Best bingo game sets reviews 2022

Guys who are looking for a simple game, which can be enjoyed at festivals or gatherings I can assure will love this article. Does the title indicate that I’m talking about the bingo game? Is it really easy to play? Yes, the game has pretty simple rules and it’s very easy to enjoy when you are in a gathering with your friends or cousins.

In this article, I’ll provide you a description of some best-selected bingo game set, which are worthy to look out for before you buy. I have kept Royal Bingo Deluxe 6-Inch Game with Colored Balls on the top of this list. The game rules and buying guide section are the most interesting part of it. So, don’t leave without reading those sections…

Best bingo game sets

Best Bingo game 

1. Royal Bingo Deluxe 6-Inch Game with Colored Balls


Brand: Royal Bingo

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Comes with playing instruction
  2. 50 blue bingo cards
  3. 6 inches tall cage
  4. Balls made of solid plastic.

This complete bingo game set from Royal Bingo comes with playing instructions to make it easier for the new guys to understand the basics of the game. The game set includes 50 blue colored bingo cards.

There are 300 chips included in the game set. The bingo cage of this game set measures 6 inches tall. The colorful 75 bingo balls are made of solid plastic materials.

2. Alphabet Bingo Game for Kids


Brand: Fancy Land

Weight: 6.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. Kids bingo game set
  2. 24 unique alphabet game cards
  3. 441 smiley face chips
  4. 27 caller chips.

This bingo game set from Fancy Land is specially designed for the kids. The game set comes with 24 unique alphabet game cards. It also includes 441 smiley face chips.

The game set is equipped with an instruction guide to make it easier for the kids to understand the rules of the game. Except for the smiley chips, it also has 27 caller chips. The bingo cards are designed with alphabets and different animal patterns.

3. MR CHIPS Bingo Machine Set with Bingo Cage



Weight: 4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Durable bingo cage
  2. A bingo master board
  3. Large bingo balls
  4. A lightweight and sturdy game set.

This bingo game set from MR CHIPS comes with a durable bingo cage and bingo master board. The master board has large, bright letters and numbers for easy ball replacement. The spacious tumbler ensures effective shuffling during the game.

The whole game set is lightweight and sturdy, so you can carry it easily anywhere you like. The large bingo balls of this set are made of scratch-resistant material.

4. MR CHIPS Professional Bingo Set with Bingo Cage



Weight: 5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Rustproof steel professional bingo cage
  2. 300 bingo chips
  3. 12 bingo cards
  4. Balls are scratch and fade resistant.

This professional bingo game set from MR CHIPS is made of durable materials. It comes with a rustproof steel professional bingo cage. The bingo balls of this game set come with a bingo master board.

The game set includes 300 bingo chips and 12 bingo cards. The bingo balls are 7/8 inches in diameter and they are easy to read with fade and scratch resistance. The comfortable and ergonomic soft-grip handle of the game set features a reinforced no twist design.

5. Bingo Royale Bundle | Complete Bingo Set


Brand: Royal Bingo

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Key Features

5.25 by 3.25 inches calling cards

100 bingo cards

¾ inches bingo chips

Playing instructions included.

A complete bingo game set from Royal Bingo, which requires nothing else after unpacking the game set. This game set comes with jumbo format 5.25 by 3.25 inches calling cards. These cards are extra visible in the fire hall and rec center games.

This game set includes 100 bingo cards, which makes this game set playable between 100 players. The bingo chips are ¾ inches wide. It also includes playing instruction.

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6. Regal Games Deluxe Bingo Game Set


Brand: Regal Games

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. 8 inches steel rotary cage
  2. 75 multi-colored balls
  3. 18 large bingo cards
  4. Colorful bingo chips.

This bingo game set from Regal Games comes with 8 inches steel rotary cage and master board. It includes 75 multi-colored bingo balls. The 18 bingo cards included in the game set are large a bit. The chips are colorful.

The bingo cards are 5.25 inches with large print that make them easy to read for any age of players. Each of the cards is made of 4 ply cardboard paper.

7. Royal Bingo Supplies Vintage Wooden Bingo Game


Brand: Royal Bingo

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Wooden bingo components
  2. 18 premium bingo cards
  3. 150 bingo chips
  4. 6 inches tall bingo cage.

This wooden bingo game set from Royal Bingo comes with wooden bingo components and a brass cage. The game set includes 18 premium bingo cards. It also comes with 150 bingo chips and a bingo board.

The balls included in the game set are made of wood. The brass cage measures 6 inches tall and it is capable of holding more than the average number of bingo balls. The cards feature easy to read design.

Bingo game

A simple card game, where you have to complete a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game is known as bingo. Quite simple, right? This game needs not much intellect or time or much thinking. Just cradle the balls and grab it after it is released and work accordingly.

You can enjoy this game with up to 15 players. You don’t need to make them understand the rules of the game as it has not hard tough rules. Gather them all and begin having fun with this simple card game.

Buying guides

Do you still have confusion regarding which bingo game set you need to purchase the dollar? Then read out this section carefully where I’m going to clear your confusion by providing a few factors you need to consider before choosing the product.

  • Construction of the game set: The bingo game sets can be made of plastic, wood or sometimes steel. Wooden materials are of course better than plastics. But having all the components made of steel won’t provide you much fun. However, steel is a fine material for constructing the cage of the game set.
  • Easy readability: The number in the cards and the balls should be written using large size fonts. If these numbers are fade and scratch resistant, then it will be best of course.
  • Maximum cards: The more cards you have in your game set, the more number of players you can compete with. So look for a game set having a maximum number of cards.
  • Colorful and attractive design: This is a simple game and it should come in a colorful design to attract the players. Especially if you are buying the game set for kids to look out the design of course.
  • Buying from whom: Decide whether you are buying it for adults or only for the kids. If you are buying this for the kids then it will be great if the cards included in the set are designed with animal faces or cartoons instead of simple numbers.

Types of the bingo game

Bingo is a simple game of course, but it has some variants. Here in this section, I’ll talk about different types of bingo games.

30 ball bingo

You want to play a simple game, but don’t have enough time. 30 ball bingo game is made for such guys, who wants to have some gaming fun with some speed. This type of bingo card is designed with a 3 by 3 square grid. There are 30 balls and the rules of this game are similar anyway. Just because of having a fewer number of balls you can play several rounds of games within less time.

75 ball bingo

 This is the most common variant of the bingo game. In this type, the cards are designed with 5 by 5 rows. But you don’t have to fill 5 square boxes in a row here, because the middlebox is auto-filled. Your task is to fill the remaining four boxes around the middle one horizontally, vertically or diagonally to win the game.

There are 75 bingo balls used in the game and 15 balls for each letter used to spell BINGO. These are B1 - B15, I16 - I30, N31 - N45, G46 - N60, and O61 - O75. Because of more number of balls, it’s quite obvious that it will take more time to finish than 30 ball bingo games.

80 ball bingo

 This type of bingo game is very popular for online players and it is specially made for them. The game card includes 4 by 4 square grids. The winner in this game is also decided to depend on who completes a row with for square boxes horizontally, vertically or diagonally first.

90 ball bingo

This variant of bingo game is a bit different and slightly difficult compared to other variants. The game is played with 90 bingo balls. The card of this game is designed with five columns and three rows. It is played in three rounds, which makes it different from the other games.

The first round is ended when someone completes a horizontal row. Then the second person completing two horizontal rows finishes the second round. At last, the player who completes all the rows of the card receives the highest winning prize. This game takes more time than others.

Bingo game requirements

You need a complete bingo set for playing this simple, fun game. But what things should be included in a complete bingo game set? Let’s talk about this…

  • Bingo balls: Depending on the different variants of the game, you need an adequate number of bingo balls.
  • Bingo cards: Bingo cards are designed in different ways, depending on the versions of the bingo game. But you need enough cards to compete with more number of players.
  • Chips: Chips are used to mark the square of the card when you have picked up a ball that consists of the number.
  • Balls blower or such type cage: This thing is used to shuffle the ball within it and then release. The game continues through releasing each ball in every turn.

How to play bingo game

Though it is a simple game, as a new guy it’s better to know the basic rules of this game .pdf. These rules will help you when you are competing for the first time. Here, I’m going to discuss the rules of 75 ball bingo.

  • First, distribute the scorecards to the players and each player will receive one scorecard in general. But if someone wishes to keep more than one, he can. However, keeping more than one makes it a bit difficult task for you as you have to keep eye on two scorecards at the same time, but you also have a better chance of winning the game.
  • Provide enough chips to the players to mark the squares of their cards.
  • Now choose someone to be the caller. The caller can be one of the participants or another guy.
  • Now the caller will put all the balls into the bingo spinner and spin it out randomly to get a ball release.
  • When the ball is released he will read out the number loudly and each player will check whether this number is in his scorecard of not.
  • If it is in his scorecard then instantly fill the square with one of the provided. Remember the middle square of 75 ball bingo is auto-filled at the starting of the game.
  • The first player, who completes a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the game.

Bingo game history

The game bingo is originated in Italy from their traditional lottery game. It was first played during the 1500s (wikipedia). Then the game moved to Europe in the 1700s. That version of this game had 27 squares. In the 1940s, this game became popular throughout the US. And now, it is a very popular card game all around the world for its simplicity.


Have you loved reading this article? I do think you have. The product discussion of the selected products and the buying guide section will make the buying task a lot easier for you. Then I’ve discussed the rules of the game and some other aspects also, which are worthy to look at before you go to play this game. Now go and grab your bingo game set and have fun.

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