Best Scrabble Board Game Reviews 2023

Are you looking for something that can provide your kids amusement with some educative value? Then you are at the right place because this article contains a review of best scrabble boards available in the market. Scrabble is a board game, which is played between 2 or 8 players.

The game requires a board with 100 letter tiles and 225 square grids. In this list of scrabble board, I have kept Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition on the top. Well, the review of these few products won’t be enough for you, if you are going to buy this board for the first time and that’s why there is a segment in this article to help you in this regard. 

Best Scrabble Board Game

Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition

WS Game Company Scrabble Luxury Edition

Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden board

How much does scrabble game cost?

The cost of a scrabble board depends on the type and size of the boards. There are different sizes of boards available in the market and they are used for different situations. Suppose you are wishing to have a board for having fun inside your room, then you need a regular board. Meanwhile, if you are looking for boards that can be used on the go, then the construction has to be strong.

You can also buy deluxe or large size boards for outdoor amusement. Regular scrabble boards will cost you from $15 to something around $100. But deluxe or large size scrabble boards are a lot expensive. These boards can cost you more than $100 to around $600. So before purchasing, make sure what type of board you want.

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Best Scrabble Board

1. Hasbro Scrabble Deluxe Edition


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Model: 16807

Weight: 4 pounds

Key Features

  1. A sleek folding carrying case with handles
  2. Two slide and store trays
  3. Four deluxe curved tile racks
  4. 100 wooden letter tiles.


  1. The folding case with a carrying handle makes transportation easier for this scrabble game set. 
  2. There are recessed game spaces on the game board.
  3. The six soft rubber wheels offer an easy and convenient rotation of the game board. 
  4. The gameplay guide makes it easier for the newcomers to understand the rules of the game. 
  5. You can store the letter tiles securely inside the letter trays on two sides of the board. 

This is a deluxe edition of classic scrabble board game from Hasbro Gaming. This classic word game features a sleek folding carrying case that has a hand and two slide and store trays. This board is perfect for the use of two to four players.

The scrabble deluxe game set includes a deluxe carrying case with scrabble game board, 100 wooden letter tiles, four deluxe curved tile racks, plush drawstring letter pouch and also a gameplay guide. It rotates smoothly with six soft rubber wheels designed underneath it. 

2. WS Game Company Scrabble Luxury Edition


Brand: WS Game Company

Model: 21020

Weight: 15 pounds

Key Features

  1. The faux leather game surface
  2. A raised letter tile grid
  3. Four plated die-cast tile racks.
  4. One hundred faux ivory letter tiles.


  1. The integrated storage drawer keeps the tiles and sand timer safely inside. 
  2. The traditional sand timer informs the user about the serving time.
  3. The score sheet is used to keep the score conveniently.
  4. The gameplay instructions allow the participants to understand the game rules quickly and easily.
  5. The surface of the board is rotatable. 

This luxurious scrabble game board from WS Game Company comes with a rotating wooden game board top with the faux leather game surface. It is also equipped with a raised letter tile grid for holding letters in place. 

The board is built with furniture quality wooden cabinet with burled veneer panels and decorative metal plaques. There is a built-in storage drawer with die-cast handles that allows storage of all the accessories needed to play the game. It comes with 100 faux ivory scrabble letter tiles with four platted die-cast tile racks.

3. WS game Scrabble Deluxe Edition with Rotating Wooden Game Board


Brand: WS Game Company

Model: WS20810

Weight: 9 pounds

Key Features

  1. Constructed of solid wood with mahogany finish
  2. Raised grid to hold the tiles
  3. 100 mahogany finish letter tiles
  4. Embroidered fabric Scrabble tiles pouch with drawstring.


  1. The raised grids around the game surface hold the tiles in place during the gameplay. 
  2. The user can store all the components of the game by removing the cabinet from the top.
  3. The mahogany scrabble letters are easy to read.
  4. There is a hardcover foil scorebook with a pencil included for easy scorekeeping.
  5. Playing rules for easier understanding. 

This deluxe edition scrabble game cabinet from WS Game Company is made of solid wood with mahogany finish and has built-in lazy susan. It is equipped with 100 easy to read mahogany-finished scrabble letter tiles and also has four matchings scrabble letter tile racks.

The game cabinet comes with embroidered fabric Scrabble tile pouch with drawstring. This deluxe foil-stamped Scrabble game board has raised grid to hold the tiles in place. It also includes hardcover foil-stamped scorebook with a pencil.

4. Scrabble Giant Deluxe Edition


Brand: Winning Solutions

Model: WS21010

Weight: 12 pounds

Key Features

  1. 50% larger game board
  2. Constructed of solid wood with mahogany finish
  3. Four mahogany finish racks
  4. Velvet pouch with drawstrings.


  1. There are separate storage boxes included in the scrabble board to hold all the components. 
  2. The raised grid around the board holds the game pieces or tiles in place.
  3. It comes with an oversized tile pouch.
  4. The game set has a scorekeeping pad. 

This is a giant size scrabble game board from Winning Solutions that comes with 50% larger board and all components than standard-size boards. The board is constructed of solid wood with mahogany finish and has built-in lazy susan.

The giant size game board includes oversized solid wood natural finish scrabble tiles with four mahogany finish tile racks. The game board also consists of a velvet pouch with drawstring and score pad. It has a large raised grid to hold the tiles in place.

5. WS Deluxe Magnetic Scrabble


Brand: WS Games


Weight: 5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Has a built-in dry erase board
  2. Solid wooden magnetic tiles
  3. Metal tile racks
  4. Fabric pouch with drawstring.


  1. It is easy to keep the scorecard running with easy to erase scoreboard. 
  2. The board can be mounted on the wall to have gaming fun.
  3. The metal tile racks keep the tiles safe.
  4. The drawstring pouch does a great job in securely keeping the metal tiles in one place. 

This jumbo size scrabble board game from WS Games features a built-in dry erase board that allows keeping track of who’s in the lead. This big magnetic board measures 31.8 by 27 by 2.3 inches.

This magnetic game board includes solid wood magnetic tiles, metal tile racks, fabric pouch with drawstrings and dry erase marker. You can set this magnetic classic game board in your house and have full amusement of scrabble board game.

6. Hasbro Scrabble Game classic


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Model: A8166

Weight: 11 ounces

Key Features

100 wooden letter tiles

Four tile racks

One drawstring letter bag

Gaming guide included.


  1. After the game ends, store the game tiles safely inside the drawstring bag. 
  2. The wooden letter tiles are durable and long-lasting.
  3. The game board allows the user many methods of playing.
  4. The game set provides a classic scrabble game feel to any user. 

This is a classic scrabble game set from Hasbro Gaming that has letter tiles and gaming guide for providing a wordy showdown. The set includes one game board with 100 wooden letter tiles.

With the letter tiles, there are four tile racks included in the set. The game board set also comes with a drawstring letter bag. You can easily store the letter tiles into the drawstring bag and have accessible transportation.

7. Winning Solutions Nostalgia Tin Scrabble Game


Brand: Winning Solutions

Model: WS22501

Weight: 3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Wooden tiles
  2. Tiles racks with a fabric pouch
  3. Vintage colours and graphics
  4. Storable in a decorative tin.


  1. There’s a decorative tin included storing the letter tiles conveniently when they are not in use. 
  2. The metal box included in the package is sturdy and attractive.
  3. The wooden holders provide a classy feel to the users.
  4. The whole game set is easy to take on the go. 

This classic scrabble game board from Winning Solutions will take you to the early stages of classic scrabble board games. This game board is modelled after the 1948 edition. 

The board measures 10.5 inches in length, 10.5 inches in width and 2.25 inches in height. The game board set includes wooden tiles and tile rack with a fabric pouch. The board comes with vintage colours and graphics. You can easily store it in a decorative tin.

8. Retro Series Scrabble 1949 Edition Game


Brand: Hasbro Gaming

Model: B2850

Weight: 2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Board made based on the 1949 edition
  2. 100 vintage letter tiles
  3. Four tile racks
  4. Velvet tile pouch.


  1. The inclusion of classic letter tiles and tile rack made sure, you have the classic scrabble game feel. 
  2. The gameplay instruction makes it easier for anyone to understand the game before starting.
  3. The tile pouch stores the wooden tiles securely inside after the game.
  4. The game set offers you travel to the past days. 

This scrabble game board set from Hasbro Gaming comes with a full-sized board based on the 1949 edition. The board includes 100 vintage wooden letter tiles. With this letter tiles, it also contains 4 vintage wooden tile racks. 

The board game set also comes with a velvet tile pouch and gaming guide. These retro series scrabble board game set looks the edition of 1949. The classic wooden tiles and tile racks included with the set also provides you with the same feel.

9. QMET 1000 Scrabble Letters for Crafts – Wood Scrabble Tiles


Brand: QMET

Weight: 1.9 pounds

Key Features

  1. Includes 1000 tiles in the pack
  2. The tiles are constructed with high-quality wood
  3. Each tile measures 20 by 18
  4. The tiles are 4 mm thicker.


  1. The high-quality wooden construction of the scrabble letter tiles makes it long-lasting. 
  2. The number of tiles is huge for long-lasting scrabble gaming fun.
  3. The design of the tiles provides a classy feel to the game. 

Start playing scrabble game with these huge number of letter tiles. The set includes a total of 1000 letter tiles. The manufacturer used high-quality wood to construct the scrabble tiles. The tiles include all the English alphabets from A to Z. Most tiles come with E, which are 12. And the last ones are J, K, Q, X, and Z with one tile of each.

Each of the tiles measures 20 by 18 by 4 mm. Each tile included in the pack has a definite numeric value. The tiles are great to work as replacement tiles, art and crafts, jewelry making, gifts, spelling, and so on.

Buying Guides

I have already said that, if you are new in buying this scrabble gaming board, then only the product discuss won’t help you out to select the right board. That’s why this is the most exciting segment of this article where I’m going to point out the significant factors you need to look at before buying.

  • Size of the board: A standard size scrabbles game board measures 15 inches by 15 inches. The board includes 225 square grids. But there are larger boards for outdoor uses that measures 21 inches by 21 inches and contains 441 square grids. For a classic feel, I would recommend going with a standard size board.
  • Construction materials: If it is not a magnetic board and you also want to use it in the outdoor conditions, then you must look for robust construction. It’s better if the board and the included components are made of high-quality wood with an excellent finish.
  • Where you are going to use it: Are you looking for an indoor scrabble game board or you want it to carry with you? If you want a board for on the go, then it should have raised grids to hold the 100 letter tiles correctly, unless you can go for a board having simple grids designed.
  • Simple board or deluxe board: It mainly depends on your demand. If you want to have a classic scrabble board game, feel then go for a simply designed set. But if enhanced fun matters for you more than classy feel then a deluxe board is recommended. Deluxe scrabble boards will undoubtedly cost you more than simply designed boards.
  • Carrying case: It’s beneficial if you can take the letter tiles in a bag with you. So a carrying case will help you in transportation.
  • Foldable or not: Foldable board will save your space and allow you to carry it on the go anytime you want.

Scrabble board size

A standard size scrabble board measures 15 inches by 15 inches square grids. This size of the board includes 225 squares, where 100 tiles are available. Among these 100 tiles, 98 tiles contain points for score and the remaining two have to no point value. But as I mentioned above that, there are large size luxurious scrabble boards available in the market as well.

So the size of these boards is also different from the standard boards. Large size boards measure 21 by 21 inches and they consist 441 squares. If you want to have the feel of a classic scrabble game with your family and friends, then go for a regulation size board and enjoy.

A brief history of scrabble game

Scrabble game was invented during the early 1930s. An American architect named Alfred Mosher Butts invented this game. But it was not known as scrabble game then. It was known as a criss-crosswords game and later on the game was named scrabble game. It contains 225 square grids, where 100 letter tiles are included. The game earned popularity because of the educative value with amusement.


What is scrabble board game?

Scrabble board game is a two to four-player game, where the players try to place letter side to make a word and score points. The game is played on a 225 square grid containing board. It includes 100 letter tiles, where 98 letters have a point value and the remaining letters don’t have.

How many squares on a scrabble board?

In a standard size scrabble board there are 225 squares available. A standard size board measures 15 by 15 inches. But larger boards measuring 21 by 21 inches have 441 square grids.

How many tiles on a scrabble board game?

A standard scrabble board game has 100 letter tiles included. Among these 100 tiles, two tiles have 0 point value and the remaining 98 tiles have different point values that help the player to score points.


I think you are now ready to purchase for a scrabble board to provide your kids with an educative fun time. The review of the selected products will certainly help you in choosing the right board according to your need. For making it a lot easier, there is a buying guide containing the factors you need to consider before selecting a scrabble board. You might get confused after seeing the different sizes of the board and that’s why I have given the idea about the different sizes, which will make your confusion clear. And before purchasing you need to know the cost of these boards, you have got it above. So buy a scrabble board and make your kids learn with some fun.

Sources: Gamification and Scrabble .pdf

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