Best rocket launcher for kids review 2022

How could you quench the thirst of your kids about aeronautical science or space in this little age? Well, there is a pretty simple solution to this by providing them a rocket launcher that can launch rockets at different angles.

The rocket launcher basically uses the air pressure to release the rockets and a few launchers use the power of water pressure for launching. The best rocket launcher for kids review will provide you an idea of different launchers and what features are included. Let’s have a quick look at our selected rocket launchers.

Best rocket launcher for kids

How safe is a kid’s rocket launcher

The rocket launcher you are buying doesn’t come without rockets and other required equipment. So you need to check out a few things to define how safe the rocket launcher is.

  • Foam and plastic build: The rockets should be made of a lightweight plastic frame and have foam tips. Or it should come with full-foam construction. Meanwhile, the plastic build is perfect for the launcher.
  • Anti-slide: The launcher blast or stomp pad should be made of durable plastic, which is anti-slide. This will ensure the safe jumping of the kids.
  • Stability: The launcher should set up on the ground with enough stability and sturdiness for added safety.

Best rocket launcher for kids

1. Motoworx Toy Rocket Launcher for kids


Brand: Motoworx

Weight: 1.1 pounds

Motoworx included a durable, heavy-duty rocket launcher with eight foam rocket in this toy set. The launcher comes with an adjustable knob to set the rocket angle and launch it from various angles. It is a steady tripod stand that ensures a balanced setup during the game on any flat surfaces. The stand is foldable and provides convenient storage.

The eight rockets included in the set are constructed with foam, which will cause no harm to the kids and they can have hours of safe fun. The rockets come in lime green, red and blue colors. It is easy to assemble the toy. Attach the legs and screw the stand on the base. Then snap the tube on the stand before attaching it to the stand and pump. At last, place the rocket on the stand and stomp.  

Key Features

  1. Durable, heavy-duty rocket launcher
  2. Eight foam rockets
  3. Foldable design for convenient storage
  4. Easy to assemble.

2. Stomp Rocket The Original Stunt Planes Launcher


Brand: Stomp Rocket

Weight: 1 pound

Launch the rockets by stomping on the launch stomp pad of this rocket toy set from Stomp Rocket. It includes three different stunt rockets with a rocket launcher. The launcher requires no batteries to perform. It has adjustable angles to launch the rockets in different angles. It also includes a launch stomp pad with an air hose.

The launcher is a durable tripod stand. There are three different types of rockets in the set, Looper, Glider, and Wildcat. The kids will have giant loops from the looper, the wildcat will provide crazy acts like flip, turns, and soars, and the glider will glide over 100 feet. This kid’s toy set is perfect for kids of 5 years or above.

Key Features

  1. Looper, glider, and wildcat stunt rockets
  2. The launcher has adjustable angles
  3. There is a launch stomp pad with an air hose
  4. Easy to assemble and store.




Weight: 1.4 pounds

Send the rockets up to 100 feet high and light up the sky with this air rockets toy set from NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC. The most interesting side of these rockets is they have built-in LED lights in them, which allows you to make lighting show in the sky and also makes it easier for the kids to find wherever they are going to land.

The rockets are foam-tipped, which makes them perfect for kids. Meanwhile, the launcher comes with an adjustable design that offers you to find the suitable angle for launching the rockets. It also has foldable legs for quick setup and convenient storage. The kids should use both their feet to send the rockets up to 100 feet high.

Key Features

  1. Built-in LED lights in the rockets.
  2. Foam tipped rockets
  3. The launcher has foldable legs.
  4. Adjust the angles of the launcher before launching.

Product name


Key Features


Motoworx Toy Rocket Launcher for kids

Heavy-duty launcher
Foam rockets 

Stomp Rocket The Original Stunt Planes Launcher

Stomp pad with an air hose
Adjustable angles 


Foldable launcher legs
LED lights 

AquaPod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher Science Kit

Ground stake
Pressure release safety valve 

PLAYSTEAM Outdoor Water Powered Rocket Physics Learning Set

Safety valve
Durable water rocket

4. AquaPod Water Bottle Rocket Launcher Science Kit


Brand: AquaPod

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Create a blast of water above you with the AquaPod water bottle launcher. The launcher has a ground stake to add stability while you are launching the water bottle. You will also find a 15 feet launch cord in the set that allows you to stay out of the blast zone.

It features a durable one-piece design with a built-in pressure release safety valve. This simple launcher uses science and pressure to send this soda bottle up to 100 feet high. Fill one-third of the bottle with water before adding it to the launcher. Then connect the bike pump to the Aquapod and start putting air pressure. Keep yourself away from the blast zone by extending the launch cord.

Key Features

  1. A built-in pressure release safety valve
  2. Ground stake in the launcher
  3. The launch cord is 15 feet long
  4. Can send the bottle up to 100 feet.

5. PLAYSTEAM Outdoor Water Powered Rocket Physics Learning Set



Weight: 5.4 ounces

Now your kids can have the fun of releasing rockets in the air by the water rocket toy set from PLAYSTEAM. It comes with a nice colorful water rocket, which is made of durable material and has an overall durable design. The set includes all the equipment you need for building a water rocket.

There is a rocket body, a tail, a launcher, and a pump. There is a safety valve in the launcher that automatically releases extra pressure. By adding the water pressure, you can make the rocket fly up to 100 feet high. However, you can also make a DIY water rocket by adding recyclable water bottles to the set and follow the provided instructions.

Key Features

  1. A durable, colorful water rocket
  2. Includes a launcher and pump
  3. Release extra pressure with the safety valve
  4. Capable of sending the rocket up to 100 feet.

6. Estes Tandem-X Flying Model Rocket Launch Set


Brand: Estes

Weight: 1.6 pounds

This is a combo pack of two rockets from Estes that are easy to build and launch. The rocket is 30 inches long and can fly up to 650 feet smoothly. The assembling process is pretty easy and quick. The crossfire rocket can go further than the first one it can reach up to 1,200 feet of height with its 15.6 inches length.

The crossfire comes with a streamlined shape, which includes aerodynamic fins and a nose cone. The rocket is equipped with a built-in colorful 18 inches parachute, which can be used for recovery. Meanwhile, the crossfire bullet is also equipped with a 12 inches parachute for the same reason. However, you have to buy 4 AA batteries to operate the crossfire.

Key Features

  1. Rocket can go up to 650 feet
  2. The crossfire goes up to 1,200 feet
  3. 12 and 18 inches preassembled parachutes
  4. Easy and quick assembly.

7. Marky Sparky Blast Pad Pro - Missile Launcher


Brand: Marky Sparky

Weight: 1.7 pounds

Now your kids can launch the rocker quickly with these simply designed rockets from Marky Spark. The set comes with one missile frame, one launch tube, one blast pad with a hose, and three lightweight missiles. The missiles are designed with foam tips for kid’s safety. Each missile can soar up the sky at 90 feet per second.

The setup process of this toy set is pretty easy too. First, you need to set up the frame and then secure the blast pad hose into the frame. The blast pad is made of high-grade durable material, which offers the kids to land on it with both their feet and watch the rockets reach the maximum height.

Key Features

  1. Missiles go up to 90 feet per second.
  2. One blast pad with a hose
  3. Missile frame with one launch tube
  4. Blast pad constructed with durable material.

8.  Betheaces Duel Rocket Launcher Toy for Kids


Brand: Betheaces

Weight: 1.2 pounds

Let your kids launch the rockets with the durable and stable launcher from Betheaces. The launcher is made of high-quality plastic. You can rotate and set the launcher in different angles as it comes with a rotating design and adjustable angles. You can also store it conveniently after usage.

The set also includes a total of 6 foam rockets that come in blue and yellow. It also comes with two air pumps with an air hose. The launcher comes with four leg brackets that make it stay sturdily on the ground during the play. The rockets are of course reusable and safe enough for the kids because of their foam construction. They can go up to 100 feet high.

Key Features

  1. Stable launcher with four leg brackets
  2. Two air pumps with an air hose
  3. Rotating design of the launcher
  4. Adjust the angles before launching.

9. 4M 4605 Water Rocket Kit - DIY Science Space Stem Toys


Brand: 4M

Weight: 8.8 ounces

If your kids are interested in rocket science or space flight, this water rocket toy set from 4M can provide them a great thrill. It comes with all the equipment needed to launch the rockets. The rockets are launched using the power of water pressure.

The set includes a plastic bottle, four fins, one fin support, one bung, one bung connector, one pump connector, and one extension plastic pipe. However, you also need a bicycle pump for this, which is not included in the set. The detailed instruction will help you to set up the launcher and the rockets will fly up to 90 feet high.

Key Features

  1. Launches rocket using the power of water pressure
  2. Includes a plastic bottle
  3. Four fins with one fin support
  4. One bung with one bung connector.

10. IROO Rocket Launcher Fun Toys for Kids


Brand: IROO

Weight: 12.8 ounces

Put pressure on the anti-sliding blast pump of this rocket launcher from IROO and launch the rockets to light up the sky. The rockets are constructed with LED lights, which will flash as soon as you launch them. The launcher included in the set is durable and highly stable.

The steady tripod stand design allows the launcher to stand in place while the kids are setting the rockets. It allows you to adjust the launching angles of the rockets as it comes with an adjustable design. The space-saving design of the launcher ensures convenient storage. The whole toy set is easy to assemble.

Key Features

  1. Anti-sliding blast pump
  2. Light up the sky with built-in LED lights in the rockets
  3. Steady tripod stand design of the launcher
  4. Space-saving and adjustable angle design.

Buying guides: It is essential before purchasing


The rocket toys set you are buying for your kids need to be safe for them and should also provide an amount of fun. And for having these two things you need to check out the buying guide first and then make your choice.

Materials used to construct

 The toy set's safety largely depends on the materials used to construct it. You should look for rocket launchers that are made of lightweight, durable high-grade plastic. The plastic should also allow steadiness on the ground after setup. However, the rockets should be constructed of foam or have foam tips at least.

Air hose

 The launcher should be equipped with a quality air hose to transform the air pressure from the pump to the tube, where the rocket is situated. This air hose will be connected to the frame of the launcher and help to launch the rockets conveniently.

Blast pump

 Blast pump is another must include part of a launcher. The air pressure is created when the kids stomp on the blast pump. It should be made of durable plastic and should also provide an anti-sliding feature to add safety during the jumping.

Launching capacity

 Most launchers can provide enough power to the rockets that enable these to fly up to 100 feet high in the air. However, water pressure rockets fly up to 90 feet. There are some powerful launchers available that produce flying heights up to 1,000 feet as well.

Easy to assemble

 There should be an instruction manual for easy assembling, which can also be done by the kids. Easy assemble will save a lot of time for the kids to play with the rockets.

Attractive design

 The design needs to be attractive enough for the kids. However, rockets with built-in LED lights will be an excellent option to provide the kids with fun even in the night sky.

How to make a DIY rocket launcher toy

If you are interested in making your rocket launcher on your own, you can do so using a few simple materials.

  • To make the launcher, you need a few drinking straws, pieces of paper, tape or glue, a screwdriver, and a bottle.
  • First, take a bottle and remove the top lid from it. Then take a screwdriver that has the same diameter as the thinnest drinking straw.
  • Now make a hole on the lid and insert the straw till the flexible part and cut the part after the flex.
  • Then put the lid on the bottle again and your rocket launcher is ready.
  • Now you can make rockets with the paper pieces and the diameter should be more than the diameter of the attached straw into the lid of the bottle.
  • You can cut triangular paper pieces and attach them as the fin of the rocket with glue or tape.

Cost of rocket launcher for kids

The cost of rocket launchers for kids ranges from $10 to $30. It depends on the size of the launcher, the number of rockets included, and the build quality. It doesn’t matter what kind of launcher you are buying, but it must be capable of providing fun to the kids and it should be a safer toy for them.

Concluding words

The launchers I have included in the list come with different types of rockets included in the set. It’s up to you now to choose the most preferable one for your kids. However, don’t forget to read the buying guide before purchasing any of these products.

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