Best baseball and softball bat grips reviews 2023

To have a comfortable grip of your baseball bat in your sweaty hands, you need a grip wrapped around the handle of the bat. You will find various types of grip in the market, which are here to serve you in two ways. One is to ensure your bat doesn’t slip away from the hands and the design of the grip makes you bat look attractive to others.

This review article contains a brief description of the best bat grips, which you can use for both baseball and softball. The list begins with Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip, which is loved by most baseball players. It would be an easy buying process if you consider a few factors and you need to read further to know these vital factors.

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Baseball and softball bat grips

1. Lizard Skins 1.1mm Bat Grip


Brand: Lizard Skins

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. Inner felt cushion
  2. Comes with an outer textured design
  3. Pre-cut to make the wrapping process easier
  4. Feel tacky instead of sticky.


  1. It is a slip-resistant baseball and softball bat grip that provides a secure grip to the batter. 
  2. The grip is usable in both wet and dry conditions.
  3. The outer textured design provides a nice look with the bat in the hand.
  4. The grip allows the user to use the bat with or without gloves.
  5. The thickness of the grip doesn’t make the handle thicker.

This bat grip from Lizard Skins comes with an inner felt cushion, which provides extra comfort to the batter. It is built with an outer textured design to make your bat look nice than others.

The thing I love about this grip is that it is lightweight enough. It comes pre-cut to make the wrapping process easier for you. Grab the handle after taping this grip and you will feel tacky instead of sticky. Wrapping instruction is included with the grip.

2. Champro Extreme Tack Bat Grip Tape


Brand: Champro

Weight: 0.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. 1.8 mm thicker grip
  2. 39 inches long bat tape
  3. Durable and long-lasting
  4. Provides an extremely tacky feel.


  1. The tacky structure of the grip tape improves the grip and control over any baseball or softball bat. 
  2. The tapered edges of the grip tape provide the user a perfect fit like a professional.
  3. The grip tape is compatible with any baseball or softball.
  4. It is easier to wrap the handle of the bat with this grip tape.
  5. The bat provides extra durability and longevity to the user. 

This bat grip from Champro is 1.8 mm thick, which makes the grip a perfect one for those who want more cushion on the handle and for the younger ones. It comes with a length of 39 inches.

The grip is extra durable and long-lasting. The Tapered edges of the grip allow athletes in baseball and softball to have a comfortable grip on their bat. This extremely tacky grip improves your control over the bat.

3. Alien Pros Bat Grip Tape for Baseball


Brand: Alien Pros

Weight: 0.05 pounds

Key Features

  1. 1.1 mm thick bat grip
  2. Comes pre-cut
  3. 47.2 inches long baseball tape
  4. Made of highly absorbent and ultra-light material.


  1. The grip tape is easy to install on the baseball bat by simply peeling, wrapping, and sealing. 
  2. The outer surface of the tape provides anti-slippage performance in both wet and dry conditions.
  3. The user will have the right amount of tackiness from the grip tape.
  4. The grip tape is shock absorbent.
  5. Holding the grip tape feels soft to the user’s skin. 

This 1.1 mm thick bat grip from Alien Pros provides you a tacky feel in both dry and wet conditions. You don’t need to do much to wrap the grip around the handle as it already comes pre-cut.

It contains baseball tape with a nice pattern. The tape is 47.2 inches long and 0.04 inches thick. It is made of highly absorbent and ultra-light material, which gives just the right amount of tackiness as you would have expected. 

4. Gonex Bat Grip Tape for Baseball


Brand: Gonex

Weight: 0.25 pounds

Key Features

  1. High quality cushioned polymer design
  2. 40.1 inches in length
  3. 3.9 inches additional choke up the length
  4. Double-faced adhesive for fast and easy installation.


  1. The thickness of the grip tape is enough to reduce vibration and sting. 
  2. The user can fix the position of the grip tape to ensure it won’t get loose.
  3. It is a slip-resistant grip tape for any baseball bat.
  4. The user will find it easier to install on the handle of the bat.
  5. The use of quality cushioned polymer ensures the protection of the hand. 

This baseball bat grip tape from Gonex comes with high quality cushioned polymer design that offers better experience and protection for hands. You can have maximum control over the bat in both dry and wet conditions with this grip on. The grip tape measures 40.1 inches with additional 3.9 inches choke up length at the front and back ends. Each grip comes with a double-faced adhesive for fast and easy installation.

5. Hot Glove Mega Wrap 1.5mm Tacky Bat Grip


Brand: Hot Glove

Weight: 0.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of durable synthetic material
  2. 1.5 mm thick
  3. 40.5 inches in length
  4. Backed with adhesive.


  1. The thickness of the bat grip allows the prevention of vibration and sting protection. 
  2. The traction crater creates a strong grip on the handle.
  3. The thinner design of the grip provides a comfortable feel to any hand.
  4. It will stay securely on any bat handle as it is backed with adhesive.
  5. It is long enough to cover any bat handle. 

This tacky bat grip from Hot Glove is made of durable synthetic material construction and the design makes it to last a longer period. It measures 40.5 inches in length and 1.25 inches in width.

The grip is backed with an adhesive that makes it stick to any kind of bat handle and also last for a longer time. This 1.5 mm grip offers vibration dampening and sting protection for a great feel.

6. Vulcan Bat Grip


Brand: Vulcan Sporting Goods Co.

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. 1.75 mm thicker
  2. Applicable in any grip handle
  3. Advanced polymer design
  4. Offers superior gripping power.


  1. The grip provides maximum feel in dry and wet conditions. 
  2. It is easy to install on any baseball or softball bat handle.
  3. It is suitable for alloy, composite and wooden bats.
  4. With the bat grip on, a hitter will have superior control over the bat.
  5. The length of the grip covers any bat’s handle properly. 

This standard size grip tape from Vulcan Sporting Goods Co. comes with superior gripping power. It is 1.75 mm thick and provides you a great cushioned gripping during the game.

It features state of art maze, an imprint for the ultimate gripping solution. You can easily apply this grip tape to any bat handle. You will feel maximum comfort in any dry or wet conditions due to the advanced polymer design. It is consistent with stock grips on most alloy and composite grips.

7. Marucci Hitter’s Grip Spray


Brand: Marucci

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. Offers premium gripping powder
  2. Stays tacky for a longer period
  3. Put on the grip and it goes invisible
  4. Put directly on the handle or batting gloves.


  1. Ensures the bat doesn’t slip away even when it is wet. 
  2. The spray improves the gripping power of any baseball or softball bat.
  3. The user can apply it on the gloves or the handle of the bat according to his need.

You need something to make the grip tape clean regularly. And what can be better than this grip spray from Marucci? This spray offers premium gripping power and stays tacky even in wet conditions.

When the spray is put on the grip, it goes invisible. You can apply it to the bat handle or directly to the batting gloves. The container of the spray is 14.6 cm long.

About baseball and softball bat grip

The soft padding around the handle of your baseball or softball bat is known as the grip. It is used mainly to ensure a proper grip on the bat .pdf. Suppose you are prepared to make a strong connection with the upcoming ball, but immediately after you made the contact the bat also flew with the ball! Oops! That’s not exactly the thing you wanted.

Well, why this thing happened? You are playing for a long time and it is quite obvious your hands have become sweaty, which made it difficult for you to grip the bat properly. But if you use a soft, cushioned grip around the handle of your bat, it won’t let your bat slip from the hand. A proper grip on the bat is vital to deliver perfect shots. So never think twice or compromise to use a quality grip on your baseball bat to have controlled and strong smashes during the game.

How to choose?

best baseball bat grip

There are some important factors you need to watch out for before selecting a grip for your baseball bat. These few factors will the buying process a lot easier for you. So don’t skip it.

Grip size: There are mainly three different sizes of grips you will find for baseball bats. A 1.1 mm thicker grip is the most common size used by baseball players and this is also used in the professional leagues. But there are some guys, who don’t like using anything on the handle of the bat, and the 0.5 mm grip is the perfect one. For beginners or younger guys, I would recommend using a 1.8 mm grip.

Cushioned: How much cushioned the grip is going to depend on the thickness of the grip. A more cushioned grip is suitable for younger guys with smaller and soft hands. But the adult would love to go with a medium cushioned grip.

Tackiness: Quality grip will provide you a good amount of tackiness during the game. The grip with adhesive offers you to tape it easily on the handle and also keep it stick for a longer period. Enhanced tackiness on the handle will provide you a guarantee of a great grip in both dry and wet weather.

Design: Look for a design that makes the handle of the bat look great than before and also makes it different from others. And if you are buying this for the younger guys, then a colorful design is going to be one of the important things to consider before buying.

Taping instructions: The process of taping a grip around the handle of your baseball bat is not a difficult task, but is a bit difficult for the new guys. Having instruction with the grip will make the process easier for everyone.

How to grip a baseball bat

You known that taping a grip around the handle of your baseball bat is needed to have a better performance in the fields and you just bought a grip and wrapped it anyhow around the handle. Speaking truly, this grip won’t help you rather it will decrease your performance level. You need to tape the grip properly to ensure better holding and excellent shot-making in the game.

First, decide with which type of grip you want to wrap your bat handle. Choose the design and also look out for the softness of the grip.

Now if the bat is older and has a grip wrapped around the handle, simply remove it. For this, you can use a scissor or a blade to cut one edge of the grip and then steadily remove the whole grip. You need not do this thing, if the bat is new or if it doesn’t have any grip on it previously.

After removing the old grip, you will find the handle a bit sticky. Before wrapping it with a new grip make sure you remove the stickiness properly from the handle. To do so, use sandpaper and move it on the surface of the handle.

Take a sit now and grab the bat in such a position, which makes it stay still until the wrapping is complete. I think, placing the bat between your two legs is the best position to tape a grip.

Take the grip and make the first layer of the grip. Start wrapping the handle from the bottom of the handle, where the knob is designed. Continue the wrapping until it reaches the last part of the handle and the beginning part of the barrel.

During the wrapping process slightly overlap the previous warp. This ensures there will be no empty spaces in the handle.

Now make a second layer of wrapping around the handle and start it from the place where the first layer of wrapping being stopped. Go up till the grip meets the knob of the handle.

Now use a scissor again to cut the extra grip remaining in the handle.

Take the bat in your hands and make a few swings to check whether the gripping is perfect or not. If it is perfect, you are ready to rock in the field!

How to clean baseball bat grip

Your grip might become sweaty after long-term use on a summer day. Now it’s time to make it look like a new one by cleaning it. You can’t change the grip every day but can clean it after use to have the same tacky feel. A sweaty or unclean grip will decrease your performance quality, which certainly you don’t want.

To clean the baseball bat grip you need two things, a cleaning alcohol liquid, and a soft cloth.

Applying the alcohol on the surface of the grip will easily remove the residue from it and make it just the same it was before.

Never put the alcohol directly on the grip. Take the soft cloth and put a bit of liquid on it.

Now rub the cloth around the grip in the same direction as the grip has been wrapped.

After some time, you will find your grip as new as before and it will also provide you the same comfort.

Baseball bat grip size

The grip size used in the baseball bat ranges from 0.5 mm to 1.8 mm. There are mainly three sizes of grips used in baseball bats.

Thinnest size grip: Those who don’t want much cushion around the handle of the bat or they prefer the natural handle, uses the thinnest size of the grip. This grip measures 0.5 mm.

Medium size grip: The most common size grip is 1.1 mm. Most baseball players love to use this grip and it is highly used in professional leagues also.

Thickest size grip: For younger players, who want soft and a cushioned grip 1.8 mm is the perfect size for them.


Now grab your grip from this list and wrap it around the bat. Are you still confused? Then read out the buying guide section very carefully to know what things you need to look out for before buying a bat grip. There is a section, where I have discussed how to grip the handle of the bat. Hopefully, you loved reading the article and enjoy comfortable batting with a nice grip on.

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