Best Pickleball Gloves Reviews 2022

You have lost the rhythm of the game as your hand has become sweaty and it has now become challenging for you to grip the paddle comfortably. Don’t worry buddy; I’m here with a solution for this. Check out the list of best pickleball gloves and grab you preferable one to have superior grip throughout the whole game.

The list starts with HEAD Airflow Tour Racquetball Glove, which you can also use for pickleball. The premium perforated leather palm will provide you with an excellent grip and feel during the gaming hours. Don’t miss the buying guide section for choosing the right glove. And I can assure you, you won’t regret reading the whole article before going to buy a pickleball glove.

Best pickleball gloves

Why you need pickleball gloves?

I think wearing a pickleball glove is necessary if you want to have better control over your paddle. There are of course some benefits why I wear a glove during the game and I would love to share them with you.

Ensuring a better grip

You can’t control your paddle and make good shots in the game if you don’t have a better grip. Everyone doesn’t have the same sort of hands, so not all paddle needs to fit in everyone’s hand. That’s why you need to use a glove for ensuring a better grip.

Absorbing moisture and sweat

After playing for an extended period, it is quite apparent that your hands might get sweaty. Then you are unable to have a comfortable grip on the handle. But wearing a glove will absorb the moisture and sweat from your hand to ensure a long-lasting comfortable gripping.

Protection from injuries

The extra padding on the gloves saves your hand from unwanted injuries during rough and tough plays.

Best Pickleball Gloves

1. HEAD Airflow Tour Racquetball Glove


Brand: HEAD

Weight: 6 ounces

Key Features

  1. It is made of premium perforated Cabretta leather palm
  2. Keeps your hand dry and cool during gameplay
  3. It has nylon mesh Lycra backing
  4. It has airprene for increased knuckle protection.

Take this racquetball glove from HEAD, which is also usable in pickleball games. The manufacturers have made gloves for both left-handed and right-handed players. It is made of premium perforated Cabretta leather palm. This premium construction of the gloves allows air to flow through the glove and it ensures keeping your hand cool and dry during the gameplay. It also provides you with an excellent grip and feels.

It comes with a nylon mesh Lycra backing system, which also creates maximum airflow through the glove. So HEAD has ensured the comfort of the user when they are wearing the gloves by this premium construction. Don’t worry about the protection as the glove comes with airprene that is used to ensure increased knuckle protection. This airprene also improves the ventilation system. You will find this glove in small, medium, large and extra-large size by measuring the hand and choose your one.

2. Selkirk Attaktix Men's Premium Pickleball Glove


Brand: Selkirk

Weight: 5 ounces

Key Features

  1. Premium quality pickleball glove
  2. It is made of using FLEXX-FIT technology
  3.  It keeps the grip dry and secure
  4. One size fits most.

Selkirk has come with this premium quality pickleball glove that fits men’s right hand perfectly. They have used FLEXX-FIT compression technology to construct the glove. This construction of the glove ensures that it will fit in your hand like a second skin. The glove comes with the ability to keep your grip dry and secure during the game.

Wearing the glove, if you are a right-hander will indeed evaluate your game to its higher level. It comes in perfect shape and you can start the game by wearing this within a minute. The premium leather of the glove offers an extreme grip, which improves your control throughout the game on the paddle. The FLEXX-FIT technology also ensures a natural fit in your right hand.

3. Franklin Sports Pickleball-X Performance Glove


Brand: Franklin Sports

Weight: 2.1 ounces

Key Features

  1. Official pair of pickleball glove
  2. It is made of a smooth leather palm grip
  3. Pittards gripster technology is used
  4. It comes with an adjustable wrist strap.

If you are looking for some official gloves for pickleball, then this pair of x-performance gloves from Franklin Sports will be a great choice. The pair allows you to wear both the gloves into your right and left hand or let another fellow player use one. It is made of a smooth leather palm grip and Franklin Sports has used Pittards gripster technology to construct this pair of gloves.

It is an official pair of gloves, which is used for the US open pickleball championships. You will get fatigued relieving padding on the thumb and forefinger on each glove. These features will allow you to show you the ability to outlast your opponent during the most thrilling condition of the game. The palm leather will increase grip with sweat. The adjustable wrist strap will hold the glove firmly in your hand.

4. Advantage Pickleball Unisex Glove


Brand: Advantage

Weight: 1.6 ounces

Key Features

  1. It protects your hand from harmful UVA and UVB rays
  2. It comes with a seamless palm design
  3. It has an elastic wristband Velcro strap
  4. Ensures maximum comfort and absorbs shock.

Truly, Advantage has made this glove with a lot of advantages. The glove is great to use for pickleball that not only improves your grip during the game but also helps to protect your hand from harmful UVA and UVB rays. It comes with a seamless palm design that is exceptionally comfortable and ensures that you don’t get any unwanted pinching while the glove provides active protection with total flexibility.

The glove comes with a mesh back that keeps you hand cooler and breaths very well. It also has an elastic waistband with a Velcro strap, which gives you a very snug and customized fit while providing maximum durability. Players wearing this glove will have total control over their paddle during the playtime as it provides a non-slip grip, maximum comfort and absorbs shock.

5. Wilson Clutch Racquetball Glove


Brand: Wilson

Weight: 2 ounces

Key Features

  1. The manufacturer has used sticky skin technology
  2. Comes with Coolmax gussets design
  3. It has an elastic wristband and Velcro tab closure
  4. It also has sponge padding placed on the palm and index finger.

Wilson has used comfort technology with extra padding on the heel and forefinger to protect the life of your glove and to ensure a comfortable grip on your paddle. It is made of using sticky skin technology that provides a lock-tight grip and continuous shots. It comes with a Coolmax gussets design that keeps your hand cool and dry during the gameplay.

The glove has an elastic wristband and Velcro tab closure that provides an ultimate lock-tight fit. You will also get two-piece wrapping thumb construction in the glove, which will reduce bunching for maximum comfort and durability. The sponge padding on the palm and index finger of the glove extends the longevity of your glove. So if you are a right-hander, grab this without having any doubt in mind.

6. HEAD Leather Racquetball Glove


Brand: HEAD

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Key Features

  1. Comes with added padding on the knuckles
  2. It is made of tough synthetic leather
  3. It has silicone webbing
  4. It comes with high performance ventilated spandex fabric design.

You don’t have to remain worried about the dive shots in the pickleball field anymore as HEAD comes with this right-handed glove with added padding on the knuckles. This extra padding will keep your hands fully protected during the game. The glove is made of tough synthetic leather to ensure lightweight control and dynamic flexibility. The glove for right-handed pickleball players come with high performance ventilated spandex fabric.

This spandex fabric design of the glove provides circulation, cooling and comfort that helps you stay at peak performance levels. It has silicone webbing that fits across your palm and fingers to ensure the ultimate grip where you need it most. The glove is available in multiple sizes. So you need to measure the hand size of the player first and then choose the perfect size for him to ensure the best performance on the field.

7. Franklin Sports Pickleball Single Glove


Brand: Franklin Sports

Weight: 1.7 ounces

Key Features

  1. Made of using premium leather palm
  2. It has an adjustable wrist strap
  3. It also has a padded thumb and index finger
  4. It is equipped with easy on or off pull tabs.

Franklin Sports comes with this single pickleball glove with an improved fit and design as they have used premium leather palm as a one-piece construction for the glove. This construction ensures the strength and durability of the glove. It comes with an adjustable wrist strap to hold firm and also provide a secure fit during the gameplay.

You will find the glove designed with a padded thumb and index finger that helps to enhance grip and hand fatigue. Moreover, it has easy on or off pull tabs. You can easily remove the glove from your hand because of this feature. The glove is available for both left and right-handed players. Choose the right size according to your hand and grab this premium leather glove.


You are not ready to choose a pickleball glove until you read the factors I’m going to mention below. These factors are worth considering before you purchase any pickleball glove.

Palm material

The most important thing to consider before purchasing is to check out the material used to construct the palm of the glove. You are going to grab the handle of the paddle in your palm and it needed to be made of quality materials. Typically manufacturer companies use sheepskin leather, synthetic leather, tackified leather or goatskin leather to make the palm of the glove. Sheepskin leather is best among all the other materials but it is a bit expensive. However, you can go for goatskin or synthetic leather for having a cheaper one with quality.

Extra cushioning for protection

 You don’t want to get hurt or do some injury to your hand while making some tough shots. This is why you need some extra cushioning in the glove. Neoprene is I suppose better than other materials in this regard. It provides thicker padding in the glove to work as a protective layer and it is also great for sweat soaking. However, extra cushioning might not provide excellent breathability in the glove. In the case of having breathability, you can look for spandex that is thinner than neoprene.


You might feel uncomfortable during the game if the glove can’t remove the moisture from the inside. A perforated designed glove is excellent for ensuring breathability. But as I said earlier, a breathable glove is not capable of soaking the sweat entirely from the palm.

Glove size

Nor too loose, neither too tight. That’s what you need to keep in might while you are buying a pickleball glove. A loose glove will increase the chances of slipping the paddle from your grip and the tighter one will reduce the flexibility of your hand. There are XS, S, M, L, and XL sizes available. Choose the right size of a glove according to your hand measurement.

Colour and design

The least important factor to consider, but still there are a lot of pickleball players who want to wear such a glove that makes them look better than others. It’s all up to you what colour and design you prefer to wear in your hand to grab the paddle.

Difference between pickleball and racquetball gloves

pickleball vs racquetball gloves

Talking about the difference between pickleball and racquetball gloves, I found no such differences. The gloves you have you bought for playing racquetball can easily be used or pickleball also.  Both these games demand gloves that are lightweight, durable, ensure comfortable gripping by absorbing the moisture of the hand. As there is no such difference, using a racquetball glove for pickleball won’t be a wrong decision for sure.

Man vs. woman pickleball gloves

The main thing you need to consider while buying gloves for a man or woman is the hand size. Typically, a woman has a smaller hand than man. So the size you are choosing for a male player won’t possibly suit a woman player. But it would be best if you measure the hand size and then select the glove. And talking about other features, I think a bit extra padding will provide more comfort to a woman player. But all these things mainly depend on the comfort of the player; you are buying the gloves for. Pickle ball grip also some diffrent in tennis ball grip

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