Best Beyblade stadium reviews 2023

Your Beyblade game set is not ready until you owe a bey stadium. There are several types of stadiums available in the market nowadays providing two different game modes. You can convert from two-player game mode to four-player game mode by simply flipping.

The list I have brought to you contains the top nine Beyblade stadiums and it starts with BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Slingshock stadium. By pulling back the ripcord release the spin top inside the stadium to challenge your opponent for a battle. Stadiums coming with excellent design and outlook will attract the kids first.

Best Beyblade stadium

Types of Beyblade stadiums you need to know about

Beyblade’s platform to arrange battles between two or more players with the spinning tops is known as Beyblade stadium. These stadiums come with a tub like design, and they are made of plastic mostly. There are so many types of stadiums available.

  1. Burst bey stadium
  2. Attack type bey stadium
  3. Balance type bey stadium
  4. Avatar attack battle stadium
  5. Chaos core bey stadium
  6. Slingshock bey stadium
  7. Super vortex bey stadium
  8. Epic rivals battle stadium
  9. Hypersphere bey stadium
  10. Zero-G bey stadium and many more.

Beyblade stadium

Best Beyblade stadium

1. BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Slingshock stadium



Weight: 15.1 ounces

Key Features

  1. Battle ring mode is convertible to slingshock mode.
  2. It has a dual rail system.
  3. Different launch zones for rail riding capabilities
  4. The set includes two launchers and two right spin tops.

BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Slingshock stadium

Convert the performance tip from ring mode to slingshock mode and compete in the battle on this Beyblade stadium from BEYBLADE. The stadium features a battle ring with head to head collision center. Besides, there are dual rail systems to amp up the battles, speed cradles for varying tops attack strategies and to support the rail riding capabilities, you will also find launch zones. So you can launch your attack on various points of the stadium.

Except for the stadium, the set comes with all that you need to participate in a Beyblade battle. There are two slingshock right and left beybalde launcher included in the set, which comes with a ripcord to release the spinning top with power behind. You will also get two right spin tops in the set, where one is attack type and the other one is balance type top. Convert the performance tips from battle ring mode to slingshock mode with specially designed rail-riding capabilities.

2. BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set Game



Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. The stadium comes with excellent battle patterns.
  2. There are two avatar attack accessories.
  3. Two launchers
  4. Two conventional spin tops with ripcords.  

BEYBLADE Burst Avatar Attack Battle Set

Launch your spin tops and control them with avatar accessories to win the battles against your opponent in this burst avatar Beyblade stadium from BEYBLADE. The stadium comes with excellent battle patterns to enhance the excitement of the gaming environment. You can’t say it is only a Beyblade stadium set because it contains every accessory you need to compete in beybalde battles even through an online application.

The set comes with two spin tops with energy layers, forge discs and performance tips. You can burst into the battles in pieces with these accessories. Besides, you will also have two conventional launchers in the set with ripcords to launch the spin tops with great speed in the nicely designed battleground. There are two avatar attack accessories designed on two sides of the stadium, with which you can attack the opponent by increasing the spinning speed and also make a defensive move.

3. TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst B-09 Bay Stadium



Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. It comes with one low and one high stadium.
  2. It has three fixed parts.
  3. The stadium requires no batteries.
  4. There is a bey code card included in the set.

TAKARA TOMY Beyblade Burst B-09 Bay Stadium

If you already have other Beyblade playing equipment except for the stadium, you can purchase this one from TAKARA TOMY. The set comes with two different types of the stadium, one lower and one higher stadium. You can arrange a battle in whichever stadium you would like to. There are three fixed parts included in the set also.

According to the manufacturer, you can let your 6 years kid have Beyblade battles in this bey stadium without any fear of safety. The stadium requires no batteries, so you can keep thinking about buying extra batteries aside for now. In the set, you will also find a bey code card. Now place the stadium on the floor or the table and begin releasing your spin tops by pulling back the ripcord or string.

4. TOYMECA Decagon Battling Tops Stadium Large Size 25″



Weight: 2.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. 25 inches diameter large spinning top stadium
  2. It is made of thick PP material
  3. Four players are allowed to participate at a time
  4. It is certified as a safe material for the kids.

If you have more than two kids and all of them want to have some spinning tops battle at the same time, it would be better if you purchase this large stadium from TOYMECA. The stadium measures 25 inches in diameter, which is indeed a large one and it allows four players to participate in the battle at the same time.

The manufacturer has used thick PP material to construct this bey stadium, which makes it so strong that it won’t break if you walk over it. It is perfectly usable for kids of 6 years or more. And according to the manufacturer company, their product has been certified as safe for the kids by an authorized institution that gives you a lot of relief, of course.

5. Beyblade Burst Evolution Switchstrike Battle Tower


Brand: Beyblade

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Epic 5 points gameplay system
  2. Two game modes
  3. Each game modes has two levels.
  4. It has two right spin launchers and two battling tops.

Beybalde comes made this bey stadium that features an epic 5 points gameplay system for two-tiered battling. You will find two gaming modes in the stadium with head to head clash, where two players can participate at once and the other mode allows four players to play against each other at the same time. You need to flip the stadium to unleash four-player game modes and arrange two-tiered competitions.

Each game mode comes with two levels. Except for the stadium, you will also get two right spin launchers with two conventional ripcords. Besides, there are two right spin battling tops included in the set, Strike valtryek V3 and noctemis N3. You can interchange the components of the spinning top if you want with other spinning tops but not with Beyblade burst rip fire tops.

6. Beyblade Super Vortex Battle Set


Brand: Beyblade

Weight: 1.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Nicely designed super vortex stadium
  2. Two conventional ripcord launchers are included.
  3. Additional ray striker and gravity destroyer tops are included.
  4. Gravity destroyer top can spin both left and right directions.

If you are searching for a complete Beyblade battling set, there is one for you from Beyblade. It comes with a nicely designed super vortex battle stadium. There are two conventional ripcord launchers included in the set and two exclusive legend spinning tops as well. Setup the stadium and pull back the ripcord to release the tops inside the battling ground with extreme power.

You can make the battle more interesting by adding ray striker and gravity destroyer tops. The manufacturer has added both these tops for letting you customize the game and also make it an intense combat fight. The gravity destroyer spin top comes with the excellent feature of spinning in both left and right directions. It has a strong, solid base that can withstand hits and the wide defense performance tip piece ensures endurance.

7. TOMY Beyblade Burst B-126 New Cho-Z Musou Bay Stadium



Weight: 3.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. This stadium is compatible with all Beyblade burst components.
  2. Two different playing modes for different gaming thrills
  3. Cho-Z invisible mode allows defeating electric blazes automatically.
  4. Accelerate and battle intensely in double hurricane mode.

If you are lacking a nicely built bey stadium for your Beyblade burst launchers and spin tops, you can look for buying this one from Takara Tomy. The stadium is compatible with any Beyblade burst items. The best side of this bey stadium is that you will get two different playing modes here to increase the fun of the game.

In this stadium, Cho-Z invisible mode is capable of defeating two electric blazes that are spinning at high speed automatically. There is another mode, you will find in the stadium known as double hurricane mode. In this mode, the bays can accelerate and battle intensely on the hurricane plates. Thus two different modes will provide you two different types of thrills.

8. Beyblade Burst Epic Rivals Battle Set Game


Brand: Beyblade

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. It is a complete Beyblade set.
  2. It has one yellow bey stadium with high rails.
  3. Two ripcord launchers
  4. Two right spin Beyblade spin tops with required components.

Combine the burst top components and produce a powerful strike on this battlefield from Beyblade. The bey stadium comes with high rails and it allows you to have epic head to head battles inside the stadium. It is a complete Beyblade set, where you will find two right spin launchers with two right spin tops with their required components.

The set includes Burst right-spin Victory Valtryek V2 energy layer, D01 forge disc and TA06 performance tip attack type top and Spryzen S2 energy layer, D02 forge disc and TB03 performance tip balance type top. If you want you can find a suitable top for mixing the energy layers, forge discs and performance tips of these burst spinning tops. You can also have the Beyblade burst app’s battling experience by scanning the code on the Beyblade burst tops energy layers and unlock them in the app.

9. Beyblade Burst Chaos Core (Basic) Beystadium


Brand: Beyblade

Weight: 3.6 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is a Beyblade burst stadium.
  2. It comes in an octagonal shape.
  3. You can strike the spinning tops in pieces.
  4. Other Beyblade components are sold separately.

Purchasing for this bey stadium from Beyblade would be appropriate if you have Beyblade burst components already and just want to have a platform for the battle to begin. Burst the spinning tops into pieces and the burst rates of you and your opponent will vary.

The stadium comes in an octagonal shape. You are allowed to make interchange among the Beyblade spinning top components with other burst components except for rip fire tops. There is a code to scan on the surface of the stadium, by which you will be able to get access to the corresponding digital bey stadium through the Beyblade burst app.

Don’t miss this buying guide

If you want not to waste your valuable dollars on the wrong product and want a value for money product, read out this section carefully before making any decision.

Single stadium or complete set

 Do you have Beyblade launchers and spin tops already? Then it won’t be an excellent decision if you purchase a complete Beyblade set. However, you should purchase a complete set that includes a bey stadium with right or left or both launchers and tops spins.

Game modes

 Players are nowadays not satisfied with playing the same mode again and again because they are in a search of variation. It would be awesome if you can transform the gameplay from ring mode to slingshock mode. Besides, you can also look for a stadium that provides a two-player game mode and four-player game mode at the same time.  

Access to Beyblade burst apps

 There is scanning code found in all kinds of Beyblade burst stadiums, which gives you access to the burst apps and participate in the virtual gameplay. You can do so by simply scanning the code and then enjoy the multi-play Beyblade gaming version.

Stadium rails

 Different bey stadiums come with different types of rails. Having low or high rails doesn’t matter a lot when you are up for intense gaming performance. Although I think, you can burst your Beyblade component in pieces to provide a more intense battle when the rails are high enough. The height also varies depending on the shape of it.

Affordable price

 Who doesn’t want to buy a value for money product? If you buy a single bey stadium, it will cost you around $10 to $15 approximately. However, you can have a complete Beyblade set by purchasing around $25 to $60. As I mentioned in the first point, the decision is upon you whether you need a complete set or just the stadium.

Beyblade stadium size 

round Beyblade stadium

Well, actually there are no such rules or regulations about the size of Beyblade stadiums. The size depends on how many players will participate in the gameplay at a time and the shape of the stadium.

Mostly, bey stadiums come in spherical or octagonal shape. If you are looking to play in a broader area or more than two players are going to participate in the battle at once, a stadium with 25 inches of diameter would be enough. But a bey stadium should not be smaller than 12 inches in diameter.

How to make Homemade Beyblade stadium

If you have a slightly innovative mind, you can make Beyblade on your own (video) instead of buying one.

  • First take a piece of the platform, which you are going to use as the stadium. It may be a plate, unused satellite dish, a pan, or anything like this. However, remember the minimum size requirement.
  • If you have built-in rails in the selected object, it’s fine. But if you don’t then take some cardboard or pipe and bent it according to the selected object’s circumference. You can use tape or glue to attach the rails.
  • Now it’s time to give your stadium a nice look. Paint the surface of it with some colorful design that easily attracts the kids.
  • At last, you can create some obstacles on the surface to make the battle more interesting. You can use a magnet underneath the stadium or throw some small stony pieces, which might provide some rough movement to the spin tops.

Concluding words

There is no conclusion until you buy a bey stadium, for which your kids have been crying. It will be a great fun time for them to have combat fights through some powerful strikes on the stadium by their spin tops and launchers.

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