Best skee ball machine reviews 2022

Staying at home and want to have some gaming fun with your whole family? I can suggest you a classic arcade game for this purpose, which is skee ball. But for playing the game, you need to have a skee ball machine and that’s why I’m here with a review of some best skee ball machines for your consideration.

The list contains seven best skee ball machines available in the market at the moment and it starts with BARRINGTON Roll and Score Game Set. It features a quick-response, automatic ball return, a slick and unblemished ramp, and comes equipped with a jumbo scorer. You must continue reading the article to know what things are needed to consider before buying a skee ball machine.

Best skee ball machine reviews

What is Skee ball machine

Barrington skee ball machine

Hall of Games skee ball machine

Sharper Retro-Style Speedball Game

Skee ball machine is a 10 to 13 feet long machine, which is used for playing a skee ball game. The standard length of the ramp of this machine is 10 feet. The main objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible by dropping the balls in the holes with different point values. A player has to roll the ball on the smooth ramp of the machine to earn points. For a better gaming experience, you need to have a quality skee ball machine in your home.

Best Skee ball machine

1. BARRINGTON Roll and Score Game Set



Weight: 186 pounds

Key Features

  1. Quick response automatic ball return
  2. Equipped with a jumbo scorer
  3. LED lights and sound effects
  4. Iron metal trimming, legs, and net.

This skee ball game set from BARRINGTON features a quick response automatic ball return, a slick and unblemished ramp. It comes with a jumbo scorer. The game machine is equipped with LED lights and sound effects to enhance the fun during the game.

It comes with a rustic design as it is accented with distressed oak wood with iron metal trimming, legs, and net. This table is as much a designer piece as it is high performing sports equipment. The modern technology has been used in the set without sacrificing the traditional feel.

2. MD Sports 9 Ft. skee ball table


Brand: MD sports

Weight: 125 pounds

Key Features

  1. LED electronic scorer with sound effects
  2. LED lighting
  3. Comes with elegant wood grain design
  4. Includes 4 skee balls.

This 9 feet roll and score table from MD sports comes with an elegant wood grain design. It is equipped with LED electronic scorer with sound effects and Led light that enhances the gaming quality, of course. 

The game set includes four skee balls. This skee ball game machine is perfect for family members. There is a built-in ball return system, which sends the ball back to you quickly, no matter you scored or missed the last shot. 

3. Hall of Games AC208Y19014 9ft Roll and Score


Brand: Hall of Games

Weight: 125 pounds

Key Features

  1. 0.5 inches playing surface with black PVC laminate and print graphics
  2. Built-in LED light
  3. Arcade sound effects
  4. Easy access push-button controls.

This roll and score table from Hall of Games has built-in LED light, arcade sound effects. It comes with easy access push-button controls to start or reset the game in seconds, which is a great side of it. The game table includes four skee balls.

It will fit most of the game room as it measures, 107 by 24.5 by 60.75 inches. Metal and wood have been used to construct this roll and score table. It features a 0.5 inches playing surface with black PVC laminate and print graphics.

4. Sharper Retro-Style Speedball Game


Brand: Sharper Image

Weight: 4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Folds neatly for easy setup
  2. Comes in a compact storage design
  3. Six different targets with different point values
  4. Five wooden balls with scoring sheet pad.

It is a set of speedball game that includes collapsible speedball, five wooden balls and scoring sheet pad. The set features an easily foldable design for easy setup and compact storage.

It has six targets with a different point value for each target, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 100. You need to set up it and play on a flat surface for having enhanced fun doesn't matter whether it is indoor or outdoor condition.

5. Hot Shot 8-ft Arcade Ball Table


Brand: Hathaway

Weight: 93 pounds

Key Features

  1. Two players electronic scoring system
  2. Scratch-resistant poly sealed 5/8 inches MDF playing surface
  3. Space-saving folding design
  4. Leg stabilizers with non-skid pads.

This arcade game table from Hathaway comes with two players electronic scoring system. It is constructed with scratch-resistant poly sealed 5/8 inches MDF playing surface with sightline graphics. This exclusive design enhances the quality of the game.

The game table comes in with a folding design, which saves the space when you are looking to store it. It is equipped with moulded ABS scoring rings. The game table has leg stabilizers with non-skid pad for added safety.

6. Skee Ball Arcade Ball Game


Brand: Skee Ball

Weight: 550 pounds

Key Features

  1. Comes in original classic design
  2. Uses a single ball system and front net assembly
  3. Polycarbonate resin display
  4. A hand-finished oak exterior.

This skee ball arcade game table comes with an original classic game table design. It features a hand-finished oak exterior, flip-style score display and a full handle activation lever to evoke a retro 1930s style look.

This game table measures 31 inches in width, 155 in-depth and 82 inches in height. It uses a single ball system and front net assembly. This thing keeps the game quite simple and provides great fun. However, the polycarbonate resin display and channel cover ensure the durability of the item. 

7. Hathaway Boardwalk 8-ft Arcade Ball Table


Brand: Hathaway

Weight: 104 pounds

Key Features

  1. Equipped with high-quality net
  2. Includes six 2.5 inches semi-soft playing balls
  3. LED side lighting
  4. Rich, oak melamine playing surface.

This arcade ball table from Hathaway came with quality and engineered wood construction that ensures long-lasting durability and stability. It is equipped with a high-quality net, which ensures that the balls stay in play, keeping the fun rolling at a crisp, competitive pace.

This game table includes six 2.5 inches semi-soft playing balls. This gorgeous cabinet features a rich, oak melamine surface that is sure to delight in eyes. It also features LED side lighting and sleek modern targets. The digital sound effect is added to increase the beauty of the game.

Buying Guides

The most awaited part of this article is the buying guide, where I have promised to discuss the things or factors you need to consider before buying a skee ball machine. I'm providing you with the factors below. 

  • Table materials: I would prefer to buy a game machine that is built with solid wood. Because without a solid and strong construction, you won't be able to get sturdiness during the game. So the first thing you need to consider before choosing a skee ball machine is the material used to build it.
  • Ramp length: You will find several lengths of these skee ball machines in the market. But standard machine ramps measure 10 or 13 inches. If you are looking to buy this only for recreational purposes or for your kids, then ramp length is not a significant factor. But for a better experience, you should go for a regulation length ramp. 
  • Ramp thickness: As far as my concern, you should go for a ramp that has a thickness of at least 19 mm. High-quality construction will genuinely provide your adequate thickness for sure. That's why first watch out the construction materials.
  • Included balls: Not every machine has skee balls, but you need to choose one that is equipped with regulation size balls. The number of balls can be two, four or even six.
  • LED scoring and lighting: To enhance the fun, I would recommend you to choose a machine that is designed with an LED automatic scoring system and also has LED lighting. This will keep your scoreboard moving automatically and will release pressure from you of counting your scores.
  • Sound system: Sound system is the last thing you need to consider if you are buying a skee ball machine. This thing is needed for having a real, classic game feel with your family members.

Skee ball history

It was 1908 when Joseph Fourestier Simpson invented skee ball. But Simpson wanted the game to get introduced to the people and for this he needed marketing. Thinking of marketing, Simpson licensed the game to John W. Harper and William Nice Jr. who created the Skee-Ball Alley Company and began marketing the thirty-two-foot games in early 1909. However nice died unexpectedly and the company couldn't continue the marketing because of lack of fund.

Then J. Dickenson Este came, who is regarded as the true inventor of this game. Because, when the skee ball alley company fall, he helped Simpson and Harper to stand back again by installing two more alleys. After this, the game began to earn popularity and you are well aware of its popularity now.

Skee ball table history

The table used to play skee balls has changed gradually in its structure and rules. When the first skee ball table was invented, there were 36 lanes in the table. But later on, the lane was decreased to 10 and 13 feet. The original machine only had 3 cups for scoring. Additional rings were added to limit gutter balls and add a bit more depth to play. The first coin-operated machines were created in 1936.

Skee ball machine size

Skee ball machine is must needed equipment to play the game. There is no regulation size of skee ball machines, but there is a minimum requirement. A skee ball machine must measure 8 feet in length and 2 feet in width. However, you can expand the length and width depending on the room or space you have to set up the machine. Typically, this machine's length is expandable up to 10 feet and the width is up to 4 feet. You need to keep in mind before selecting the size; you need to have 3 feet extra space for the length and 4 feet extra space for the width in the playing room.

How to play skee ball

It would be beneficial if you know the rules of any game before going to on to play it. Thinking of this, I'm here providing you guys with the basic rules of the skee ball game.

  • Skee ball is played on a smooth lane, which is flat. So to start the game, you need to set up a regulation size ramp that measures 10 or 13 feet depending on the manufacturer of the game.
  • Then set up several circles or rings for scoring points in the game. The least point of the game should be 10. The ring or hole, which is the smallest and much challenging to roll the balls in, will provide you with maximum points of 50.
  • After the setup, the player has to drop a minimum currency into the skee ball machine to start the game.
  • When the currency is received, the player has nine skee balls to roll along the ramp towards the scoring ring. Each of these balls measures three or four inches in diameter.
  • The player has to roll all the nine balls one after another and try to place them into the scoring rings.
  • If a player fails to place a single ball into the rings, he will earn no points. And if someone successfully rolls down all the balls into the highest scoring ring, he is going to earn 450 points and this is the maximum points a player can score.
  • You don't need to keep your scores as there is an automatic scoring machine built in the machine for keeping the scores.


You can’t ignore the quality of a skee ball machine if you are aiming for having more awesome fun inside your home. For this reason, you might love the review of the selected products in the above section of this article. But if you are a new buyer, only the review won't be enough for choosing the right product and that's why the buying guide followed by product discussion is the most exciting part of this article. You should also know how to play this game before inviting other family members and I've discussed the rules of this game too. Overall, whether you are a new skee ball player or not this article will help you to choose and purchase for the right skee ball machine for sure.

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