Best paddle Tennis Gloves reviews 2023

As a paddle tennis player to deliver the best performance inside the court you need to have an excellent grip on your tennis racquet. But as the game progresses, it is obvious that your hands will start sweating and you will constantly lose the grip of the racquet. So to solve this problem you just need to wear the right kind of tennis gloves in your hand.

This article comes to you with a review of the best paddle tennis gloves that can ensure a better grip of your racquet. I have kept Viking MaxTack Platform Tennis Glove (Medium) at the top of this list. This tennis glove comes with a lightweight performance design, comfortable elastic wrist and warm foam insulation. To know more about this product and the other products, you need to continue reading this article.


How to choose this gloves?

Well you need the right tennis glove to ensure excellent grip during the game. But you need to consider few facts before buying and then you can choose the right product for your use. In this segment of this article, I’m going to briefly discuss some facts that you need to consider before buying tennis gloves to ensure a better grip of your tennis racquet.

Palm materials: Tackified leather, synthetic leather, goatskin leather and sheepskin leather are four types of palm materials that are used in tennis gloves. Tackified leather will provide you the maximum level of stickiness and sheepskin leather is great if you are looking for the softest feel.

Padding: There are two types of padding used in a tennis glove, airprene padding and foam padding. Foam padding is better than airprene padding but it will add a bit weight to your gloves, whereas airprene padding is a lighter one.

Breathability: If your gloves are not breathable enough than the smell of sweat will arise as a matter of discomfort for you during the game. The breathability also depends on the padding system of the glove.

Flexibility: Your glove should be flexible enough to allow you to move your fingers easily, grip the racquet, and make shots without any discomfort.

Glove backing: How much warm will your glove keep your hands depends on the backing materials. Neoprene is going to be the right choice if you want to keep you hands warm unless you can go with mesh backing which offers great breathability.

Moisture controlling ability: You are using the gloves because your hands get sweaty soon. So your gloves should have to ability to control the sweat and keep your hands dry during the game.

Best paddle tennis gloves

1. Viking MaxTack Platform Tennis Glove (Medium)

This is a medium-sized tennis glove from Viking. This glove comes with a lightweight performance design. This lightweight design gives you a surety of the comfortable grip of your racquet. As the pair of gloves are lightweight you won’t feel that you are wearing something extra in your hands to confirm a better grip of your racquet. This tennis glove from Viking also comes with a four-way stretch knit backing system.

The four-way stretch knit backing system has got foam insulation that ensures the warmth and comfort of your hands. This pair of glove doesn’t let your racquet to slip from your hands as it is made of using a premium leather palm with tackifier design. The comfortable elastic wrist of this glove provides you with an enhanced grip of your racquet. This pair tennis glove comes in black color and is usable for men players.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight performance design
  2. Warm foam insulation
  3. Tackified premium suede leather palm
  4. Comfortable elastic waist

2. Viking PolarTack Platform Tennis Glove

This is another pair of tennis glove from Viking. This glove features a knitted, warm acrylic design. If you have worries about how you will be able to maintain a good grip in cold condition, then this pair of tennis gloves is ready to serve you. It’s knitted and warm acrylic design keeps your hands warm in cold weather conditions. This has also got extra duty fleece for added warmth.

This pair of tennis glove from Viking provides you ultimate performance and comfortable feel while gripping the racquet as it is made with tacky and absorbent premium sheepskin soft leather palm. It also protects your hand from harsh playing situations. You can loosen the gloves or tighten them whenever you like, depending on your comfort zone. All this is possible because it has an adjustable wrist strap that provides a customizable and snug fit. The extended wrist piece offers increased protection against the elements.

Key Features

  1. Knitted and warm acrylic design
  2. Extra duty fleece
  3. Tacky and absorbent premium sheepskin soft leather palm
  4. Adjustable wrist strap

3. Wilson Ultra Platform Tennis Glove

Wilson is a reputed brand in the field of making tennis equipment. Racquets manufactured from Wilson seems to be the first choice of world-class tennis players. But to keep this racquet fit in the hands of the players Wilson designed this pair of ultra platform tennis glove. This pair of glove comes with an elastic wrist band for superior comfort. So you can play your natural game without worrying about the control of your racquet.

It is a kind of tennis glove that provides you a perfect blend of warmth and performance inside the court. Even in the coldest situation your hands will not freeze if you are wearing this pair of tennis gloves from Wilson. It will provide you an ultimate feel during the coldest condition as it features a silicone grip. This confirms the optimal hold of your racquet during the game. This tennis glove from Wilson comes in full black color with the Wilson logo designed on the backside of the glove.

Key Features

  1. Silicone grip for optimal hold
  2. Elastic wrist band
  3. Perfect blend of warmth and performance

4. Wilson Platform Winter Glove

This is another tennis glove from Wilson, one of the most reputed brands in the field of making tennis equipment. This is a platform winter glove from Wilson designed to serve you even at the lowest temperature. If you are worried about playing the natural game in the cold condition, I assure you that this pair of winter tennis gloves will warm you and keep a good grip on your racquet.

The flannel backing system keeps the hands warm during the coldest playing conditions. This glove ensures a confident grip of your racquet whatever the weather condition is, as the moisture-resistant palm treated with water-resistant silicone formula is used to make it. The naturally tacky Cabretta sheepskin leather palm offers you an incredible feel during the game. Not only that, this sheepskin leather palm will also ensure a great level of durability of the item. The fleece backing and extended cuff keep the cold out and provide added warmth. This glove also comes in black color.

Key Features

  1. Naturally tacky Cabretta sheepskin leather palm offers incredible feel and durability.
  2. Water-resistant silicone formula ensures a confident grip
  3. Fleece backing system
  4. Extended cuff

5. Tourna Hot Glove Mitt for Tennis and Pickleball:

Tourna manufactures this hot pair of gloves for tennis and pickleball. This pair of gloves keep your hands warm on the coldest playing conditions, that’s it is named hot glove mitt. This pair of gloves has opening s on both sides, so you can easily put your hands and ensure a comfortable grip on your tennis racquet or pickleball paddle.

You won’t find any difficulty in putting on this pair of gloves and taking off. You just need to slip your hand into one side of the mitt and insert the racquet handle or pickleball paddle handle through the narrow opening at the top of the glove. This item keeps you hands directly attached to the racquet or paddle, so you always have a natural feel. This makes this item better than other gloves. It is made of 100% breathable fleece. You can use this pair of the glove during practice sessions or official matches whenever you want to warm up your hands.

Key Features

  1. Openings on both sides
  2. Easy to put on and take off
  3. Keeps the hand directly on the handle
  4. 100% breathable fleece

6. Viking Paddleball Gloves

In this list of tennis gloves, this is the third product from Viking. They designed this pair of paddleball gloves for providing extra comfort and durability. During the cold weather conditions players seem to lose control over the racquet and this affects his game very badly. But Wilson designed these paddleball gloves to provide the maximum control over the grip of the player even during the cold weather conditions.

If you wear this pair glove, it will keep your hands warm during the unfavorable weather condition and this will help you keep control over the racquet to continue playing your natural game. This pair glove comes with a firm fitting leather palm with gauntlet sleeve design. It is also designed with grey fleece backing with white palm. It is better to move inside the court in a cold-weather condition with this pair of gloves on. This glove comes in grey color.

Key Features

  1. Provides extra comfort and durability
  2. Firm fitting leather palm
  3. Gauntlet sleeve
  4. Grey fleece backing

7. Unique Sports Tourna Men’s Half Finger Tennis Glove

This half finger tennis glove from unique sports provides superior grip and soft feel. This pair of glove is specially designed for male players. It is made of using the top quality Cabretta leather, which ensures maximum grip over the racquet and also a soft feel. The leather used to make this glove is made from calfskin for providing ultimate feel and luxury.

This pair of glove provides you an adjustable option with the Velcro tab closure design. This Velcro tab closure is added her for providing an adjustable fit to the user. There is also terry back design for a fresh feel. This is a full white color pair of glove from Unique Sports. This glove will keep your hand warm in the cold weather and both male & female tennis player can use this pair of gloves.

Key Features

  1. Top-quality Cabretta leather
  2. Soft extra thin leather
  3. Velcro tab closure
  4. Terry back

8. Head Leather Racquetball Glove

You should always look to wear a pair of gloves that provide enough flexibility for your hands. The manufacturer used tough synthetic leather to construct the gloves. This construction provides lightweight comfort and dynamic flexibility to the user. You also need a better grip with the gloves. So this pair of gloves comes with silicone webbing across the palm and fingers.

 You won’t feel hesitant using the gloves even for long sessions, because they come with high-performance ventilated spandex fabric for extra air circulation, cooling, and comfort during the game. Also, there is extra padding on the knuckle area to protect your hands properly. It allows the player to dive for the intense shots without any doubt in mind.

Key Features

  1. Constructed with tough synthetic leather
  2. Silicone webbing across the palm and finger areas
  3. High-performance ventilated spandex fabric
  4. Extra padding on the knuckle.


1. What is paddle Tennis Gloves?

It is a kind of glove that helps to keep control over your tennis racquet and make perfect shots to continue playing a natural game.

2. What paddle Tennis Gloves should I need?

I have mentioned a few paddle tennis products above in this article. So you can choose any one of those products depending on your need. But I would prefer the Viking MaxTack Platform Tennis Glove (Medium).

3. Paddle Tennis Gloves size?

There is no definite size of these paddle tennis gloves. But in average these gloves will fit on 8 to 10 inches hand easily.

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