Best Kendo Stick and Bogu Reviews 2022

Do you remember the match in WWE, where Tommy Dreamer attacked Brock Lesnar with a kendo stick? Well, you might also remember that the beast didn't use this stick for once. So what about buying a kendo stick and have some fun time fighting with your friends?

I have listed the seven best kendo sticks in this article and kept E-BOGU Kendo Shinai Official Regulation Bamboo Sword Set at the top position. If you want to be a professional in using kendo sticks, you need to wear kendo bogu and you will find how you can wear this thing in the latter part of the article. So stay with me for further information.

What it kendo stick and bogu?

Kendo stick is a kind of sword that is made of bamboo. This type of stick is used in kendo, which is Japanese martial art. In Japan, the stick is known as Shinai and you can also call it a bamboo sword as it is constructed of bamboo. Typically four sheaves of bamboo are used to build these sticks.

You need to practice and take part in competitive kendo matches, which is kendo bogu. It is the protective armor used in kendo fights. This armor is lightweight enough that allows you to move your body parts smoothly with ease and grace. The bogu is made from stitched cotton panels, leather and bamboo.

Best Kendo Stick

Best Kendo Stick

1. E-BOGU Kendo Shinai Official Regulation Bamboo Sword Set


Brand: E-BOGU

Weight: 1.35 pounds

Key Features

  1. It comes with two traditional kendo shinai
  2. It also includes two Tsubas and stoppers
  3. They are made of natural bamboo with real leather
  4. They have a durable handguard designed.

Grab this traditional bamboo sword from E-BOGU and have an excellent combat fight against your opponent. The manufacturer has included two kendo sticks in the pack. Both these kendo sticks come to meet the tournament rules of the International Kendo Federation or FIK. Instead of calling them sticks, you can call them by their traditional name Shinai.

Except for two Shinais, the set also contains two Tsubas and a stopper. To construct this equipment, E-BOGU has used natural bamboo. Besides, there are real leather parts in the sticks for ensuring the comfort of the user. You can handle the stick with a comfortable grip because both the sticks come with a durable handguard.  There is a massive variety of sizes in this kendo set. You have to select the right size of the kendo set depending on the size of the person you are buying.

2. Armory Replicas Dual Kendo Shinai Bamboo Practice Katana Set


Brand: Armory Replicas


Key Features

  1. It is a set of two long size shinai
  2. They are made of premium quality bamboo
  3. Each of them measures 44 inches
  4. They are perfect for light to hard practices.

Practice severe fighting with this durable kendo Shinai set from Armory Replicas. The set comes with two extended sizes kendo shinai and they are made of premium quality bamboo. The makers of these shinais have tied thick sheaves of bamboo together to construct them. And this construction has made both the shinais lightweight and perfect for practice.

Each of these two shinais includes a thick plastic guard and securing ring. The handles of these shinais are sued. You don't have to worry about the durability as you can use them for light to hard practices without any second thought. The shinais measure 44 inches.

3. ECW WWE 9x Signed Kendo Stick


Brand: Sports Memorabilia

Weight: 1.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. It is a kendo stick from WWE and ECW
  2. Rob Van Dam signed it
  3. Great for lightweight practices
  4. It is certified by PSA or DNA.

Sports Memorabilia brought to you this kendo stick, which was signed by WWE and ECW superstar Rob Van Dam. It is a single stick and it is made of bamboo. The manufacturers have used thicker sheaves of bamboo to construct this kendo stick. A common phenomenon in WWE is using a kendo stick to knock down your opponents.

You can grab this kendo stick even if you are a fan of WWE or specifically of Rob Van Dam. It can serve you well in lightweight practices, but not sure about hard and tough hits. In WWE, the sticks used are not so well constructed, or they are not made of hard fights. Besides, it comes with a certificate of authenticity from PSA or DNA.

4. Shinai Kendo Stick Bamboo Sword


Brand: Maruyama Kendo Supply

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. It is a lightweight kendo stick
  2. It is excellent for practice hours
  3. It comes with a comfortable grip
  4. It is made of bamboo.

You can take this kendo stick from Maruyama Kendo Supply if you are looking for one for practice hours. The stick is made of bamboo and it is relatively lightweight. A lightweight stick is always great for beginners.

There are fewer chances of getting hurt in the practice sessions if you are using such a type of kendo stick. The handle is surrounded by white tape to give you a comfortable grip. Instead of calling it a stick, you can call it a bamboo sword. The design of the stick makes you feel like a soldier.

5. Maruyama Kendo Supply 2 BIO Shinai Combo


Brand: Maruyama Kendo Supply

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. It is a combo pack of two kendo sticks
  2. It comes with Tsuba and Tsuba dome
  3. They are made of with using biotechnology for ensuring a darker traditional look
  4. Both of them have an extra thick handle.

Grab the extra thick handle of the Shinai and ensure an excellent performance guarantee. Maruyama Kendo Supply has come up with this combo pack of two kendo shinais that provides you a comfortable grip with the extra thick handle design. Both these shinais provide outstanding balance while you are in a combat fight.

In the set, you will find Tsuba and Tsuba dome. The manufacturer has used biotechnology to ensure a darker traditional look. You can use these sticks for a more extended period as they are highly durable too. Besides, an indigo-dyed cotton shinai bag makes it easier for you to store them safely in a place after use and take them on the go.

6. Etranding Kendo Shinai Bamboo Practice Sword


Brand: Etranding

Weight: 2.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. It is a set of Japanese kendo stick
  2. The sticks measure 47 inches in length
  3. They come with a thick plastic guard and securing ring
  4. They are usable in light of hard practices.

The martial artists will love to have this Japanese kendo stick set from Etranding. This Japanese bamboo sword set comes with two kendo sticks. The sticks included in the set are made of wood. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use these swords in your practice sessions as they are very much lighter in weight.

The set of two bamboo sticks are made with a combination of martial arts values with sports elements. Whoever knows the martial art of Japanese fencing will love to handle these swords anyhow. The swords are also longer in size. Both of them measures 47 inches and they come including a thick plastic guard with a securing ring.

7. 24Seven Kendo Shinai Bamboo Practice Katana Set


Brand: 24Seven

Weight: 2.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. It is a set of two kendo sticks
  2. It is made of high-quality bamboo
  3. They are quite lightweight
  4. The set includes Tsubas with stoppers.

It is another practice kendo stick set and this time, it comes from 24Seven. They have included two kendo sticks in here. The sticks are made of bamboo and they are relatively lightweight. If you are among those guys who don't know much about kendo sticks, you can have this set of kendo sticks without any hesitations.

Both these kendo sticks come with Tsubas and stoppers. These high-quality bamboo swords are also equipped with leather parts. There is variation in these sticks' size and you can choose them depending on your person's size and comfort. From lightweight practice to hard practices, you can use these high-quality bamboo swords.


It would be best if you considered a few factors before buying a kendo stick unless you won't get the same performance as you would have wanted from the stick.


 High-quality bamboo is my recommendation for buying a kendo stick or Shinai. Most manufacturers use thick sheaves of bamboo to construct these sticks. A high-quality bamboo will ensure the product's durability and you can use your stick for a more extended period. The construction also gives you an idea of whether the stick is usable in combat fights or made just for practice purposes. Low quality constructed stick will break down quickly after a couple of shots, that's for sure.


 You need a good grip over your stick to make it work great for you. There are two types of sticks in case of having a grip. In one type, you will have a hold on both sides and in another kind, you will have a hold on only one side of the stick. Choose the grip's diameter that suits your hand perfectly and many ones prefer having thicker handles for better grip.


 I prefer a lightweight stick always. Because it's a kind of sword that you can easily handle and if it is not light, how you will handle this easily. Lightsticks are great for practice and professional fights. You have fewer chances of hurting your opponent badly with this type of stick.


 Typically, the size of a kendo stick ranges from 42 to 47 inches. Most of the users love to buy a stick within this size range. But one thing you must know before choosing the size is the height of the user. You can't let the same length of the stick to a kid and an adult person; this will never be beneficial. So you have to measure the user's size and then purchase an exact length of kendo stick.

Single or double

 It's all up to you whether you want to have a single bamboo sword or more than one. If you are a beginner and you are going to learn to use this kendo stick for the first time with a partner, it would be better to buy a pack of two sticks. You can go for a single bamboo sword in other circumstances.

Why you need to wear kendo bogu

You need to wear kendo bogu as protective gear in Japanese martial art kendo. There are some reasons why wearing this kendo bogu is necessary.

Protects your face: Among the four parts of a kendo bogu, this is the topmost part, which is the face mask. The mask comes as a protective helmet that secures the head with two cords.

Protects your chest: In order to protect your chest part of the body from unwanted hurts, a protective breastplate is included in the kendo bogu.

Provides a good grip over the sword: Wear the gauntlets or protective gloves in your hands to ensure a safe and comfortable hold over the sword.

Work as protective of your waist and hip: The last thing a kendo bogu includes is the gladiator skirt. You have to tie this thing around your waist and hip area. There are laces to tie them up. Please don't make them too much tight; that makes you feel uncomfortable.

How to wear kendo bogu

You are not ready for a kendo fight until you have worn the kendo bogu or armor. You must think of your protection during the fight and that's why you need a complete kendo bogu to wear (video).

Helmet: To wear the helmet, first, you have to tie a towel around your head that covers the hair mark on your overhead completely. Now take the helmet and take off two cords from the fourth and fifth grill of the helmet's face and put your head inside the helmet. Then tie the cables in such a manner that it remains even in the face.

Breastplate: Place the breastplate to cover your and belly completely. Then bring the left string from the breastplate's front and tie it to the right corner in the backside and do the same with the right string. Lastly, connect the short cords behind to finish.

Gladiator skirt: Place the gladiator skirt around your waist and hip area by tying the cord around your waist behind.

Gauntlets: It's pretty simple to wear the gauntlets. First, put your left hand and then your right hand to put the gauntlets on.


If you like martial arts, then you must try kendo! I have suggested to you some kendo sticks, which offers you excellent quality and discusses briefly the use of kendo bogu, which is also essential in kendo practice and competitive games.

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