Best ping pong table for garage reviews 2023

Ping pong is an excellent outdoor and indoor game that can be enjoyed with your family and friends during off-hours. So you who are fond of this game might be looking for buying a ping pong table for your garage, this table must need to compact and portable. That’s why this article comes with a review of some best ping pong tables for the garage to make it easier for you to choose the right one.

In this ping pong table list, I have kept STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table at the top position. It comes with sturdy square welded steel legs, and no assembly is required for setup. There are different types of ping pong tables, and if you know how much does a ping pong table cost will be helpful in buying the right product. Continue reading this article for detailed information on these listed tables.

Best ping pong table for garage

Our top picks

STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table

 The table top is made of MDF, and the repeat roller coat process makes its smooth surface for better playing.

STIGA Advantage competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis Table

The tabletop is thick, and it is built with multiple roller coat finishes and silk screen stripping.

JOOLA Midsize – Regulation Height Table Tennis Table

The table comes 100% pre-assembled, and it features easily foldable legs underneath like a card table.

Killerspin Table Tennis Table MyT7 Pocket

This table folds up at one side and the top of this table is made of MDF.

Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table

There are two wheels at each half of this table and a net set is included with it.

GoSports 6’ x 3’ Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set

This sturdy table is built with a heavy-duty aluminum frame and the surface of this table is smoother enough.

Butterfly Easifold 19 Ping Pong Table

Each half of this table fold and provides compact storage. The top of the table is thicker for a better bounce.

ping pong table for garage

STIGA Space Saver Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Competition

Best ping pong table for garage

1. STIGA Space Saver Compact Table Tennis Table


Brand: STIGA

Model: T8460W

Weight: 36.85

Key Features

Net with post system

MDF table top

Sturdy 1.25 inches square welded steel legs.

Molded leg levelers.

This compact table tennis table from STIGA comes with a net with a post system and leg levelers. The dimension of this compact table is 70 inches in length, 40.5 inches in width, and 30 inches in height. The top of the table is 1.8 inches thick. You don’t need to do much for assembling the product. You just need to unpack and then start playing by unfolding the table.

The table top is built with MDF and is finished with a repeat roller coat process. This repeat roller coat process creates a smooth, level playing surface. The table is lined with silkscreen striping that is printed directly on the table top for a perfect finish. The table comes with sturdy 1.25 inches welded steel legs that create a solid base and are powder coated for a durable finish. There are molded leg levelers to protect the floor from scratches.


  1. The ultra-compact storage makes it storable under the bed or in the closet.
  2. It is easy to play without needing any assembly.
  3. The independent halves can be used for multi-purpose.
  4. The welded steel legs make the setup sturdier.
  5. The molded leg levelers create protection on floors against scratches.

2. STIGA Advantage competition-ready Indoor Table Tennis Table


Brand: STIGA

Model: T8580W

Weight: 86.18 kg

Key Features

1.2 inches steel self-opening legs

3 inches black caster with locks

1.2 inches steel tube aprons

5/8 inches dark blue tabletop.

This advantage competition ping pong table from STIGA provides excellent playability with 5/8 inches of thick top with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping. This table is built with 72 inches of the heavy-duty net and post set with premium cotton blend net and tension adjustment.  You can remove the net and assemble it again easily with the clamp-style attachment.

A spring-loaded safety latch system on the underside of the table locks the tabletop into the upright position for added safety. The table top is UV cured to provide a smooth, durable and consistent playing surface. The sturdy 1.2 inches of square legs that are made of steel with a premium matte black powder coat finish provide you a sturdy and solid base structure. You can comfortably and easily roll the table around your home area with the eight 3 inches of ball-bearing wheels.


  1. You can separate the two halves for multi-use. 
  2. The safety latch locks the table for a stable setup.
  3. The caster wheels provide easy movement and portability.
  4. The adjustable leg levelers ensure a safer playing surface without creating any scratches.
  5. The compact design makes it simply storable. 

3. JOOLA Midsize – Regulation Height Table Tennis Table


Brand: JOOLA

Model: 19110

Weight: 26.25 kg

Key Features

100% pre-assembled

Separate square halves

The custom net set included

Sturdy folding legs.

This ping pong table from JOOLA features two table halves that are 100 assembled with pre-connected folding legs. You just have to unfold the legs and unfold the net to make it ready for the game. This premium quality and highly durable net post are easy to assemble and attach in seconds. The table is 2/3 in size than the regulation size ping pong tables. It measures 36 inches by 36 inches.

Each table half is free standing and a perfect square for different uses. The separate halves of this table make it a lightweight one and also allow you to carry it easily. The compact design of this table allows it to easily fit under beds or in most closets. The legs are attached with the table. It can be easily folded down and lock into place.


  1. The user can easily store the table in the closet or under the bed because of the compact design. 
  2. You can unfold and start the play straight away.
  3. The regulation-size legs provide an official ping-pong game experience.
  4. The table halves can be used for multi-purpose. 

4. Killerspin Table Tennis Table MyT7 Pocket


Brand: Killerspin

Model: 363-11

Weight: 94.8 kg

Key Features

18 mm MDF board

Repeat roller coating surface

Adjustable feet for a level playing

Foldable table.

This ping pong table from Killerspin is a tournament-ready ping pong table. It features 18 mm MDF board that will provide exceptional bounce during the game and is finished with a repeat roller coating process. This repeat roller coat process creates a smooth, level playing surface. This table also features adjustable feet for a level playing surface. The table measures 9 inches in length and 5 inches in width.

The table is foldable and you can practice shots and new techniques of ping pong by folding one side of the table and converting it into a solo playback mode. There is a storage pocket located on each side of the table, and it can store up to 8 ping pong balls and two ping pong paddles easily. The table comes with a matte black top and offsetting perimeter with gloss black lines.


  1. The MDF structure of the board provides excellent ball bounces. 
  2. The foldable design allows the user to improve his skills by solo practice mode.
  3. There are storage pockets for storing ping pong balls and paddles.
  4. The large wheels underneath make the table easily moveable. 

5. Butterfly Junior Ping Pong Table


Brand: Butterfly

Model: TR07B

Weight: 35.44 kg

Key Features

12 mm thicker tabletop

Pre-assembled table

2 wheels on each half of the table

The free adjustable net set included.

This is a pre-assembled ping pong table for the junior players from Butterfly. The top of this table is thicker than most other full-size outdoor ping pong tables and the thickness is 12 mm. This table measures 81 inches in length, 45 inches in width and 30 inches in height. This measurement is considered ¾ of a regulation-size ping pong table.

The table comes in two different colors, green and blue. The thicker table top provides great bounce during the game. There are corner pads that protect both you and the table. Both halves of the table separate for easiness in transportation. The table comes with 2 wheels on each half of the table that allows easy transportation to your storage area. A net is included with this junior ping pong table.


  1. The foldable design makes it easily storable. 
  2. The two inside wheels after folding make it easier to transport the table.
  3. It also allows you to use it for multi-purpose after folding.
  4. It is easy to start the game as the table comes fully assembled with a net set. 

6. GoSports 6’ x 3’ Mid-Size Table Tennis Game Set


Brand: GoSports


Weight: 17.75 kg

Key Features

Includes a mid-size table, 2 paddles, a game net, and 4 balls

Instant setup

Heavy-duty aluminum frame

Smooth playing surface.

This is a set of table tennis from GoSports that includes a mid-size table tennis table. The dimension of this mid-size table is 6 feet in length by 3 feet in width. The set also includes 2 paddles, a game net, and 4 balls. The table size lets you to store it in a small place, but it is also large enough for competitive games.

The setup of this table tennis set is very easy as it folds up and down instantly. There are built-in carrying handles in the table that allows an easy carriage. The table comes with a heavy aluminum frame that keeps it sturdy and at the same time it is a lightweight one. The smooth playing surface of the table provides perfect bounce during continuous rallies.


  1. It is a premium and lightweight table. 
  2. The ultra-compact design allows storing the table in any small space.
  3. The inclusion of carrying handles makes it easily carried by a single person.
  4. The durability of the paddles ensures fast-paced gameplay.
  5. The premium surface of the paddles offers better control over the ball. 

7. Butterfly Easifold 19 Ping Pong Table


Brand: Butterfly

Model: TR27B

Weight: 92.08 kg

Key Features

Includes a durable easy clip net set

Strong steel frame

19 mm thick tabletop

Double locking mechanism.

This is a regulation-size ping pong table from Butterfly that comes with easy clip net set. The table measures 9 feet in length and 5 feet in width. The net set includes with a table that is more durable than most other ping pong tables. The table is built with a strong steel frame.

This foldable table ensures quality and it is very easy to assemble. You can assemble the table within 10 minutes just by attaching the wheels underneath. The table top is 19 mm thick and it provides a good sort of bounce. Each half of the table folds up and allows compact storage. There is a locking mechanism to keep the table safe in the storage position and the rotating wheels make the transportation process easier.


  1. The foldable design offers solo practice opportunities to the users. 
  2. The thicker playing surface provides a better ball bounce.
  3. It stays safely in its position with the double locking mechanism.
  4. You can easily transport the table with the rotating wheels underneath. 

8. Pick-Up-And-Go Ping-Pong Table


Brand: HearthSong 

Weight: 26.8 pounds

Key Features 

  1. It is a foldable table
  2. Has a carrying handle for convenient transportation
  3. Includes a net.
  4. There are two colorful paddles and three balls.

If you are a ping pong lover and want to have something that lets you carry a whole table tennis set, you can choose this one from HearthSong. The table comes with a foldable design, which transforms the actual size in half. Also, the foldable table has a carrying handle to make transportation a lot easier than you can imagine.

 The unfolded table measures 59 inches long, 27 inches wide, and 26 inches high. You are always ready to play the game if you have this ping pong table set. It comes including a net, which is set in the middle of the table. Also, there are two paddles and three balls. Before getting ready to play, adult assembly is required.


  1. The carrying handle found after folding makes the table highly portable. 
  2. The foldable design offers convenient storage.
  3. It sets up quickly in seconds.
  4. The regulation-size table provides an official ping-pong game experience.
  5. The inclusion of paddles and ping pong balls makes it a complete set. 

9. WIN.MAX Foldable Mid-Size Ping Pong Table


Brand: WIN.MAX

Weight: 42 pounds

Key Features

  1. The table is constructed with engineered wood
  2. Hinges connect the two halves making it foldable
  3. Two paddles and two balls included
  4. Foldable U-legs.

It is a complete ping-pong set from WIN.MAX includes the necessary equipment required to play the game. The manufacturer used engineered wood to construct the table, and it is a midsize table measuring 6 feet by 3 feet. The table also allows you to save space while storing it because of the foldable design. It also makes it easy to take on the go.

It is an indoor ping pong table, which comes preassembled. To set the table up, you need to open the lock and then unfold the U-legs. There is a regulation-size net included to complete the setup process. There are two paddles and two balls included to let the user start the game immediately. The hinges connect the two halves of the table for compact storage.


  1. The table offers great portability with the carrying handle. 
  2. The folding design allows storing it in a compact storage.
  3. The strong table legs and bracket create a sturdier setup.
  4. It is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  5. The PVC materials on the surface are eco-friendly and odorless. 

How to consider it for your garage?

It’s never an easy task to choose the right kind of ping pong table for the garage if you don’t know what facts need to be considered before buying. That’s why I’m going to discuss about these few facts below.

Table size: It’s better to go with a regulation-size ping pong table, but you need to choose the table size depending on the space you have in your garage.

Table top thickness: Thicker tops are always recommended for better bounce and a good gaming experience, which you will not get on thinner tops.

Materials used on the top: You must go for such surface that is made of weatherproof materials if the table is for outdoor use, unless wooden tops are enough.

Table legs: The legs must provide you with strong support during the long games. And the legs should also be long enough for comfortable playing.

Net set: Watch out whether your ping pong table includes a net set or not. The net set should be made of durable material for long-lasting support.

Portability: Ping pong tables that are foldable offer easy portability. Sometimes these tables come with wheels underneath that make it easier for transportation.

Assembly: Honestly, if your table takes too much time to assemble that will create boredom in you. So always choose a table that assembles within a few minutes easily.

Price: Price is the most factor to buy a new pingpong table. If your budget is under 300 dollars,  you can see this post cheap ping table under 300.


What type of ping pong table need your garage?

I have already discussed some ping pong tables that are suitable for the garage. You should buy a foldable table for your garage that comes with a strong frame and a good netting system.

Garage ping pong table size?

Regulation ping pong tables for garage measures 9 feet or 2.74 meters in length and 5 feet or 1.525 meters in width.

Is the garage ping pong table portable?

It’s always better to buy a ping pong table for the garage which is foldable. You can buy either indoor or outdoor, but the table must be foldable for excellent protection.

Can you store an indoor ping pong table in the garage

If you have bought a one-time usable indoor ping pong table, you can obviously store it in the garage. But is there really anyone, who loves to do such silly things? Probably not and that is why storing an indoor ping pong table in the garage is never a good idea.

  • Indoor ping pong tables need a space at room temperature for storage.
  • The lack of sunlight is bad for the ping pong table.
  • The damp condition will damage the table’s quality.
  • Outdoor ping pong tables are a better choice for storing in the garage.
  • A weatherproof surface is necessary to store the table in the garage.

Will the ping pong table warp in the garage?

Yes, an indoor ping pong table will surely warp in the garage if it’s kept without proper care. There are several reasons behind this warping.

  • If the garage has a water-leaking roof, it can damage the playing surface of the table.
  • If it comes in contact with direct sunlight, the surface can warp.
  • The excessive dirt inside the garage can cause damage to the table.
  • It could warp even if there isn’t proper air entering the garage.

These few things are enough to prove indoor ping pong tables aren’t the best options to store in the garage. However, if the tabletop is weather-proof, it is suitable for garage storage. But you will get such weather-proof playing surfaces on outdoor ping pong tables only.

You can do certain things to save the ping pong table from warping in the garage after storage.

  • Keep the table from direct contact with the sun.
  • Ensure that proper air enters the garage, not allowing creating a damp atmosphere inside.
  • The tabletop should remain safe from any water drops.
  • Don’t keep the garage closed all the time.
  • You can also use a cover on the playing surface to keep it safe from dust and debris.

Final words

You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for a ping pong table for your garage that is the best in quality. I have given a description of some tables that you might love to look at first. Then for thinking about your easiness in choosing the right ping pong table for your garage, I have issued a buying guide, which gives you an idea of what things you need to consider before buying a ping pong table. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful and can easily choose the ping pong table for your garage.

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