Best game of Life Board game for kids and adult reviews 2022

Do you want to know how the life of a person goes on through some gaming? Well, I have a first-class suggestion for you in this regard. The game of life board game can make you feel the same experience as what a person does throughout his life and how he makes money, home, etc. things.

This review contains some best game of life board game, which is well capable of providing you board gaming fun. I have kept, Hasbro gaming Game of Life board on the top of this list. You will find out the rules of this game and what size of board you should buy for this game if you continue reading this article.

The game of life board game

The game of life board game is a family board game that shows the picture of a person’s life through gaming. On the board, there is a wheel designed in the center and the game starts by spinning the wheel. It is perfect for persons for over 8 years. Depending on different versions of the game, two to six players can participate at a time.

You can compare the game as a mirror of your own life. After spinning the wheel you can decide whether you are going to start your job career or educational career. The person who earns the most money and has other assets more is declared the winner. Approximately it takes an hour to finish the game.

Life Board game play

Best Life Board game

1. Hasbro gaming Game Of Life board


Brand: Hasbro gaming

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. The game board is full of surprises
  2. The path of life is full of action and adventures
  3. Two to four players recommended
  4. Can adopt pets.

Want to experience the most memorable events in your life? Then grab this game of life board from Hasbro Gaming. It comes with full of surprises. The game board allows two to four players to participate and enjoy with the family. The path of life in this board game is full of adventures and actions.

2. Milton Bradley The Game of Life Board Game (1991 Edition)


Brand: Milton Bradley

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. 1991 version of life game board
  2. Suited for 9 years to adult
  3. Two to six players board
  4. Retire with the biggest fortune and win.

This 1991 version of life game board from Milton Bradley is suited for kids of 9 years to adults. The game board allows two to six players to participate at a time. Here you can travel with the classic path of fortune and also bring misfortune. Start the game and retire with the biggest fortune to win the game.

3. Hasbro GamingQuarter Life Crisis Board Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 0.03 ounces

Key Features

  1. Refurbished board
  2. Tested and certified for giving a new look
  3. Inspected and repackaged.
  4. Great for adult parties.

This refurbished life game board from Hasbro Gaming is tested and certified to look and work like a new one. The refurbishing process of the board includes functionality testing, basic cleaning, inspection, and repackaging. If you are looking for a board gaming fun in adult parties, you can look out this quarter-life crisis board game.

4. Funskool Game of Life


Brand: Funskool

Weight: 2.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Earn valuable life tiles by doing good deeds
  2. Breaks down an entire lifespan
  3. Retire with the biggest fortune to win
  4. Ensures great family fun.

You can earn valuable life tiles by doing good deeds through this game of life board from Funskool. This classic board game breaks down an entire lifespan into a series of choices and chances. If you retire with the biggest fortune you will be declared the winner of the game. If you want to have fun with your families in the leisure time they buy the board and start spinning the wheel for earning as many assets as possible.

5. Winning Moves Games The Game of Life


Brand: Winning Moves Games

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. A classic reproduction of 1960 first edition
  2. The sturdy bi-fold game board
  3. Includes plastic buildings and mountains
  4. Rules of the game are also included.

This game of life gaming board from Winning Moves Games is a classic reproduction of 1960 first edition. This is a sturdy bi-fold game board, which will provide great classic fun with the family members. It contains plastic buildings and mountains. There are also money pad, cars, stock, and insurance certificates to enhance the fun of the game. It is also equipped with several boards, a banker's tray, and rules.

6. Despicable Me Minion The Game of Life Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of safe materials
  2. High-quality toys for kids
  3. Tested for quality and durability
  4. Move the minion around the board.

This game board from Hasbro gaming is made of safe materials. It has high-quality toys that are perfect for all ages of kids. The game board is tested for quality and durability. Play the game of life minion style in this despicable me version. The player who bags five bunches of bananas first wins.

7. The Game of Life: Tripadvisor Edition


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. The game is full of surprises
  2. Vacation cards included
  3. Five spins to win tokens
  4. One money pack and instructions.

Anyone of 8 years or above can enjoy playing this board game from Hasbro gaming. The game board is full of surprises. It comes with a spinner, 100 cards, five spins to win tokens, four cars, 24 pegs, one money pack, and playing instructions. It also has vacation cards on this board.

8. Hasbro The Game of Life Vintage 2002


Brand: Hasbro

Weight: 2.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Plan a gaming night with your family
  2. Vintage 2002 version
  3. Two to six players
  4. Recommended age from nine to adults.

The game of life board from Hasbro is a vintage 2002 version. You can plan a gaming night with your family with this game board. Make as much as assets you can to win the board game. It allows two to six players to participate in the game at a time and players from nine years to adults are recommended for this playing this game.

Buying Guides

There are not many things you need to consider before buying a life of the game board, but still, there are few things you need to look at before purchasing and I’m providing these below.

Size of board: In the game of life, you need large size of the board to have the best experience. Here you have to set up the spinner and other lots of equipment. So without having a large board you can’t have enhanced fun.

Required equipment: Your board game should come with all the required equipment like the spinner wheel, adequate cards, buildings, mountains, and other things.

Easy to setup: You won’t like to spend much time on this. So buy a game board that is equipped with setup instructions, because this will make the setup process easier.

The number of players: Typically a life game board allows at least two to six players to participate at a time. This is the minimum recommendation for the number of players. Meanwhile, some boards also allow up to ten players.

Age recommendation: The minimum age recommendation for playing the life of the game is eight. Your game board should allow players from eight years to adults to play this board game.

How to play the life board game

how to play life board game

how to play life board game

Every game has its own rules and so as a life board game. It would help you to enjoy the game if you know the rules of this game properly and this segment contains the rules of this game.

First of all, you need to assemble the board. The game board includes several letter card buildings, mountains, bridges and you have to attach these things in the right place to make the board ready.

You can’t start the game without setting up the spinner in the middle of the board, because the game starts by spinning it.

Now it’s time to separate the different types of cards. There are four types of cards, career cards, salary cards, house deeds and stock cards. You have to separate them and make four stacks. Shuffle the stacks and keep them near the board down faced.

There are some other cards like automobile insurance policies, home insurance policies, home loans, and stocks. Keep these near the board.

Select a banker to distribute a definite amount of money among the players and he/she will also have to collect and distribute money throughout the whole game.

At the starting of the game, decide whether you want to start a career or go to college. You can earn more if you start proceedings with a college car, but it will take more time. Choose the card by which you want to start the game.

You will move your car on the board by spinning the wheel and you have to spin it before every turn.

There are instructions provided on the board, where you will know what to do in which place. So while moving your car follow those instructions.

You will have to pay taxes, hospital bills, or to police whenever it is needed. If you land on other property you will have to pay a certain amount.

You can take insurance cards if you want and take loans from the bank when you are running out of money. But remember you will have to repay the money with interest when you have retired. You can also buy stocks if you want to.

At last, when you have reached the retirement space you will stop moving your car. The first task after going to retire place is to repay the loan you have taken from the bank and you will also have to pay interest.

The winner of the game will be decided by counting the amount of money and life tiles, players have. The player who has the most of these assets will be the winner of the game.

Life board game board size

Life board game requires a giant size board as it has to set many objects on it. In the center, there is a spinner wheel set up and there are other cards and directions also set up on the board. So you need to buy a bigger size of life game board obviously and different manufacturers have different specifications in this regard.

History of life board gaming

In 1860, this board game was invented by Milton Bradley. It was the first version of this game. Later on, the newer version of the game arrived in 1960 and it was made by Reuben Klamer and Bill Markham. It was invented following the basics of the checkerboard game mainly.

Popularity in the USA

life board game graph

This homely game is very popular in the USA during Christmas vacations from December to January. People stay at home with their families and enjoy this board game. During the pandemic of coronavirus, people got engaged in playing this game from March to April this year. So during vacations, it is a very lovable game.


If you are looking for having a family fun time in the leisure period with some board gaming, then the life of a game board can serve you in a great way. Here, I have discussed some selected life of game boards, which you need to look at first. Then a few factors are worth considering before buying such a board. For making it easier before playing the game, I’ve also provided the rules of the game. So I hope you enjoyed reading the article and ready to purchase for the life of the game board.

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