Best oil and conditioner for baseball gloves review 2022

You have a baseball glove in a baseball equipment bag. But you don't know how to extend the life of your baseball gloves. To make sure that your baseball glove lasts for a long time, you need to use the best oil and conditioner in your baseball gloves. So I have come here with a review of oil and conditioner for baseball gloves.

Wilson premium glove oil tops the list with easy spray applicator system. And Rawlings Gold Glove Butter is in the top list of conditioners, which is a durable training aid usable for players of all calibers. Continue reading this article to know more details about these top two products and also about other products.

best oil for baseball glove

best oil for baseball glove

Best oil for baseball gloves

1. Wilson Premium Glove Oil

Wilson is always regarded as one of the most reputed brands in the field of making sports equipments. They are very famous for making tennis rackets. But they have also successfully launched glove oil for baseball gloves. Wilson premium glove oil from Wilson is designed to soften and aid glove break-in. This glove oil product ensures that your glove also lasts for long by using one of the best oils.

You can truly take care of your baseball gloves by using Wilson premium glove oil. Using this oil will offer you to break in your gloves with spending less amount of time. This glove oil from premium also conditions, clean and restores your glove to its natural look. It’s beneficial oil for softening and preserving leather. It is easy to use the oil through spray applicator. It is usable for both men’s and women’s baseball gloves.

Key Features

  1. Designed to soften and preserve the leather
  2. Easy to use spray applicator
  3. Reduce the amount of break-in time
  4. Restores the gloves to its glory days.


  1. Using the oil makes it easier to break inside a new glove. 
  2. It softens the baseball gloves with great efficiency.
  3. It is very easy and convenient to use.
  4. The user can use this oil on leather shoes, jackets, and bags as well. 

2. EASTON PROFESSIONAL Baseball / Softball Glove Oil

This glove oil from for both baseball and softball is manufactured by EASTON. This glove oil offers you a break in the gloves within a short time; it doesn't matter what type of leather has been used to make this glove. You just need to use this oil with your hand or by a piece of cloth on the glove and keep it for 24 hours.

This glove oil softens the leather to make you feel better when you wear this during the game. It is long-lasting oil coming in a handy 4 ounces bottle. It offers protection from wear and tear and the elements and preserves the integrity of the leather. It is a perfect glove oil for all levels of baseball players.

Key Features

  1. Ensures easy break in the gloves
  2. Softens leather for better feel
  3. Preserves the integrity of the leather
  4. Protect from tearing.


  1. It provides a comfortable and softer feel on wearing gloves. 
  2. After using the oil, the gloves remain safe from wear, tear, and elements.
  3. It comes with an easy-to-use bottle.
  4. It speeds up the break-in time inside the gloves. 

3. SARNA Baseball Glove Leather Conditioner

This glove leather conditioner from SARNA is made for the use of both baseball and softball players. This glove conditioner takes excellent care of your gloves. Using this glove conditioner ensures that the glove lasts for a long time and increases the gloves. They made this glove conditioner using a new, unique, and top-quality formula. This provides constant care and conditioning for your baseball gloves.

You can have the opportunity of breaking in your gloves easily by using this conditioner from SARNA. They have used non – dying, non – darkening formula that restores moisture and pliability to frequently used items. If you have confusion regarding the take care of your leather gloves, then this SARNA glove conditioner won't disappoint you.

Key Features

  1. Unique formula
  2. Premium blend
  3. Non – dying & non – a darkening formula
  4. Increases the longevity of your gloves.


  1. It restores the moisture and pliability on the used conditioners. 
  2. It keeps both baseball and softball gloves soft and conditioned.
  3. The user will have a quick and easy break-in after using this conditioner.
  4. It makes the gloves look new. 

4. Fiebing's Premium Baseball Glove Oil - Glove Conditioner 4oz

This premium baseball glove oil – conditioner from Fiebing’s comes in an easy to use bottle. It offers you to break in your gloves easily without having trouble. You will find a mixture of oils in this glove oil – conditioner from Fiebing’s. This product comes with a facility of spray applicator that makes it different from other glove oil products.

You can just have a single spray on your gloves and that's enough to give your gloves a shiny look. This glove oil – conditioner also increases the longevity of your gloves. Besides gloves, you can use this product in other leather items like boots, belts, and equestrian equipment. That's why this brand is considered as the leader in leather care.

Key Features

  1. Easy to use spray applicator
  2. Softens the glove
  3. Easy to break-in
  4. Beneficial for preserving leather.


  1. The oil softens the glove.
  2. It preserves the leather and keeps the newer look of the gloves.
  3. The use of this oil on gloves increases the durability and longevity of the product.
  4. The user will have an easy break into the gloves after using this oil. 

Best conditioner for baseball gloves

1. Rawlings Gold Glove Butter

This is an all-round glove conditioner for the baseball players who want to take care of their gloves a lot. This gold glove butter conditioner from Rawlings features a red covey sports cloth for using the oil to the baseball product or specifically to the gloves. The conditioner is capable of restoring, preserving and maintaining your leather gloves.

You can use this product in your new gloves or which gloves have already been turned old without any hesitation. Using this conditioner from Rawlings increases the speed of breaking into your gloves and does it quite comfortably. Regular use of this conditioner makes sure that your glove remains in natural color. As this conditioner is made of using natural ingredients, you don't worry about its side effects.

Key Features

  1. Easy to use
  2. Great for restoring and preserving your gloves
  3. Quick breaking in
  4. Made from natural ingredients.


  1. The conditioner moisturizes the leather of the glove.
  2. It protects the leather and increases durability for long-lasting usage.
  3. It ensures a quick and convenient break inside the glove by softening the surface.
  4. The conditioner is pretty easy to apply. 

2. Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

Wilson is a renowned brand in the field of making different sports products. This pro stock glove conditioner from Wilson is usable for both new and old products. This conditioner can easily restore the old baseball gloves and also condition the new ones. It cleans, restores and conditions the leather gloves in just one step.

The conditioner contains vitamin E that helps you to restore the natural scent of your leather product very easily. You can use this product sparingly and it will last for a long period of time, that’s one of the best sides of this item. It is easy to apply to the product with a small piece of cotton cloth. You can use it in leather items like handbags and belts also.

Key Features

  1. Perfect for both new and old products
  2. Vitamin E restores natural scent
  3. Softens hard and stiff gloves
  4. Multi – purpose conditioner.


  1. This multi-purpose conditioner softens, cleans the leather of the gloves. 
  2. By using it, the user can retain the original color and look of the gloves.
  3. The manufacturer ensured easy usage making it easily applicable on the gloves.
  4. It can also restore the old leather on the gloves.

3. Hot Glove Cream Conditioner for Glove Maintenance and Glove Leather Care

This glove cream conditioner from Hot Glove is a safe, easy and effective way to protect and preserve you baseball gloves. This glove conditioner is made with the number 1 ingredient, vitamin E and lanolin. This softens the leather and also preserves it.

The conditioner contains vitamin E that helps you to restore the natural scent of your leather product very easily. It cleans, restores and conditions the leather gloves in just one step. It is easy to apply to the product with a small piece of cloth or your hand. This is a non – toxic and non – flammable conditioner and this won't increase the weight of your gloves like the glove oil.

Key Features

  1. Made with vitamin E and lanolin
  2. Non – toxic
  3. Non – flammable
  4. Conditions clean and restores in just one step.


  1. It revitalizes the leather glove by repelling the rain and moisture. 
  2. Unlike most other glove oils, it won’t increase the weight of the gloves.
  3. By softening the leather, it preserves the quality of the gloves.
  4. It is easy to apply on leather gloves. 

4. PECARD Baseball Glove Conditioner

This is an ideal conditioner for all oil tanned baseball gloves. This glove conditioner from PECARD keeps the leather soft and supple. It also prevents the hardening and cracking of the leather. So you can preserve you leather items or specifically your baseball gloves by using this conditioner on them.

This conditioner protects your glove from weather damage. So you can wear your gloves in the rough weather and continue your game just using this conditioner before the game. It maintains the leather to keep fibers soft and flexible. This conditioner will also not cause harm to the stitching of the gloves. Without hesitating, you can use this conditioner on your newly bought gloves.

Key Features

  1. For all oil tanned baseball gloves
  2. Protects from weather damage
  3. Won’t harm stitching
  4. Keeps the leather soft and supple.


  1. It retains the original condition of the gloves without damaging the stitching. 
  2. The use of this conditioner prevents hardening and cracking of the gloves.
  3. It maintains the flexibility and softness of the gloves.
  4. It doesn’t add any extra weight to the glove because of the lightweight nature. 

5. Meister Glove Butter

You might be thinking of throwing your old gloves as the shiny structure has already faded away. But wait, this glove butter from Meister can bring back the shiny look on your gloves again and make it look new as it was before. 

The container is large enough that carries almost three times more conditioner than normal conditioners. It allows you to without worrying the conditioner will run short somewhere in the middle of the process. It doesn’t only support applying on baseball gloves.
You can apply it even on soccer gloves, cycling gloves, softball gloves, and many more. It rejuvenates the dry and worn-out leathers with ease. Before using, you must shake the bottle to get the best possible result from it.
Then take one drop of glove butter by squeezing the bottle on a soft cloth. Now rub the cloth gently on the glove surface. Let the glove dry for four to eight hours. Then, clean the butter coating from the glove using another cloth piece. These are the simple process of applying this glove butter.

Key Features

  1. It is the ideal glove butter for worn-out athletic leather gloves. 
  2. It contains around 177 ml of butter in the bottle.
  3. There are using applying instructions available on the back of the bottle.
  4. It can be applied in baseball gloves, softball gloves, cycling gloves, and more.


  1. The bottle contains almost three times more conditioner compared to other glove conditioners. 
  2. You can apply it within a few seconds by following the provided instructions on the back.
  3. It can clean and soften treated leathers as well.
  4. It can bring back the natural and shiny glow on dry, crusty leather gloves. 

How to choose

Before purchasing for an oil or conditioner for your baseball gloves, you need to make sure that your chosen product is perfect for you. And for choosing the great product you need to consider few facts before buying. I’m going to discuss some of those few facts below for your consideration.

Ingredients: Always look for those baseball glove oils or conditioners that are made with natural ingredients. This will provide you a significant effect on the product. However, the mixture of artificial ingredients will lower the price but also will damage effectiveness.

Water-resistant quality: Gloves oils that add a water-resistant layer on the product are always great for use. This will also prevent the gloves from having cracks in the meantime. 

Effectiveness on the product: To have quick effectiveness and also which is long-lasting, you need to focus on the ingredients of the glove oil and conditioners. You can go for neatsfoot oil that continuously offers good conditioning results.

Easy break-in: Your oil or conditioner should provide you the facility of breaking in the gloves easily.

Apply method: There are some oils or conditioners having spray applicator, which is easy to apply. Another method of applying is by using a piece of small cotton cloth.

Enhance the appearance: Your glove oil or conditioner should be able to provide your new gloves a shiny look and restore the natural look of the old gloves.


1. How to oil a baseball glove?

You can use a small piece of cotton cloth to oil a baseball glove. However, some products come with a spray applicator that makes it easier to oil a baseball glove with just a spray.

2. What is in baseball glove oil?

There is a compound of Neatsfoot and other beneficial oils for softening and preserving leather gloves in baseball glove oil.

3. How to break in a baseball glove without oil?

First moisten the leather of the gloves. Then soften the glove and give it shape for breaking in. Then your glove is ready for break-in.

4. What oil to use on a baseball glove?

Oils that are made with vitamin e and lanolin are the best type of oil to use on a baseball glove. Vitamin E restores the natural scent of your leather baseball glove.


You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for the good oil & conditioner for your baseball gloves. I have given a description of some oil & conditioners that you might love to look at. Then thinking of your easiness in choosing the right oil or conditioner, I have written a buying guide that will give you the idea of what facts you need to consider before purchasing for an oil or conditioner for volleyball glove. Again I have answered some frequently asked questions by you. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful and will be able to purchase for oil or conditioner for your baseball glove.

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