Best guess who board game (guessing board) reviews 2022

Guess your kids are thinking hard of something. Or what could be there in your hand or such things? Watching them doing so, are you thinking of providing them with a board game that requires guessing? A guess who board games can offer you the things you are looking for. 

In this article, I have come with a review of some best guess who board game. In this list, I have kept Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game on the top. This classic game Features tabletop game boards and game pieces. There is a section in this article, which contains the factors you need to consider before purchasing a guess who board game. So continue to read if you are interested in knowing the factors.

Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game

Electronic Guess Who?

Winning Moves Games Guess Who?

Best guess who board game

What is guess who game?

Guess who game is a two-player kid guessing game. According to the game manufacturers, any kids of six years or above can play this game and improve their guessing skills. The game's main objective is to guess the mystery character of your opponent before he or she guesses yours.

It is an easy game to set up and play. To finish a game, it takes less than 10 minutes. The game board consists of 24 different cards containing different characters. You have to guess the card your opponent has chosen as the mystery card as soon as possible. I'll discuss the rules of this game in another segment of this article.

How to choose?

Here’s the most awaited part of this article, where I’m going to discuss the factors you need to consider before choosing a guess who game board. So you should follow the factors given below before purchasing.

Size of the board: You should consider the board's size as you are mainly selecting this for your kids. You will find different boards, of course, but I would not recommend buying a giant board. A standard size board is going to perfect for kids of six years.

Construction material: There are boards made of papers or plastics. Whatever the construction is, it should be durable and long-lasting. Because kids will try to damage the board thinking it as a part of the play, it will surely last long if the board comes with strong construction. 

Playing pieces: Before you choose, check out whether the game board is equipped with enough playing pieces or not. A game board should include 48 face cards with 24 mystery cards. One or two scorekeepers will also be useful if it is included with the game set.

Electronic board or classic: Nowadays, this classic game is also found in an electronic variant. You can buy an electronic guess who boards instead of plastic or paper boards for more durability. But for the classic feel, I won't suggest electronic boards. 

Carrying case: A carrying case will make the storage and transportation problem easier for you. After your kids are finished with gaming, you can securely store the whole game set in that case and if you want, you can carry it wherever you go.

Attractive design: Kids will love to play the game if the board's design is colorful and beautiful. Though I have kept this point at the last position, it is no less important to buy this game board for your kids.

Best guess who board game

1. Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. Tabletop game boards with gaming pieces
  2. Recommended for two players
  3. 48 face cards with 24 mystery cards
  4. 2 scorekeepers.


  1. The game features fast and quick questioning and answering. 
  2. Includes every necessary card for the gameplay.
  3. The inclusion of instruction makes it easier for the kids to understand the game quickly.
  4. The game set provides a classic game feeling to the younger and the older ones as well.

This one to on guess who classic game set from Hasbro gaming. This game set features tabletop game boards and gaming pieces. The game board offers players to play this guessing game against each other. The main objective of the game is to try guessing the mystery character of the opponent.

The game set includes two game boards, 48 character face cards, 24 mystery cards, two scorekeepers. There is a playing instruction included in the set to help the new gamers understand the game rules easily.

2. Electronic Guess Who? Extra Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Has different sound effects
  2. Requires 2 1.5 volts AAA batteries
  3. Portable carrying case included
  4. 6 double-sided character sheets and guessing pegs included.


  1. The addition of an electric gameboard with sound effects enhances the fun of the game.
  2. The game board also has electronic lighting.
  3. The players will find 4 ways to play the game.
  4. The manufacturer added a total of 144 mystery faces.
  5. The inclusion of gaming instruction makes the arrangement and gameplay easier. 

Hasbro gaming comes with a classic guess who gaming set in an electronic variant. This electronic guess who device requires 2 1.5 volts AAA batteries. But the batteries are not included with the set, so the users have to buy these on their own.

The game set includes a portable case for easy transportation of the game board. It also comes with six double-sided character sheets, where three are red and the remaining three are blue. It has got eight guessing pegs, where four are red-colored and four are blue colored. And the set is also equipped with playing instructions.

3. Winning Moves Games Guess Who


Brand: Winning Moves Games

Weight: 1.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. The game set is made of paper
  2. Includes 48 small face cards
  3. A deck of 24 mystery face cards included
  4. Contains two plastic game units.


  1. The gameboard is specially made for beginners in this field. 
  2. There are built-in face-frames with score-keeping included in the game pack.
  3. The manufacturer added an illustrated instruction to begin the gameplay with ease.
  4. It comes with a sturdier design and a classic feel. 

This guess who game set from Winning Moves Games is made of paper. It contains two plastic game units. The game set comes with 48 small face card for setting up in those two plastic game units for each player.

This game set also includes a deck of 24 mystery face cards. These cards are the main cards you need to win the game. Two starter level players can go with this gaming set for start guessing. An illustrated instruction is also included with it. 

4. Classic Clue | Classic Guess Who


Brand: Brishan

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. Introducing a new character Dr. Orchid
  2. For 2 to 8 players
  3. Six tokens and miniature weapons
  4. Thirty cards with a gaming guide included.


  1. The addition of a new character brings the classic game feel in a new manner. 
  2. The game set includes all required game cards.
  3. The gaming guide helps the participants play the game according to the classic rules.
  4. Unlike other guess who games, it is playable by up to 8 players. 

This is a bundle of classic guess who game from Brishan, where you have to correctly guess the murderer in the given cards to win the game. This game set introduces a new character named Dr. Orchid as one of the suspects.

It includes one game board, six tokens, and six miniature weapons. The game set comes with thirty cards where six character cards, six weapon cards, nine room cards and nine clue cards. It also has one case file envelop, one pad of detective notebook sheets, two dice with a gaming guide.

5. Guess Who? Game Retro Series 1988 Edition


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Inspired from retro series in 1988
  2. Includes two plastic game boards
  3. 20 scoring pegs with eight rubber feet
  4. Twenty-four mystery cards with 48 face cards.

This guess who game set from Hasbro Gaming is inspired by the retro series of 1988. The game set features classic characters and game pieces. As an adult, if you want to go back to your childhood, you can try it.

The game set includes two plastic game boards, 24 mystery cards, 48 face cards, 20 scoring pegs and eight rubber feet. There is an instruction equipped with the set to make the young players understand the rules of this classic guess who game quickly.

6. Guess Who World Football Stars Board Game



Weight: 1.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. 48 world-class football characters
  2. Double-sided game sheets
  3. Two game trays
  4. Easy to setup.

This football stars guess who board game comes with a plastic game frame to provide you fantastic fun with your family members. This plastic game set is easy to set up and play.

You will your favorite 48 football characters in the game set and you have to guess the mystery character that your opponent has standing in front. It comes with double-sided game sheets to enhance the fun. It has two game trays and four supports that make the game easy to assemble and play.

7. GUESS WHO Disney Star Wars



Weight: 13.6 ounces

Key Features

  1. Includes ten playing pieces
  2. Disney star wars characters
  3. Double side playing sheets
  4. Find out the mystery character to win the game.

This guess who gaming set from GUESS WHO comes featuring the star wars character from Disney. The game set includes ten pieces. You will have to guess one of the star wars characters before your opponent to win the game.

It comes with double-sided playing sheets, where you will get all star wars characters and find out the mysterious on to win the game. If you are a Disney movie lover, I suggest you go for this guess who game set.

9. Hasbro Game Mash-Ups Guess Who? Clue


Brand: Hasbro

Weight: 1.6 pounds

Key Features

The game pieces are constructed with plastic material

There are two detective notebook game boards included with the game play rulebook

The game package includes 48 detective notebook cards and 40 evidence cards

The game is playable between 2 players.


  1. The game allows the player to guess the suspect, murder weapon, and scene of the crime. 
  2. It is suitable for 8 years or up players.
  3. The game has a clue twist.
  4. Includes everything for a proper gaming experience. 

If your kids have an interest in watching movies of crime genre and dream of finding such a criminal through their intelligence, you should let them have the by purchasing this game set. The game comes featuring a twist of a murder scene.
The inclusion of required cards for the gameplay allows the player to solve the murder case by finding the criminal, identifying the crime scene, and also the crime weapons. According to the manufacturer, it is a 2 player game and anyone of 8 years or up can participate in the gameplay

How to play the guess board game

It would be better for your kids if they know how to play this guessing game. Without knowing the game rules, you can't expect them to play with more confidence or guess well. So follow the rules of this game that are given below.

  • First, you need to set up the playing board with 24 cards. Each player will have one board with 24 character cards. Seat on the opposite side of each other and lift up all the 24 cards of your board
  •  Then shuffle the character cards to choose a secret or mystery character from them.
  • After picking up your mystery card, set up it on the board's front side facing you. Remember, your opponent should never watch your mystery character. If somehow it happens, again shuffle the cards and start again.
  • Now it's time to decide which player is going to start the proceedings. You can choose one randomly or flip a coin for determining who is going to ask first.
  • After it has been decided, the first player will ask the second player questions to narrow down the opponent’s mystery character. But he or she has to ask such questions that can be answered only by yes or no. For example, does your character have glasses? Is your character wearing a hat?
  • The first player will narrow down his cards, depending on the answer of the second player.
  •  Then the second player will do the same and this cycle will continue until one of them guesses the mystery character of the opponent.
  • When one of these two players is confident enough that his/ her opponent’s character is that card, he will ask, do you have Philip? Or whatever the character is.
  • If the opponent answers yes, it means the other player guessed the right character and wins the game. And if the answer is no, the opponent wins the game.

Guess who game history

Guess who is a classic two-player guessing game, which is designed for the kids mostly. The game was created by Ora and Theo Coster, also known as Theora Design. Hasbro owned the game at that time. In 1979, Milton Bradley manufactured the game for the first time. According to the manufacturer, the game is suitable for kids of six years or above. It helps the kids to develop their detective skills through guessing. That's why you should go with a classic guess who board game set for your kids to let them guess more and more.


You can go with Hasbro Guess Who Classic Game set to provide your kids with a guessing game set, which will help them improve their thinking power and guess about different things. Some other products are included in the list, which you guys might also love to look at before choosing a guess who board. The most interesting part of this article is where you need to consider the factors before buying a guess who game board has been discussed. I've also provided how to play this game to make it easier for the young guessers to enjoy the game.

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