee. The nylon/spandex blend in these tattoo cover-up arm sleeves gives you that instant professional look without the sweat. So go and grab this sleeve to ensure ultimate UV protection.


  1. The arm sleeves ensure ultimate sun protection to the user. 
  2. The 4-way stretch fabric provides form-fitting support.
  3. The black color sleeve is made for superior coverage.
  4. The breathable design keeps the arm cool even after long use. 

3. Nike Pro Hyperstrong Padded Elbow Sleeve


Brand: Nike

Weight: 2.7 ounces

Key Features

  1. Cushions against falls and impacts
  2. Dense and lightweight foam for more comfort
  3. Abrasion-resistant
  4. Dri-fit 55% polyester, 23% spandex, 14 % polystyrene and 8% polyethylene used.

This elbow sleeve from Nike is comfortable enough to wear and it supports you a lot in the frequent throwing and hitting the ball. It is abrasion-resistant and foams fitting sleeve. A player in a baseball game needs supportive fitting in the gameplay and this sleeve is going to serve you well.

This protective elbow sleeve is NFHS compliant and it is sold in a single piece. The construction of the sleeve is dense and it is quite a lightweight one. It comes with great cushioning that protects the elbow from falls and impacts. It is built with Dri-fit 55% polyester, 23% spandex, 14 % polystyrene, and 8% polyethylene. Select the exact size and protect your elbow during the game.


  1. It protects the user’s arm from unwanted falls and impacts. 
  2. The lightweight structure of the sleeves makes it appropriate for extended comfort.
  3. The sleeve ensures extra support as it is abrasion-resistant and form-fitting.
  4. It keeps the arm dry for a long-lasting period. 

4. Bucwild Sports Compression Arm Sleeve - Youth & Adult


Brand: Bucwild Sports

Weight: 1.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is engineered to offer mild compression
  2. Made of poly-spandex moisture-wicking material
  3. Perfect for several sports
  4. Provides increased circulation of blood in the arm.

This arm sleeve from Bucwild Sports is engineered to offers mild compression for increased circulation to the arm, which allows faster muscle recovery and decreased fatigue. It is made of using poly-spandex moisture-wicking material. This construction of the sleeve keeps your arm dry and your muscles warm during the hard tough playing.

You can use these compression arm sleeves in baseball, football, basketball, volleyball, golf, tennis, bowling, running, cross-fit, cycling, weightlifting, and many more sports. Don’t worry about the built quality of the sleeves as it will absorb the moisture from your arms and provide you enhanced comfort while hitting and throwing the ball. These sleeves are available in different sizes and it’s up to you what size you need.


  1. The sleeve provides a comfortable compression fit. 
  2. It wicks away the moisture and provides long-lasting comfort to the arm.
  3. The sleeve is made for different types of sports.
  4. It allows faster muscle recovery and decreased fatigue.
  5. It also makes you look stylish. 

5. Adidas Adult Core Sleeve


Brand: Adidas

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Key Features

  1. Constructed with moisture-wicking fabric
  2. Protects the arm from cut and abrasions
  3. Maximizes blood flow and ensures great performance
  4. Seamless construction allows an outstanding level of comfort during the game.

This adult core sleeve from Adidas is constructed with moisture wicking fabric to regulate the temperature in all weather conditions. If you are worried about the cut and abrasions during the game, this sleeve can be a great choice for you. The compression material protects your arm and elbow from any kind of cuts and abrasions on the rough playing surfaces.

Wearing this sleeve ensures great performance as it maximizes the blood flow to the arm muscles. It comes with seamless construction and the construction allows for an outstanding level of comfort during all athletic activities. You can buy this sleeve single.


  1. You can use the arm sleeve for both training sessions and workouts. 
  2. The user finds adequate comfort with the seamless construction.
  3. It will snugly fit on the arm because of using compression material in construction.
  4. It increases the blood flow in the arm muscles. 

6. B-Driven Sports | Compression Arm Sleeves


Brand: B-Driven Sports

Weight: 2.9 ounces

Key Features

  1. Made of pro-fit 260 moisture-wicking compression fabric
  2. SGS lab tested for UPF 50+ protection
  3. A flat seam for extra comfort
  4. UV protected sleeve.

This compression arm sleeve from B-Driven Sports is made of quality material to provide your enhanced comfort during the game. It is constructed using pro-fit 260 moisture-wicking compression fabric. It also comes along with a flat seam for extra comfort and topped off with an elastic band to keep our sleeve in place during activities.

This sleeve is an SGS lab tested for UPF 50+ protection. When you are participating in sports like cycling, running, or such other sports you need UV protection of course. This design protects the arm from UV rays, which is bad for the skin, and also ensures the moderate temperature in your arm. This sleeve provides athletic compression helping with arm ailments. Take a few seconds to select the right size and protect your arm during the game.


  1. The sleeve provides a medical-grade compression performance to its user. 
  2. It ensures protection from harmful UV rays.
  3. After putting on the sleeves, there will be improved blood circulation and oxygenation.
  4. It ensures a faster recovery from any pain in the arm. 

7. EvoShieldEvoCharge Compression Arm Sleeves


Brand: EvoShield

Weight: 0.7 ounces

Key Features

  1. Made of sweat-wicking fabric
  2. Includes 80% polyester and 20% elastase in the construction
  3. Increased blood circulation
  4. Keeps the arm dry and loose.

This compression arm sleeve from EvoShield confirms confidence during the game and it ensures comfortable performance. It is made of sweat-wicking material. This sweat-wicking construction keeps the arm dry and provides comfort on the baseball field.

It is made of sweat-wicking fabric that includes 80% polyester and 20% elastane. After wearing this sleeve in the arms, the circulation of blood will be increased. It will allow better muscle recovery and decrease fatigue after games and practice sessions.


  1. It ensures long-lasting dryness and comfort on the basketball court. 
  2. It wicks away the moisture to keep the hand cool and comfortable.
  3. By increasing blood circulation it gives you relief from any sort of pain.
  4. It perfectly fits in youth arms. 

Baseball arm sleeve

Baseball arm sleeve is a protective gear, which is worn on the arm of the player. Players wear sleeves from the wrist until the biceps. In baseball, a player has to go for continuous throwing and hitting of the ball, and there creates a lot of chances of getting injured. But with an injured arm, no player can provide his best performance in the field.

This is why I think, arm sleeve is one of the most important gear that a baseball player must-have. This will absorb the moisture from your arm and offer you a comfortable gaming experience. Wearing arm sleeves improves the circulation of blood through the vein in your muscles. It also protects the arm of the player from the UV ray. The durable design of the sleeves ensures moderate temperature by absorbing the extra moisture from the arm.


Buying any sleeve without knowing the features or quality won’t provide you the same comfort as you would have expected. So you need to select one after considering a few important factors.

Construction materials

Arm sleeves can be made of polyester, nylon, spandex, cotton, and sometimes from mixed or recycled materials. Polyester and nylon are breathable than spandex. In this regard, polyester is my first recommendation. But cotton is also a good choice as it provides a sleeve that is very soft and cushioned. Some brands are also using a mixture of these materials from the old sleeves and making recycled sleeves.


You wouldn’t like wearing a sleeve on the arm, which is too tight or loose. There are mainly three types of sizes for these sleeves available, for the kids, younger guys, and the old or experienced ones. Take a measuring tape and measure the size of your arm from the wrist to the middle of the biceps to select the right sleeve.


The most important thing why you need to wear arm sleeves is the protection of your arm. The sleeves you are wearing should have the ability to protect your arm from unwanted cuts and abrasions. Again it should also protect the arm from UV rays, which may cause harm to the arm and make you feel discomfort during the game.


Sleeves that lose their quality after a wash or two are not worthy of buying. Before buying you must watch out for the construction material and ensure whether it will last longer or not. Because spending dollars on regular basis for sleeves is probably not the thing you want.


It is the less important thing you should consider before purchasing. You will find many solid color sleeves and colorful sleeves with a different design. The last choice is yours.

How to make a baseball arm sleeve

Before making a baseball arm sleeve keep one thing in mind that, it must protect your arm by keeping the moderate temperature inside. Select fabric like nylon, polyester or cotton. Cotton will provide a more cushioned structure than nylon and polyester. The materials you are using to build the sleeve must be UV ray resistant. Now cut the fabric piece in exact size by measuring your arm. It should cover the area from the wrist to the middle of the bicep. Now sew the two sides of the fabric and your arm sleeve is ready for use.


Never went on the baseball field without wearing a sleeve on your arm, if you have read the benefits of wearing a sleeve on the arm. The arm sleeves I have discussed above are worthy to look out for before choosing any other product. Read the buying guide section carefully to make the buying process a lot easier. Lastly, measure the size and buy one for you.

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