Best Jianzi (Shuttlecock) Game Reviews 2022

If you are looking to enjoy your pastime in the backyard and also do some exercises with your legs, then take jianzi shuttlecocks and start kicking. These shuttlecocks are different from badminton shuttlecocks because you have to use your feet to keep the shuttlecock in the air as long as you can.

No matter whether you are an adult or a kid, you can always enjoy this fun game in your backyard by ensuring the quality of the shuttlecocks. I have listed top quality products here and the list starts with Baitaihem 6 Pack Kick Shuttlecock Chinese Jianzi. Don’t miss the buying guide section, which will make the buying process a lot easier for you.

Best Jianzi

What is jianzi

Jianzi is a Chinese sport, which is played using a shuttlecock. The object of the game is to keep your shuttlecock in the air as long as you can by touching any part of your body, except the hands.  The game was derived from an ancient Chinese game named Cuju and the game was invented in the Han Dynasty back in 2 BC. Soon the game earned popularity around Asia and then started becoming popular in European countries. Outside Asia, the game is well known as a shuttlecock. International Shuttlecock Federation was founded in 1999.

Best Jianzi

1. Baitaihem 6 Pack Kick Shuttlecock Chinese Jianzi


Brand: Baitaihem

Weight: 0.04 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is a complete pack of six jianzi shuttlecocks
  2. The shuttlecocks are made of colorful feather
  3. It measures 21 cm in height
  4. The base measures 5 cm in diameter.

Have the enjoyment of some foot sports like jianzi with this pack of six kick shuttlecock from Baitaihem. These six shuttlecocks come in colorful design with seven feathers attached in the spherical base. The task here is to keep the foot feather in the air using your feet, knees, legs, or chest. It means that you can use different parts of your body in this sport except for your hands.

This pack of kicking shuttlecock is great for exercising your feet in your backyard. Doing kicking with jianzi shuttlecocks will make your leg muscle stronger and also keep your body flexible. Each shuttlecock included in the pack measures 21 cm or 8.27 inches and the diameter of the base where the colorful feathers have been attached measures 5 cm or 2 inches.

2. Kickfire Jianzi Professional Foot Feather


Brand: Kickfire Classics

Weight: 1.76 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is a colorful jianzi shuttlecock
  2. It spins and glides in the air
  3. There is a strong spherical base underneath
  4. It is usable in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

You can play anywhere you like with this colorful jianzi shuttlecock from Kickfire. The feather used to construct the shuttlecock provides your sweet spin and gliding during the game. Even if you are not participating in the game, you can have some fun watching the movements of the shuttlecock in the air.

Here your task is to kick the shuttlecock with your feet as long as you can and not letting it to fall the ground. There is an exception in the sport; you can use anybody's parts like legs, feet, shoulder, or chest except your hands to keep it afloat in the air. You can enjoy the game for hours both indoor and outdoor.

3. Bleiou 6pcs Kick Shuttlecock Colorful Feather


Brand: Bleiou

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Key Features

  1. The shuttlecocks are made of lightweight feather
  2. You will get them in random colors
  3. Each shuttlecock measure 13 cm
  4. The base measures 4 cm.

Easily kick these jianzi shuttlecocks from Bleiou by your feet as they are very lightweight. The shuttlecocks are made of lightweight feathers and you will find them very colorful. The manufacturer has used four different colors of the feather in each shuttlecock, green, yellow, white and pink.

You can randomly choose your colors though and enjoy jianzi gaming in your backyard with your family members and friends. All the shuttlecocks included in the game set measures 13 cm or 5.12 inches in height and the base used to construct the shuttlecocks measures 4 cm or 1.6 inches in diameter. Keep the shuttlecocks in the air using your feet, knees, or legs but you can’t use the hands.

4. JiuQu Kick Shuttlecock Chinese Jianzi Colorful Feather


Brand: JiuQu

Weight: 0.81 ounces

Key Features

  1. A colorful shuttlecock
  2. The shuttlecock is made of feather, metal and plastic
  3. There is an extra rope
  4. You can make you leg muscle strong and body flexible.

Kick this shuttlecock from JiuQu with your feet as an exercise outdoor game. The manufacture has used feather, metal and plastic to build the shuttlecock. It is made using a lightweight colorful feather. It comes with an extra rope that is attached to the shuttlecock. This rope will work nicely for beginners in this game.

You need to bind one end of the rope on your strong leg’s ankle and then practice kicking to become a professional. The task here is to keep the foot feather in the air using your feet, knees, legs, or chest. It means that you can use different parts of your body in this sport except for your hands.

5. Sumind 12 Pieces Kick Shuttlecock Chinese Jianzi Colorful Feathers


Brand: Sumind

Weight: 8.5 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is a pack of 12 pieces of shuttlecocks
  2. Each of the shuttlecocks measures seven inches in height
  3. These are not suitable for kids under 14 years
  4. They come in eye-catching colors.

Practice shuttlecock kicking through this pack of 12 pieces of shuttlecocks from Sumind. Each of these shuttlecocks measures seven inches in height. There is a bit of work for you to do before you are ready to play. You have to spend several minutes to install the shuttlecocks because the manufacturer doesn’t install it before to maintain the shape.

There is no problem with the portability of these shuttlecocks as they are small in size and you can carry them in your bag. Kids fewer than 14 years old are not recommended to use these shuttlecocks. The colorful feather used to make the shuttlecocks are eye-catching. You need to practice repeatedly to become a master in this great Chinese game.

6. World Footbag Peteca Volleybird Flyer Shuttlecock


Brand: World Footbag

Weight: 0.8 ounces

Key Features

The shuttlecock measures 7 inches

It is made for the game called peteca

Synthetic materials used to construct it

There is an air-cushioned rubber base underneath the shuttlecock.

World Footbag has come up with this shuttlecock that measures 7 inches tall. This shuttlecock is made for a game called peteca, which is a Brazilian game. Un

like jianzi, you can use your hands in this game. The task here is to bump the shuttlecock with the palm of your hands.

The shuttlecock is constructed with an air-cushioned rubber base and it is balanced with brightly colored feathers. You can choose your favorite color combination as there are many types included here. It is made of synthetic materials. The most interesting side of this shuttlecock is you can use it for kicking, which is similar to a hacky sack.

7. PANDA SUPERSTORE Professional Chinese Jianzi 



Weight: 1.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Five pieces of shuttlecock include in the pack
  2. The shuttlecocks are made of goose feather
  3. All of them are white-colored
  4. Each of them measures 19 cm in height.

Throw the shuttlecock in the air from PANDA SUPERSTORE and enjoy having fun with jianzi game. This pack of shuttlecock includes five pieces and they are white-colored. The feathers used to make the shuttlecocks are taken from the goose. So these will weigh less than most shuttlecocks.

Each of these shuttlecocks measures 19 cm in height. As a traditional sport toy, this has to be your first choice. This shuttlecock will also help you improve your leg muscle strength and make your body flexible. The objective of the game is to throw it in the air and try to keep it untouched to the ground as long as you can. You can use other body parts except for the hands in this regard.

8. Terrapin Trading Genuine Vietnamese Da CAU jianzi


Brand: Terrapin Trading

Weight: 1 ounce

Key Features

  1. It is a pack of four shuttlecocks
  2. The shuttlecocks are multi-colored
  3. There are protective cube for each shuttlecock
  4. Now appropriate for children.

Play the popular game of china jianzi with this pack of shuttlecock from Terrapin Trading. The pack includes four multi-color shuttlecocks. You can arrange the game with your friends by setting up a net in the middle of the court or you can also use it like a hacky sack and show your skills in the game.

All the shuttlecocks included in the pack come in a protective tube and the colors of them are eye-catching. But one thing you have to keep in mind is that it is not a toy and kids are not allowed to use these shuttlecocks.

Buying Guides

It is a pretty simple sport when you have become familiar with the sport. But for this, you need to choose the right kind of shuttlecock to play jianzi. There are some crucial factors you need to look out for before you choose any product.


The feather used to construct these shuttlecocks is the first thing you need to watch out for before buying. You should ask questions like what kind of feather used in it, are they multiple-colored or single-colored, do it ensure enough durability and last for a long time or not? After getting satisfying answers you can choose the shuttlecock.


It is another important factor to notice and it is related to the feather. Typically the height of these shuttlecocks ranges from 5 to 8.5 inches. It mainly depends on your comfort zone, which suits you the most. If you are buying for the kids then, of course, it has to big enough that it appropriate with their shoe size.

Base material

Typically plastic is used to construct the base of the shuttlecock. Plastic will certainly make it lightweight and if you are a beginner then this is a must thing to consider. You can’t keep it in the air with your hand and you have to do this with the help of your legs. So plastic is probably the material of the base you are looking for.

Base diameter

Neither so big nor so small, that’s what the diameter of the base needed to be. In general, the base measures around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. Again, you should buy this depending on your comfort level.

Color and design

There is no doubt that you need a colorful and nicely designed shuttlecock to let your kids enjoy the great Chinese past time game jianzi. I prefer having multi-color shuttlecocks instead of single-color ones.

Multiple or single

This is the least important factor, but you have to decide whether you need a pack of jianzi kicking shuttlecocks or a single one. I would prefer you to buy a pack of four, five, or six of these shuttlecocks rather than buying a single one.

How to play jianzi

There are no such rules for playing jianzi (video). You can play the game recreationally or take part in competitive games at the international level.

  • In competitive games, to play the game a badminton court is used and there is a centerline drawn with a net set up above the line. The game can be played between single players or doubles.
  • In recreational games, you don’t need a regulation size field. You can play the game in various methods here.
  • Make all the participants stand round one after another and pass the shuttlecock from one foot to another and make players get eliminated. The game will continue until there is only one player left.
  • You can also play a recreational game in another way. Gather the players who are willing to participate and give them the shuttlecock accordingly. Count how long each player manages to keep it in the air. Then, at last, the player with the highest time duration wins the match.
  • The main objective of this game is to keep the shuttlecock in the air for a longer period. You can use any part of your body, especially your feet and legs. But using your hands is prohibited in this sport.


The shuttlecocks I’ve mentioned in the article will guarantee you the quality. You can use them in recreational events as well as in competitive games. But deciding what type you want and then without making any delay, purchase for it.

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