Best Kayak trolling motor mount with great ideas

Fishing in kayaks has become a common thing for the kayakers nowadays. But the problem is that most of the time of kayaking is spent in paddling than fishing. So a kayaker won't love this at all. That's why he or she needs to mount a trolling motor in his kayak for faster transportation.

Mounting a trolling motor will reduce paddling time and provide you more time to concentrate on your fishing. But you need to how to mount a trolling motor in your kayak. In this article, I'll discuss this and suggest you some selected trolling motors for your kayak.

Kayak trolling motor mount

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Kayak trolling motor

Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount

Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

Kayak trolling motor is a thing that makes your kayak moving faster than standard kayaks. If you are a kayaker who needs extra paddling during the ride, then a trolling motor is going to serve you in the best possible way. You need to choose a trolling motor depending on the type of kayak you have and the kind of water you will be kayaking.

A trolling motor will provide you automatic and faster movement in the water coming out of conventional paddling. This will undoubtedly give you more time to stay in your kayak and do whatever you like.

How to mount trolling motor in a kayak

Before buying a trolling motor, it is better if you know how to mount this in your kayak. I'm going to help you by discussing the ways of mounting a trolling motor.

  • You can mount a trolling motor on the side or just directly on the bow of your kayak. I would recommend directly mounting the trolling motor in your kayak.
  • First, you need to separate the trolling motor assembly from the mount base. A flat base is better for mounting a trolling motor in your kayak.
  • The place you have chosen must provide you comfort when you are pulling the kayak.
  • Use a drill to make holes in the flat deck of the kayak. You are making holes for mounting the bolts into the deck.
  • Now insert bolts in every drilled hole and slip a rubber washer on each of them, underneath the mount base.
  • Now place the base on the holes that attaches the motor with the kayak.
  • Now put the trolling motor under the under at a regulation height for having the best performance.

How can I make a trolling motor for my kayak

Instead of buying a trolling motor, you can make one on your own. You need to follow the steps given below for making a trolling motor for your kayak.

  • First, gather the tools and the needed equipment you need to make this motor.
  • Replace the rudder and wire the motor. But remember, if the wiring is not correct, your motor will not run. For this, you can take a suggestion or help from a technician.
  • Then decide which way or how you are going to mount this trolling motor into your kayak.
  • Then take it to the kayak and mount it where you suppose to it to mount. And you are ready for kayaking.

A few kayak trolling motors review

1. Brocraft Fishing Kayak Trolling Motor Mount

This trolling motor suits most kayaks with dual rod holders. It is designed with marine grade alloy and nylon. It is easy and quick to install. The kayak trolling motor is adjustable for different hull widths and fits any angle or inclination flush rod holder. You can also adjust this motor for left or right-hand operation.

2. RAILBLAZA Kayak Motor Mount

This kayak motor comes with all the necessary hardware needed for mounting it into the kayak. It offers you the simplest way to attach a trolling motor to your kayak. It also provides a quick transition from paddle only to get the motor ready to serve you. It can add rail mount 32 to 41 seconds for added customization. It would be best if you had a bit of assembly before mounting it into your kayak. 

3. ProControll Trolling Motor Mount

 It is a universal trolling motor that allows you to mount in any kayak type. It accepts any transom mount trolling motor. The motor is made of rustproof, virtually indestructible, fiber glass-reinforced nylon for strength. The motor is durable and long-lasting enough to withstand the harsh marine environment. You can mount this motor within minutes and adjusts to and boat contour quickly and easily.

4. Canoe Trolling Motor Mount

This trolling motor for a canoe is built of using unbendable 6061 aluminum. It is a rugged, heavy-duty motor bracket that requires no tools to mount. So it offers you to easy and quick mount. It is designed 3 inches wide crossbar minimizes motor vibration. The full 28 inches alloy provides a full range of steering motion. Though it doesn't work on all canoes, do work in most of the canoes.

5. Old Town Standard Canoe Motor Mount

The canoe motor comes with a heavy-duty aluminum bracket that holds a gas or electric engine up to three horsepower to help you quickly mount it on your kayak or canoe to start fishing fun. The standard mount is reversible that allows accommodating left and right-handed kayakers. It offers simply hand-tighten to the gunwales of the canoe or kayak for a tight and sturdy grip during the ride.

Kayak trolling motor cost

There are different kayak trolling motors available depending on the type of kayak you have and the water you will be kayaking. This difference also differs from the cost of kayak trolling motors. You can find a kayak trolling motor by spending around $60 to $300.

Final words

Are you ready to spend more time in the water and do some fishing staying in your kayak? No, you are not ready until you have mounted a trolling motor in your kayak. Please don't be late to select a trolling motor from the above given list and mount it in your kayak.

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