Best Inflatable water slide for adults and kids review 2022

Inflatable water slides are a great source of fun elements with your friends and neighbors in front of your yard. But to ensure fun with your kids in the summer in inflatable water slides, you need the best inflatable water slide. That’s why I’m writing here a short review of some inflatable water slides.

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer is at the first position for me in this list for having an enormous water slide bounce, with 2 slides into the kid’s splash. Kids will definitely enjoy playing in this colorful, durable water slide. Continue reading this article to get a detailed review of this product and the other products that I will discuss below.

Best inflatable water slide for adults

Editors choice

Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide

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Best inflatable water slides for adults and kids

1. Little Tikes Rocky Mountain River Race Inflatable Slide Bouncer

This inflatable water slide from Little Tikes comes in with enormous size. The outside of this water slide includes two slides with spray hoods, which keeps the sliding surface slippery enough. These two slides lead you to the wide splash pool. There is a surprise dump bucket that pours water on kids climbing up the center of the inflatable rock wall.

This product includes 1 heavy-duty blower with a GFCI plug, 1 repair kit , 1 storage bag, 4 blower stakes, 6 bouncer stakes. This is designed only for outdoor fun, no doubt about that. After the inflation blower must run continuously while children are playing. Maximum 4 kids can be playing in this inflatable water slide at the moment and the maximum combined weight should be 350 pounds. The dimension of the item is 144″ L × 144″ W × 101″ H.

Key Features

  1. Includes two slides with spray hoods
  2. A surprise dump bucket
  3. 1 heavy-duty blower with GFCI plug
  4. A splash pool.


  1. You can surprise one climber by pouring the water from the surprise bucker up in the inflatable slide. 
  2. The playing surface remains slippery with the two slides and spray hoods.
  3. The blower stakes inflate the slide quickly and efficiently.
  4. The bouncer stakes make the setup sturdier.
  5. It is easy to take on the go with a portable carrying case. 

2. Banzai Pipeline Twist Aqua Park

This is, of course, Banzai’s biggest water park till now. It is built with heavy-duty Dura-tech materials for greater fun. This structure ensures the durability of the product and also comfortable landings, which means you don’t have to think twice about having fun in this inflatable water slide. It comes with 2 twisting slides and 2 built-in water cannons.

This water park includes a climbing wall, clubhouse, and a vertex tunnel for as much splash time as you can handle. This set also includes a blower motor and hose attachment to make the setup a lot easier. You can very quickly inflate the product within only 3 minutes. This fun water park is recommended for kids from 5 to 12 years old and can hold a maximum weight of 150 pounds. The dimension of the product is 21.1” L × 17.8” W × 9.1” H.

Key Features

  1. Two extreme slides
  2. Cushiony crawl through tunnel
  3. Oversized lagoon-style splash pool
  4. Heavy-duty Dura-tech construction.


  1. The large dimension of the aqua park provides extra space for the kids. 
  2. The use of high dura tech material ensures durability and also makes the landing safer for the kids.
  3. It offers you super quick inflation with only 3 minutes of duration.
  4. The inclusion of a blower motor and hose attachment makes inflation a lot quicker. 

3. Blast Zone Hydro Rush

This is a supreme quality inflatable water slide coming with commercial-grade impact surfaces. There is a tough climb wall that stretches to the top of the slide where two overhead sprayers rain down. From here, kids can zoom along with the long curved slide into the splash pool. Having optional play balls, the fun for kids rises a bit more. For having the inside return path, kids not need to exit the pool for getting into the slide.

This water slide is lightweight product and portable also, which is easy to use and durable too. There can be 6 kids playing at a time in this lightweight water slide. It includes UL listed blower, sprayer assembly, carrying case or cinch straps, instruction manual and DVD. The dimension of the product is 18” L × 11” W × 8” H.

Key Features

  1. Long, curved slide
  2. Climbing wall
  3. Commercial vinyl surfaces
  4. Splash area.


  1. There are two overhead sprayers included in the slide. 
  2. The circular layout of the slide prevents the users from going out and again entering the slide.
  3. The rounded design keeps the surface of the slide clean during the gameplay.
  4. The user of commercial-grade, supreme-quality materials makes it a long-lasting inflatable water slide.
  5. It also offers you a fast and hassle-free setup within 2 minutes. 

4. Costzon Inflatable Bounce House

This inflatable bounce house from Costzon is build with heavy-duty 840D oxford and 420D oxford. It guarantees great fun with two smooth inflatable slides. You will also have the opportunity of spraying your friends with water cannons or can enjoy the shower on the lounger. Except for two smooth slides, it has got two climbing walls, a splash pool, a basketball rim, and a lounger.

This inflatable bounce house is made of wear-resistant oxford clothes, combined with premium sewing material techniques. For establishing stability and firmness of the bounce house it has bouncer stakes in each corner of the house. It will take only a few minutes to inflate and you can also deflate them as quickly as possible. This inflatable water park comes with a carrying bag, 4 repair patches, 8 bouncer stakes, an inflatable ball and a hose assembly kit. It can carry up to 350 pounds at a time and it is better not to play more than 3 kids at a time. The dimension of the item is 189” L × 165.5” W × 92” H.

Key Features

  1. Two smooth inflatable slides
  2. A splash pool
  3. Heavy-duty 840D oxford
  4. Quick inflation and deflation.


  1. The inclusion of slider, climber, splash pool, etc. provides various funs in one water bounce house. 
  2. The bouncer stakes ensure extra stability and firmness during the game.
  3. After deflation, the bounce house is easy to carry with the carrying bag.
  4. It allows 3 kids to play together at a time in the water slide. 

5. Intex Water Slide, Inflatable Play Center

This inflatable play center from Intex features fun wave graphics. It has an attachment of garden hose for sprayers to wet the slide of the surface. You can have fun all summer long with this inflatable water slide.

The water slide is built with a sturdy 20 gauge vinyl construction. This includes 5 air chambers, 6 heavy-duty handles and repair patches. The maximum weight limit of this inflatable water slide is 176 pounds and is recommended for people from 6 to 18 years old. The dimension of this product is 131” L × 81” W × 46” H.

Key Features

  1. Attach a ground hose for sprayers
  2. Sturdy 10 gauge vinyl construction
  3. 6 heavy-duty handles
  4. 5 air chambers.


  1. The water slide ensures extra safety and durability with the inclusion of 5 extra air chambers. 
  2. The soft pad extension goes into the pool to provide safety to your kids after sliding down.
  3. The super strong and durable construction makes the water slide a long-lasting one.
  4. The manufacturer has also added a repair patch kit with the water slide.
  5. The climbing handles and steps provide enhanced safety to the kids. 

6. BANZAI Sidewinder Falls Inflatable Water Slide

:This inflatable water slide from Banzai comes with an extreme banked curve sliding ramp. You can scale up the climbing wall and hurl yourself down the banked curve of the giant slide. Or you can also crawl through the tunnel and slide down the diving ramp.

It has both slick and cushiony rides end with a refreshing splash in the oversized pool. It is very easy to inflate this water slide within 3 minutes for having the continuous airflow blower. This water slide ensures everlasting strength and durability with heavy-duty Dura-tech construction. It has two front pockets with an adjustable hood. The dimension of the product is 15” L × 16.1” W × 10.5” H.

Key Features

  1. Extreme banked curved sliding ramp
  2. Tunnel sliding ramp
  3. Heavy Dura-tech construction
  4. 2 front pockets.


  1. The heavy-duty, duratech construction offers the user to use it roughly to have fun in the backyard. 
  2. The watery slide ends in the oversized pool included in the water slide.
  3. It is easy to set up as it takes only 3 minutes for inflation.
  4. The larger size provides more space to the kids for watery fun in the summer. 

7. Growsland Splash Pad

It is a bigger inflatable water slide from Growsland with a diameter of 67 inches. This 67 inches splash pad provides enough playing area to 2-4 kids at a time. This water slide is made of environmental PVC. The splash mat stands heavy high strength of extrusion with thickening materials.

This water slide is suitable for garden play, summer swimming pool party and outdoor beach lawn toys. It is easy to use and install, you just need to connect the PVC tubing adaptor and tap with a standard garden hose. It simply adjusts the water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. The dimension of the product is 9.3” L × 7.6” W × 2.3” H.

Key Features

  1. Bigger and better water slide
  2. Durable PVC construction
  3. Easy to install


  1. The use of anti-skid PVC material for the construction makes the splash pad a safer outdoor surface fun for the kids. 
  2. The underwater-like design attracts the kids.
  3. The splash pad is made to fit all standard garden hoses conveniently. 
  4. The manufacturer has added a repair patch with a splash pad to increase longevity. 

8. Obuby Sprinkler & Splash Play Mat for Kids

This play mat from Obuby comes with durable quality splash play mat. This splash play mat is made of 0.30 mm durable environmental and non-toxic PVC material without BPA and phthalates.  It is thicker than a normal sprinkler toy that ensures the absolute durability of the play mat.

It has got high-quality edge sealing technology that makes it not to easy to burst. It is easy to set up, you just need to connect the PVC tubing adaptor and tap with a standard garden hose. It simply adjusts the water pressure to lower or higher the spray height. The dimension of the product is 9.2” L × 1.9” W × 7.1” H.

Key Features

  1. Durable quality splash play mat
  2. High-quality edge sealing technology
  3. Easy setup.


  1. The manufacturer made the mat an environmental-friendly playing surface. 
  2. The extra thickness of the splash mat ensures having extra stability during the fun time.
  3. It is not easy to burst because of the use of high-quality edge sealing technology.
  4. It has an injection port with a waterproof gasket for easier installation.
  5. The water splash mat ensures a secure, and strong joint. 

9. ACTION AIR Inflatable Waterslide

In this hot summer season, kids will love having some outdoor fun that is related to water. And it will be great if it is through a water slide that can be easily set up within a few minutes. The water slide is portable and you can put it in the garage, backyard, or anywhere you like. After inflating the waterside measures, 15 ft in length, 11 ft in width, and 8 ft in height. It comes including an air blower, water tube, repair patches, lawn stakes, and blower stakes. Also, there is a portable carrying case included here to make it easily portable in any condition.

Key Features

  1. The bounce house can fit up to 4 kids and carry weight up to 200 pounds 
  2. It is a durable sewn, and an extra-thick jumping and sliding area
  3. The water slide instantly sets up within 3 minutes
  4. The manufacturer has included a water tube with the water slide. 


  1. This shark-designed inflatable water slide is suitable for both dry and wet conditions. 
  2. It is easy and convenient to set up and take down the water slide.
  3. The use of extra-thick materials on the jumping surface makes the whole fun safer for the kids.
  4. It also offers the user easy carriage and storage.

You have already read the review of few good inflatable water slides. From this, you can choose a product that is best on your part. But most of the buyers fall in confusion while choosing because they don’t know what things they need to consider before buying a water slide. That’s why I’m providing a buying guide to make your confusion clear.

Backyard area

The most important fact, in my opinion, you need to consider is the area of setting up the water slide. You can’t buy a larger water slide after having a small backyard area.

Construction materials

The most popular material used to make the water slide is PVC. Except it, they are made of commercial-grade nylon, polyvinylchloride, or gauge vinyl materials. You have to consider the materials for ensuring the durability of the item.

Size of the water slide

Depending on the size of the setting up area you need to choose the right size of the water slide.

Age of the kids

Typically, these water slides are bought for having a fun time with the family members during the summer, especially with the kids. Water slides differ regarding the recommendation of the ages of kids. You will find water slides usable from 12 months kids and others are usable for 5 to 12 years old kids.

A number of kids

With the age of the kids, you need to know the number of kids that are going to play in the water slide at a time. Some water slides can carry up to 2 or 3 or 4 even 6 kids.

Easy inflation

You should look for a water slide that is easy to inflate and deflate. Perfect water slides provide you with the opportunity to inflate it within 3 minutes. Blower Powerful blowers are another important feature of high-quality water slides. You should look for 400 watts and blower with GFCI circuit.


It is always a plus point if you can carry your water slide easily with you. But you can ignore this feature in case of getting other features perfectly.


1. How much does an inflatable water slide cost?

The cost of an inflatable water slide differs depending on the brand and what materials are used in it. But a good quality inflatable water slide will cost you from $200 to $650.

2. How to clean an inflatable water slide?

First, you need to spray the inflatable water slide with a garden hose to remove the loose dirt. Then spray vinyl cleaner on a cloth or pour it directly on the slide.

3. How to repair a hole in an inflatable water slide?

First, cut a patch that is ½ inch bigger than the hole. Then spread the glue around the hole and place the patch onto the glue to repair the hole.

4. What are inflatable water slides made of?

The most popular material used to make the water slide is PVC. It, they are made of commercial-grade nylon, polyvinylchloride or gauge vinyl materials and they are inflated using an electric or gasoline-powered blower.


I think those who had confusion regarding which is the perfect inflatable water slide for them, have already got the solution. I have discussed about some inflatable water slides that you need to look at first. Then there is a buying guide containing the facts that you need to consider before purchasing. So overall, then you can choose the best inflatable water slide for adults and kids without having any further confusion.

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