Best Klask board game reviews 2023

Are you willing to have an air hockey table inside your residence, but lacking space? Or you also have become bore of playing games like foosball and to have a different gaming taste? I have come up with a board game for you, which is a combination of air hockey and foosball.

This review article contains the description of some best klask board games, which are worth looking out. I have kept KLASK: The Portable KLASK board game on top of this list. You need to continue the article for knowing on depending on which things you need to buy a klask board game. Here I’ll also briefly discuss the rules of this game. So stay with me.

Best Klask board game

Klask: The classic board

Klask – combo game (Air Hockey, Table Football)

Klask 4: The 4 Player combo set

What is Klask board game?

klask board

klask board

Klask is quite a similar type of board game like foosball and air hockey but requires less space for setup. You can set up the game board on the tabletop and place pieces of equipment on it to start having a fun time. If you guys have less space, I would suggest you have one of these boards to have fun with family and friends.

The main objective of this board game is to score goals to gain points. The first team that scores six points wins the game. To score a point each team will have a striker, which is controlled underneath the table by the players and the top part remains on the board. There are three more magnetic things, known as biscuit in on the table and a ball used for scoring.

Best Klask board game

1. KLASK: The Portable KLASK board game


Brand: KLASK

Weight: 4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Nice wooden finish
  2. Stunning and sturdy look
  3. Magnets with more rounded corners
  4. Easy to carry and setup.

This klask board game table from klask comes with a well-crafted design. It is constructed with wood and it has a nice wooden finish. You will find the board stunning and sturdy, which will undoubtedly enhance its playability. You can easily transport this board and it is durable enough to serve you for a long time.

This board game set includes updated white magnets, which are known as biscuits 2.0. These magnets come with more rounded corners and PTFE stickers to reduce scratching for kids and adults. As the table is easy to carry, you can setup it anywhere like on the tabletop or any flat surface and start the gaming.

2. Klask – The Exciting Mix of Air Hockey, Table Football



Weight: 4.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Combination of air hockey and foosball
  2. For two players
  3. Dexterity
  4. Action gaming.

This klask board game from Klask provides you the feel of air hockey and table football at the same time. Klask is a game that combines these two games and provides the players with a new taste of the game.

This game board is made of wood and comes with a wooden finish. The light blue playing surface of the board attracts both the kids and the adults. The set up of the game is quite simple. You need to control the striker on the table underneath the table with a steering and score goals to gain points.

3. Klask 4: The 4 Player Magnetic Party Game



Weight: 5.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Four-player game table
  2. Rounded table
  3. White magnets with more rounded corners
  4. Easy to carry and setup.

This klask board game set from Klask comes in a new version, where you four players are allowed to play at a time. Typically the klask board comes in a rectangular shape and it has two holes working as goal posts, two strikers. But this set is different having four goals and four strikers.

This board game set includes updated white magnets, which are known as biscuits 2.0. These magnets come with more rounded corners and PTFE stickers to reduce scratching for kids and adults. As the table is easy to carry, you can setup it anywhere like on the tabletop or any flat surface and start the gaming.

4. KLASK Game Spare Part Set 2.0


Brand: KLASK

Weight: 1.3 ounces

Key Features

  1. 2 player klask version
  2. Five updated white magnets
  3. Three yellow balls
  4. One striker for each player.

This 2 player klask board game version comes with updated white magnets. These magnets are called biscuits 2.0 and they come with more rounded corners to provide improved action during the game.

The game set includes five white biscuits or magnets, three yellow balls, and one striker. The task is very easy here. You have to operate the strike from underneath the table with the handle and try to win the game by scoring six points earlier than the opponent.

5. GoSports Magna Ball Tabletop Board Game


Brand: GoSports

Weight: 5.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Constructed of durable wooden materials
  2. Includes one Magna soccer game with three Magna balls
  3. Two Magna players included
  4. Gaming instructions included.

You can easily set up this tabletop board game from GoSports and start having fun. The board is constructed of durable wooden materials, which allows you to have tabletop fun for long hours.

The game set includes one Magna soccer game, three Magna balls, two Magna players and game rules. This included things that offer action-packed gaming and the gaming rules make it easier for you to understand how to play this game. All the pieces included in the game set are magnetic.

6. Sport Squad Flux Magnetic Reversible Soccer & Hockey Tabletop game


Brand: Sport Squad

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Multisport table
  2. Measures 20 inches by 12 inches
  3. Includes two 12 sided foosball balls
  4. Reverse the table to switch between games.

This multi-sport gaming board from Sport Squad provides you the opportunity to enjoy soccer and hockey by just flipping the board. This compact multi-sport mini table measures 20 inches in length and 12 inches in width and the height of the table is 6 inches.

The game table set includes two goals, two white 12 sided foosball balls, two black hockey pucks, two players and two magnetic handles. You have nothing much to do for switching to another game, just reverse the table and you are ready to go for another game. The game board is usable in both indoor and outdoor conditions.

How to choose a klask board?

Only buying a board is not enough for having a great gaming experience. The board you are buying needs to be great in quality to serve you in possibly the best way. I’m here to present to you a few such factors, which you need considering before buying a klask game board.

Construction material: Klask game board can be made of wood, metal or plastic material. But conventional boards are made of wood. I would recommend you buy a board with a nice wooden finish, as these boards are easy to carry and setup. Wooden boards also provide you nice gaming experience with a nice look.

Size of the board: The board used to play klask game doesn’t take much space; you can setup it on a tabletop. There is no regulation size for these boards, but boards measuring within 20 inches in length and 16 inches in width is the perfect size for klask gaming.

Adequate pieces of equipment: A klask game board should have at least two strikers with steering, at least three white magnetic biscuits, two scoring discs and a ball. Without these things, you can’t start playing the game.

2 players or 4 players version: You have to decide whether you want a 2 player version game set or 4 player version game set. 2 player game boards are rectangular, whereas 4 player boards are rounded. In 4 player boards, the playing pieces of equipment are also more in numbers.

Multisport board: You can also look for a multi-sport game board, where you can play any other game just by reversing the board. Games like foosball, air hockey are the best companion in this regard.

How to play klask board game

Knowing the rules of a game makes it easier for any player to understand it and improves playability. In this section of the article, I’ll tell you how you can play klask board game and the rules of the game.

Before you start the game you have to gather the things you require to play the game. You need a klask board of course, where you are going to set up the playing pieces of equipment and start the game.

The board is set between two players and it rectangular. You can set this board on the tabletop, which requires not much space.

Each player has one striker, which is operated underneath the table by a steering magnet. The striker remains on the table and the steering controls it underneath the table.

There are three white magnets set up in the middle of the table and it is placed in the white marked circle of the table. They are used as obstacles to score goals.

To score points the most needed equipment is the orange or yellow color ball.

One more thing you need to do before starting the game, placing the scoring disc at both corners of the table in the 0 marks.

Now you are ready to start the game. You can decide which player goes first by a coin toss or by giving the chance randomly.

The game starts by placing the orange ball in the corner of the toss winning player’s zone and he hits it with the striker trying to score a goal.

The main task is to score six points as quickly as possible. The player scoring six points first is going to win the game. Remember the scoring disc was kept at the 0 marks in the scoring position and it will move to one, two, three, four, five and six when you score a goal or gain a point.

There are a few ways in the game you can score points. The simplest way is to push the ball into the opposition’s goal box and score point.

There are three other ways, you can score points. There are three white magnets placed at the center of the table and if two or magnets are attached to the striker of your opponent, you will get a point.

If your opponent loses control from his striker and it falls in his goal box, you will receive a point. Even if he manages to bring back the striker from the goal box, you will receive your point.

If your opponent’s striker falls on the table and he is unable to make it stand again with the help of the steering, you will have another point.

This way, the team scoring six points firs will win the game.

Klask board game history

It was back in 2013 when a Danish inventor and carpenter MikkelBertelsen developed a board game named klask daddy. The word klask means a slap in Danish. You see the main objective of the game is to score points by dropping the ball into the opponent’s goal box. And when the ball falls in there, it sounds like a slap! That’s why the game was named klask.

The first klask board game table was made of wood. The table comes with wooden legs, which makes the table stands and provides sturdiness during the game. The game table is rectangular. You should thank Bertelsen for creating such a handy board game for this generation.

Klask board size

Typically a klask board measures 18 inches by 14 inches approximately. The dimension of the board can vary depending on different manufacturers. This board is set up at a height of 5 inches or a bit more. Klask board is rectangular in size. It’s better to have a plywood playing surface for enhanced playability.


You need to buy the right kind of board for better playing experience. This article I hope will be helpful if you are truly looking for a quality klask game board. The products I have discussed above are great in qualities. I have provided the game rules for the new players and also to make buying easier for you there is a buying guide section. Enjoy playing klask board game with a board from this list.


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