Best indoor snowballs game reviews and ideas 2022

You love playing with snows, but want to wear gloves and touch the real snows as they are freezing! So instead of going outside and touch the real snow, you should buy a pack of indoor snowballs. These balls are made of soft, durable materials and provide the users the feel of real snow.

You go through various snowball packs containing a different number of balls in the best indoor snowballs game reviews and ideas. Our first recommendation is Alikids Indoor Snowballs for Kids Snow Fight, but you should also check out the other products and the buying guide before making the final choice.

Best indoor snowballs game

What is the snowball fight game?

Snowball fight game is a type of game, where balls made from snow are thrown at each other and the player who is touched by the snow gets eliminated from the game. Basically, it is an outdoor game but can also be played indoors.

For indoor games, you need several fake snowballs. Although these balls are fake, they look like real snowballs and also provide you the same amusement of touching and pinching real snowballs. An indoor snowball fight game is comparatively safer than an outdoor snowball fight game because you don’t feel the freezing temperature of real snow here.

Indoor snowballs game

Best indoor snowballs game

1. Alikids Indoor Snowballs for Kids Snow Fight


Brand: Alikids

Weight: 1.8 pounds

Arrange an indoor snowball fight game with this pack of snowballs and feel the same thrill as dealing with real snows. In the pack, there are a total of 48 soft snowballs. The snowballs are just about the same size as a tennis ball. Their size and bright white color feel like grabbing real snows in the hand.

The balls are made of soft material, which ensures it won’t hurt the participants or any equipment in the house, not even the glass. So with this pack of snowballs, you can start playing snowball fights anytime, anywhere. Both adults and kids can participate in the gameplay. This innovative snowball set also includes a storage bucket.

You can store the snowballs after every use in the bucket securely. It is obvious that the balls will become dirty after the rough snowball fight time. So you need to clean them and according to the manufacturer, the cleaning process is pretty easy as these are machine washable. You will have a crunchy sound that feels like real snow.

Key Features

  1. The balls are made of soft material
  2. They are tennis ball size
  3. Includes a storage bucket for convenient storage
  4. These are machine washable balls.

2. Indoor Snowball Fight SNOWTIME ANYTIME 20 Pack



Weight: 2 pounds

These super soft snowballs from SNOWTIME ANYTIME are perfect for indoor use and arrange fun time inside the home. It is a pack of 20 snowballs. The balls are made of super soft material and they have a crunchy sound while holding, which provides you the feel of real snow.

The snowballs come 3 inches in diameter. All these balls are authentic, original and patent protected. Though real snows meltdown, these real like snows won melt and you can have hours of fun time with your family. Moreover, the super-soft construction ensures that these won’t any person or do damage to the things inside the home.

The snowballs are also easy to take by the easy cleaning process. According to the manufacturer, you can wash them in the machine and make them clean as before the snowball fight. Any age of people from the kids to older one can participate in the game with these as they are safer for everyone.

Key Features

  1. They are made of super soft material
  2. The balls are 3 inches in diameter
  3. There is a crunchy sound to provide the feeling of a real snow
  4. They are easy to clean with machine wash.

3. Cooraby 25 Pieces 2.6 Inches Indoor Snowball


Brand: Cooraby

Weight: 10.5 ounces

Now you can have the real snow feel with this pack of fake snowballs from Cooraby as they are greatly soft. There are a total of 25 snowballs included in the pack and all of them measures 2.6 inches in diameter. The size of the snowballs is neither too big nor too small, so even the kids can have adequate fun from these.

The manufacturer used high-quality polypropylene to construct the snowballs and made them superbly soft. These balls are not made for one-time use only; you can use them repeatedly as they are highly durable and wear-resistant. They are usable both indoors and outdoors.

When the balls become dirty, you can easily clean them. This easy cleaning process makes the balls ready for the next use. Moreover, there is a non-woven bag included with the balls to store them in when they are not in use. You can also take the balls on the go with this bag.

Key Features

  1. The balls are made of high-quality polypropylene
  2. They are 2.6 inches in diameter
  3. They are highly durable and wear-resistant
  4. There is a non-woven bag included.

4. URATOT 20 Pieces Fake Snowball Indoor Snowball



Weight: 12.8 ounces

Let your kids enjoy an indoor snowball fight with this pack of fake snowballs from URATOT as they are soft and non-toxic. The pack includes a total of 20 snowballs. The included snowballs are 7.5 cm in diameter, which is comfortable enough for the kids to handle and throw towards the opponents.

The snowballs are made of soft and non-toxic polypropylene. The use of these safe and soft materials makes it is a perfect choice for the kids to enjoy snowballs fight indoors. When you touch one of these balls, it feels you like grabbing a real snowball. Moreover, it provides you the same contraction when you pinch it.

If you are worried about the reuse, don’t worry. You can easily reuse the balls by cleaning them easily after every use. Besides, the manufacturer has added a storage bag with the snowball that offers you to store the balls while they are not in use and also carry them safely with your wherever you go.

Key Features

  1. Made of soft and non-toxic polypropylene
  2. The balls measure 7.5 cm in diameter
  3. Provides the contraction of a real snow
  4. There is a storage bag included.

5. Dennis East Snowball Fight, 10 Plush Snowmen Balls


Brand: Dennis East

Weight: 4.8 ounces

Begin your snowball fight with these snowmen balls from Dennis East. The snowballs are different from the other fake snowballs mentioned above because these balls are designed with the face of a snowman. The pack includes a total of 10 plush snowmen balls.

However, the balls are as soft as the other ones. They are made of super soft material, which makes them safe for the kids. You can throw the balls anywhere you like inside the house because they won’t break or damage anything, not even a glass material. Each of the balls included in the pack measures 3 inches in diameter.

The size does make the balls suitable for small hand use as well as large hand use. The manufacturer has included a red bag labeled as snowball fun. The bag allows you to store the snowmen balls securely inside and ensure they don’t get lost. You can also take the balls on the go through this bag by tying the strap. 

Key Features

  1. The balls are designed with snowmen face
  2. They are 3 inches in diameter
  3. Made of super soft material
  4. There is a red storage bag.

6. YYCRAFT 25pcs Jumbo Craft Pom Pom



Weight: 6.4 ounces

The pom-pom included in the pack from YYCRAFT won’t deform or lose their shape easily because of their good bit of elasticity. So you can use them for long-term courses without hesitating. The pack includes a total of 25 pieces of the pom-pom.

Each of these pom poms is made of high-quality soft materials, which are safe for the kid’s use. They are also perfect for the smaller hands as they measure only around 2 inches. They are a lot better than most other fluffy balls for their excellent shape and elasticity.

Kids will love to use these balls for various purposes like making any craft project, toys, fringe, decorating any party or room, making handmade gifts, camp projects, costumes, and so on. This variety of use makes this pack of pom pom a perfect one for both kids and adults.

Key Features

  1. They won’t deform because of good elasticity
  2. The balls measure 2 inches in diameter
  3. Made of high-quality soft materials
  4. They are usable for various purposes.

7. Hoopla Toys Snowball Thrower


Brand: Hoopla

Weight: 0.9 pounds

Mold your snowballs with the snowball throwers from Hoopla. The set includes two snowball throwers, one red and one blue. Now you can easily shape and mold your snow and at last, let it fly with ease. There is a built-in snowball press in both the throwers.

The snowball press is capable of creating 2.78 inches of snowballs. There are easy to grip handles in both throwers. This easy to grip handles are 4.34 inches long. The widest side of the thrower 1.48 inches and the narrowest one is 1.18 inches. However, it is 0.67 inches thicker.

Key Features

  1. There are one red and one blue snowball throwers included in the set
  2. Built-in snowball press for shaping and molding snows
  3. Easy to grip 4.34 inches long handle
  4. It is 0.67 inches thicker.

Don’t skip this

An indoor snowball fight requires nothing but a pack of fake snowballs, which provides you the same feel of real snow. Now follow the below points to know more about buying the right pack of snowballs.

Materials used to construct

 The snowballs pack you are buying should be constructed of soft materials. Polypropylene is the first choice for most manufacturers for making fake snowballs. The softer materials will provide you feel like a real snowball. Moreover, the crunchy sound and soft touch will make you feel the contraction of real snow.


 Snowballs of tennis ball size are perfect for all ages of people. The fake snowballs typically measure from 2.7 to 3 inches. However, some snowballs also come with a diameter of 2 inches. This is not a big factor to consider, but you need to buy the right size because it can be handled easily by the kids as well.


 Snowballs are used for indoor snowball fight games and the game requires random throwing. So if the balls are not soft enough, it would be risky to throw on others. Meanwhile, the materials used to construct these balls are superbly soft that are also safe for random throwing. Even if you throw the balls on any sensitive equipment of your home, it won’t do any damage to that equipment.

Easy to clean

 It is quite simple that these white snowballs will become dirty whether you use them indoors or outdoors and you also don’t want them to one time usable balls. That’s why pick a set of snowballs, which is easy to clean. Most users prefer machine washable balls as it is easier and quicker to make the balls clean than hand wash.

Storage bag

 How can you take the balls with you on the go or keep them securely in a place inside your home away from any harm? There is one nice solution and that is to buy a pack of snowball, which includes a durable storage bag.

Indoor snowball fight game rules

Indoor snowball game doesn’t have too many rules as you just need handmade fake snowballs or purchased fake snowballs from the market.

  • Before starting the gameplay, you should divide the players into a minimum of two teams or even more depending on the number of players you have. You can also arrange the game like everyone playing against everyone's version.
  • Basically here I’m talking about the team vs. team gameplay. Now you have to select a large space that provides the team to throw the snowballs randomly at each other.
  • Divide the playing field or space into two or more sections and tell each team to stand on their half.
  • Each team should consist of the same number of players and have a bucket of snowballs of the same number as well.
  • There should be a referee to control the game. He will shout to start the game and all the teams will start throwing their allotted snowballs towards the other teams.
  • If the snowball hits any player, that player will be eliminated.
  • The game should be played for a definite period to find out the winner. And that team having fewer snowballs remaining on their end after the end of the time will be declared the winner.

Indoor snowball fight game ideas

Coming out of the conventional gameplay, you can add some more ideas in the snowball fight game.

  • Playing in rounds: The basic gameplay finished after one round of gameplay, but you can add more amusement to the playing by adding more rounds. The winner will be decided after the end of the rounds.
  • No elimination: Instead of eliminating the players who are touched by the snowballs, you can transfer them as a new team member of the throwing team. This can add more thrill to the game.
  • Use tissue paper: If you don’t want to buy indoor snowballs, you can also use tissue paper for the game. However, tissue papers are too much lightweight that makes difficult for them to fly long distance. The players should remain closed when using tissue papers.
  • Using paper instead of fake balls: Snowballs made of paper are also an option if you don’t want to spend your valuable dollars buying a pack of snowballs.
  • Put the teams in different rooms: Instead of starting the gameplay in the same room, you can let the teams stand in the different rooms and start throwing snows from there. However, this won’t be appropriate for the kids.

How to make fake indoor snowballs?

You can easily make fake indoor snowballs by following the steps given below.

  1. For this, you need to collect a fluffy white fabric cloth that is not used anymore. You also need fluff from an unused pillow or something like that, scissors, a sewing machine, and pencil, etc. for the project.
  2. Now first, cut a few round pieces from the fabric. Draw the round shape with the pencil and then use the scissor to cut.
  3. Then put two pieces together into the sewing machine and sew them it just keeping a small space for inserting the fluff.
  4. Then flip the sewed cover over and then insert the fluffs inside.
  5. Then sew the small open space with your hand and your fake snowball is ready for use.

Concluding words

Snowball fight is definitely a fun game, which provides you the fun of throwing snows at each other even keeping indoors. You should read the buying guide and the product discussion carefully before purchasing. Arrange games following the ideas I’ve mentioned.

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