Best baseball and softball bags reviews 2022

Are you looking to store all of your baseball or softball equipment in one secure place? Then you need a bag or bag pack to store all the equipment. Baseball is a kind of sports that needs a suitable bag or gear to carry all the equipment. And to make your equipment safer and secure, you need the best baseball and softball bag with you.

Best baseball bags

A proper baseball bag ensures the safety of your baseball bat and other pieces of equipment. Carrying a baseball or softball bag with you in the practice sessions and during the games makes your life easier and also increase your smartness. You should have a baseball bag because it will store your equipment, make it easier for you to store all the needed things in one place, and do so with keeping the equipment safe and secure enough. It doesn't matter whether you are a player of a college-level or professional level, a baseball bag is a must to carry the equipment for you.

Before buying a bag for baseball or softball game you need to consider few things. These will help you in choosing the right product for you. In this part of the article I am going to discuss briefly about a few things that you should consider before buying a baseball or softball bag.

1. Main compartment

The size of the main compartment is the major fact to look at before buying a baseball bag. This compartment should allow the player to store all his baseball or softball equipment easily. As there are lot of items in a baseball game, so you need to buy your product with a large main compartment.

2. Number of side pockets

Side pockets make it easier for the player to store his items separately. He will find extra side pockets where he can fit 2/3, even 4 bats in the bag. Again he can have shoe compartments for storing shoes. For personal items, there can be a pocket also.

3. Materials

Materials are also a fact to look at. Mainly the bags are made of nylon or polyester materials. It depends on you what kind of materials would you like to have in your bag. This will also affect the weight of the product a bit.

4. Enough space

Your bag pack or bag need to have enough space for storing the equipment comfortably and securely enough. Without having enough space you will find trouble in placing and carrying the bag in fields or practice sessions.

5. Quality of the product

Quality of the product highly depends on the materials used to make the bag. High-quality materials will surely raise the quality of the product and also ensure the longevity of it.

6. Styles

Different persons have different choices. So the style of the product will vary from person to person. You will find different styles, choose the one you like.

7. Shoulder straps

While carrying the bag player should feel comfortable. So the shoulder straps used in the bag is an important fact. Long shoulder straps might make the player feel comfortable in carrying the bag.

8. Body size of the player

Remember the body size of the player. The bag you are buying shouldn't be too big or small compared to the size of the player. So keep this thing in mind while purchasing for a baseball bag.

9. Ventilation method

Bags having ventilation method is a good choice for modern players. It removes the odor from the used equipment that is placed inside the bag and also helps some items to get dryer.

This fully depends on your budget. But a good product must cost a bit more than a normal product.

Best baseball backpack bags

1. Easton Walk-Off IV Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag | Baseball Softball

Key features

brand: Easton

  1. The bag comes with 4200 polyester ripstop construction.
  2. It measures 20 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 9.5 inches deep.
  3. It has a unique external helmet holder.
  4. There is a vented shoe compartment.
  5. There are two personal zippered pockets available.
  6. It has padded back and shoulders straps.

Easton sports has made this bag pack for the baseball and softball players with a high storage capacity. The player can easily store his needed equipment like gloves, swing analyzer, helmet, cap, batting gloves, All-Star catcher gear etc. In the outside part of the bag pack, there are two side pockets to store two bats comfortably. The bag pack can be easily used in any weather condition. It is made of 4200 polyester Ripstop.

The fabric used in it can take the full load without any chances of tearing and ripping. This bag pack also offers you a unique design of an external helmet holder. For dugout functionality, it has a dual zipper design with a fence hook. It also has two vented shoe compartments. This bag is designed for both men and women. It can be used by both baseball and softball players. Finally, It weighs only 2.55 pounds.


  1. The helmet hold makes a lot of space free inside. 
  2. The wet and dirty shoes stay separate in the allotted compartment.
  3. Storing personal items is much convenient in the two personal pockets.
  4. The dual-zippered design makes things secure inside.
  5. It ensures comfortable carrying with the back and shoulder straps. 

2. Franklin Sports MLB Batpack Bag - Youth Baseball, Softball, and Teeball Bag

Key features

Brand: Franklin

  1. The bag comes with 600D polyester construction.
  2. It is 19.25 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 7.25 inches deep.
  3. It has two side pockets for bats.
  4. There is a large storage compartment outside.
  5. It is equipped with an easy-to-use fence hook.
  6. It comes with cushioned, backpack-type shoulder straps. 

Franklin sports designed this batpack product for you to store all of your needed baseball or softball equipment and carry them easily. This bag offers you ample space to store your equipment without any trouble. This bag has a ventilation system at the top side of the product. It allows breathability for airing out cleats and gloves after games or practice sessions.

For dugout functionality, it has a dual zipper design with a fence hook. You can carry two bats in the bag pack at a time. For ease in transport, this contoured, cushioned bag pack has styled shoulder straps. This bag has a waterproof base. It is made of lightweight nylon, which ensures the durability of the product. It weighs only 1.07 pounds.


  1. Storing large items becomes easier in the large storage compartment. 
  2. The cleats and gloves don’t spread odor due to the ventilated design.
  3. With the fence hook, you can hang it anywhere.
  4. It is easy to carry using the cushioned shoulder straps.
  5. Smaller items remain safe in the top and front access pockets. 

3. Athletico Baseball Bat Bag

Key features

Brand: Athletico

  1. The bag comes with a high-density 600D oxford fabric and polyester construction. 
  2. It has a front bungee cord.
  3. It comes equipped with an integrated fence hook.
  4. There is large main storage with zippered lock.
  5. It has two side pockets for baseball bats.
  6. The bag has two adjustable straps.

Athletico has designed this bat bag with enough space to store all the equipment of baseball games. Players can easily store their needed equipment like gloves, helmet, cap, batting gloves, etc. in this bag. This bag pack is made of 600 denier oxford fabric and polyester. For cooling comfort, this bag offers you a ventilation system. This bag pack also has padded shoulder straps and lumbar protection.

This bag pack has extra space for storing your bats, keys, and smartphones in the bag. For dugout functionality, it has dual zipper design with fence hook and front bungee cords to store hats or gloves quickly. It also has two vented shoe compartments. It weighs only 1.5 pounds.


  1. The durable construction ensures long-lasting service. 
  2. You can store big things in large storage.
  3. The front bungee cord comes useful to store caps or hats.
  4. It is easy to carry with the shoulder straps.
  5. It allows carrying two bats at a time. 

4. DeMarini Voodoo Rebirth Backpack

Key features

  1. The bag comes with 420D polyester and 150D ripstop polyester construction. 
  2. It has a vented shoe compartment.
  3. There is a fleece-lined cell phone pocket available.
  4. The bag has a composite treated, waterproof base material.
  5. It comes with a removable decoration panel.
  6. There are two molded barrel lock neoprene bat sleeves available. 

DeMarini brand made this bag pack perfectly sized for the use of all levels of baseball players. You can easily store all of your baseball gears in this bag pack as it offers you a large compartment. This product is made of 420D polyester, 150D polyester, and 250 tarpaulins. This bag has a composite treated waterproof base.

It also has molded barrel lock neoprene bat sleeves to store two bats quite comfortably. It also comes to you with a fleece-lined cell phone pocket. Back paneling and padded shoulder straps it allows you to carry your equipment easily in to the playing field. This bag pack also has a durable j style fence hook. This product weighs around 2 pounds.


  1. The wet and dirty shoes stay separate in the vented compartment.
  2. The cushioned shoulder straps allow easy carriage.
  3. The waterproof base is long-lasting.
  4. Storing smart phones have become convenient and safe.
  5. The large compartment provides extra storage space.

5. EASTON E110YBP Youth Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

Key features

Brand: Easton

  1. It has a large main storage compartment.
  2. The bag measures 16 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 8 inches deep.
  3. There are two side pockets.
  4. A front pocket is available in the bag.
  5. It is equipped with padded back and shoulder straps.
  6. It has a built-in fence hook.

This bag pack product from EASTON is mainly designed for the youth and high school players of baseball or softball. The main compartment of this product is made to store the helmet and gloves easily. It has padded back and shoulder straps for the comfort of the carrier. In the outside part of the bag, it has two pockets where you can store your bats or water bottles. To store personal items in the same bag pack, this bag pack offers you a front pocket.

For dugout functionality and smart gear storage, it has rubberized zipper pulls, fence hook design. This product is made of polyester. As it is mainly designed for the youth, you are going to get this bag pack in 9 different colors. It weighs a bit high, 4 pounds.


  1. The main storage compartment allows storing as many gears as you can. 
  2. You can store small personal items in the front pocket.
  3. It is comfortable to carry.
  4. Two side pockets can hold two bats or water bottles.
  5. The fence hook comes in handy for dugout functionality.

Best wheeled baseball bag

1. EASTON E700W Bat & Equipment Wheeled Bag

Key features

Brand: Easton

  1. It comes with an oversized largemouth main compartment. 
  2. The bag measures 38 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.
  3. It has a padded bag compartment.
  4. The bag is equipped with strong YKK zippers.
  5. It comes with a hard molded base and rugged inline skate wheels. 

EASTON sports has designed a full-featured wheeled player equipment bag. For smart gear storage and dugout functionality, this wheeled bag has a zipper configuration and fence hook. To protect personal items of the players, this product also offers valuable pockets. It has full bottom rails and bracketed, heavy duty inline wheels, which provides strength, easy transportation of the product.

The materials used to make it has made the product durable enough. It has no color variation. It also has a removable shoe panel. You are going to get this bag in black color. It weighs around 6.45 pounds.


  1. The extra-large opening allows convenient storage of any gear inside the main compartment. 
  2. You can keep up to five bats in the padded bat compartment.
  3. It provides easy transportation.
  4. The YKK zippers keep the items secure inside.
  5. It is an ideal bag for any level. 

2. DeMarini Special Ops Wheeled Bag Series

Key features

Brand: DeMarini

  1. The bag comes with synthetic material construction. 
  2. There is a large side compartment available in the bag.
  3. It has four individual padded sleeves to store bats.
  4. It comes with a telescoping handle.
  5. There are protective adjustable compartments available. 

DeMarini has designed this wheeled bag with protective and adjustable compartments. It allows us to fit all the gears of the baseball game. It has armored bat compartments, which allows storing 4 bats in it easily. This bag is made of synthetic materials. It has removable neoprene materials. This allows you to take it in your bag or in your hands, depending on your comfort.

It also has a shoe compartment that is breathable and washable. The construction of the body of this product is hard. It also has new metal zipper pulls. For storing cell phones, it has a fleece-lined cell phone pocket. The inline wheels are colored. This product has a telescoping pull handle system for easy movement. It weighs around 12 pounds.


  1. The depth of the bag is enough to store a regulation size baseball bat. 
  2. With a telescoping handle, it is convenient carrying the bag.
  3. The padded sleeves can keep four to seven bats at a time.
  4. The large compartment allows storing more gears. 

Best baseball catchers bag

1. Rawlings Covert Player Duffle Bag (EA)

Key features

Brand: Rawling

  1. The main body has durable 600D polyester construction.
  2. The bottom part comes with durable vinyl construction.
  3. It measures 26 inches high, 13 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.
  4. There are two bat sleeves with a large interior pocket available.
  5. It has a mesh valuable pocket.
  6. It is equipped with a breathable shoe compartment. 

Rawlings has designed this duffle bag with extra-long over the shoulder straps. This makes it easier for a player to carry his needed gears in the bag. This product is made of 600D polyester main body material. At the bottom side of the product, durable vinyl has been used. This material has ensured moisture protection of the product. This bag offers two side compartments for carrying the bats.

It also has a big interior pocket, a valuable mesh pocket for storing the gears. For placing the shoes in a separate and secure compartment, this product offers you a breathable shoe compartment on the end of the bag. Another thing that the bag offers you, a removable top panel that connects with a horseshoe zipper. The product weighs around 2.4 pounds.


  1. The vinyl and polyester construction keeps the bag protected from moisture. 
  2. It has a removable top panel with a zipper.
  3. With the two extra-long over-the-shoulder straps, it provides hassle-free transportation.
  4. The allotted shoe compartment keeps the wet shoes separated.
  5. You can store several gears in the large storage pocket. 

2. EASTON E310D PLAYER Bat & Equipment Duffle Bag

Key features

Brand: Easton

  1. The bag comes with two zippered bag sleeves. 
  2. There are multiple side pockets available.
  3. It measures 24 inches high, 14 inches wide, and 13 inches deep.
  4. There is a removable panel included in the bag.
  5. It has vented pockets.
  6. The bag is completed with adjustable and padded shoulder straps. 

EASTON sports is doing a good job in the field of designing baseball bags. This is another product from EASTON sports. They have designed this duffle bag for both baseball and softball players. This bag has a large main compartment. You can store your baseball or softball gears in it quite comfortably. It has a few numbers of separate pockets to store different equipment. This bag offers zippered bat sleeves for storing two bats easily. It has a number of side pockets to store personal items or gears they want. Besides, it has side pockets for cleats or shoes.

This bag has vented pockets to remove the odor from the items placed in the bag and also allow them to dry fast. For the comfort of carrying, adjustable and padded shoulder straps and shorter handle carrying straps have been used in it. It also has a removable panel for custom team embroidery. This product weighs around 2.2 pounds.


  1. The odor won’t spread inside the bag because of the vented pockets. 
  2. You can use the removable panel as team embroidery.
  3. The padded shoulder straps ensure a comfortable carriage.
  4. The zippered design keeps the gears safe.
  5. Storing more items becomes convenient with multiple side pockets.

3. Bownet The Commander - The Ultimate Catcher's Bag

Key features

Brand: Bownet Commander

  1. The bag comes with 14 different sizes of pockets. 
  2. It measures 38 inches high, 17 inches wide, and 12 inches deep.
  3. It has big Trax wheels underneath.
  4. There is a molded semi-hard case available in the bag.
  5. It has a removable personalization panel. 

This bag from Bownet has a lot of pockets to store all the equipment that is needed in baseball or softball game. It has 14 different pockets that help you to fit all of your gears without any trouble. This bag is made of nylon. This product has a removable personalization panel for a name, number, or team name. For storing helmets or cleats, this bag offers you a molded semi-hard case. You can easily fit 3 big bats in the side pockets that are made for storing bats. For ease in transport, it has big trax wheels with rubber. This product weighs around 15 pounds.


  1. You can keep the gears separately in different pockets as the bag has many. 
  2. It is convenient to transport the bag even on grass using the Trax wheels.
  3. It allows using your name or team name on the personalization panel.
  4. It is a sturdy and durable baseball gear bag. 

Best youth baseball bag

1. DashSport Baseball Bag Youth Backpack

Key features

Brand: Dashsport

  1. The bag comes with weatherproof, 600D polyester fabric construction. 
  2. It is 18 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 10 inches deep.
  3. It has four wide mesh pockets for baseball bats or water bottles.
  4. It has comfortable padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
  5. The bag is equipped with strong zippers.
  6. It comes with a fitted fence hook. 

DashSport has designed this bag for kids of 6 years or up. But can be used by the adult players also. It has enough space in the main compartment to place all the gears in it easily. It has adjustable shoulder straps, and it is padded to fit the little guys for storing their equipment and carrying them with ease. You can place the helmet in the front compartment of the bag. There is also a vented pocket for the cleats. In the outside part of the bag, there is space for holding bats and water bottles. So you can choose this bag for the youth players as well as for the adults. 


  1. The roomy main compartment allows keeping all baseball gears organized. 
  2. The strong zippers keep items safe inside.
  3. It is a tear-resistant bag.
  4. It offers better dugout functionality with the fence hook.
  5. The bag is usable in any weather conditions.
  6. It provides comfort with padded shoulder straps while carrying. 

2. EASTON GAME READY Youth Bat & Equipment Backpack Bag

Key features

Brand: Easton

  1. The bag comes with a large main compartment. 
  2. It measures 16 inches high, 12 inches wide, and 8 inches deep.
  3. There are two mesh side pockets.
  4. It has a front pocket for personal items.
  5. The bag is equipped with padded and adjustable shoulder straps.
  6. It comes with a fence hook. 

EASTON designed this bag with ample storage to fit helmet and gloves and other needed items in the main compartment. The main compartment of this bag is vented. It also has a separate shoe compartment. For storing or holding bats or water bottles, this bag has two side mesh pockets. So it gives you the opportunity to store your equipment separately. For personal items, it also has pockets on the front side. It has custom rubber zipper pulls and a fence hook system. It has a padded back system and shoulder straps. It makes the player feel comfortable while carrying the gears in the bag. This product from EASTON weighs around 14.4 pounds.

These are few bags that you can look at if you are searching for storing your baseball or softball gears in one place.


  1. The large compartment can easily accommodate baseball helmets. 
  2. The mesh pockets allow storing bats or water bottles.
  3. Smaller items remain safe in the front pocket.
  4. You can keep the bag off the ground using the fence hook.
  5. Take it anywhere comfortably using the shoulder straps. 


1. How to pack a baseball bag?

You have to pick your equipment and then place them inside your bag according to the main compartment and the side pockets. Pack the bag in a way that you can easily find the item that you need. Before packing the bag you should think of your comfort and also keep in mind that no item is hampered by another item.

2. How big is a baseball bag?

There are different sizes of baseball bags in the market. The size of the bag depends on the body size of the player. Professional players would fancy a bit large size bag to store their items with ease because they don't have such discomfort in carrying big bags. But the teenagers might like a bit of small sizes of bags.

3. How much are baseball bags?

Price differs depending on the quality of the products. If the product is made of high-quality elements, then it will go on to last for years. The price will also be a bit higher of this products. Amazon will give you a clear idea of the prices of these baseball or softball bags.

4. How to attach a baseball glove to a bag?

Before attaching your gloves in the bag you should make your gloves dryer. Wet gloves will spread odor inside the bag. And put it inside the bag, keeping the normal temperature of the bag.


Before purchasing for a baseball or softball bag or bag pack, you need to know some aspects of the product or the features of the product. This article is for you guys who are having confusion in buying these bags. I have discussed the main facts that you need to consider before buying a baseball or softball bag in the buying guide part. Again I have briefly discussed a few products that you would like to look at before purchasing for a new baseball or softball bag. Lastly, I have answered some frequently asked questions that are asked by you. So overall, I think this article will help you in buying the best baseball or softball bag for you.

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