Best Broomball (stick, shoes, Gloves) Reviews 2022

Broomball is more like its neighbour ice hockey. Although the rules of playing hockey and broomball are mostly the same, the accessories or equipment are way different. In ice hockey, you will require to wear ice hockey boots, whereas, in broomball, you need to wear a specialized rubberized shoe. The hockey stick and broomball stick are also different, along with the ball and clothing attire.

As you have clicked on this article, you probably are aware of broomball. In case you are looking for some broomball accessories to buy, this article might provide you with some suggestions you are looking for. Here are the top seven accessories suggestions from different categories of broomball accessories that might boost your performance.

Every item added to this list is the top item of its category. Thus quality will be well ensured.

Best Broomball stick

How to choose a broomball stick

You must choose the right kind of broomball stick to show a great performance in the field. There are few crucial aspects one player needs to consider before purchasing a new broomball stick. So, before you make the final decision you should go through this buying guide.

  • Aluminum is the most durable and long-lasting shaft material.
  • Broomball stick head comes with either rubber or PU coating construction.
  • 46 inches in the standard length.
  • Sticks for novice and professional players differ.
  • Choose either a lighter or heavier head depending on your comfort.

It turns out difficult for most users to choose one broomball stick because there are many of them available. However, this proper buying guide will ease the process a lot for sure.

Durable shaft

Aluminum is the most common material used to make broomball stick shafts. It is also the most preferable material by professional broomball players. It is a lightweight shaft but provides heavy and quicker shots.

Except for aluminum, there's another least used shaft available that is carbon fiber. Although carbon fiber shafts are lighter, there are two disadvantages of these sticks. The first one is that it's not as durable as aluminum sticks.

The second one is that it always remains on the side of the expensive sticks that most players don't prefer for short-time usage. On the other hand, if you want a heavier stick, a wood shaft is the most ideal option.

The players who are more than learners or novices can improve their games through this wooden handle. At last, plastic shafts are the perfect ones for beginners. Plastic sticks are cheap, lightweight which makes them suitable for beginners in this game.

Well-performing head

Rubberized head is the most common head in broomball sticks. It comes with a curved design and allows better control over the ball. Any intermediate and advanced players will love to go with such stick heads.

They can concentrate on the game through swift passing and shooting. The shaft is also durable, which ensures long-lasting performance. On the other hand, beginners might not find this stick head safer.

Because of the weight and design of rubberized heads, it is less safe for young learners. Plastic heads or heads with PU coating are more preferable for them. The lightweight and safe structure create a proper shooting spot, which allows beginners to do better in their game.

Regulation length

If you want to improve your performance or do better in the game, there's no alternative to choosing a regulation length broomball stick. A regulation broomball stick is not more than 46 inches long.

Regardless of novice, intermediate, or pro players, it's the most suitable length to have control of the ball and shoot it with perfection. However, players’ height and comfort is also a key factor in choosing the broomball stick length.

You can decrease the stick length if it doesn't match the height. Even though a longer stick provides better reach, it's never going to help if it doesn't make the user feel comfortable while handling.

Player level

The selection of broomball sticks depends a lot on the category of the players. The shaft & head materials and the stick length vary on the players’ level. Three categories are depending on the players’ level, beginner, intermediate and professional.  

Beginners won’t enjoy the same advantage with a stick that is used by the advanced player. Advanced players will always go for a lengthy stick, which may not be preferable for a younger player. The less height of the player is the reason behind this.

Also, advanced players have already gained better control of the ball. It means a lightweight one is good for that player for better passing and shooting. On the other hand, a beginner needs to learn control before shooting the ball precisely.

A heavier shaft will help beginners much. Moreover, intermediate players mostly tend to use the same sticks used by professional players. They have already acquired the basics of the game and now their target is doing better in the game.

Lightweight or heavyweight stick

A lightweight stick is always preferable to a heavyweight stick to let the players focus on his game. Most novice users think that heavier sticks offer harder shots and it's true. But without skill, the player can't enjoy what the stick offers.

However, pro broomball players go for lighter sticks. There are many reasons behind choosing lighter sticks over heavier ones. Pro players have control over the stick and they know how to handle it. Now what they prefer is accurate passing and shooting.

Using his own strength, one pro-level player can produce hard shots when it’s needed with a lighter stick. On the other hand, a heavier stick seems to fail to produce accurate passes and shoots.


Before asking the price, you should ask what type of broomball stick it is and what is used to construct it. The cost of broomball sticks ranges from $25 to $140. From this huge price range, it is easy to sense the classifications of the sticks.

Carbon fiber sticks are the most expensive ones, but not as durable as aluminum. Aluminum sticks cost more than $50 to not more than $100. However, carbon fiber ones will go over $100 for sure.

The cheapest models cost $30, which are made of plastic and are ideal for beginners. You will need to spend $50 to purchase a wooden broomball stick.

Best Broomball stick

1. ACACIA Deluxe Broomball Sticks

Our first recommendation for broomball accessories is a broomball stick without what you can't think about playing broomball. This stick is from the famous Broomball equipment manufacturer ACACIA. You will get three different colour variations to choose from, if you love the combination of colours. The lightweight aluminum shaft of this item will make the stick more comfortable to control while playing. The stick's head always plays an important role when you are trying to develop your playing ability. This one with the COBALT steel coated PU head will not disappoint you at any time at any moment. If you are looking for an item that will enhance your ball tracking performance, this one should be the appropriate item to pick up.

Key Features

  1. Category: broomball stick
  2. Brand: ACACIA.
  3. Three different colour variations( white, black, red)
  4. Lightweight construction.
  5. Aluminum shaft.
  6. COBALT steel coated PU head
  7. Enhances ball tracking performance.

2. ACACIA Grip-Inator Broomball Shoes

In the second place, we have added an item for broomball shoes, which is essential for playing this particular sport. This one is also from the famous broomball game accessories manufacturer ACACIA. This one is available in two different colour combinations, including gray/black/gray and gray/black/orange. One of the main features of broomball shoes is that it will have a rubberized layer so that you can get enough grip and friction while gliding in the ice. This one is also not different. The slip-resistant Spider Gel technology will ensure that you get the appropriate amount of grip while gliding through the ice. Another reason to choose this particular item is that this one comes with perfect safety measurement allowing you to have a secure broomball game. The safety toe caps attached to this item will ensure that you get the perfect back and front safety while playing another round. You maybe are waiting for the features that will provide comfort while playing. If so, then the full-grain polished Pergo leather with Moisture-wicking nylon mesh will provide perfect comfort, durability and breathability at the same time. Besides, the lightweight foam midsole adds cushioning for extra comfort.

Key Features

  1. Category: Shoes
  2. Brand: ACACIA
  3. Rubberized sole layer.
  4. Slip-resistant spider gel technology.
  5. Perfect safety with the safety tope caps.
  6. Comfort, durability, and breathability with the full-grain polished Pergo leather with Moisture-wicking nylon mesh.
  7. Extra comfort with the lightweight foam midsole cushioning.

3. ACACIA Titan Broomball Gloves

In the third place, we have added another item for the category of broomball gloves, and this time it is also from ACACIA. Many people prefer having a quality colour when it is about picking up their sports accessories. This one is available in black and ornage color to choose. From smaller to extra large, every size are available for this item. The neoprene padded foam in the glove's back and wrist place will ensure that you are getting the perfect protection possible while playing. The grip of the glove is always a primary concern. This one with the Ova sued leather palm should be enough, providing you the exact amount of grip needed. If you are looking for an item that will ensure competition level match play, this one should be worth picking up.

Key Features

  1. Category: Broomball glove.
  2. Brand: ACACIA
  3. Black and orange in colour.
  4. Every sizes available.
  5. Neoprene padded foam in the back and wrist area.
  6. Perfect security.
  7. Optimum grip with the Ova sued leather palm.
  8. Suitable for competition level gameplay.

4. D-Gel Goal - Aluminum Broomball Stick / Broom

In the fourth place, we have added another broomball stick recommendation. This time it is from D-Gel. This one is quite a unique item to pick up. The octagonal-shaped aluminum handle of the stick is quite convenient when you are gliding on the ice. As we have mentioned in the first place, that the head of the stick is an important part that you should not miss looking at while buying a new broomball stick. This one with a hybrid rubberized head will ensure perfect control and power over the ball. The stick's head is carved on one side and flat on the other, making it convenient for any player regardless of beginner, intermediate, and pro. The length of the stick is ~47" (118cm), whereas the diameter of the shaft is 7/8"x 1", making it suitable for all types of players.

Key Features

  1. Category: Stick
  2. Brand: D-Gel.
  3. Octagonal-shaped aluminum handle
  4. Hybrid rubberized head.
  5. Perfect power and control over the ball.
  6. The head is carved on one side and flat on the other.
  7. Suitable for beginner, intermediate, and pro.
  8. Sticks length: ~47" (118cm).
  9. Shaft diameter: 7/8"x 1."

5. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

When you are doing any challenging activity on the ice, wearing protective knee pads becomes mandatory. That is why, in the fifth place, we have added a protective knee pads recommendation for all the broomball players out there. Our fifth recommendation is from Bodyprox. This one is available in all unisex sizes and comes in black colour, making it aesthetic. As the construction material, this one will have polyester, making it durable, long-lasting and sturdy to withstand any severe force you are supposed to face while playing.

Along with the polyester, this one will have a mixture of rubber and Eva to enhance the comfort zone. The super lightweight construction with an ergonomic design will ensure freedom of movement while playing. The non-slip feature will provide perfect grip whatever you are doing. If safety is the primary concern, we would love to assure you that the high-density strength foam, good elasticity, and breathable fabric will not disappoint you at any given moment.

Key Features

  1. Category: knee pads.
  2. Brand: Bodyprox.
  3. All unisex sizes/black.
  4. Polyester
  5. A mixture of rubber and Eva
  6. Ease of movement with the super-lightweight construction and an ergonomic design.
  7. Perfect grip with the non-slip feature.
  8. 100% safety with the high-density strength foam, good elasticity, and breathable fabric.

6. ACACIA King Broomball

Finishing this recommendation section without suggesting a ball does not seem appropriate. That is why we have added a broomball recommendation from ACACIA in sixth place on this list. The ball's orange colour gives this one a vibrant look that you will not be able to ignore. This particular item is suitable for both indoor and outdoor. The high-quality condensed latex foam outer shell of this item will be handy when it is about withstanding the icy-cold environment. This ball will have 32 hand-sewn panels making the ball's trajectory convenient and suitable for any given situation. This particular item carries a weight of 0.51 pounds, which should be the exact right weight that a broomball should have. In case you are looking for a professional training level ball that will withstand temperature by maintaining the ball's trajectory, this one should be the appropriate item to pick up.

Key Features

  1. Category: broomball.
  2. Brand: ACACIA.
  3. Orange colour.
  4. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  5. High-quality condensed latex outer shell.
  6. 32 hand-sewn panels.
  7. Perfect ball trajectory.
  8. 0.51 pounds.
  9. Perfect for professional training.

7. EZGoal Steel Tube Folding Metal Hockey Goal Net

As our final recommendation, we have added hockey goal net that you will require while playing broomball. Although this one is a hockey net, this one can also be used as a broomball net because both games' functionality is more like the same. We have brought this item from the manufacturer EZGoal. This net will have four target areas allowing you to improve your stroke making capacity. This one comes with a foldable design, making it more convenient when you are packing up. Stability plays an important role when it is about the goal net. This one, with a precision-fit connection, will not disappoint you by ensuring a stable setup. The whole dimension of this goal net is 6 ft. X 4 ft. X 30 in, making it suitable for playing broomball.

Key Features

  1. Category: Goal net
  2. Brand: EZ-Goal
  3. Four target areas.
  4. Easy packing up with the foldable design.
  5. Enhanced stability.
  6. Precision-fit connection.
  7. Dimension: 6 ft. X 4 ft. X 30 in.

Buying Guides

Here are the top things that you should consider while buying different accessories for playing broomball.

When it is about buying a broomball stick, make sure that the stick's shaft and head are convenient enough so that you can get the authenticity to have better control and power over the ball in the rink.

Shoes are another essential thing that is necessary to play broomball. Ensuring perfect grip quality, comfort, inside cushioning, and perfect sole design will ensure that you are getting the ideal shoe for playing this particular game.

A convenient glove ensures perfect grip and friction to hold the stick proportionately. While buying a new glove, you need to ensure that the front, back, and inside of the glove has perfect clothing so that you can get enough and comfort at the same time.

Looking at the trajectory, panel, and material of a broomball will ensure that you are getting the perfect ball possible.

Not everyone prefers wearing a knee pad. In case you do, then looking at the construction material, clothing quality, and grip of the pad should provide a perfect item.

In case you are thinking about buying a goal net, you need to make sure that the goal bar is stable enough to withstand tremendous force. Besides, looking at the net quality and dimension should also be prioritized.

broomball stick

History of Broomball

The history of broomball is still vague. There is no exact piece of information that validates the game's origin. It is being believed that this game is originated from ice hockey because most of the rules and regulations of this game are similar to ice hockey.

People believed that this game was first played in the Ontario region of Canada. There is documented information that shows that this game was played during the 1800s. We don't want to provide any superficial information, but there is no doubt that ice-hockey played an essential role behind broom's origination.

How to play broomball?

In case you are interested in learning the rules and regulations of playing broomball, then here is how you should be playing the game.

The game needs to play in an ice rink, and it is mostly similar to playing ice hockey.

Two teams, each team consisting of six players, need to compete against one another to win the title.

The broomball, shoes, stick and most other materials are different than hockey.

The game's main objective is to score more goals, and at the end of the game, the team that will score more goals will win the game.

Each team will have one goalkeeper, two defenders, and three attackers.

While playing, a player must wear rubber-soled shoes, a helmet, gloves, elbow pads, and shin-pads.

You will never be able to swing the broom above your waist height.

Players are only allowed to use the sticks to take the ball off from other players.

Using hands will be the reason for a penalty in any situation.

The game will begin with the defending zone furthest from the bench during the first period.

There will be a face-off after a team scores a goal every time.

Final words

Although broom is more like playing ice hockey, the accessories and equipment required to play the game are different. That is why it is necessary to choose appropriate equipment that will make your broom game experience smooth. The items that we have gathered in the recommendation section have enough competencies to provide you with a smooth feeling. If you choose from our recommendation, we believe you are going to be immensely benefitted.

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