Best Jigsaw Puzzle Boards Reviews 2023

You are absolutely at the right place if you are looking for a suitable surface to solve your jigsaw puzzle. A quality and right size puzzle board allow you to dump the puzzle pieces on it and move them around to do the puzzling comfortably. This board is not for once, you can use it whenever you want to do some puzzling in the free time.

The article is going to help you by providing information on some best jigsaw puzzle boards. The list begins with Bits and Pieces Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table, which allows you to fold down after use. You would like the section where I have discussed the factors you need to consider before selecting. So stay with me, buddy.

Best jigsaw puzzle board

Bits and Pieces – Jumbo Wooden Puzzle board

Jumbl Puzzle Board Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Portable Puzzle Board & Storage Table

Why you need a board for the jigsaw puzzle?

The simple answer to this question is to solve the jigsaw puzzle on a flat, nice, smoother surface and which also lets us use it as many times as we want.

Finding a definite surface for the jigsaw puzzle: Unpacked the jigsaw puzzle set, but confused where to dump all the pieces and solve it. A puzzle board is the best solution for this problem. Every time you want to have some puzzling time, just set up the board and begin the fun.

Storing the pieces securely: Most of the boards come with storage drawers or trays, which allow you to store the pieces securely during the game and after the game.

Reducing the chances of having the pieces lost: The side edges design of the boards ensures your pieces won’t slide down from the surface and get lost.

Colorful surface: Different colorful drawers and the surface will surely increase the fun during jigsaw puzzling.

Best Jigsaw Puzzle Boards

1. Bits and Pieces Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table


Brand: Bits and Pieces

Weight: 22.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Hold up to 1500 pieces of puzzles
  2. Comes with four wooded reinforced sliding drawers
  3. Designed with raised edges
  4. Includes a heavy acetate cover to protect the puzzles.

Bits and Pieces Folding Jigsaw Puzzle Table

This jigsaw puzzle table from Bits and Pieces comes with the capacity to hold up to 1500 pieces of the puzzle. This offers you to comfortably assemble the pieces just by setting up the table on the floor, on a bed or on another large-size table. It measures 26.5 inches by 35.5 inches and it is 15.5 inches high with extended legs.

This puzzle piece storage system comes with four wooden reinforced sliding drawers, which allows you to sort the pieces and hold them securely. It is a smooth fiberboard work surface and is designed with raised edges at both sides that keep the puzzles from sliding off. It also includes a heavy acetate cover to protect your puzzles when the puzzling is in progress. It offers you easy transformation from one place to another as it comes with a folding option.


  1. The sliding drawers allow holding the game pieces securely. 
  2. The puzzle doesn’t slide off because of the fiberboard work surface and raised edges.
  3. The heavy acetate cover protects the puzzles while in progress.
  4. The whole game set is easy and convenient to transport.
  5. The large size of the table provides extended space for the puzzle game. 

2. Jumbl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table


Brand: Jumbl

Weight: 19.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of durable reinforced hardwood or fiber wood material with cut handles
  2. Designed with six drawers
  3. Can hold up to 1500 puzzle pieces
  4. Measures 27 inches by 35 inches.

Jumbl Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle Table

Place this wooden jigsaw puzzle table from Jumbl and enjoy a firm and stable puzzling experience. This puzzle table can hold 1500 pieces of puzzles. The wooden surface of this table is quite large measuring 27 inches by 35 inches. The sturdy Plateau design of this table allows you to set it up on your kitchen table, island countertop, on your coffee table and even in your bed.

Set up the table in a suitable place and glide the puzzle pieces on it. The pieces will firmly stay on it as it comes with integrated edging design. This table is made of durable reinforced hardwood or fiber wood material with cut out handles to ensure easy access to your puzzle pieces. It is designed with a total of six drawers, where four are large and the other two are small-sized. You use the drawers for sorting the puzzle pieces and also keep the secured.


  1. You can easily store and sort the pieces in multiple side drawers. 
  2. The side drawers stay close with the magnetic closure.
  3. The game board stays sturdy while gameplay with the non-slip felt feet.
  4. The user can slide the completed puzzles off the game table through an edgeless design.
  5. The game set is easily transportable. 

3. Portable Puzzle Board & Storage Table


Brand: Puzzle Ready

Weight: 12.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Four different colored sliding drawers
  2. Black mat included for the surface
  3. Can hold up to 1000 puzzle pieces
  4. Easy to move and store.

Portable Puzzle Board & Storage Table

This lightweight and easy to store puzzle board from Puzzle Ready come with four different color sliding drawers. You will find the drawers in yellow, red, green and red color. The surface of this storage table is equipped with a black puzzle mat, which can be used to cover the puzzle board or you can also use it as an additional puzzle jigsaw puzzle surface.

The puzzle board measures 24 inches by 30 inches and it can easily fit 1000 puzzle pieces. The coloring sorting drawers designed with the board helps you to keep the jigsaw puzzles organized. You can securely keep the unfinished puzzles for the next time as the drawers come with covers. This puzzle board is easy to move and store. Simply cover the puzzle board with the unique puzzle ready cover and tuck it away under a couch or bed for keeping it safe from others.


  1. The user can keep the game pieces organized inside the colorful drawers. 
  2. The puzzle cover makes sure the puzzle pieces stay safe and secure.
  3. The non-slip feet ensure the table surface stays away from scratches.
  4. The felt surface keeps the puzzle pieces in place.
  5. The lightweight and organized design make it conveniently moveable. 

4. Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle portable board


Brand: Lavievert

Weight: 6.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Constructed with high-quality oxford cloth and flannelette
  2. Soft interior padded designed with felt fabric
  3. Six uniquely designed trays
  4. Two storage straps with Velcro closures.

Lavievert Jigsaw Puzzle portable board

This portable puzzle storage bag from Lavievert is constructed with high-quality oxford cloth and flannelette. This construction makes it lighter than traditional wooden storage racks. It comes with a soft interior padded designed with felt fabric, which offers reinforcement and protects your unfinished puzzles. It is equipped with six uniquely designed trays that can be used to sort and organize your unfinished puzzles in a secure manner.

The storage bag comes with six slots on the backside to hold the trays securely with sorted puzzles. You can save a lot of space by storing the trays on the slots with Velcro closures when it is not in use. The storage bag comes with a second layer of storage that independent puzzle plateau. It comes with 2 storage straps with Velcro closures.


  1. There is a tray used to store and sort the unfinished puzzle pieces securely.
  2. You can store the finished puzzles conveniently with the bonus Velcro straps.
  3. It is easy to form a tray with the buckle-up snap buttons.
  4. The portable handle makes it easy to take on the go.
  5. The soft interior padded with felt fabric offers better reinforcement.

5. Becko Puzzle Board & Bracket Set


Brand: Becko US

Weight: 6.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of premium flannelette and medium-density fiberboard
  2. Measures 30.3 inches by 22.36 inches
  3. The bracket can be setup at two different angles
  4. The bracket is processed with fine pinewood.

Becko Puzzle Board & Bracket Set

This puzzle board from Becko US is made of premium flannelette and medium density fiberboard. The bracket of this board is processed with fine pinewood. The board comes with a burlywood color that goes well with all colorful jigsaw puzzles. It comes with a capacity to hold 1000 pieces of a puzzle. The board measures 30.3 inches by 22.36 inches.

The bracket of the board can be set up at two different angles, which effectively relieve the neck strain after playing for a long time. This bracket is compatible with other puzzle boards varying with the sizes. The board has a cover of flannelette that increases the friction and prevents slipping or falling off the pieces.


  1. The use of pinewood made the game board non-toxic and lightweight. 
  2. The puzzle pieces don’t slip from the MDF and Flannelette-made surface.
  3. The two adjustable angles give relief from neck strain.
  4. The bracket is compatible with other puzzle boards as well.
  5. The game set is easy and convenient to transport. 

6. Puzzle Company Puzzle Board – 1000 Piece Jigsaw


Brand: Puzzle Company

Weight: 7.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Crafted from soft, durable materials
  2. The surface of the board is extremely smooth, level and sturdy
  3. Includes two puzzle sorting trays, two puzzle mats and 1000 pieces of a jigsaw puzzle
  4. Foldable design.

Puzzle Company Puzzle Board - 1000 Piece Jigsaw

This compact and lightweight puzzle board from Puzzle Company is carefully crafted from soft, durable materials. The surface of the board is extremely smooth, level and sturdy. The puzzle board comes foldable and you can save a lot of space while storing it somewhere in your home. It measures 30 inches by 23 inches when it is folded and 63 inches by 29 inches when you have completely opened it up.

This puzzle board can comfortably store up to 1000 pieces of puzzles. With the puzzle board, you will also find two puzzle sorting trays, two puzzle mats and a 1000 pieces jigsaw puzzle. It is designed to be extremely easy to use, move and store. Tear down the package and set the board up in a straight forward manner.


  1. You can store the unfinished puzzle pieces securely and easily. 
  2. The non-slip and level surface allows the building of the puzzle comfortable.
  3. The inclusion of 2X puzzle trays allows you to build puzzles anywhere you like.
  4. It can be easily stored because of the space-saving design.
  5. The setting up process is pretty easier here. 

7. Bits and Pieces – Square Spinning Lazy Susan Puzzle Table


Brand: Bits and Pieces

Weight: 26.9 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of durable composite wood and solid hardwood
  2. Hold up to 1500 pieces
  3. Covered with non-slip felt
  4. Designed with an innovative puzzle assembly surface.

This puzzle table from Bits and Pieces is made of durable composite wood and solid hardwood. The board measures 34 inches by 34 inches in dimension and has a capacity of holding a maximum of 1500 pieces of a puzzle. The swivel system of the board is made with ball bearings that create a smooth and steady rotation.

This deluxe puzzle organizer is covered with non-slip felt, which helps you to keep the playing pieces secured in its place. It is designed with an innovative puzzle assembly surface that lets you spin the puzzle to reach the section you want. The puzzle board offers you unique sorting, assembly and storing systems.


  1. The puzzle pieces stay secure on the non-slip felt surface. 
  2. The use of solid hardwood ensures a stable setup.
  3. You can enjoy a steady and smoother rotation with a swivel system.
  4. The inclusion of sorting trays allows you to organize the pieces.
  5. You can conveniently take it on the go by folding or rolling. 

8. Gamenote Jigsaw Puzzle Board with Cover Mat


Brand: Gamenote

Weight: 8 pounds

key Features

  1. The puzzle board comes with natural wooden construction.
  2. It measures 23 inches by 31 inches, where the playing area is 22 inches by 30 inches.
  3. It can accommodate up to 1000 puzzles.
  4. There are four reinforced sliding trays with magnetic closures.
  5. It comes with four stable feet on the back and three-sided integrated edging.
  6. It has a unique removable mat.

Gamenote Jigsaw Puzzle Board with Cover Mat

Everything you need in a puzzle board is present in this one. The construction, size, safety, and storage, there is nothing you have to worry about. Talking about the construction, it is made of natural wood and it is safe for the kids.

Also, it is a lightweight one for easy carrying. Even though it is lightweight, it has a large playing surface of 22 inches by 30 inches. Within this area, you can place up to 1,000 puzzle pieces.

Moving these pieces also isn’t a tough task with a smoother surface. However, if somehow the game remains unfinished, you don’t need to worry. The manufacturer has added a large, removable mat to cover up the unfinished game with proper safety.

Before you start a new game or store the game board securely, you should use the built-in sliding trays. The sliding trays are enough spacious to let the user sort and organize the puzzle pieces. You can also properly close the tray using magnetic closures.

Without being a stable puzzle board, it’s not going to be an enjoyable time puzzling. Thinking so, the board comes with four stable legs on the back to ensure stability. Three sides are edging on the board for safe moving the puzzles and one open side to store them conveniently.


  1. The natural wooden construction makes the game board suitable for any room. 
  2. With the smooth playing surface, you can easily glide the puzzle pieces.
  3. The pieces remain safe from falling off the board due to the three-sided integrated edging.
  4. It is easy to put on the mat and cover the unfinished puzzles.
  5. The board is enough stable due to the four feet situated on the back.
  6. Organizing and sorting the puzzles become much convenient with the sliding drawers. 


Here comes the most awaited part of this article where you will find the factors, which a buyer needs to consider before choosing a puzzle board. Skipping this section won’t be a wiser thing.


These boards can be made of several types of woods like fiber wood, solid hardwood or even composite wood. Whatever the material is used to construct the board, it should be durable enough and have a smoother surface. You can’t buy a product that will break after a few sessions of use. So look for high-grade wooden materials.

Holding capacity

The minimum holding capacity of the board you are buying should be 1000 pieces of a puzzle. However, you can buy a board depending on the type of jigsaw puzzle you have and the number of pieces. But I would suggest you buy the largest board, which can hold up to 1500 pieces if you have enough space for setup.

Storage drawers

This is an important feature to look at when you are buying a puzzle board. These drawers are also known as storage trays and it is used to keep unfinished puzzle pieces in place securely. You can also store the pieces in these drawers after the end of the game.

Colorful mat

This will enhance the fun of course. Coloring mats will provide you a non-slippery surface on the board and the storage drawers. Look for bright color mats, which offer a clear vision of all color puzzle pieces.

Raised edges for safety

Raised edges should be designed around the board you are going to buy. This design will prevent the playing pieces to slide away from the board and make a distraction during the play.

Foldable design

To store the puzzle board under your couch or your bed and save a lot of space, nothing can be better than having one with a foldable design.

Jigsaw puzzle board sizes

The board size for the jigsaw puzzle is measured depending on the capacity of holding several puzzle pieces. A small to medium puzzle board can hold 100 to 1,000 pieces and a large board can hold 1,500 to 40,000 puzzle pieces. With the increasing number of pieces, the dimension of the board will increase. A regular 36 inches by 26 inches or 34 inches by 34 inches board can hold up to 1,500 puzzle pieces.

How to make a puzzle board

Instead of diy make a new puzzle board, you can make one of your own by collecting a few things.

You need two large pieces of plywood, a jigsaw, glue, a pencil or marker, nails, handles, etc. things for the process.

Take the first piece of the wood and cut it at a measurement that can hold 1000 puzzle pieces minimum. Mark the dimension with a pencil and then use a jigsaw to cut it.

Take the extra pieces of wood and attach them to the four sides of the board with glue.

Now take the second wooden piece and make four pieces. Attach a handle with each piece and make it like a storage tray. Attach these trays with the board using nails finally.

You can paint the board to give it a nicer look.

Where can I buy a jigsaw puzzle board?

If you have already chosen any of these jigsaw puzzle boards from the list, better click on the provided links and purchase for it. Buying from online shops lets you not visit the shop going outside and also find the right choice.

Alongside the product description, there are lots of customer reviews to let you know the quality of your chosen product. The whole process seems a lot easier.

How many pieces are in a puzzle board

The pieces included in a puzzle board largely depend on the size of the board. Most commonly, a puzzle board has 500 to 2,000 puzzle pieces. However, there are 350 and 750 pieces also available known as smaller puzzle board pieces.

Sometimes the number of puzzle pieces can go up to more than 10,000 as well. It is suitable for giant puzzle boards and these are not often used.

Jigsaw puzzle board cost

The cost of a jigsaw puzzle board depends on the board size, construction, and features it offers. The puzzle board can accommodate up to 1,000 puzzle pieces as it is the most likely number by the users. On average a puzzle board will cost around $25 to $130.

A board with 500 puzzle pieces is the most affordable option on the list. However, having no sliding drawers, stable feet or a smoother surface also cuts off the cost a bit. An expensive board accommodates up to 1,500 pieces on average and has a good construction with enough safety features.

Dimension of Jigsaw puzzle board

The Jigsaw puzzle board dimension is directly related to the number of pieces it can accommodate. On average, the length ranges from 30 to 40 inches and the width ranges from 18 to 30 inches. 30 inches by 18 inches board is suitable for 500 puzzle pieces.

On the other hand, you need the largest board for 2,000 puzzle pieces which should measure around 40 inches by 30 inches. The measurement remains around this for 1,000 and 1,500 pieces also.


Choose the board that will be perfect for your jigsaw puzzle set. Follow the buying guide section carefully to select the right one. Without a puzzle board, the fun will be incomplete. So grab and scream saying its puzzle time.

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