Most popular baseball board game in the market

If you are a baseball fan, you might love to spend your free time inside your home with a board that has a baseball board designed. However, you will find mainly two types of board games in this category. On will provide you the outlook of a real baseball field, and in the other type, the field will be drawn on the cardboard.

Grandma Smiley's What About Baseball Board Game is mainly a cardboard game, and you will have the realistic baseball field outlook in MLB Slammin' Sluggers Baseball Game. The game set includes different MLB teams and all your favorite players from MLB. Read about the board game sets once before purchasing one.

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What is a baseball board game?

Baseball board game means baseball-based or baseball-themed board game. You will have a game board, where you will find a baseball field designed or some realistic board games come in a baseball field shape and outlook. This provides many thrills to the younger players.

According to historians, baseball game boards were first invented in 1867, and it was William Buckley's game board. In the following year, 1868, Francis Sebring's parlor baseball. The makers of these two baseball game boards constructed them with wood and metal.

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Best baseball board game

1. Grandma Smiley's What About Baseball Board Game

Grandma Smiley's What About Baseball Board Game


Brand: Grandma Smiley's

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. A game board was designed with a baseball field inside.
  2. Eight meeples of two different colors
  3. A total of five dices included
  4. There are six red chips included.

Enjoy playing both basic and advanced baseball board games through this baseball board game set from Grandma Smileys. The game set comes with a game board, which you can also fold after the game. There is a baseball-shaped field drawn on the board. You will also get two tracks on two corners to keep the score, ball and out.

The manufacturer has added a scorekeeping sheet with the game set, and you only need pencils to keep the scores during the gameplay.

The game board measures 14.5 inches by 8 inches by 1.5 inches, and the game is playable between two players. You can also keep one or two fellow men to keep the scoring tracks running for your guys. The game set comes with four blue and four red, a total of 8 meeples. Both players will take all four meeples of the same color at the starting of the game.

There are dices included in the set, where two are conventional with their surface, and the remaining three are green, brown, and black. You will find different instructions in those colorful dices to help you in both basic and advanced gameplay. There are also six red chips included in the set to keep the score, ball, and out track on the board.

2. Across The Board Baseball Game

Across The Board Baseball Game


Brand: Across The Board

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. A high quality, classic maple wooden game board
  2. A pair of conventional dices
  3. Dry erase scoreboard with dry erase marker.
  4. Five chrome pegs and four brass pegs are included.

With simple and easy playing rules, Across The Board comes with this baseball board game, where you have to roll the dice and move the pegs around the scoreboard accordingly. The game board and the pegs included in the set are made of Maplewood, metal, vinyl, and acrylic. This nicely finished wooden board measures 13 inches by 13 inches by 0.75 inches.

The makers have made the board with high-quality craftsmanship, classic and nostalgic design. You can use the board without having any hesitation in the long run as it is finished with water-based clear acrylic that ensures excellent durability and will surely last for years. You can play the game on this game board between two players or two teams consisting of two players each.

You will also have no difficulty keeping the scoring tracks running as you don't need extra sheets. A dry-erase scoreboard on the top of the board allows you to keep the scores and change them easily during the gameplay. The game set also comes with a velvet bag that contains a pair of dice, a dry erase marker, five chrome pegs, and four brass pegs.

3. Baseball Electronic Games (Best electric)

Baseball Electronic Games


Brand: Basic Fun

Weight: 8.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. Classic design game board
  2. It comes with improved sound quality.
  3. It has two different game modes.
  4. It is a one or two-player game board.

You can let your kids play alone or with one of his friends with this electronic baseball game set from Basic Fun. The game board provides you two different play modes that enhance the fun time for the users. It comes with a classic design like the '70s but with improved sound quality. Kids are fond of any game that come with excellent sound quality, and this game board offers them this feature.

The game board has a baseball field designed in it, and on the outside of the batter's zone in the field, there are several buttons. You will find the score, sound, pitch, run, and hit button. And in the middle of that region, there is a movable button for one or two-player mode and turning it off. The design, build quality, and improved sound system make it a perfect choice for kids of 8 years or up.

4. Fremont Die MLB Full Count Baseball

Fremont Die MLB Full Count Baseball


Brand: Fremont Die

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. The game is made based on MLB statistics.
  2. Includes all 30 MLB teams
  3. Four logoed game pieces for each MLB team
  4. It includes a dry-erase scoreboard with a marker.

It is an official MLB licensed board game from Fremont Die, and the gameplay is based on MLB statistics. The challenges you will find playing the game will be more knowledgeable as an MLB fan. One of the great sides of this game set is that it teaches the basic rules of baseball to the younger players. The game is playable between two to four players, and anyone over nine or up can participate in the gameplay.

The gameplay runs for 45 to 60 minutes approximately. You will find one ballpark game board, where you will have some real baseball experience. There are four logoed game pieces for each MLB team. You don't need any extra sheet or pencil to keep the scoring track while playing the game. The game set includes a dry-erase scoreboard and marker, with which you keep the scoreboard running efficiently and change it whenever you like during the game. You will also find 30 MLB teams in the game set.

5. MLB Slammin' Sluggers Baseball Game


Brand: Merchant Ambassador (Holdings)

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Includes 30 MLB teams and 200 players
  2. Convenient score trackers for balls, strikes, and outs.
  3. Keep track of score and innings.
  4. Pitch the ball down the middle or curved way.

Feel the same thrill of a baseball field with this baseball game set from Merchant Ambassador (Holdings). You can pitch, field, bat, and run in this game, just like the real baseball game. You will find batter, pitcher, and fielders in the field to have the maximum feel of a baseball field. It is a two-person game, and you can play the game till nine innings. The game set includes 200 different players, and you can select your favorite seven to set them inside the field in their allotted positions.

You can throw both fastballs down the middle of a curveball to switch it up with the baseball controllers as a pitcher. The batter will pull back and baseball swing the bat analyze to hit the metal ball down the line. There are convenient scorekeeping tracks of balls, strikes, and outs on the field so that the players are aware of the count all the time. You will find a scoreboard above the center-field to adjust the inning, home team score and visitor score.

6. Hey! Play! Baseball Pinball Tabletop Skill Game


Brand: Hey! Play!

Weight: 2.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Durable wooden and MDF game board
  2. It includes two metal balls.
  3. The levers are made of metal.
  4. The game board is sturdy and robust.

The game board of this tabletop skill game set from Hey! Play! is made of wood, metal, and MDF. The game board measures 13 inches in length, 12.25 inches in width, and 8 inches in height. It looks like a baseball diamond and brings a nostalgic ballpark charm to your kid's bedroom, playroom, or even your office.

If you are not a player instead of a game collector, you can keep it in your living room as an excellent decorative component. The durable and robust wooden design allows heavy use of this game board. The makers have used metal to make the levers of the board to ensure smooth and reliable gameplay. The first side lever controls the baseball bat and the second one launches the ball. The game set comes with two metal balls as well.

7. Fat Brain Toys MLB Slammin' Sluggers Baseball Game Games


Brand: Fat Brain Toys

Weight: 4.9 pounds

Key Features

  1. It comes with a scoreboard with dials.
  2. High quality and durable game board
  3. Includes all favorite MLB teams
  4. There is a mechanical pitcher and batter included in the set.

If you are fond of playing a realistic baseball game in your home, you can do so with this baseball game set from Fat Brain Toys. You will find a baseball stadium, player pieces, and billboards from all 30 MLB teams stand, pitching chute, metal bat, metal balls, foul poles, and outfield barriers in the game set. Besides, there are a scoreboard, base runner markers, ball strick and out a marker, sticker sheet, and detailed instruction with game rules.

You can keep track of innings, scores, sliders for balls, strikes, and outs as there is a scoreboard with dials on the game board. The high-quality design and materials make it long-lasting and durable. You will also get player cutouts from all your favorite MLB teams, and you can keep track of runs through runner pegs. The game set also features a mechanical pitcher and batter.

Things you need to consider before purchasing

What you need to consider before purchasing a baseball board game depends on what type of game board you are buying, and then look for the features you need to be included in the game set.

Game board

The game is the most exciting part of the game. It doesn't matter what type of game set you are buying; every game board should have a baseball field designed in it. Some game boards are made of cardboard; others are made of high-grade wood and MDF. The wooden boards feature a realistic baseball field look to users.

Batter and pitcher

You will indeed have metallic batter and pitcher designed in realistic or wooden game boards. The pitcher can throw the ball in a straight line or a curved line. However, the player on the batting side moves the metallic bat to hit the ball.


If you are buying a cardboard game set, it will include several cards. The gameplay will go on according to the instructions given on the cards and the players will have to do the task on their turn.


Dices are included in the cardboard game version, not in the realistic baseball board game version. There can be two types of dies included in the game set, conventional dices with dot marks on their surfaces and a few coloring dices with some instructions.


In the realistic gameboards, you will find fielders set up in different positions in the middle of the field. You can move them depending on your need in the board and make them stop the ball from coming from the batter's end.

Tracking the score

Some game sets come with a dry erase scoring track with dry-erase markers. You will also find some game boards with pegs or chips to keep track of innings, strikes, outs, home team, and visitor team scores.

How popular baseball board game is?

baseball board game

The game is trendy all over the world, especially in the USA. Throughout the last five years, kids have loved playing this game largely to spend their pastime at home. The game is mostly played in the middle phase of a year, March to May. And while the year is about to come to an end, the kids again sit on their couch to enjoy this tabletop game. So the game is trendy during November and December. It is mostly played in sub-regions like Wisconsin, Ohio, Tennessee, and Pennsylvania.


Don't make your kids feel bored during this pandemic. Provide them some real board gaming fun with a baseball board game. It doesn't matter if they can't go out to play baseball, but they can enjoy the same thrill with the board game on.

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