Best juggling balls review 2023

If you are a juggler and looking for showing your juggling skills then the thing you most need is juggling balls. Juggling balls come in different sizes and qualities. You need to choose the right size of quality juggling balls for better juggling performance. But it turns out a bit difficult to make a choice of quality juggling balls.

That’s why this article comes to you with a review of best juggling balls. In this article I have kept Duncan Toys Juggling Balls on the top of the list. This is a perfect sized juggling ball set both for the beginners and professionals. To know more about this product and the other products you need to continue reading this article.

Best juggling balls


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Best juggling balls

1. Duncan Toys Juggling Balls

This is a pack of 3 juggling balls coming in multi-color from Duncan. All these balls are made of vinyl filled with plastic beans. These three brightly colored juggling balls are not only designed for beginners but also for advanced jugglers. You can enjoy easily juggling by these balls because of the perfect size and no bounce construction. The balls come with a diameter of 2.25 inches that is quite easier to catch and toss.

The vinyl shells used to construct these balls are brightly colored. It is filled with plastic beans that eliminate the bounce and offers you a comfortable juggling experience. These multi-color balls are versatile that offers both kids and advanced jugglers to have great juggling experience. The smart design of these balls features a four-panel, solid construction for more durability. This 3 ball pack also comes in perfect weight for hassle-free juggling and offers you a comfortable grip too.

Key Features

  1. Perfect size and no bounce construction
  2. Brightly colored vinyl shells
  3. Multi-colored versatile juggling balls
  4. The smart design features four panels.


  1. The 4-panel construction of the juggling balls ensures durability. 
  2. These juggling balls are usable for professional jugglers and kids for learning.
  3. The perfect diameter of the balls makes them easy to grip.
  4. These balls are easy to clean and use.
  5. They eliminate bounce during the game. 

2. Mister M 3 Balls + 3 Scarves + an Instructional DVD 

This is a set of 3 juggling balls from Mister M. The set includes 3 soft juggling balls, 3 juggling scarves and one DVD. This juggling ball set from Mister M is the winner of the international juggling award. This is a set of juggling ball that is CE tested. As this set comes with soft juggling balls it is perfect and safe for the children.

All the soft juggling balls included in the set come in a diameter of 2.5 inches. This is quite a smaller size compared to the other juggling balls. So the beginner jugglers and also the kids can have a good grip over the balls and can enjoy great juggling. The balls are also lightweight that weighs around 4 ounces only. The scarves are 24 inches in size. The balls don’t roll away when it is dropped and the scarves fly slowly that offers easy catching.

Key Features

  1. 3 soft juggling balls
  2. Includes 3 juggling scarves
  3. Balls don’t roll away
  4. Balls are 2.5 inches in diameter and 4 ounces in weight.


  1. The structure of these softballs doesn’t allow them to roll away after dropping. 
  2. You can easily catch the scarves as they fly slowly.
  3. The inclusion of an elegant tin can makes it a perfect choice for a gift.
  4. It is easy to learn juggling with these balls.
  5. The balls are useful for both beginners and advanced players. 

3. Speevers Juggling Balls for Beginners and Professionals Set

 This is a set of 3 juggling balls that are usable by both beginner and professional jugglers. This set includes 3 juggling balls and a carrying pouch. This Xballs are perfect for the jugglers who are looking for having great juggling experience. These balls from speevers come in 10 fresh summer colors. But this set of balls comes in orange and black color. Each of the balls weighs around 70 grams.

The balls are not on the heavyweight ones side, so beginners will find delight in using these balls so as professionals. The carrying case included with the balls offers you to carry the set wherever you like. The balls are built with 2 layers of net and two different colors. The construction of the ball allows you to use it in water or in mud and after the game is over you can wash them and make it look like a new one again.

Key Features

  1. Perfect balls for both beginners and professionals
  2. 2 layers of net
  3. Available in 10 fresh summer colors
  4. Washable and waterproof.


  1. The balls don’t bounce or roll away. 
  2. The softness of the ball doesn’t make them harmful anyway.
  3. The construction of the balls provides a balanced performance during the playing hours.
  4. These are usable for both beginners and professional players.
  5. They are available in multiple sizes and densities. 

4. Zeekio Taylor Tries Signature Juggling Ball Set

This is a set of 3 juggling balls from Zeekio. This is a signature colorway for world-renowned juggler Taylor tries. The balls are made from 6 panels of synthetic leather. The construction is handmade, which means the leather has been hand-stitched in to construct the balls. The balls are neither too big nor too small. So it will perfectly fit the beginners as well as the professional jugglers.

The leather shell of the balls is filled with millet inside. That’s why the jugglers will find the balls extremely soft inside their hands and can enjoy a comfortable grip that always enhances the quality of the game. Because of the soft feel of the balls, any kids above 8 months allowed to use these balls for having a bit of juggling experience with some fun. Each of the balls weighs around 110 grams.

Key Features

  1. The signature colorway for world-renowned juggler Taylor Tries
  2. 6 panels of synthetic leather
  3. Balls are filled with millet
  4. Extremely soft feel in your hand.


  1. The balls provide a softer feel in the hand of the user because of millet filled structure. 
  2. The moderate size of the balls made them the perfect choice for jugglers from entry-level to advanced level.
  3. The hand-stitched design makes the balls durable and long-lasting.
  4. Learning juggling becomes easier with the ball set. 

5. Schylling Classic Juggling Balls

 This classic juggling ball set comes from Schylling. The set includes 3 classic juggling balls and instructions. All three balls come in bright colors. This is a perfectly sized introductory set of juggling balls from a world-leading brand in making traditional toys and classic fun. Any guys over 5 years are recommended to use these balls for juggling experience.

The balls are constructed with 3 vinyl cover. Inside the vinyl cover the balls are filled with bean. These traditional balls are especially built for the aspiring circus performers. These multi-colored balls are 2.5 inches in diameter, which comes from the smaller sides. So the perfect size helps the beginners to go with this set of balls for learning the basics of juggling. The instruction included in the set will also help you a lot in this regard.

Key features

  1. Classic juggling balls set
  2. 3 vinyl covered
  3. Filled with beans
  4. Multi-colored balls with a diameter of 2.5 inches.


  1. The perfection in size and weight allows learning to juggle in a lot of convenient ways. 
  2. The instruction sheet helps the user master juggling properly.
  3. The set of juggling balls are worth of price. ‘
  4. The balls are an ideal choice for beginners in this field. 

6. US Games 3″ Juggling Ball

 This pack of 3 juggling balls from US games is perfect for developing hand-eye coordination. The balls come in three different bright colors that help to improve the hand to eye coordination. The balls are made of durable vinyl materials that hold up repeated juggling action. The set of balls comes with an easy to learn instruction that helps any beginner juggler to learn the basics quite easily.

The ball comes with low bounce that ensures the balls won’t roll down. This feature helps the beginners not to get discouraged during the game. The set includes three different bright color juggling balls, yellow, green and red. All these colors are easy to see and make it simple for the jugglers track the balls through the air and catch them. The diameter of the balls is 3 inches and they are of course not bigger in size.

Key Features

  1. Durable vinyl construction
  2. Low bounce balls and won’t roll away.
  3. Three different bright colors
  4. Develops hand eye coordination.


  1. The balls won’t unevenly bounce or roll away during the game. 
  2. You can have hours of rough juggling moments because of durable vinyl construction.
  3. The easy-to-learn instructions with the balls allow the beginners to learn the basics of juggling easily.
  4. The bright color of the balls makes them properly visible.
  5. The compact size of the balls is perfect for smaller hands.

7. Elcoho 7 Pack Beginners Juggling Balls

This juggling balls set from Elcoho comes with 7 beginners juggling balls in 4 different colors. All the 7 seven are designed with four different colors, yellow, green, blue and red on its surfaces. The outer shells of these balls are made of using soft and wear-resistant PU materials. This construction makes the balls very much strong and durable too.

The soft materials of the ball allow it to be deformed. This allows the ball to be convenient for kneading. The inside part of the ball is filled with plastic particles, which makes it perfect for the beginners to hold. Of course the soft construction of these balls ensures that you won’t be hurt during the game. The bright colors of the ball are quite capable of catching your attention during the game. Each of these balls weighs around 1.7 ounces and the diameter of these balls is 2.2 inches only. This small size is always going to be great for the starters in juggling.

Key Features

  1. Soft and wear-resistant PU material
  2.  Strong and durable
  3.  Bright colors catch your attention.
  4.  Small size fits your hand and doesn’t hurt during the game.   


  1. The outer construction of the balls makes them strong and durable. 
  2. The softer materials inside allow the balls to deform and ideal for kneading.
  3. It helps improving learning and thinking ability.
  4. The bright colors make the balls easily eye-catching. 

8. GloFX Juggling Balls


Brand: GloFX

Weight: 3.2 ounces

The package comes with three juggling balls, which are safe for kids. The balls are neither extra-large nor weighs too much. These come in three colors combined with white and are yellow, red, and blue.

You can roughly practice juggling as the balls have quality PU leather outside construction. This construction made the balls usable for an extended period. Also, the manufacturer ensured a proper weight balance by filling the inside part with special micro-beads.

The design and construction of these balls made them usable for both kids and adults without even damaging the quality. It can be a superb gift for young jugglers as well.

Key features

  1. The manufacturer used durable and soft PU leather to construct the outside of the balls.
  2. The balls come filled with special micro-beads inside.
  3. Each ball measures 2.5 inches or 6.35 cm in diameter.
  4. There are three juggling balls available in the package.
  5. The balls are recommended for three years or above users.


  1. The quality of the balls is great for beginners to learn juggling.
  2. The balls retain the shape quite well for long-lasting performance.
  3. It has a quality tested stitching that can withstand rough playing by the toughest jugglers.
  4. The balls have solid constructed and are well-balanced.
  5. The weight is enough for kids to practice juggling safely.

9. TSKX Juggling Balls for Beginners Kids & Professional


Brand: TSKX

Weight: 3.7 ounces

This package of three well-constructed juggling balls is safe for kids. The package contains three juggling balls in three color combinations. Black is the common color in all three balls and the other colors are green, orange, and yellow.

The weight distribution and size of the balls are enough for competitive plays as well. Even in the toughest playing conditions, the quality stitching will maintain the quality of the ball. It will remain usable even after coming into contact with water and dirt.

Key features

  1. The balls come with durable and soft PU leather construction outside.
  2. The manufacturer used special micro-beads inside to constrict the balls.
  3. Each ball measures 2.7 inches or 6.8 cm in diameter.
  4. The package contains three juggling balls.
  5. They are available in three different color combinations of yellow, green, orange.
  6. It is safe for 12 months or up users.


  1. The construction makes the balls useful in both indoor and outdoor conditions.
  2. It can withstand the toughest playing because of the strong stitching.
  3. The inclusion of micro-beads inside ensures a proper balance of the balls.
  4. The colorful design enhances the fun for kids.
  5. The balls can withstand water and dirt as they are durable-made.

Buying Guides

juggling balls

It’s quite difficult for a new juggler to find out the perfect set of juggling balls if he doesn’t know what things he need to look at before buying. That’s why I’m going to provide a buying guide containing a few important facts that one buyer should consider before choosing juggling balls for better juggling experience.    

Skill level: First of all you have to determine the skill level if the juggler. Every ball is not perfect for beginners and advanced jugglers. Beginners are recommended to use a bit smaller and softballs that won’t hurt them. But professional jugglers must give priority to the quality of the ball first.    

Type of juggling: There are different types of juggling like contact juggling, bounce juggling, etc. You should go with silicone balls for bounce juggling and acrylic balls for contact juggling.

Ball size: The diameter of the ball determines the size and it ranges from 2.5 to 4 inches approximately. Smaller sizes are recommended for the kids.      

The softness of the ball: This feature is needed to be considered when you are buying balls for kids because as they are just learning, they need to have a soft feel of the ball.   

Ball weight: Weight of juggling balls ranges from 90 grams to 140 grams nearly and you should go for lightweight balls for the kids and beginners.    

Ball vision: Bright colors will provide you great visibility and you will be able to catch the ball with lot of ease.   

Set or single ball: Especially if you are buying balls for beginners you should go for a set of juggling balls. But personally I would always recommend buying a set not a single ball.       


What are juggling balls made of?

The outer shell of juggling balls is made of using several pieces of vinyl or microfiber and it is filled with millet, birdseed, plastics, pullets, sands or other ground materials.

What size juggling ball?

The size of juggling balls is determined by the diameter and the diameter of these balls ranges from 2.5 inches to 4 inches approximately, where kids and women jugglers uses the smaller balls.

What are diameter and weight of juggling balls?

Juggling balls come with a diameter that ranges from 2.5 to 4 inches. And the balls weigh around 90 to 140 grams approximately. Lighter and smaller balls are good for practicing throwing and catching for beginners.

What is 3 ball juggling?

Where the balls are thrown alternatively between your right and left hand is known as 3 ball juggling. Here first you throw the ball from your right to left hand and then from your left to right hand.


You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for juggling balls. I have given a description of some juggling balls that you might love to look at first. Then for thinking your easiness in choosing the right balls, I have written a buying guide that will give you the idea of what facts you need to consider before buying juggling balls. Again I have answered some frequently asked questions by you. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful and can easily choose the right kind of juggling balls without having any further confusion.

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