Best office basketball hoop reviews 2022

As a trendy and enjoyable sport, Office Basketball Hoops provide tremendous game time for participants everywhere because Basketball is considered one of the most famous or popular sports in the USA, Europe, and the rest of the world. If you love to play Basketball in your free time or office, you have to select the best basketball hoop for the office.


9 Best basketball hoop for office

1. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

Thought as an excellent miniature wall-mount basketball system, SKLZ pro mini basketball hoop looks like a professional hoop and can be easily mounted on the wall. Its backboard is 1/8 inch thin and includes spring-action breakaway steel rim. It also has 8 loops and 3 ply nylon net. Though the ball is small, it is realistic. It has a 90-day manufacturer warranty, considering it as one of the most affordable hoops available in the market. If you are searching for heavy-duty, hitherto mobile, the SKLZ Pro mini basketball is a remarkable option.


Backboard: Shatter proof polycarbonate

Backboard dimensions: 18 x 12 inches

Rim: 9 inches, solid steel

Ball: 5-inch diameter

Weight: 3 pounds

The Good

  1. Easy to set up
  2. Affordable Price
  3. Durable  and Adjustable height
  4. High-quality construction
  5. Foam padding on the door mount

The Bad Thin background

2. Spalding Over the Door Unit (56099)

It is considered as one of the largest suppliers of a wide range of basketball equipment across the world. This mini basketball hoop is made of quality materials which is long-lasting. Its backboard is also made of 100% shatter-resist polycarbonate. It comes with a heavy-duty steel 9-inch diameter breakaway rim, which can be easily mounted. It is used for both indoor or outdoor activities. It has a 1/4-inch scale of NBA backboard, and it is also designed to look like the official NBA basketballs. All installation tools are included along with the pre-assembled bracket, which makes this installation process a breeze.


Backboard: Shatter-resist Polycarbonate

Backboard dimensions: 18 x 10.5 inches

Rim: 9 inches, steel

Ball: 4 inches, rubber

The Good

  1. Fits on most doors
  2. Spring-loaded hoop
  3. Very light in weight and Easy to adjust
  4. Durable and Reasonable price
  5. Padded door hooks to protect your door from Scuffing

The Bad

The ball is not pre-inflated

If placed to near the wall can damage when opened

3. JustlnTymeSports Wall Mounted Mini Basketball Hoop – Mini Pro 1.0

If anyone looks for a great mini basketball hoop for office, I recommend this JustlnTymeSports basketball because it has exceptional durability and seems enormously realistic play. It is a complete set including shatterproof polycarbonate background, 9-inch breakaway steel rim, and comes with 5-inches rubber mini basketball. Its hoop is designed for easy installation to single wood stud or any other sturdy structure. It includes all mounting hardware, and this hoop finds a complete professional look through its realistic backboard graphics. However, it is fixed into one frame for conclusive stability.


Backboard: Shatterproof polycarbonate

Backboard dimensions: 18 x 12 x 1/4 inches

Rim: 9 inches, solid steel

Ball: 5 inches, rubber

Weight: 9 pounds

The Good

  1. Quick installation
  2. Realistic mini basketball hoop
  3. Great customer service
  4. The steel frame used for extra strength or durability
  5. Easy to assemble
  6. Solid and sturdy
  7. Backboard and rim come pre-assembled

4. Lifetime 73650 44 Inch Shatterproof Backboard and Rim Combo Kit

The 73650 Lifetime basketball hoop is constructed of shatterproof polycarbonate backboard and Slam-it rim. It comes with a 5-year warranty and features fade resist graphics. It is used for both indoors and outdoors. It also comes with a white all-weather net and made from high impact polyethylene plastic. Both backboard and rim are weather resistant. It can be mounted on a roof, wall, eave, or 3.5-inch pole using a worldwide mounting bracket, and the mounting kit is sold distinctly, which will help you to adjust the height.


Backboard: Shatter proof polycarbonate

Backboard dimensions: 44 x 30 inches

Rim: 18-inch diameter

Weight: 25 Ibs

The Good

  1. Long-lasting
  2. Easy to assemble
  3. Durable with Great price
  4. 5-year warranty

The Bad: The plastic kit is soft

5. Stumptown Sports Mini Basketball Hoop with Breakaway Rim

This basketball hoop is made of high-quality materials that provide great reliability and durability for long term use. It has two mini-sized basketballs, including 2 by 4-inch dimensions. The backboard also has modest dimensions. It has a 9-inch stainless steel basketball net rim with thickness. This high-quality basketball hoop set is promising with a good lifespan. It is also durable and long-lasting. It is used in both indoors and outdoors. Though there is no product warranty, it provides a 30-day money-back with 100% warranty.


Backboard dimensions: N/A

Rim: 9 inches, steel

Ball: 2 x 4 inch

The Good

  1. comes with a 30-day full money refund guarantee
  2. Sturdy backboard
  3. Includes air pump
  4. Spring-based hoop
  5. Nice fixture & used in multiple places with the over to door hook
  6. Affordable and durable

The Bad: Does not come with a warranty

6. Franklin Sports over the Door Mini Basketball Hoop

This is an incredible over-the-door mini basketball hoop that is designed in a way to fit most doors in-home or office and comes with 3/4 inch of EVA a foam padding system in order to protect the door. It has a strong backboard and made of high-quality steel hardware throughout the hoop. The backboard can withstand slam dunks. It has a 9.5-inch metal rim equipped with a durable 8 loop net. The components such as LED basketball set, Basketball, pump, tools, etc. are found.


Backboard: Shatter-resist backboard

Backboard dimensions: 17.75 x 12 inches

Rim: 9.5 inches, steel

Ball: 5 inches

The Good

  1. Quality steel and Effortless mounting
  2. Dual spring rim
  3. Pro basketball setup
  4. Sturdy and Long-lasting and durable
  5. Soft foam ball
  6. Spring-loaded rim
  7. Adjustable with great Quality

The Bad: Cannot be used on entry doors, 

Painting over oxidized steel

7. Tekk Nate Robinson Monster Jam Mini Hoop

This is the strongest basketball hoop found in the market; it features a shatterproof polycarbonate backboard. It has five-inch diameter basketball and a one-year warranty. You can install it easily over the door or the wall. It has double strength background, available in two sizes- 12x18 inch and 18x24 inch. Used by 3x dunk champion Nate Robinson and functions or looks like a professional hoop. Its cutting edge spring technology guarantees it can resist the hardest dunks and respond to the straight position every time. Its backboard is 2.5 times thicker than other mini hoops. It has a foam padding system that ensures the door protection, and the hoop is not creating noises when the ball hits it.


Backboard: Shatter-resist Polycarbonate

Backboard dimensions: 12 x 18 inches and 18 x 24 inches

Rim: 9.25 inches and 10 inches, steel

Ball: 5 inches, pump

The Good

  1. Spring-loaded rim
  2. Sturdy
  3. Easy to assemble
  4. Convenient
  5. Solid indoor hoop
  6. Strongest and good Durable

The Bad: No wall mounting hardware

8. JAPER BEES Mini Pro over the Door and Wall Mount Basketball Hoop

Japer bees mini basketball hoop features a distinctive HD Retro American Flag backboard, which is made of clear and super-thick polycarbonate materials to create it 100% shatterproof. It is ideal for those who like patriotic style sports equipment. It includes both wall mounting hardware and door hook. It also comes with a dual-spring breakaway rim that will permit you to practice and enjoy your dunks and swishes. This rim is made of sturdy steel and includes 5-inch pro-grade rubber basketball and pump to provide a game-like action inside the office. Here all tools are installed to make sure a hassle-free setup.


Backboard: Shatterproof polycarbonate 

Backboard dimensions: 18 x 12 inches

Rim: Dual spring, solid steel

Ball: 5-inch, rubber

Weight: 4 pounds

The Good

  1. No bending and noise during play
  2. Sturdy and Long-lasting
  3. Quick installation
  4. Hassle-free setup
  5. Easy-assemble
  6. Attractive

The Bad


Padding not even enough

9. Lifetime 3823 44 Inch Backboard Rim Combo

This basketball hoop has 44-inch high destiny polyethylene playing surface and classic 18-inch steel rim with welded net hooks and nylon net. Mounting brackets are not included, which is sold separately. It is ideal for replacing an existing backboard or roof mount. Here graphics are screen printed with UV protected inks and offers fade resist color. It includes a five-year manufacturer's warranty.


Backboard: Impact high destiny polyethylene

Backboard dimensions: 44 x 18 inches

Rim: 18 inches, steel

The Good

  1. Durable and Great quality 
  2. Portable
  3. All-weather net
  4. Inexpensive

The bad :No complaints found

10. AND1 Mini Basketball Hoop

It is quite a nice thing to have a basketball hoop installed in your office. It reduces boredom during office hours and lets you relax for a while. This basketball hoop from AND1 is easy to use as it comes with a bracket for a convenient setup on the door.
When you are sitting on your chair and have nothing to do, you can simply throw the mini basketball towards the hoop. It is a mini-sized hoop that is easy to throw and won't damage anything in the room. Also, while installing the hoop on the door you don't need to worry much as the foam keeps the door or wall scratch-free.


  1. Backboard: Professional-grade shatterproof board with foam padded backing.
  2. Backboard dimensions: 18 inches by 12 inches
  3. Rim: Durable steel, 9 inches in diameter.
  4. Ball: 5 inches mini basketball

The Good

  1. The heavy-duty steel rim ensures durability.
  2. The backboard easily mounts to the top of the door.
  3. It also includes a durable 3-ply net.
  4. It is a suitable hoop for both kids and adults.
  5. The padded foam on the backboard protects the door and walls from any kind of scratches.
  6. The inclusion of over-the-head brackets makes it always ready to install. 

The bad 

  1. The rim is doesn’t come spring-loaded.
  2. It isn’t a highly durable basketball hoop. 

Buying Guides

If you are a basketball lover, you will agree with me that portable an inground basketball hoop is very significant and means a lot to the whole game. It is challenging to decide which basketball hoop is perfect for the office as there are so many different hoops found in the market. There are some factors which you should always consider before buying products and, after reading this article, you will learn some great tips that help you to select the perfect hoop.

Durability and Adjustability

The most significant things you need to consider are durability and height adjustability. You should choose the basketball hoop on the basis of durability and height adjustability. As a buyer, you need to ensure that the hoop you are buying for the office is going to long-lasting or not. You also consider about the height, which will realize you whether it is important or not. You also need to check the rim, backboard, and the design. If you find basket ball hoop for little tikes and toddler, this hoops is totally diffrent from office hoops.


Obviously, you need to think about the size of the hoops in case of buying this. Because these hoops come with different sizes to accommodate the space which most people have or may do not have. Some sizes may be small, or some are able to fit with a full-sized backboard.


Office basketball hoops come with a various range of materials such as plastic, polycarbonate, foam, etc. In the case of buying this hoop, which material you want to select, you need to think about this. Some materials are resistant; some are stronger than others, so bear in mind about the material before purchasing the hoop.

Ease of installation

Before purchasing a hoop, you need to ensure that the hoop you will buy easy and quick to install because the ease of installation varies as you move from hoop to hoop. So make sure that you do not spend more time figuring out how to fix it up.


Cost is a significant issue in the case of choosing a basketball hoop. You do not want to buy a cheap basketball hoop which breaks easily, or you do not want to expend a lot of money on a basketball hoop with quality which you do not need. So the price is a serious matter, and you have to choose a lifelong and inexpensive basketball with good quality according to your budget.

Final words

I tried my best to include numerous range of products in this article so that you can find your selectable basketball hoop for office. I hope that from this list, you will find a suitable hoop according to your requirements and budgets, and in case you have any superfluous questions regarding this, please leave a comment below.

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