Best roller hockey wheels (indoor, outdoor) reviews 2023

If you are new in ice hockey or inline hockey then it’s a bit difficult to choose the best roller hockey wheels for your use. There are different sizes, Player levels, and a few more things to consider before selecting the best roller hockey wheels. That’s why I have come with a review of some best roller hockey wheels and also a buying guide to make it easier for you to choose the right roller hockey wheels.

In this list of roller hockey wheels, I have kept LABEDA WHEELS Roller Hockey GRIPPER ASPHALT on the top. These wheels are perfect for outdoor skating. It is a set of total 8 wheels. To know more details about this product and the other products you need to continue reading this article.

best roller hockey wheels


Best roller hockey wheels


Labeda wheels are one of most popular roller wheels for outdoor skating. Their wheels are durable and provides best performance guarantee. That’s why they are the first choice for most of the outdoor skaters. The hockey players who are looking for roller hockey wheels that can last long and serve in possibly the best way; this can be a very smart choice.

These roller wheels are designed especially for asphalt and concrete surfaces. The skater can skate at a high level without any confusion because it is made by using abrasion-resistant endurance urethane for superior wear and excellent grip. This product includes two sizes of wheels, 76 mm, and 88 mm. It is a set of total 8 wheels, where 4 are 76 mm and other 4 wheels are 80 mm.

Key Features

  1. Abrasion-resistant endurance urethane
  2. Perfect for outdoor skating
  3. Durable enough
  4. 2 different sizes of wheels.


  1. The abrasion-resistant wheels provide superior outdoor performance. 
  2. The wheels last and grip well on the asphalt.
  3. They are also usable in the painted tennis court or such surfaces.
  4. The wheels are superbly durable for long-lasting service.

2. Labeda Asphalt Outdoor Inline Hockey Wheels

These wheels from Labeda are designed for outdoor inline hockey. These wheels are best to use in asphalt surfaces. These long-lasting wheels are the first choice for the outdoor skaters. And that’s the reason behind the rising popularity of Labeda. They have manufactured these wheels in orange and black color.

If you are looking for great speed and sliding facilities in your skate wheels then these wheels from Labeda can serve you in a good way. These wheels come with a hardness of 85A. Labeda Inline roller hockey wheels come in one size, 68 mm. These wheels are also made by using abrasion-resistant endurance urethane for superior wear and great grip.

Key Features

  1. Hard and durable wheels
  2. Asphalt surfaces
  3. Outdoor inline hockey wheels
  4. 4 wheels included.


  1. The abrasion-resistant endurance urethane ensures superior wear and great grip. 
  2. The durable wheels will provide long-lasting performance to the user.
  3. The users will enjoy the higher speed with proper grip through these wheels.
  4. They work well on abrasive concrete or such surfaces quite well. 

3. KSS Outdoor Asphalt Formula 89A

Keystone Skate Supply or KSS manufactured these roller hockey wheels. These wheels are designed for outdoor use. The best surface to use these roller skate wheels is asphalt. If you are looking for inline hockey roller wheels for your skates then you can choose this product from KSS.

This wheelset comes with 8 wheels. All these 8 wheels are of the same size, 72 mm in diameter. So you can use these wheels without thinking much about the size. The wheels will provide you great speed and durability as it comes with a hardness of 89A. KSS manufactured these outdoor asphalt wheels in black color.

Key Features

  1. Outdoor inline hockey wheels
  2. Asphalt surfaces
  3. 72 mm in diameter
  4. 8 wheels included.


  1. These wheels are a perfect choice for continuous outdoor staking. 
  2. They are worth the price.
  3. They provide an adequate grip on the pavement.
  4. They are great for recreational skaters on asphalts. 

4. Labeda WHEELS Inline Roller Hockey SHOOTER 8 Pack

This is another set of roller hockey wheels from one of the most popular manufacturer companies for making roller skate wheels. This set of wheels is usable for inline hockey skates. You can use these hockey wheels on different surfaces and that’s one of the best sides of this wheelset.

This set of hockey wheels come with 8 roller hockey wheels. All these wheels are 59 mm in diameter. If you are looking for wheels that can provide you great speed with the best grip then you can look for these wheels as it comes with a hardness of 83A. The set of wheels comes in green color.

Key Features

  1. Provides speed and grip
  2. 8 wheels included
  3. Usable in different surfaces
  4. Comes in green color.


  1. These solid wheels provide a smoother ride. 
  2. They can amaze the user with great speed and proper grip.
  3. They are durable enough to ride on the concrete.
  4. The intermediate players will enjoy wear resistance with these wheels. 

5. Blue Bellies 8 Inline Skate Wheels

These skate wheels are designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Blue bellies manufactured these wheels keeping both indoor and outdoor use in mind. These wheels are great multifunctional wheels. They didn’t design these wheels just for inline hockey or ice hockey purposes; you can use these inline skate wheels for any type of skating.

If you are an inline hockey player then you can buy this package of wheels for your skates. But if you are not still you can buy this package for recreational purposes. This package includes 8 wheels of 76 mm in diameter and the hardness of these wheels is 78A.

Key Features

  1. Both indoor and outdoor use
  2. Multifunctional wheels
  3. 78A of hardness
  4. Comes in clear or blue color.


  1. The wheels allow both indoor and outdoor usage.
  2. These are great multi-functional wheels.
  3. The wheels provide a nice and smooth ride to the users.
  4. They are worthy inline wheels in this price segment.

6. Rollerblade 76mm Inline Skate Wheel and Bearing

This inline skate wheel and bearing pack are manufactured by Rollerblade. Most of the wheel packs come in without bearings, but this pack from Rollerblade provides you 8 wheels with 16 bearings. You can use this pack of wheels and bearings with any brand of skates you like to use.

These wheels and bearings are not usable for kids under 3 years old. The 8 wheels of this pack come with a diameter of 72 mm. and the hardness of these wheels is 80A. This pack includes 16 ABEC 5 skate bearings. These clear color wheels are greatly smooth and durable, which guarantees excellent performance.

Key Features

  1. Pack of wheels and bearings
  2. 16 bearings included
  3. 8 wheels with a diameter of 72 mm
  4. Wheels are smooth and durable.


  1. The wheels are harder and they will last longer. 
  2. The wheels provide convenient replacement with the bearings and spacers.
  3. The wheels create less friction.
  4. They offer the users increased speed on hard surfaces. 

7. Player’s Choice Outdoor Inline Skate Wheels

These outdoor inline skate wheels manufactured by Player’s choice, is perfect for outdoor skating. This wheel pack contains 89A Durometer inline wheels. 89A is the most popular outdoor durometer rating. The wheels can utilize the standard size 608 bearing hub. All these things make this pack of wheels the right choice for the inline hockey skaters.

The 89A Durometer of these wheels provides a long-lasting and rock hard feel. These harder wheels not only provide you great speed but also provide more bang for your buck. This pack of wheels includes 8 wheels with a diameter of 72 mm and all these come in black color.

Key Features

  1. Contains 89a Durometer
  2. Perfect for outdoor skating
  3. Provides more speed
  4. It also provides more bang for your buck.


  1. The durometer rating of the wheels ensures a long-lasting performance guarantee. 
  2. The wheels provide a rock-solid feel on the tough surfaces.
  3. These harder wheels provide more speed.
  4. The tough construction of the wheels ensures durability. 

8. Ripstik Wheels by KBS

Knot Board Sports or KBS present manufactured these ripstick wheels. These wheels are usable for ripstick, rip surf, caster board, suitcase, inline skate, Rollerblade and scooter. These wheels are made of using high-quality, durable polyurethane, which ensures the longevity of the wheels.

This pack comes with 2 wheels, 2 bearings and a spacer. The wheels can easily bear rider up to 220 pounds. This pack of wheels includes three different sizes of wheels, 68 mm, 76 mm and 80 mm in diameter. 86ab durometer polyurethane wheels ensure a high-performance guarantee. So doesn’t matter what kind of skater you are, you can choose this pack for your roller skates.

Key Features

  1. Durable polyurethane used
  2. Includes 2 wheels, 2 bearings, and 1 spacer
  3. Comes in three different sizes
  4. Can bear rider up to 220 pounds.


  1. The wheels support the aggressive riders. 
  2. These wheels are easy to install.
  3. These wheels are usable on luggage suitcases as well.
  4. It will fit on any caster board scooter with ease and grace. 

9. Cheetah Rippers Wheels for Ripstik Wave Board

This set of 2 wheels is manufactured by Cheetah rippers. They designed these wheels with fast ABEC 9 bearings, which made this set a good one for those skaters who are looking for a set that includes bearings with wheels. These wheels are easy to install and it fits on almost every caster board.

The wheels are made of using super high rebound 89A urethane that offers not only great durability but also high performance. The round shape design and the urethane used in it allow the wheels to provide more speed with better control. Both the wheels come in a diameter of 76 mm and in white color with black marks drawn on the body.

Key Features

  1. 2 wheels with ABEC 9 bearings
  2. Easy to install
  3. Super high rebound 89A urethane used
  4. Provides faster speed and better control.


  1. The wheels will fit on almost all caster boards. 
  2. They are pretty easy to install.
  3. The durable wheels produce less friction on tough surfaces.
  4. The bearings with the wheels provide the highest amount of precision, speed, and durability. 

10. Rollerex VXT500 Inline Skate Wheels


  • Brand: Rollerex
  • Weight: 1.3 pounds

These inline skate wheels included in this pack are made to last and serve the user for an extended period. There are a total of 8 wheels included in the pack. The manufacturer has used high-density urethane materials to construct the wheels, which are abrasion-resistant. This abrasion-resistant construction made the wheels pack durable and long-lasting.

The wheels come with a thickness of 24 mm. With the wheels, the manufacturer ensured high-performance they come with an 85A durometer. They are compatible with Ripsticks. The wheels sizes are available in 72 and 80 mm. You can use them in both indoor and outdoor conditions, without compromising the performance quality. Except for this turf green color, they are also found in five more color variants.

Key Features

  1. Constructed with abrasion-resistant, high-density urethane materials
  2. 24 mm thicker wheels
  3. They have a high-performance 85A durometer
  4. Compatible with Ripsticks.


  1. The durometer rating of the wheels ensures enhanced performance. 
  2. Having every required equipment makes it a complete inline skate wheels set.
  3. The abrasion-resistant construction makes them durable.
  4. The mixture of wheels colors provides a stylish look. 

How to chosse

From the review of the above products, you have already got an idea about different roller hockey wheels. But to choose the right wheels for your skates you need to look at a few things, and I’m going to discuss about these things below.

Size: Most of the inline hockey skates need the same sizes of wheels. But skates with hi-lo setup requires a bit larger wheels on the backside than the front wheels. So before buying you must decide whether you need a wheel pack with different sizes or the same sizes of wheels are required for your skates.

Durometer: Depending on the durometer number there are various types of wheels like soft, multi-surface, or outdoor wheels. 72A, 74A, 76A wheels are used for indoor purposes only. If you want wheels for outdoor skating then you must buy wheels with a durometer of at least 80A and the limit of the durometer is 84A.

Bearings included or not: It depends on your demands. If you want to change the full setup of y our skates then it’s better to buy a wheel pack with bearings.

Types of wheels: There are different types of wheels available in the market like speed wheels, aggressive wheels, recreational wheels, cross-training wheels, etc.

Wheel core: The core of the wheel depends on what type of wheel it is. Typically inline hockey skates wheel cores are made of using nylon or plastic. There are also wheel cores made of solid plastic.

Spacers: You can get spacers made of nylon, plastic or aluminum. But to me aluminum spacers are better than other two types, and it offers you to provide the best performance.

Can you use an indoor roller hockey wheel outside

Yes, you can use indoor wheels outside, but it is not recommended. The hardness of indoor hockey wheels and outdoor hockey wheels are different, you won’t have proper grip using indoor wheels outdoor.

  •  Roller hockey wheels have a durometer rating of 72A to 85A.
  • 72A to 78A is the recommended hardness for indoor hockey wheels.
  • 80A to 85A is the recommended hardness for outdoor hockey wheels.
  • You can work on both indoor and outdoor surfaces with 78A hardness. 

The hardness of the wheel is the key factor to decide whether it is good to use indoor surfaces or outdoor surfaces. 72A is the softest wheels on the list and they are suitable for lightweight indoor hockey players on indoor sports courts only.

However, 74A wheels are suitable for wooden surfaces and medium-weight players. For heavyweight indoor players, 76A wheels are recommended for the increased hardness level to accommodate the extra weight. There is only one multi-purpose wheel with 78A hardness, which is usable in both conditions.

It will provide a decent grip on smooth outdoor surfaces. 80A wheels are a better option for sealed outdoor surfaces. Other wheels of 82A, 84A, and 85A rating are usable on hard, smooth, rough, and concrete, and asphalt outdoor surfaces.

There are some consequences of using indoor wheels on outdoor surfaces.

  1. The wheels won’t provide enough grip and stability on the surface.
  2. It will wear out soon because of the rough and hard surface.
  3. Skaters will slip now and then because of wearing indoor wheels outdoor.

Roller hockey wheel dimensions

There are both small and large roller hockey wheels available, which are measured by diameter. The roller hockey wheel dimension ranges from 47 mm to 80 mm. Smaller wheels are appropriate for kids and adults simply go for larger ones.

  1.  47 mm to 59 mm wheel size is appropriate for young users.
  2. Adults typically use wheels measuring from 72 mm to 80 mm.
  3. Goalies love to go for slightly smaller wheels from 60 mm to 72 mm.

Both wheels have different aspects, where they perform better than the other one. Let’s know about some crucial points regarding roller hockey wheels.

  1. Wheels from 72 mm and 80 mm diameter are suitable for speed and agility.
  2. Small wheels around 47 mm to 60 mm are great for stability and maneuverability.
  3. Large wheels are good for producing top speed and speed retention.
  4. Large wheels can travel more distance per rotation compared to small wheels.
  5. Small wheels can produce faster acceleration.

Roller hockey wheel cost

Depending on the hardness and number of wheels available in the package, the cost of roller hockey wheels ranges from $30 to $70. The majority of wheel packages come with four or eight wheels and they cost around $60. However, you can also find two wheels pack at $15.


What roller hockey wheels should I use?

First, you need to define what type of roller skate you are using. Then choose the right size of wheels and setup to fit your skates, which will provide you the best performance guarantee.

Roller hockey wheels size?

Roller hockey wheels come in a diameter of 47 mm to 80 mm. The smallest wheels are recommended for the kids.

How to change the roller hockey skate wheel?

Remove the spacers and the bearings from the old wheels and put them on the new ones. Then place the new wheel on the wheel frame and replace the axle and make them tighten. Follow these steps for the remaining wheels also.

How to clean the roller hockey skate wheel?

Take of the roller hockey wheels off he skates. Remove the bearings and wash them for 15 minutes. Then make them dry and put bearing oil on each bearing for better spinning.


I think those who had confusion regarding which roller hockey wheels are right for their hockey skates, have already got the solution. I have discussed some roller hockey wheels that you need to look at first. Then there is a buying guide containing the facts that you need to consider before purchasing. And lastly, I’ve answered some FAQs. So overall, I think if you read this article carefully, then you can choose the right kind of roller hockey wheels for your skates without having any further confusion.

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