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Are you looking for fun in your backyard this summer season with your family and friends? Then go out and enjoy a different kind of backyard lawn game known as the Kubb game. You need a Kubb game set for playing this game and I've come with a review of some best Kubb game set for you.

In this list of Kubb game sets, I have kept Yard Games Kubb Premium Size on the top. This Kubb game set includes ten premium-sized Kubb blocks with a strong nylon carrying bag for comfortable transportation. It would help if you continue reading this article for more details about the listed game sets and know the factors needed to consider before buying.

Best Kubb game set

Best Kubb game set

1. Yard Games Kubb Premium Size


Brand: Yard Games

Weight: 14.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of durable hardwood
  2. Includes ten premium size Kubb blocks
  3. Beautifully crafted game set
  4. High strength durable nylon carrying bag included.

This is a beautifully crafted complete Kubb game set from Yard Games that comes with premium-sized wooden blocks. The blocks and other pieces of equipment of the set are made of durable, eco–friendly, shock-absorbent hardwood. 

The set includes ten premium-sized Kubb blocks, which are 6 inches by 2.25 inches by 2.25 inches. The game set also comes with six dowels, one king and four corner stakes for marking the playing field. It is equipped with high strength, durable nylon carrying bag for easy storage and transportation.

2. GoSports Regulation Kubb game set


Brand: GoSports

Model: KUBB-02

Weight: 21.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. A complete Kubb game set
  2. Easy to learn Kubb game rules included
  3. A travel carry case
  4. Constructed with hand-sanded knot-free hardwood.

This is a complete Kubb game set from GoSports with regulation size playing pieces of equipment. The game set includes ten Kubb blocks, one king, six batons and four corner stakes. The corner stakes are used to mark the playing area on the field.

The game set is also equipped with Kubb game-playing rules, which allows the new players to learn the rules of playing Kubb easily. It comes with a travel carry case for providing easy transportation. The set is constructed with hand-sanded knot-free hardwood.

3. MAGGIFT Kubb Game Set Backyard Game Set



Weight: 14.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. A complete Kubb game package
  2. One non-woven carrying bag included
  3. Easy to learn instructions
  4. Playing pieces made of rubberwood.

This complete Kubb game package from MAGGIFT comes with a convenient carrying bag for providing easy storage and transportation to the user. The package includes ten Kubb blocks, one king Kubb, six Kubb tossing dowels and four corner pegs. 

The game set is also equipped with Kubb game instructions for easy learning and playing. The playing pieces of equipment included in the set are made of rubberwood and are suitable for indoor and outdoor conditions.

4. Playcraft Sport Deluxe Hardwood Kubb Game Set


Brand: Playcraft Sport

Weight: 14.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Game pieces are made of dense kiln-dried hardwood
  2. 600 denier nylon carrying case
  3. Easy setup
  4. Playing instructions included.

This hardwood Kubb game set from Playcraft Sport comes with all the pieces of equipment needed to play the Kubb game. The game pieces included in the set are made of dense kiln-dried hardwood.

The game pieces' construction provides you sturdiness during the game and the rounded over edges make them handle easily. The set includes 12 inches hardwood king, 6 inches 10 Kubbs, 12 inches batons and 12 inches boundary stakes. The set is also equipped with a 600 denier nylon carrying bag and playing instructions.

5. AmazonBasics Kubb Game


Brand: AmazonBasics

Weight: 14 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of shock absorbent wood
  2. Typically suitable for grass surfaces
  3. A complete Kubb game set
  4. A storage bag for convenient storage.

This Kubb game set from AmazonBasics includes ten Kubb blocks, a king Kubb, six dowels and four stakes. The gaming pieces of this Kubb set are made of durable shock absorbent wood.

These wooden pieces are made for use in the grass. However, these pieces are also suitable for dirt, gravel, sand and other surfaces. The set is a fun element for both kids and adults. It also comes with a storage bag for carrying the whole set comfortably.

6. ROPODA Kubb Game Premium Set



Weight: 12.4 pounds

Key Features

Made of high-quality materials

Heavy-duty rubberwood used

Equipped with a durable zip-up carrying case

One rule book was included.

This Kubb game set from ROPODA comes with high-quality materials and construction. All the playing pieces included in the set are made of heavy-duty rubberwood, virtually chip-proof and unbreakable. 

The Kubb set includes a king Kubb, ten Kubb blocks, six batons and four boundary stakes. A carrying bag is equipped with the set for allowing easy storage and transportation. There is also a rule book included in the set. So you need to set up and start having backyard fun. 

7. Tactic Games Kubb-Wooden set


Brand: Tactic Games US

Model: 54276

Weight: 16 pounds

Key Features

  1. Official full-size Kubb game set
  2. Made from 100% natural and sustainable European hardwood
  3. Combination of bowling, horseshoes and chess
  4. A beautiful wood carrying case with rope handles.

This official full-size Kubb set from Tactic Games US is made from 100% natural and sustainable European hardwood. This robust construction helps you to get enough sturdiness and durability during the game. It is a combined set of bowling, horseshoes and chess. 

The game set includes a beautiful wood carrying case with rope handles for allowing convenient storage and transportation. It helps the players to develop motor skills and coordination.

How to play the Kubb game

kubb game set

Before going on to play any game, you need to know how to play the game. Without knowing the rules, you can't play the game smoothly or can't have enough amusement as you would have imagined. That's why I'm going to provide the rules of playing the Kubb game below.

  • First of all, you need to select a regulation size field for playing Kubb. A regulation size Kubb game field measures 8 meters in length and 5 meters in width.
  • Then you must have a complete Kubb game set equipped with the pieces of equipment needed to play the Kubb game. To play the Kubb game, you need one king, ten blocks or Kubbs and six batons.
  • Then make two teams start the proceedings. In a Kubb game, each team can have one to six players on their side. But most of the time, teams consist of two or three players on each side. 
  • You are almost ready to start the game but need to decide which team will throw the baton first. For this, each team throws a baton towards the king for once. Whose baton falls near the king without touching, wins the toss and gets the chance to throw first.
  • The objective here is to knock down the king of the opponent to win the game.
  • But before knocking down the king, you have to knock down all the opponents' Kubbs on the baseline.
  • If you try to knock down the king before the other blocks, you will lose the game.
  • The game ends as soon as one team knocks down the king of the opponent from the baseline.

How to choose a kubb game set

It’s never an easier task to choose the right Kubb game set if you are new in this game. You need to know a few essential factors which will help you in choosing your wished product. So I've come with these essential factors in this article's segment for making your task easier. Another great backyard game similar with kubb game like, Ring Toss Game perfect your kids.

backyard kubb game

Construction material

The manufacturers typically use three types of materials for constructing a Kubb game set. These are hardwood, rubberwood and softwood. The best construct material is hardwood, but at the same time, it is expensive than other game sets. Hardwood game set pieces will last for years without damaging. Rubberwood is a composite material that consists of rubber and softwood.  Meanwhile, softwood is the cheapest among all these materials and you can't expect a long service from it.

Size of the gaming pieces

It's better if the set's components are regulation sized. Regulation size blocks measure 15 cm by 7 cm, the king measures 30 cm by 9 cm and the batons measure 30 cm in length and 4.4 cm in diameter. 

A complete game set

Look for buying a complete Kubb game set. A complete Kubb game set includes ten Kubb blocks, one king Kubb, six batons and four boundary stakes. Sometimes it also comes with an easy to learn instruction.

Recommended surface

Different types of game sets are made of different kinds of surfaces. You have to make a choice depending on the surface you are going to use the set. Meanwhile, some game sets are suitable for different surfaces.


A durable game set will provide you a long time service and for having this, you need to buy a game set made of hardwood.

Convenient storage

A heavy-duty, high strength carrying bag or case will undoubtedly provide you the opportunity to store the whole set comfortably and take it wherever you like with ease.

A brief history of the Kubb game

Many people think Kubb is an ancient game and invented by the Vikings a thousand years ago. That's the reason this Kubb game is also known as Viking chess. However, this rumor has no exact proof. Although it is supposed as an ancient game, most people believe this game was invented on the island of Gotland in Sweden, out in the Baltic Sea. The time of invention the game is around the 1920s. So all in all, you can say the game was invented in Sweden during the 1920s.


1. What is the Kubb lawn game?

Kubb is a backyard lawn game, which requires two teams and some blocks and batons. This game is known as the Vikings chess game. There is a king block among all the blocks and the main objective is to conquest over the opponent's king. The player tries to throw a baton to the opponent's zone and tries to knock out one block. After knocking all the blocks, you will be able to conquer the king of the opponent.

2. How to build a Kubb set?

For building a Kubb set, you need to collect adequate wood first. Then cut the wood and make the shape of two kings. Then design the kings. After that, cut regulation size blocks and batons for each team. Thus your Kubb game set is ready and you can have backyard fun with your family and friends.

3. What is the size of a Kubb field? 

As Kubb is an outdoor lawn game, it requires a giant field, of course. To play the Kubb game, you need a rectangularly shaped area. According to US championship rules and world championship rules, a regulation size Kubb game filed measures 8 meters in length and 5 meters in width. 


You might be getting ready to go outside to have amusement with your family and friends with a Kubb game set in this hot summer season. In this article, I have discussed some selected Kubb game sets, which you guys will like surely. But knowing that only product review is not enough for buying the right Kubb game set, I've also issued a buying guide that contains the factors you need to consider before purchasing for a Kubb game set. Before playing a game, you must know the game rules, and that's why I have described how to play the Kubb game. So I hope you guys will have an excellent summer season with a Kubb game set in your backyard.

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