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Top 10 Best places to bodyboarding in the world

A bodyboard is a board through which a surfer rides in the water and deal with small and big waves. These are different from surfboards as the board has to use the whole body, especially the belly and the chest for riding, and that’s why it is called bodyboarding. Bodyboarding is also known as boogie boarding or belly boarding sometimes.

Bodyboard: These boards are lighter to carry and ride. So if you are new to surfing, you can start with bodyboarding. These boards are sized from 30 inches to 46 inches, so any ages of people are allowed to enjoy riding on this board. Now what are the best places for bodyboarding? In this article, I’ll briefly discuss 10 places in the world that are best for bodyboarding.

Best Places to Bodyboard

1. Canggu, Bali

bali bodyboarding

This is a great place for the advanced level surfers looking to show off their excellent bodyboarding skills. It’s a kind of black sand beach with rice paddies, food shack, and a unique reef break. The place is overcrowded in some definite seasons, but no need to worry about staying because there are hip hop places to stay and a vibrant café scene. The wave of this place is still unchanged. You can hire a board from the Chillhouse and enjoy bodyboarding.

2. Hoddevik, Norway

Hoddevik, Norway

With less crowd and rugged beach, Hoddevik has turned into a very familiar spot for bodyboarding in Norway. Riders enjoy the cold water of this place the bodyboarding turns out to be very much fun for them. The spot is surrounded by steep Majestic Mountain that catches the eyes of the riders. Both beginner and advanced level of boarders can enjoy bodyboarding here. The cliffs protect the waves from the wind, and the swell is very frequent here.

3. Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Tofo Beach, Mozambique

 Though most of the area of this place is still unexplored, but due to the tropical blue water that washes on to the palm fronted white sandy beaches make this spot a good choice for bodyboarding. That makes the most of its coastline ideal for surfing and bodyboarding. The small clean waves of this place are shielded by a reef and headland. Whether you are an advanced rider or not, you can enjoy a good bit of bodyboarding here.

4. Rileys, Ireland 

 Rileys, Ireland

Rileys is considered as one of the best slabs in the world. Surrounded by the Irish atmosphere, the wave of Rileys offers you the perfect lefthander. Autumn is the best time in the year to enjoy bodyboarding here. That time the lighter winds and less pressure on the beach make the water suitable for surfing. As a bodyboarder, you can enjoy various waves and do a lot of bodyboarding.

5. Sennen Cove, Cornwall

Sennen Cove, Cornwall

 Are you looking for a peaceful spot for bodyboarding? Then I will definitely suggest you Sennen Cove situated in Cornwall. It is a less crowded spot than most of the surfing spots in the world. The ocean is clear, and there are consistent waves to make it suitable for bodyboarding. The natural scene also very appreciable with grassy hills and craggy cliffs.

6. Gold coast, Queensland

Gold coast, Queensland

Although the condition of this spot doesn’t offer you big swells, this is still a good spot for bodyboarding. This is an ultimate bodyboarding spot with the four great point breaks and sun-drenched environment. The rainbow bay, snapper rocks and duranbah are great for bodyboarding. The beginners can have great fun with bodyboarding at rainbow bay and the snapper rocks suit the advanced riders with the big waves. 

7. Waikiki, Hawaii

Waikiki, Hawaii

 Great bodyboarding spot for the beginners, who are looking for learning the basics of surfing. Here the water is quite warm and the waves are also not rough, which makes it easier for the new riders to ride here. This is the place where surfing was mainly invented. You can have fun for a long time with the long rides. Visitors love to enjoy this tropical beach during the holidays.

8. Fistral, England

Fistral, England

It is the spot, which is regarded as the home of British surfing. There is an international surfing center, which allows the new riders to learn the fundamental rules of surfing and later on enjoy bodyboarding. It also has cribber, Cornwall’s famous wave that has been ridden by hardcore surfers. So you will definitely enjoy bodyboarding in one of the best bodyboarding spots in the world.

9. El Paredon, Guatemala

El Paredon, Guatemala

 It’s a good bodyboarding spot for all levels of riders. Although this depends on the tide but as this spot remains less crowded all the time, you can enjoy bodyboarding without any hesitation. The natural surroundings of this spot are also pretty nice. There is a turtle nest on the black sand beach, and the place is surrounded by mangrove forest. 

10. Shark Island, Cronulla, New South Wales

Shark Island, Cronulla, New South Wales

Those who have a good experience of surfing and bodyboarding can choose this spot for enjoying consistent riding. This spot offers you one of the most extreme waves, so that won’t be great for the beginners to try out bodyboarding here. The swell direction is from the east and the wind comes from the west, southeast direction. To enjoy the maximum level of bodyboarding here, you need to ride consistently and have enough surfing experience. 

Final words

So these are the few spots that can be very good for bodyboarding. You can choose these spots depending on which level of the boarder you are and what kind of place you want actually. I hope that this article is going to help you in this regard.

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