Best Carrom Board Game Reviews 2023

In this technology-based age, we can play different types of games on our mobile phones. But still, some indoor games haven’t lost their popularity yet. One such game is Carrom. If you are fond of indoor games then Carrom has to be one of your favorite ones.

In this review of best carrom boards, I have kept Carrom Game Board Large on the top of the list. It comes with a solid 0.75 inches thick wooden frame and 44 playing pieces. To know more details about this and other listed carrom boards, continue reading the article.

best Carrom Board

Our Top Picks

Carrom Game Board Large: Two size game board that offers 100 different indoor games. The surface of the board has coated paper graphics and wood grain design.

Precise Carrom Board Game Board: 2X ply thickness that makes the board sturdier. It comes with a complete set of coins and one striker.

Surco Professional Carrom Board Carrom Stand: Suitable for all standard size carrom board games. This professional Carrom stands measures 26 inches in length and 16 inches in width.

Carrom Nok Hockey Game – carrom hockey: Made of using 0.75 inches thicker wooden frame. It has screen printed graphics designed using lead-free ink.

Carrom 400.01 Skittles Game – Carrom skittles board: No assembly required to set up the board. It comes with braided twine and twelve hardwood pins.

Standard Size Carrom Tournament Striker: Standard size, lightweight board. The surface is smoother with excellent re-bounce.

Precise Elegant Smooth Carrom Board Powder: 500-gram original boric powder to make the surface of your carrom board smoother.

Carrom Game Board Large

Precise Carrom Board Game Board (official size)

Surco Carrom Board Carrom Stand

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Buying Guides

When you are going to buy a carrom board you need to know about some important facts. These facts are important because without knowing them you will always remain in confusion about which board to buy and which board not to. I’m going to help you remove the confusion by providing a few facts below.

Construction: Boards made of high-grade plywood will always serve you better. High-quality plywood will provide you a smoother surface and you will have a good gaming experience.

Size: Always try buying a board with a regulation size. Regulation size boards measure 34 or 35 square inches. But the playing surface of these boards is 29 square inches.

Perfect pockets: Sometimes you will find out that the pocket in each corner is not working perfectly. It may be tighter or looser than natural. Sometimes you will find your pocketed playing piece is not staying in the pocket. So before selecting the table, check out the pockets of course.

Smoother edge: Smoother edges will support you to pocket a piece and gain points. And if the surface is not smoother your best shot can go into vain.

The thickness of the surface: Your carrom board surface should have a standard thickness to provide the best experience during the game. Another most popular similar to carom board game like, crokinole board game, you can also see this.

Best Carrom Board Game

1. Carrom Game Board Large


Brand: Carrom

Model: 2850XXXX

Weight: 7.85 pounds

Key Features

Solid 0.75 inches thick wooden frame

0.1875 inches thick playing surface

Hand-tied corner nets

The surface has coated paper graphics and wood grain design.

This large game board from Carrom is built with a solid wood frame. The wooden frame used to build the board is 0.75 inches thick. This construction gives it a sturdy structure that offers you to have the best indoor gaming experience with this board. You can quite easily set up and start enjoying indoor games on the board as it requires no assembly.

This is a two-sized game board that offers you more than 100 different indoor games with your family and friends during your free hours. The playing surface of the board is 0.1875 inches thick, which is good enough for a smooth gaming experience. The surface comes with coated paper graphics and wood grain design. The frame of the board features hand-tied corner nets. This game board comes with 44 playing pieces, two cue sticks, number discs and instructions.

2. Precise Carrom Board Game Board


Brand: Precise


Weight: 52.8 pounds

Key Features

Smooth playing surface with re-bounce

Black border with heavy back support

2X ply thickness

Perfect for regular and professional tournaments.

This is a standard-size carrom board from Precise, which is perfect for regular tournaments and international professional tournaments. The board is built on using high-quality materials. You will find these boards in different models and colors but the build quality of each board will be the same. Precise is famous for providing a smoother carrom board with re-bounce capacities. They didn’t disappoint you guys with this board also.

This elegant carrom board comes with a smoother surface and it has the re-bounce capability. The playing area of this board measures 29 by 29 inches and there is a black border around the playing area with heavy back support. The border size of this board is 5 by 32 inches. The surface of the board is 32 mm thicker. It comes with a complete set of coins and a striker. The 2X ply thickness leads it to a sturdy, flat surface with excellent durability.

3. Surco Professional Carrom Board Carrom Stand


Brand: Surco

Model: C-Stand

Weight: 5.99 pounds

Key Features

Suitable for all standard-size carrom boards

Professional grade carrom stand

The fully opened stand measures 26 inches by 16 inches

Collapsible type stand.

This carrom board from Surco is suitable for all standard-sized carrom board games. If you are looking for any regular carrom games or professional tournament games then you can go with this professional-grade carrom board stand. It is a collapsible type of carrom stand. The collapsible height of this stand is 30 inches in height and 3.5 inches in width.

This carrom stand comes in black color. You can use the stand for family or professional use, whatever you like. This professional-grade carrom stand can be fully opened. When it is fully opened it measures 26 inches in length and 16 inches in width. The measurement of the stand allows you to set up the board in a regulation height and have a comfortable gaming experience.

4. Carrom Nok Hockey Game – carrom hockey


Brand: Carrom

Model: 2.01

Weight: 3.5 pounds

Key Features

Solid wood goal zone obstacles and corner banks

0.75 inches thick wooden frame

0.125 inches hardboard playing surface

No assembly is required.

This is a popular Nok – hockey game that comes from Carrom with a durable wooden two-player board. The board is designed with solid wood goal zone obstacles and corner banks. As it is a board that can be used for Nok – Hockey game, it includes two hardwood pucks and two plastic hockey sticks.

The board is constructed with 0.75 inches wooden frame. The surface of the board is 0.125 inches thicker and made of hardboard. It comes in two colors and screen-printed graphics. The graphics have been designed on the screen using lead-free ink. The board measures 23.8 inches in width, 1.9 inches length and 35 inches in depth. No assembly is required for setting up the board.

5. Carrom 400.01 Skittles Game – Carrom skittles board:


Brand: Carrom

Model: 400.01

Weight: 5 pounds

Key Features

0.75 inches thick wood frame

Screen printed using lead-free ink

Includes one hardwood spinning top

Braided twine and hardwood pins.

This skittles game board from Carrom comes with braided twine and twelve hardwood pins. The board also includes one hardwood spinning top that is blue-colored. This hardwood board game provides you a comfortable gaming experience without any interruption. It requires no assembly of the board to start the game. So you can just take it and start having fun.

This classic game is very popular among young players. According to the manufacturer company, the recommended age for using the board is from 13 to adult. The board is constructed with a wood frame. The frame used to construct the board is 0.75 inches thick. The screen of the surface is printed using lead-free ink providing a nice view.

6. Standard Size Carrom Tournament Striker


Brand: SIPL


Weight: 3.41 ounces

Key Features

Smooth surface with excellent re-bounce

Lightweight and standard size

Beautifully designed

Durable and waterproof strikers.

This is a standard-size carrom tournament striker set from SIPL. The set of carrom striker includes 4 colorful strikers. The strikers will go on to serve you well on a smoother carrom board surface. The surface of these strikers is also smoother and also has excellent re-bounce capacity. As it is a set of standard-size strikers, it allows you to use these strikers for any regular or professional carrom games.

These strikers are quite lightweight, so it will slide on the surface of the board swiftly enough and you don’t have to get bothered thinking the transportation of the striker set. The strikers are beautifully designed and made of durable materials. So you can use them for longer periods without getting damaged. These strikers are not only durable but also waterproof. Each of these strikers weighs 15 grams. You will strikers of different designs and colors of course.

7. Precise Elegant Smooth Carrom Board Powder


Brand: Precise

Model: Boric_500g

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

Original boric powder

Professional game accessory

500-gram powder pack

Essential for the ultimate gaming experience.

This is a 500 grams boric powder pack from Precise. To make the surface of a carrom board smoother, you need to spread powder on the surface. Mostly used powder on the carrom board is boric powder. Surco came with this boric powder pack that can serve you well in making the surface smoother.

This is an original boric powder pack, which can be used on any professional-grade or normal carrom board. This boric powder is an essential element for having an ultimate gaming experience. So you can undoubtedly go with this elegant smooth carrom board powder for a smoother surface.

Carrom Board FAQs

What is a carrom board?

Carrom board (wikipedia) is a square flat board that is made of using plywood or hardwood. The surface of the board is smooth and there are 4 holes at 4 corners of the table known as pockets.

What is a carrom board size?

A standard size carrom board comes with a dimension of 35 inches by 35 inches. But the playing area of these regulation-size boards is 29 inches by 29 inches. This size of the board is used in official tournaments.

What is carrom board powder?

The powder is used on the surface of the carrom board to make the pieces slide swiftly toward the pocket. The most commonly used powder is boric powder, which offers you great gaming experience.

How to clean an old carrom board?

The purpose of cleaning your old carrom board is to make it smoother. To do so, you have to put boric powder on the surface and then use a cloth to scrub and rub the surface. This will clean the boards as well as increase the smoothness of the board for sure.


You might have already chosen the carrom board you are going to buy enjoying your leisure periods with this indoor game. This article contains a review of some carrom boards. I have listed the products to make it easier to make your choice of right carrom board. Then there is a buying guide following containing the facts that are needed to consider before choosing any carrom board. There are also answers to some frequently asked questions by carrom lovers. So after reading this article I think you will have no further confusion about the selection of the right carrom board for having great indoor fun with your family and friends.

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