Best Crokinole Game Boards reviews 2023

A round shape board, where any age of player can shoot the discs and enjoy board gaming fun with the families. Yes, I’m talking about Crokinole. This game originated in Canada but has gained a lot of popularity across the USA. You need a round-shaped crokinole board with some discs to enjoy this game.

I’m here with a review of some best crokinole boards and also going to discuss the factors one needs to look out for before choosing a crokinole board, which is the most interesting section of this article. I have kept, tournament size Real Hardwood Tournament Size Crokinole Board on the top of the list. If you are familiar with the carrom board because 2 games similar one another You will know more details if you continue reading this article.

Best Crokinole Game Boards

Cronikole board game

Real Hardwood Tournament Size Crokinole Board (check on amazon)

Crokinole Deluxe 3 in 1

Rustik Crokinole 2 Games in 1

Crokinole is a Canadian classic board game, where you need a round shape board and a few discs only to play the game. Whoever has played shuffleboard or carrom might find this game similar to those games and actually, it is. In the Crokinole board game, the main objective is to shoot your discs toward the highest-scoring region of the board.

For shooting the disc player uses a finger to flick it or sometimes uses a small cue stick instead. If there are discs in the way of the highest-scoring region and after flicking the disc it misses to touch the opponent’s disc, the shoot would be called foul and it is removed from the board. In case it touches one of its own discs, that disc will also be removed! As this game provides fun to all ages of people, you can enjoy this board gaming with your family and friends.  

Best Crokinole Game Boards (1)

1. Real Hardwood Tournament Size Crokinole Board (Best Tournament size)


Brand: Cape Fear Board Co.

Weight:18.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of walnut and maple hardwoods
  2. 26 inches playing surface
  3. Smoot surface gives consistent shots
  4. 12 black and white maple discs included.


  1. It is a tournament-size crokinole game board 
  2. The participants will have efficient and consistent shots on the smoother playing surface.
  3. There are sturdy rails around the surface of the game board.
  4. After the gameplay, the participants can store the game pieces securely in the drawstring bag.

This tournament-size crokinole board from Cape Fear Board Co. is made of walnut and maple hardwoods. The board is octagonal in shape, but the playing surface is rounded.

It comes with a playing surface of 26 inches. The construction material of this board made the surface smoother and it gives consistent shots during the game. It comes with 12 black and 12 white maple game discs. All these things come in a drawstring bag. This board is handmade in the USA.

2. Crokinole Deluxe 3 in 1 (Best Multi)


Brand: Kroeger

Weight: 7.9 pounds

Key Features

  1. Three in one multi-gaming board
  2. 30 wooden playing discs
  3. Dice for backgammon game
  4. 21 inches crokinole playing surface.


  1. The user can enjoy backgammon and checkers games on this crokinole game board. 
  2. The board size and the size of the disc provide a traditional gaming experience.
  3. The complete gaming instruction in English and French makes it easier for everyone to understand the gameplay rules easily.
  4. It is a value money crokinole game board set. 

This is a deluxe three in one multi-gaming board from Kroeger. The board allows you to play crokinole, checkers, and backgammon. It is a perfect multi-board for two to four players.

The game board set includes 30 wooden playing discs for crokinole, checkers, and backgammon. It also has dice for the backgammon game. It measures 27 inches in diameter and 1 3/16 inches in depth. The crokinole playing surface measures 21 inches.

3. Rustik BJR000135 Crokinole De Luxe 2 Games in 1 (best Cheap)


Brand: Rustik

Weight: 6.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of wood
  2. Hand made in Canada
  3. Two in one game board
  4. Includes adequate playing discs needed to play crokinole and checkers.


  1. This two-in-one game board allows you to play crokinole on one side and checkers on the other side of the board. 
  2. The high-quality wooden construction makes it a durable board. 
  3. The game is a great choice for beginners.
  4. It is a value-for-money product. 

This two-in-one game board from Rustik is made of wood. If you are a board game lover and want a board that provides you to play more than one board game, then this wooden board can be a great choice.

The board allows you to play crokinole and checkers. It includes adequate discs for playing both these games. It is handmade in Canada, from where the Crokinole game originates. 

4. Crokinole Canada The Black Tournament Board (Best Expensive)


Brand: Crokinole Canada

Weight: 26.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Meets official standards of NCA
  2. 26 inches maple playing surface
  3. Includes a padded, black crokinole  carrying case
  4. 500-gram ultra-fast crokinole powder included.


  1. There are tournament-size party pack crokinole discs included in the package. 
  2. The user of crokinole powder on the surface makes the gameplay faster.
  3. There are point trackers and extra bumpers included in the package.
  4. The large drawstring bag stores and carries the discs safely.
  5. The game package includes English and French playing instructions.

This crokinole board game set from Crokinole Canada meets all the official standards of the National Crokinole Association. This tournament standard board is made of using polyester and has a black ditch around it.

It comes with a 26 inches maple playing surface. It includes a padded, black crokinole board with a carrying case. It also includes 500 grams of fast and ultra-fast crokinole powder, point tracker, extra bumpers and scorecard pad, etc. It also comes with tournament-size crokinole discs.

5. BrybellyCrokinole and Checkers


Brand: Brybelly

Weight: 9.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of high-quality wooden materials
  2. Nicely finished for providing enough friction
  3. Except for crokinole, checkers can also be played
  4. Includes 24 black and white discs.


  1. The participants will find a great amount of friction on the wooden playing board. 
  2. The double-sided design of the board allows you to play both crokinole and checkers game just by flipping it over.
  3. The removable pegs offer a sturdy structure of the board during any game.
  4. It is a superb crokinole game board for the starters. 

This classic crokinole board from Brybelly is made from high-quality wooden materials and finished nicely. This nice wooden construction of the board provides players with just the right amount of friction during games.

You can play both crokinole and checkers on this game board. It comes with a 27 inches playing surface. It includes 24 black and white discs. So enjoy the Canadian classic crokinole game with this genuine and classic wooden board.

6. Tournament Size Crokinole Board by Heritage Products


Brand: Heritage Woodwork

Weight: 8 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of high-quality materials
  2. Has six coats of barethane
  3. Three coats of finishing paste wax
  4. 26 inches playing surface.


  1. The high-quality construction of the game board improves playability. 
  2. The board comes with a tournament size playing surface for a classic feel.
  3. There is one extra disc included for each color in the game package.
  4. The inclusion of a storage bag keeps the discs safe and secure after the game. 

This tournament size crokinole board from Heritage Woodwork is made of wooden materials. It comes with 6 coats of barethane and 3 coats of finishing paste wax for a smooth surface.

It is an octagonal shaped crokinole board that comes with a diameter of 30 inches. The playing area of the board is 26 inches in diameter. This handcrafted high-quality board will enhance the playing environment for sure.

7. GAMELAND Crokinole Board Game Table (Best adult and kids)



Weight: 9.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. 27 inches playing surface
  2. Includes 12 black and 12 white maple game discs
  3. High-quality wooden materials used
  4. A smoother playing surface provides enough friction.


  1. The user will enjoy adequate friction on the board surface because of the wooden construction and finish. 
  2. This double-sided game board has a checkerboard design on the opposite side.
  3. The smoother board surface provides a superfast gaming experience.
  4. You can keep the discs secure and also take them on the go by storing them inside the drawstring bag included in the game package. 

This crokinole board game table from GAMELAND is perfect for both kids and adults. The board measures 27 inches in diameter and is double-sided with a checkerboard underneath. You will get exceptionally fast play in the smooth playing surface.

The game table comes with 12 black and 12 white maple game discs in a drawstring bag. The board and the discs are made from high-quality wooden materials. It comes with a nice finished design to provide enough friction during the game.

8. The Crokinole King – Traditional Size Crokinole Board Game Set


Brand: Crokinole Canada

Weight: 6.4 pounds

Key Features

The game board comes with a laminate surface that measures 22 inches in diameter and ¼ inches tall.

It includes 2.9 cm wide and 1 cm thick 26 traditional size discs.

30 small discs are measuring 2.5 cm wide and 1 cm thick.

The manufacturer included crokinole powder in the package.

There is a drawstring bag included.


  1. The gameboard has a checker and backgammon gameplay surface on the backside. 
  2. The crokinole powder makes the surface and playing discs smoother.
  3. The drawstring bag makes the carriage of the whole game set hassle-free.
  4. It is a gameboard for the participation of 2 to 4 players. 

Having the experience of three games in one game board is a great thing for any buyer and this game set offers you this feature. Alongside crokinole, you can also play backgammon and checker on the backside of the board. You might think the laminate surface won’t provide a fast and smoother gaming experience. And for this, the package is equipped with crokinole powder making the gameplay faster and provides more fun. The traditional size discs come in black and natural wood color. However, the small discs come with dark brown and natural wood color.

Buying Guides

It doesn’t matter whether you have played this game ever before or not. But if you have no idea of buying this game table or board you have to watch out the below factors. These factors will make the task of choosing the right game board easier for you, of course.

Construction materials: You should buy a game board made of using high-quality materials. This will undoubtedly provide you great durability and sturdiness during the game. High-grade boards are made of maple wood, which offers you a smoother playing surface with adequate friction. But cheaper boards used low-quality woods that degrade the quality of the game.

Board size: A tournament-size crokinole board, which I’ll always recommend for having classic gaming fun. The tournament-size board measures 30 inches in diameter. The playing surface of the board is 26 inches in diameter. However, you will find other smaller sizes of boards as well.

Shape and design: There are three shapes of crokinole boards mainly, rounded, octagonal, and square. In world crokinole championships, rounded boards are used. I would suggest you at least having a board with a rounded playing surface. And there are differently crafted boards available depending on the customers’ demands.

Included equipment: Except for the board, it should come with enough playing pieces of two different colors. Obviously, watch out the materials of the discs. A drawstring carrying bag will solve the problem of transportation and storage.

Multi gaming board: If you can play more than one game in your crokinole board, it will be a great addition for the board gaming lovers. You can play games like checker, and backgammon in it.

Cronikole board game history

Eckhardt Wettlaufer is the person who crafted the crokinole board for the first time. It is admitted by the most number of people that the crokinole board game was originated in the 1860s. But it officially the first crokinole board was made after 16 years. In 1876, the first crokinole board was crafted by Eckhardt Wettlaufer in a little town named Sebastopol, Ontario.

He crafted this board as a gift to his son, Adam on his fifth birthday. Some folks also believe that this game has come from Mennonite or Amish origins, though there are no proofs of this belief. So this is a Canadian-originated game and it is admitted by almost all. The frame of crokinole boards can be rounded, octagonal or square-shaped. But in the world crokinole championship, it is played in round shape board. and that’s rounded boards are recommended for having a classic feel of this board game.

How to play the crokinole board game?

Well, if you are new in playing the crokinole board game then it will be better you take an idea of how to play this game or what are the rules. This will undoubtedly make it easier for you to understand the basics of this game and you will be able to do better even as a beginner. So watch out the rules of this game provided below.

  • The first task is to set up the crokinole board with 12 discs for each team in different colors.
  • The game can be played between two single players or between two teams consisting of two players in each team. If it is a singles game, each player will have 12 discs and in a combined or team game, each teammate will have 6 discs.
  • Now fix positions for the players. In one against one game, players will sit in opposite directions. And for the team, the teammates will sit on opposite sides.
  • There are quadrants in the crokinole board and a player has to shoot the disc keeping it at least 50% in his quadrant for a valid shot.
  • The player has to shoot it by flicking or with the help of a small cue stick. While shooting there is a thing to lookout. Whether there is an opponent’s disc front or not.
  • If there is no opponent’s disc on the board, the player will aim a 20-zone hole, of course. There are three other zones with less scoring values, 15-zone, 10-zone, and 5-zone.
  • If there is at least one disc of the opponent’s, then the shooter has to target that one by flicking his disc. If he misses to touch that disc and touches one or two of his own discs, these discs will be removed from the board and kept in the ditch.
  • The scoring of the game is made by the discs shot in the highest-scoring zones. The highest scoring zone is the center of the board, which is 20-zone. Then comes, 15-zone, 10-zone, and 5-zone, the least scoring zone of the game. The player or team having more points will win the game.

What is a crokinole board game?

Crokinole is a competitive board game, where you have to shoot your disc on the highest scoring zones on the board. The player scoring 100 points first will win the match. While aiming at the highest-scoring areas, you can also send opponents into the ditch. Let’s go through the simple rules of the game.

  • It is either a one-by-one game or two-by-two game, where you have two opposing teams.
  • Now the first player selected by toss or randomly will have a free hit.
  • He needs to send his disc to the 20 points hole.
  • Now, if there is no disc after the free hit, the next player will get the free hit.
  • On the other hand, if there are still discs, the player must hit the opponent’s disc.
  • If the player fails to do so, the hit will be called invalid and the disc will be ditched.
  • The game will continue in such a manner for several rounds until one team reaches 100 points.

How thick is a crokinole board?

A regulation crokinole board surface is 0.5 inches thick. However, a recreational board can have either 0.5 inches of thickness or 0.75 inches of thickness. Even while making a recreational board, you don’t have to follow the official regulation regarding the thickness.

On the other hand, 20 points zone is the highest-scoring region on the board, and the depth of this region should be 0.25 inches. A regulation crokinole board is around 26 inches in diameter. However, the size can range from 22 inches to 24 inches for recreational events.

Crokinole board cost

Most crokinole boards have similar features and build quality. But still, the cost varies because of different manufacturers and sizes. On average, a quality crokinole board costs around $180 to $450. However, there are both affordable and expensive boards available.

You can have a compact, recreational crokinole board spending within $100. But you can’t ensure the quality of these boards, and they are not suitable for professional matches. On the other hand, there are some luxurious boards available in the market that may cost you more than $700.

Luxurious boards come ensuring quality, and they can be a great addition to any party or occasion. But for regular gameplay, you don’t really need to spend such a large amount of money on a crokinole board.


So have you decided which board you are going to buy? Hopefully, the review of these selected boards will help you choose the right board for enhanced board gaming fun. The buying guide that includes the factors you need to look at before selecting a gaming board will make the task easier for you. You can make your kids learn the basic rules of this game from the how to play crokinole board game section. Enjoy crokinole board gaming with one of these boards mentioned above.


Game Rules .pdf

Crokinole Rules & History – Crokinole Canada

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