Best National Geographic science kits ideas 2022

If your kids want to see the rocket very closely, explore what's inside the geodes, or have some treasure hunting experience, it's up to you to introduce them to these scientific things. National Geographic is doing an excellent job throughout these years to let your kids have some gaming fun with some educational values.

The Best national geographic science kits ideas will help you choose the right scientific item for your kids. In the list, you will find kits to explore the fossil's inside, make proper use of sands, fly the rocket from your hands, make a marble maze, etc. So do you still want to leave here without knowing the items with more details?

Best National Geographic science kits

What makes national geographic science kits better

You will find other brands in the market supplying science kits, but what I have preferred national geographic? Of course, I have found some reasons behind suggesting it.

  • The quality: The customers of national geographic science kits are really satisfied with the items' quality. They make 100% quality items, which will last longer and make sure your kids continue to have fun.
  • Adventurous feel: The realistic outlook of the product provides the kids an adventurous feel. This also makes it easier for them to learn about the item more deeply.
  • Toxic-free: There is no kind of toxic used in the items and they are, of course, not hazardous, which makes them perfect for kids' use.

Best National Geographic science kits


You can let your kids learn about earth science with the 15 mega fossils included in the set. In this science kit set, you will get sliced ammonite, coprolite, orthoceras, mosasaur tooth, crow shark, dino bone, trilobite, pink gastropod, and crinoid, brachiopod, coral, Sahara gastropod, black urchin, clam and white urchin. All the fossils are genuine and they are millions of years old. You kids can have hours of educational fun with these fossils.

Besides the fossils, the set comes with necessary science kits also. There are a chisel, brush and magnifying glass included in the set. So you will have everything you need for digging and having educational fun for hours. Another important thing the science kits set include is the learning guide. It is a 16 paged full-colored learning guide that tells you about how the fossils were formed and help the younger ones identify each specimen as discovered. So if your kids are interested in science, I don't find any reason for not letting him/her learn about science through these easy and realistic fun toys.

Key Features

  1. The science kit set comes with 15 ancient fossils
  2. The fossils are genuine and hundred years old
  3. There is a full-colored learning guide with the set
  4. It also has a chisel, brush and magnifying glass.

2. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC - Break Open 15 Premium Geodes

Explore the crystal caves inside the geodes included in the set. The set comes with 15 high-quality crystal-filled geodes and they are only waiting for the junior scientists to explore the inside of these geodes. Geodes are naturally formed volcanic rocks that contain unique crystal formations inside. National Geographic has selected the best geodes from multiple mines of the world and completed the set. This provides an excellent opportunity for the learners to explore the inside of these high-grade geodes.

Another important thing you will find in the set is the learning guide. It comes in a full-colorful design and lets your kids learn all the needed information about geodes and minerals. Don't forget to wear the safety goggles before breaking the geodes to explore the crystal inside. You will find a safety goggle included in the set with two display stands. You have to use a hammer with or without a chisel to explore the geodes inside, not included in the kit set.

Key Features

  1. The set comes with 15 high crystal filled geodes
  2. It includes a full colorful learning guide
  3. There is a safety goggle
  4. There are also two display stands.

3. National Geographic Professional Rock Tumbler Kit

Make beautifully polished gemstones from the rough rocks included in this tumbler kit set. The kit comes with a professional rock tumbler and your kids will love to transform the stones into polished gemstones for sure. The set comes with a pro series tumbler from national geographic, eight polishing grits, and jewelry fastenings. You will find an instruction guide with the set to make things easier for you. Both kids and adults will quickly understand how to go through the process with the instruction book.

Here in this kit set, you will find two pounds of rough gemstones. There are rose quartz, sodalite, agate, aventurine, tiger's eye, black jasper, delamination, amethyst and red jasper. The powerhouse tumbler machine will last for years to serve you. It comes featuring a two-pound, leak-proof rubber barrel that makes less noise than most other rock tumblers. It also includes speed control and a shutoff timer for faster tumbling times and better polishing results. The polishing grits included in the set are four levels and they come in two sets.

Key Features

  1. Transform the rough gemstones into clear, stunning gems
  2. It comes with a pro series tumbler
  3. It includes eight polishing grits and jewelry fastenings
  4. The tumbler has a two-pound, leak-proof rubber barrel.

4. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Junior Metal Detector for Kids

If you are looking for a tool that can be handy for a treasure-hunting expedition, then this metal detector from national geographic can be a good choice. It comes with 7.5 inches dual coil, which is waterproof. Another excellent side of this detector is that it has adjustable sensitivity. You can let your kids detect objects up to 7 inches in the ground. As it is relatively lightweight with weighing around 1.5 pounds only, kids can easily handle it and easily portable.

You will find a telescoping arm that will provide length adjustment. Besides, a padded arm strap and comfort grip will make the detector easily usable for any treasure hunts. For convenient storage in your luggage or the corner of a closet, you can fold up the detector's coil and remove the arm support. A full-color learning guide is included in the set to make the detecting task easier for the kids.

Key Features

  1. The metal detector comes with 7.5 inches dual coil
  2. The dual coil is waterproof and foldable
  3. The detector has adjustable sensitivity
  4. There is a padded arm strap.


You can easily let your kids have fun in the backyard with the air rocket toy from national geographic. The set comes with three LED-equipped rockets. Your kids can stomp the extra-large foot pump on the toy rocket launcher and send the rockets flying. The manufacturer has built the rocket with a capacity of flying up to 100 feet. Your kids can turn the Led lights on or off whenever they want to. So you can let them have a spectacular rocket light show outdoor.

Besides providing fun, these rockets encourage the kid's physical exercise, scientific exploration, fine motor and skill development. There is a detailed learning guide includes in the set and it contains rocket flight experiments and insight into the physics of motion and aerodynamics, which makes indicates that it has a lot of educational value and is more than a kids rocket launcher. This way, you can introduce your kids to science inventions at a very early age by providing some fun time.

Key Features

  1. The set has three LED-equipped rockets
  2. There is one rocket launcher base
  3. There is a launch tube
  4. You will find a detailed learning guide.


Create some sandcastles with the different color sands included in the pack from national geographic. The sands included in the package are kinetic so that they will stick only to themselves. The sands are perpetually wet, which allows you to mold, shape, or squeeze them however you like and these sands never dry out, which will enable you to use them for a long time. The pack allows you to build six different molds, including castles, pyramids and so on. This sand pack comes with blue, purple and natural color sand.

You can create a colorful creation with the three different colors and arrange a game with your family members or friends by giving them an individual color of sand. If you are buying something for the kids, safety should be the first thing to consider and this sand pack is safe enough. This hypoallergenic sand is non-toxic and they are also much easier to clean. When making some staff even in their living room, you can make the place clean easily after use.

Key Features

  1. 6 pound of sand in three different colors
  2. The special mixture never dries out
  3. It is much easier to clean up
  4. The kids can build six different molds.


Your kids can build a sturdy marble run with the pieces included in the set. The set comes with a total of 80 pieces and the construction kit is designed to fit together snuggly that ensures your marble run won't fall. You will find five sturdy bases, 15 exciting action pieces, 15 glow in the dark marbles, and 45 clear, smooth run tube pieces in the set. The glow in dark marbles of the set comes in five different colors.

There is one UV keychain light included in the set to help your marbles glow brighter and longer. The sturdy bases will let your construction a strong base to ensure it doesn't fall apart during the play. Another great side of the set is that it comes with a mesh carrying bag and marble pouch, which allows you to store the construction pieces of the marble run inside safe and securely. You will also find a learning guide and marble run construction experiments in the set.

Key Features

  1. 15 action pieces with secure fitting
  2. 15 glow in the dark marbles in 5 different colors
  3. 45 clear, smooth rube tube pieces
  4. Five sturdy bases for a stable structure.

Buying guides

I don't think there are many things you need to consider before buying a science kit from national geographic. However, I'm still going to give a few considerable things (video).


If you are buying anything for your kids, the first thing you should keep in mind that whether it is safe enough or not. Except for ensuring safety, I won't suggest you buy the item, whatever it is. The thing is much more important to consider when you are purchasing a science kit. When you are buying such a kit, you must check out whether it contains any harmful chemicals or not.


You must look at how much longer your kids can play with the kit. I would never suggest you buying such kits that will get damaged after a short period of use. This might break the heart of the kids.

Educational value

Learning with playing should be what you are looking for in the science kits. If you can make your kids learn some basics of different scientific inventions through playing, it will be great. It is the right time to introduce your kids to the modern world with many scientific innovations.

Kid's choice

What type of scientific kit does your kid favor? You must ask him/her once about her choice and then purchase a kit. Someone will like to make some castles with sand; someone will want to fly rockets or explore what's inside the geodes.

Learning guide

This will help your kids play or make things according to the rules. The learning guide will give them detailed information about the kit and sometimes it also contains some extra information about the invention, which is excellent for learning.

Ideas of national geographic science kits

Basically, what types of science kits your kids might love to have that's the vital thing here.

  • Exploring the inside of geodes: The kids might love to find the gemstone inside the geodes by exploring them.
  • Digging the fossil: What was there a thousand years ago? You can answer such questions by letting those digging fossils.
  • Creating projects with sands: They can do some creative things with the sands like building a castle.
  • Glowing colorful crystal lab: A colorful marble run set that can glow in the dark can let your kids build a colorful crystal lab.
  • Flying to the spaces: Grab the rocket in your hand and make it fly following the learning guide's instruction. Meanwhile, the learning guide will provide you extended information about the item for sure.


You should hesitate anymore because the products I have mentioned above are the best in quality and national geographic is a world-class brand making science kits. Now ask your kid what type of kit he/she wants and then purchase for it.

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