Best pickleball accessories ā€“ Equipment list

Every sport requires some accessories for the gameplay. Pickleball is a paddle sport that is gaining popularity rapidly. You need a paddle, a few pickleball, net and a regulation size pickleball court for playing the game. Besides this, there are some other accessories you need to have in your pickleball set.

In this article, I will make a list of the equipment you need to play pickleball. Later on, I will discuss this list's main equipment and mention a few products that you guys should go for having quality pickleball accessories set. It would be beneficial to select the right pickleball accessories if you read this article till the end.

Best pickleball accessories

Pickleball equipment list

The main equipment you need to play pickleball is not many. A paddle, a few pickleball, a net and a court is enough for playing pickleball. However, there is some other equipment that your pickleball set may include. Here Iā€™m going to make a list of some pickleball pieces of equipment, which will help you make a perfect pickleball set for you.

Pickleball paddle

It is one of the main equipment you need to play pickleball. It is very much similar to table tennis paddles but larger in size. The paddle used in pickleball comes with a rounded edge. You need to ensure the quality of pickleball paddles to have the best performance.

Pickleball balls

 Pickleball balls are very much similar to whiffle balls but relatively lightweight. This type of ball comes in bright colors like yellow, pink, green, or white to ensure better vision on the court. There are mainly two types of balls used in pickleball: indoor and the other for outdoor courts.


Table tennis net and potable pickleball nets are very much the same in the structure. Most of the courts have a built-in net or fixed net. But if you are a roamer or want to carry your pickleball set wherever you go, you can buy a portable net instead. This will also give you excellent service.

A carrying bag or backpack

 You can have a bag or backpack for carrying your pickleball gears. This will undoubtedly make things easier for you to store all the needed equipment in one secure place and safely take them with you.  

Pickleball court tape

 This type of tape is used to mark the lines of a pickleball court. You can use other tapes instead of this tape, but I would highly recommend using court tape for having proper marking on the court. Before using the tape, you must make the surface clean and dry, making the tape last in its position for a long time.

Pickleball grip tape

Having a quality paddle is not enough for making good shots in pickleball. For this, you also need to ensure that you have good control over your paddle. A grip around the handle of the paddle can provide you a good hold, of course. That's why I would suggest you using grip tape around your paddle's handle. This will also prevent the paddle from slipping from your hand because of the sweat.

Pickleball braces

Pickleball requires a continuous movement of your hands and also needs some running. The standing position in such sports types puts pressure on your knee and the elbow has to be always moving for making shots. These things can create aches in the elbow and knees. So it would help if you protected them from unwanted aches and injuries. Wearing braces in those positions will reduce the chances of getting injured and provide you a comfortable gaming experience for sure.

Pickleball machine

A pickleball machine is a piece of essential equipment, when you practice pickleball all alone. It releases balls automatically, so you don't need a partner for throwing balls continuously. If you want to do better in this game, this will require a lot of practice. And you can't guarantee to find a partner every time you are going to practice. So it's better to buy a pickleball machine instead of searching for a partner.

Player accessories 

By player accessories, I meant the things a player needs to wear while playing this sport. There are no such rules and regulations for the costume a player need to use during a pickleball match. But whatever the player is wearing needs to make him, or her feel comfortable enough during the game. 

  • Shirt: A pickleball player should go inside the court wearing a half-sleeved t-shirt. The t-shirt should be loose-fitting. Remember, you should move your hand to make the shots comfortably after wearing the t-shirt.
  • Shorts: Like the t-shirt, there are no rules on what type of shorts you need to wear during a pickleball match. However, sports shorts are going to provide you better feel and comfort during the game. An easy and comfortable short will ensure comfortable movement of your legs for sure.
  • Shoes: An essential part of these accessories, which makes the player move easily and comfortably. There is a difference between indoor shoes and outdoor shoes. You can use volleyball shoes for indoor pickleball courts and tennis shoes for outdoor courts. But your shoes need to provide good traction and grip on the ground to respond in quick motions. 
  • Sunglasses and hat: The least thing as a pickleball player you need is sunglasses and hats to protect yourself from sunshine. These accessories are required for outdoor courts, not for indoor ones. 

Pickleball equipment suggestions

I have already discussed what equipments you need to play pickleball above. Now here I've come with suggestions for some products which are worth buying for a pickleball set.

Pickleball paddle

Gamma Sports 2.0 Pickleball Paddles


  • Brand: Gamma
  • Weight: 8 ounces

Key Features

  1. 4 inches honeycomb cushion grip
  2. A mid-weight heavier 8 ounces paddle
  3. Comes with textured fiberglass face and flush fit bumper
  4. Meets the USAPA specifications.

Gamma's pickleball paddle comes featuring a soft, sweat absorbing grip that helps the player to hit make shots with confidence. It comes with 4 inches honeycomb cushion grip. This mid-weight heavier paddle comes with a textured fiberglass face and flushes fit bumper.

It is designed with a blend of power and control to benefit the beginners and the experienced players. This mid-weight pickleball paddle meets the official specifications of USAPA. You can go with this paddle depending on your skill level to boost the play on the court.

Things need to consider before buying

Weight: Depending on the weight, there are three types of paddles. Lightweight paddles that weigh less than 7.3 pounds. Mid-weight paddles are weighing from 7.3 to 8.4 pounds and heavyweight paddles that weighs more than 8.4 pounds.

Material: The paddles are mainly made of wood materials. But nowadays, many manufacturers use graphite or composite materials for making these paddles. Wooden paddles are the heaviest and cheapest one.

Grip size: The grip size of the paddle depends on the height of the player. Players under 5 ft 2 inches should use 4 inches grip. 5 ft 3 inches to 5 ft 8 inches uses grips ranging from 4.125 to 4.25 inches. The more taller player uses grips of 4.5 inches.

Pickleball ball

Franklin Sports X-40 Pickleballs:


  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. 74 mm in diameter
  2. Rotationally molded for creating a one-piece, stronger and long-lasting ball
  3. 40 precisely machine drilled holes
  4. Meets USAPA standards.

Franklin sports brought to you this official size pickleball, which is 74 mm in diameter. The ball provides a balanced flight with 40 precisely machines drilled holes. The package includes 100 pickleball. The balls are made of using plastic material.

Each of the package's balls is rotationally molded to create a one-piece, stronger, long-lasting ball. It meets the USAPA standards for playing in the outdoor pickleball tournaments. The balls come in optic yellow colors, which will, of course, provide a great vision on the court. 

Things need to consider before buying

Indoor or outdoor: First, you have to decide whether you are buying the ball for indoor or outdoor use. Indoor balls are lighter than outdoor balls and they also last longer. Indoor balls are softer and have fewer holes than outdoor balls. Outdoor balls are tougher to control and spin than indoor balls.

Color: There is no actual color for pickleball balls, but it's better if it comes in light and bright colors like yellow or white. 

Pickleball Net

ZENY Portable Pickleball Net Set System


  • Brand: ZENY
  • Weight: 18.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of strong 25 mm thick steel support frame
  2. Portable and all-weather net
  3. Easy connection design
  4. Durable zipped carrying bag included.

This portable net system from ZENY comes with sturdy and robust construction. The net system is made of a strong 25 mm thick steel support frame and an all-weather net. It has fiberglass middle post support, excellent construction, and high-quality material that makes the net system durable.

As it is a portable net, you can easily store it into a carrying bag and carry it wherever you go. The net measures 22 feet in length, 36 inches tall on the sides and 31 inches tall in the middle part. To setup, the whole system is an easy task as it comes with an easy connection design.

Things need to consider before buying

Size: You should always look for regulation size nets, which will provide you a professional feel.

Durability: Durable net systems will last longer. And for excellent durability, your net system must have a strong frame construction.

Portability: As I mentioned above, some courts have built-in nets, but many don't. So it's better if you can carry the net with you.

Pickleball bag

Franklin Sports Pickleball Bag


  • Brand: Franklin Sports
  • Weight: 15.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Extra-large storage bag
  2. Made especially for the pros
  3. An adjustable shoulder strap that makes this sling bag easy on your back
  4. The polyester is used as the material.

If you lack a bag that can store and easily carry your pickleball gears, you can have this bag from Franklin Sports. It includes a dual padded cell phone and key storage with a built-in fence hook inside the largest pocket. So you can carry more gears than any other carrying bags.

This pickleball bag is specially designed for the pros. It is made of using polyester. You can have back support with an adjustable shoulder strap that makes the bag easy on your back and shoulders. It also helps to prevent muscle strain and shoulder pain of the player.

Things need to consider before buying

  • Material: For safe and secure transportation, you need a bag made of high quality and durable material.
  • Enough compartments and space: If you don't have enough space and compartments in the bag, that is, of course, not worthy of buying. 

Pickleball machine

Pickleball Tutor Plus


  • Brand: Sports Tutor
  • Weight: 34 pounds

Key Features

  1. Built-in towing wheels and handles for easy rolling
  2. Feeding speed of 10 to 65 mph
  3. Feed one to ten balls
  4. Holding capacity of 125 balls.

This pickleball machine from Sports Tutor includes built-in towing wheels and handle for easy rolling. It comes with built-in batteries that provide up to three hours of playing time per charge. The battery charger is tiny that charges the machine fully overnight. 

It comes with a single dial that controls the amount of topspin or backspin of the machine. It can feed balls at a speed of 10 to 65 MPH and the number of ball feeding ranges from one to ten. It can hold 125 balls at one time. It has easy to use knob controls.

Things need to consider before buying

  • Construction: The construction must provide durability and sturdiness during practice hours. For this, stainless steel or high-grade aluminum should be better.
  • Ball holding capacity: Your machine should hold at least 120 to 200 balls at a time.
  • Spinning of the ball: The machine must feed the ball with different types of spins.


So I think those who have read the article top to bottom have a clear idea about the equipment needed in pickleball. Except for mentioning the gears, I have also mentioned some suggestions about the main pieces of equipment. Hopefully, you enjoyed reading this article about pickleball equipment.

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