Best Disc Golf putter discs reviews 2022

Disc golf is such a sport that you can play at both a professional level or for recreational purposes. You know to play disc golf having putter disc is a must. But if you are new in this field, then you are going to fall in confusion regarding buying the best disc golf putter disc.

That's why this article is for you to make it easier to choose the right disc golf putter disc. In this list, I have kept Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc at the top position. This is one of the most popular putter discs coming with versatility. To know more about this product and other products you need to continue reading this article.

Best Disc Golf putter

best disc golf putter

Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc

MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter

Innova Star Aviar3 Putt & Approach Golf Disc

Best disc golf putter disc

1. Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc (best Putting Putters)

Innova is one of the most popular brands in manufacturing disc golf discs. They came with this putt and approach disc, which is considered as the most popular disc model and also the number one putter disc in disc golf. You can use this putter disc in any condition, and it also comes with versatility.

If you consider yourself among the serious competitors of disc golf, then this is the disc you need to have with you. This small bead model putter disc offers you a perfect grip option. It also offers you widest selection of weights. It is a straight flier putter disc with a predictable finish. The speed of this disc is 2, glide 3, turn 0, and fade 1. The color of this disc may vary.

Key Features

  1. Most popular disc model
  2. Versatile putter disc
  3. Dependable in all conditions
  4. Provides an excellent grip.


  1. The putter disc is usable in all conditions as it is a versatile one. 
  2. Being a straight flier that offers a predictable finish.
  3. The putter offers excellent consistency to any user.
  4. It is a solid putter that feels great in the hands.
  5. The user can throw this lightweight putter easily even in a windy condition. 

2. MVP Disc Sports Proton Ion Disc Golf Putter (Distance drivers)

MVP Ion is the first disc golf disc from MVP disc sports. They designed this disc, which is reliable for the power putters. The ion's beaded rim design makes it a straight to overstable flier. Its defining flight characteristic is its straight stable flight with a late subtle fade.

This putter disc from MVP disc sports is capable of holding long powerful lines with a late subtle fade. This feature makes this disc a versatile one. You can also use this disc in any condition. The disc is designed with MVP's most premium look and performance materials. It comes to you with a wide selection of transparent candy colors.

Key Features

  1. Power putters can use with confidence.
  2. Capable of holding long powerful lines
  3. Versatile putter
  4. Designed with MVP's most premium look.


  1. It is a straight and overstable flier. 
  2. You can use it in any condition because of the versatility.
  3. It can withstand the roughest conditions as they are constructed with premium and performance materials.
  4. Despite regular rough usage, the quality of the putter is maintained.
  5. The putter ensures a superb approach. 

3. Innova Star Aviar3 (best Throwing Putters)

This is another putter disc from Innova, one of the most popular brands in manufacturing disc golf discs. This disc is best for throwing putter. It comes with a flat-topped design and is a fierce one. This is also considered as one of the perfect putters in disc golf and is the ideal driving putter.

This disc is built for speed and less carry. The flat top of the disc is designed to control tee shots and aggressive puts. The flight ratings of this putter disc are speed 3, glide 2, turn 0, and fade 2. It weighs around 165 – 169 grams and comes in various colors.

Key Features

  1. Flat-topped and fierce
  2. Ideal driving putter
  3. Built for speed and less carry
  4. Designed for aggressive putts.


  1. The user will have controlled tee shots with the aggressive puts from the putter. 
  2. The putter also ensures speedy shots to its user.
  3. This overstable putter makes the user more than predictable about the shots.
  4. The putter does a great job for all skill levels.
  5. The premium profile and completely flat surface provide a premium feel to the user. 

4. MVP Disc Sports Proton Axis (for mid-range)

 This is a neutral stable midrange putter disc from MVP disc sports. This putter disc is a straight one. This midrange neutral flying disc exhibits substantial glide as a result of our GYRO technology. It is perfect for both new and experienced players because of the glide and straight flights.

The axis is built with MVP's most premium look and performance materials. It is designed in such a way that it can withstand the roughest conditions. The flight ratings of this disc are speed 5, glide 5, turn 1 and fade 1. PDGA approves this disc, and it comes in with a variety of transparent candy colors.

Key Features

  1. Midrange disc
  2. Straight flying and gliding
  3. MVP's most premium look
  4. Can withstand the roughest conditions.


  1. The user can through this disc easily because of the great glide and tight line holding accuracy. 
  2. You can enjoy higher power throws from distance approach shots.
  3. The disc is usable for both novice and experienced players.
  4. It is a neutral and stable disc.
  5. The disc comes with a sleek and smooth design. 

5. Innova Star Leopard Golf Disc (Fairway Drivers)

This leopard golf disc from Innova is a choice for the fairway divers. This disc has excellent glide, which favors the fairway drivers most. It is also easy to throw staring and far that also helps the fairway drivers most. This disc from Innova is useful for long straight shots, gentle Hyers and turnover shots.

It is in fact a great turnover disc for the players of all skill levels. Experienced players can use this disc for throwing distance stretching hyzer flips shots. It also makes a dependable long range roller. Flight ratings for this disc are speed 6, glide 5, turn 2 and fade 1. The star material of this disc offers great grip and performance. It comes in various colors.

Key Features

  1. Best choice for fairway drivers
  2. Useful for straight shots
  3. Great grip and performance surety
  4. Variety of colors.


  1. The fairway drivers will find the disc excellent for straight throws. 
  2. It does a great job for gentle hyzers and turnover shots.
  3. The user can improve his performance with a better grip on the disc.
  4. The disc offers enough consistency to its user.
  5. It is an ideal disc for beginners with proper stability. 

6. Millennium Sirius Aries (Distance Drivers)

This is a high-speed, long-distance driver golf disc suitable for all skill levels. The Millennium brand manufactures this disc. Beginners will find this disc in such a way that it exhibits enough glide to increase their distances.

But different scenarios for the experienced players, they will find that it is great for tailwind shots where a long sustainable turn is needed. Ultra-strong throwers will find this it to be a great backhanded roller disc. The diameter of this disc is around 21 cm and it comes in various colors with a weight of around 150 – 175 grams.

Key Features

  1. High-speed long-distance drivers disc
  2. Suitable for all skill levels
  3. The diameter of 21.2 cm
  4. Variety of colors.


  1. The proper gliding of the disc improves the distance of the shots. 
  2. The disc is a lot easier to throw compared to other similar discs.
  3. It is a great choice when a long turnover flight path is required.
  4. It is an ultra-strong thrower.

7. Discraft DSSB Beginner Disc Golf Set (3-Pack) (for beginner)

This golf disc set is perfect for the beginners. Discraft brand manufactured this set of disc golf set. This set includes one driver, one mid-range and one putter disc. Though it is specially designed for beginners, but can be used for all skill levels.

Professional Disc Golf Association or PDGA approves this model of disc golf disc. Each user of this disc will be benefitted from the extra glide the surge delivers in calm to moderate wind conditions. This is a high-performance disc golf disc set. The models and plastic blends of this disc set may vary.

Key Features

  1. Perfect for beginners
  2. Provides extra glide
  3. PDGA approved
  4. High-performance disc golf set.


  1. The extra glide produced by the golf discs makes it usable in both calm and moderately windy conditions. 
  2. It is worth golf disc set to choose for both beginners and intermediate level players.
  3. The well-made construction makes it fly true.
  4. It is s budget-friendly golf disc starter set.
  5. The set comes with a stratus driver. 

8. Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings (kids)

This is a two-pack of flying rings set from Activ life designed for the kids. These flying rings are a lot lighter than the original flying discs. So your kids have no chances of getting hurt by these flying rings. This is a great fun element for the kids from 3 to 12 years old.

The uniquely designed flying rings fly straight and can be caught in the smallest hands, on your wrists or even on your foot. These two packs come with one red and one blue flying ring. Without any confusion, you can provide your kids these sets of flying rings and enjoy the fun.

Key Features

  1. 2 pack of flying rings
  2. Perfect for kids
  3. Safe and comfortable
  4. 80 % lighter than standard flying discs.


  1. The lightweight design of original flying rings makes these rings appropriate for the kids. 
  2. The compact size allows the kids to catch the discs with their small hands.
  3. These rings are easier to throw.
  4. The rings will float on the water with efficiency.
  5. They are easy and comfortable to catch. 

9. Dynamic Discs Prime Judge Disc Golf Putter

 This is a fantastic throwing disc putter from D-D Dynamic Discs. The disc offers an incredibly predictable flight. It also offers a relentless pursuit of disc golf basket chains. It has a flight rating of speed 2, glide 4, turns 0, and fades 1.

The flight ratings provide a reliable and predictable flight with enough glide to be thrown off of the disc golf tee pad and enough stability to fight winds. This golf disc putter will fly straight while combining the ability to handle speeds without fading. This disc weighs more than 170 grams and comes in black color.

Key Features

  1. Offers incredibly predictable flight
  2. Stable Enough to fight winds
  3. Fly straight
  4. Provides an excellent grip.


  1. The disc flies straight and glides for amazing distances. 
  2. The excellent grip on the disc will provide you an incredible feel.
  3. The heavier weight and glide attribute improves the game of the user.
  4. The disc offers great control.
  5. It offers smooth sliding without compromising the quality.

Buying guide

Guys who are going to buy disc golf putter discs for the first time will still be confused about choosing the right product. That's why I'm going to discuss some facts below which will surely help you in selecting the right disc golf putter disc.


Different discs have different weights. But you need to buy the disc having a regulation weight or something around the regulation weight. According to PDGA, the weight of a golf disc should not be more than 175 grams. So it's better to buy one weighing from 165 to 175 grams.


Regarding the dimension there are also rules from PDGA. According to PDGA, the height of a golf disc should range from 1.65 to 1.97 cm. And the diameter of the disc should range from 21 to 21.4 cm.

Skill level of player

This is one of the important facts to look before choosing the golf disc. If you are going to buy a disc for a beginner then always look for one that flies in a straight path and is easy to handle. But for experienced guys, you can go with discs having a fast and wide range of fights.

Flight ratings

Flight ratings depend on four things, speed, glide, turn, and fade. You should select the rating of the disc depending on the player's ability and also which kind of throws does he want.

Individual disc or pack

Some brands manufacture pack of golf discs. If you are looking for golf discs for beginners or for your kids you are specially recommended to choose those packs of discs rather than individual disc.

Color and design

That's the less important fact to consider. But it becomes important if you are buying discs for your kids. Still you can choose your favorite color and design for having the best sort of fun.

 Disc golf putter - FAQs

What weight disc golf driver?

Disc golf driver weight range is typically from 170 to 175 grams. And according to PDGA, the weight should not be more than 175 grams.

What is disc golf discs made of?

Disc golf discs are mostly made of polypropylene plastic or polypropylene, which is a thermoplastic polymer resin.

What is the dimension of the disc golf disc?

According to PDGA, the height of a golf disc should range from 1.65 to 1.97 cm. And the diameter of the disc should range from 21 to 21.4 cm.

How many discs do you need for disc golf?

You must go with three discs, a putter, a mid-range and a diver. But it's better to keep more than one disc for each of these discs.


I think those who had confusion regarding which putter disc is perfect for disc golf, have already got the solution. I have discussed some disc golf putter discs that you need to look at first. If you beginners level player you should choose and you are expert then you should choose one.

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