Best snow scooter for kids reviews 2022

Don’t keep your kid stuck at home because it is chilly out there. Winter with the thicker snow in the backyard is the best place to make fond memories that your kid will remember years after years. As an exciting parent, it never goes with you to spoil the fun of winter.

One of the best ways to make your kid's childhood more exciting is by introducing him to a snow scooter.

A great aspect of having a snow scooter is that these toys are super budget-friendly, and it is possible to use a snow scooter both in the thick and thin snow layers.

Unlike a skateboard, these toys are even much safer to haul your kid for having the best fun and excitement.

Without any further I say, we are here to introduce you to the seven best snow scooters that your kid will love unconditionally. If you are interested, let us jump into it-

But before that-

Best snow scooter for kid

Why should you purchase a snow scooter for your kid?

The first reason you should choose a snow scooter is that your kid will simply love to have one. These toys are super fun and exciting to make your kid happy in all situations.

The second reason you should purchase a snow scooter is that a snow scooter is one of the cheapest options that your kid will adore with more enthusiasm. You will always have the chance to be a super parent on a low budget.

Unlike most other snow toys like an indoor snowball, rocket launcher, these toys are actually pretty safe to maneuver.

Besides, letting your kid play with a snow scooter is a great way to make him more social and outgoing. Don't spoil the childhood of your kid by letting him succumb to the illusion of artificial video games pleasure.

Best snow scooter for your kid

If you are still reading this article, I believe you are a little bit convinced to purchase a snow scooter for your kid. So choose one of these seven scooters, and I promise, your kid will surely give you more priority and love than ever before.

Here is our first recommendation from Slippery Racer-

1. Slippery Racer Kid's Lightweight Compact Foldable winter ski



Slippery Race

Available colors

Blue, red, and green



Compatible age

4 years and up


High-arc grip


Built-in backside guard rails

Snow protection

IceVex cold-resistant treatment

Foldable handlebar





36x10x32 inches

User experience (10/10)

There is surely a good reason why this one remains on top of this recommendation chart. With decent construction and high-end safety features, this snow scooter is one of the best scooters available on the market that other users are loving to a great degree.

The scooter does what it is here to do. Therefore, without being much economical, we are giving it a complete ten out of ten.

Features worth discussing

The first feature that essentially comes up is the price of the product. Well, this one will never disappoint you with its highly reasonable and logical price range. The price range of this scooter can be anywhere between $40 dollars to $130 dollars, depending on the varieties you are choosing.

With the availability of multiple color patterns, your kid will always have the option to choose according to his favorite color pattern.

It is indeed true that this is a plastic-made toy but notwithstanding this is enough durable and resilient to give you support for a long time. Besides, the IceVex cold-resistant treatment will protect the sled from the harsh influence of the weather.

Again, the high-arc grip handle with the built-in backside guard rails will allow you to get maximum controllability while accelerating and decelerating the speed.

Finally, the foldable design will give you enough portability to carry it to the snow spot with ease. Purchasing three of them can turn out to be a great source of family joy.


  1. It is strong enough to withstand a load of an adult, although we never encourage such doings.
  2. There should be no questions about the sturdiness of the product.
  3. Customer support is super convenient to help you in any hurdle.


Where there are pros, there will be cons as well. Unless your kid puts all of his weight forward on the handle, this one should not show any sign of turbulence.

2. Airhead Scoot Youth Snow Scooter




Compatible surface

Both flat and hills


Durable molded polymer

Weight capacity

180 pounds


Grooved bottom and directional channels


4 years and up


36.5x9x31 inches

User experience (10/10)

This one is even better than the previous one in terms of construction and productivity. You would not find another sled that people love more than this one. With an intelligent construction, this one will allow your son to get comfortable both up and down the hill.

Start with this one, and your kid will be proficient with the larger toys as well.

Features worth discussing

SportsStuff has been bringing snow toys for a long time. Therefore, they know what would bring the most convenient experience on the snow. This Airhead snow scooter is a great example of the quality you can expect to get from the manufacturer.

First of all, the inclusion of the directional channels with the grooved bottom will allow your kid to get maximum controllability with maximum fun to improvise his approach in all situations.

Only riding but not learning anything will not bring any progress in the longer run. But with this one, your kid will always have the chance to gradually improve his potential. Anyway, if your kid is accelerating his speed every single day, it is better to slide with a safety helmet on the head. It makes him safer.

When you are not ready to let your kid snowboarding because it is a bit riskier, letting him ride on this one should be an excellent compromise you can make.

The scooter is at the same time lighter and foldable to make it relevant for most situations.

Finally, the dimension should suffice to accommodate both adults and kids to have some new experience in the snow.


  1. With a higher load capacity, this one will accommodate even a bulkier kid with ease. Anyone with the age of 4 years to 13 should feel comfortable on the sled.  
  2. The molded polymer material is enough durable and impact resistant to last for a long time.
  3. The scooter is suitable for riding on both hill and flat conditions.


The scooter can dramatically enhance the speed depending on the track. Therefore, if your kid is not good at handling the handlebar, he may end up falling off of the board.

3. Stiga Snow Kick Scooter (Lime Green)




Scooter type

Kick scooter




High-density polyethylene skis

Height adjustment

Three different heights

Load capacity

110 lbs.




Three years and up

User experience (9/10)

When your preference is a kick snow scooter, this Stiga Kick scooter might be the most convenient option for your kid. With a stylish look and better construction property, this one really seems to be a good product to love.

I believe nine out of ten is what this sled will get from our side.

Features worth discussing

The first feature that is worth mentioning regarding this item is its rugged steel and Aluminum made construction. The blending of steel and Aluminum really makes it super durable that will help the product to stand out from the other.

With a weight loading capacity of up to 110 lbs, this kick scooter is pretty much capable of supporting even an adult as well.

When you love downhill scooting, the high-density polyethylene skis should always come in handy to give your kid the best support possible.

Furthermore, the handlebar of this Stiga kick scooter is adjustable to up to three different heights. Therefore, both kids and adults with different sizes and heights will be able to set the item according to their body posture. Such adjustable capacity surely makes it more reliable to the users.

Carrying the sled will never be a matter of hassle with the foldable design. Besides storing it for the next winter should be more convenient with the foldable design as well.

Finally, all the safety features implemented on the device will always take good care of your kid's safety.


  1. This kick bike will really bring pleasure on the slopes.
  2. The lime green color makes it look sleek in the snow.
  3. Gradual improvement will be much easier with this one.


This one with a budget of almost $100 dollars may seem a bit expensive while compared with the previous two products. But when you will take the construction and type of the scooter into consideration, this much of the price should make sense. 

4. Geospace Original LED Ski Skooter





Red, green, blue




Both kids and adults

Load capacity

220 lbs.




One LED module at the top and another one at the base


6 years and above


37x9.5x31 inches

User experience (9/10)

We know your kid loves colors. When such is the case, this snow scooter with two LED modules at the top and base will flash multiple colors to make the item more versatile to your kid.

If that intrigues you, the following section will show you more reasons to go with this kick bike-

Features worth discussing

Having this scooter will not only allow you to skate down the hill but also on flat and smooth surfaces like sand and grass.

This is not a kid-friendly scooter only. Anybody with a weight of up to 220lbs. should feel comfortable on the scooter.

It is natural that a kid will always love to choose a brighter color with their toys. With the availability of multiple bright colors, this one seems to create more appeal to the users.

The top of the handle comes with a circular grip. Therefore, grabbing and controlling the handlebar will be much easier and relevant on most occasions.

Again, the LED modules on the top and base positions flashmultiple brighter lights to make the scooter much safer and more attractive to the eyes.

Implementing perforated holes on the board will also come in handy to stand with enough stability to prevent most accidental falls.

When you are thinking about riding on the flat surface, just kick and you will be ready to go.

Lastly, the handlebar of the scooter is foldable to make it easily storable. When efficiency and fun is your primary concern, grab this one to haul over any terrain.


  1. The scooter will deliver more fun while skating down the slopes.
  2. The wholesome polyethylene will create a barrier against impact and weather influence. This sled should last for a real long time.
  3. The larger size should make it much easier to control.


Remember that you need to purchase the LED lights externally. The lights will not be pre-installed on the scooter. If you want them, you have to spend some extra bucks on them.

5. Goplus Snow Racer Sled





High-quality iron frame with PP+PE material


Two kids at a time


Four years and up


Almost go-kart shape design


Steering wheel

Load capacity

Up to 165 lbs


44.5x20x16 inches

User experience (8.5/10)

This one surely does not look like a snow scooter. But when it comes to making the best use of your kid’s childhood, this go-kart type slider board should always make your kid happy to a great degree. 

Because of its sleek-looking appearance and optimized features, this sled is always worth getting 8.5 out of ten.

Features worth discussing

Unlike a snow scooter, this slider board will bring enough versatility to make the childhood of your kid more enjoyable.

With a tri-angular go-kart-shaped design, this slider board also includes a steering wheel. Therefore, changing the trajectory while gliding on the snow will be much easier.

Anyway, this one may not be the ideal option when the slope is pretty upright. As kids will sit on this item, losing controlling capacity is always common. But the kid will always have the best experience with this slider board on a gentler slope.

The spacing on the board is also large enough to accommodate two kids at a time. That means you can choose this item when your house has more than one kid.

If your kid loves racing, this go-kart-shaped slider board will surely help him to be a little bit more competitive on the racing track.

Finally, this seems to be an exciting gift item to surprise your beloved kid or grandson. Grab this one as a gift and make the bonding between you and your beloved kid much stronger.


  1. The slider board is available in four different options, allowing you to choose according to your preference.
  2. You can even pull the slider on a flat track by attaching a rope in the front of the sled.
  3. A durable metalized frame with a cushioned sitting will bring forth better comfort for your kid.


Unlike a snow scooter, this slider board tends to be a little expensive. But at the same time, it is a little bit more versatile than a snow scooter as well.

6. Grizzly Snow 95cm Folding Snow Scooter Sled





Injection-molded plastic


Non-skid foot treads




Directional tracking


Four years and above

Load capacity

220 lbs



User experience (8/10)

Unlike most other products on this list, this snow sled is not that popular. But the lack of popularity should not take all the credits from it.

This one seems to be a decent item at first glance. However, with durable construction and better adjustability, this snow scooter from Generic is here to make a good impression.

Features worth discussing

What do you think brings the safest experience for your kid while sliding on the snow? Is it the dexterity of the kid or the design of the scooter? Well, the answer is the combination of both.

This snow scooter from Generic surely comes with a good design, but it will also aid in helping your kid to learn better.

The directional tracking system of the handlebar will prevent accidental slipping while gown down through the slope. Any kid with the age of four and up will be able to change the direction of the trajectory with the design.

Again, the inclusion of the non-skid foot treads will allow your little champ to stand on the slider board without feeling any sort of rattling while sliding through the slope.

Don't get fret thinking that this plastic-made scooter will not be able to withstand the load of your kid. According to the manufacturer specifications, this snow sled is enough capable of handling up to 220 lbs. of weight. Therefore, even an adult will also be stable to stand on the scooter without feeling any sort of inconvenience at all.

Finally, the injection-molded heavy-duty plastic material will absorb even high-end impact to keep the sled safe and secure in all situations.


  1. With a price of less than $50 dollars, this is really cheap to make you happy.
  2. You will get better speed while going down the hill with this scooter.
  3. The foldable handlebar design will allow easy storage.


Although the manufacturer says that you will be able to use this one on a flat track, you may not get satisfactory speed if the track is not steep enough.

7. e-joy Kids Snow Scooter Ski Scooter





Green, red, blue


Both kids and adults


Steep and flat surfaces


Four years and up

Weight capacity

Up to 220 lbs


Durable plastic

Direction control

Scooter handle


Anti-slip footrest


36x9x28 inches

User experience (8.5/10)

This one is quite similar to the second product on this list, but this one seems to be a bit more expensive than the previous one.

With a round-shaped handlebar top and a foldable design, this one will bring convenience both for the kids and adults.

Features worth discussing

Snow comes for everyone like this essential snow scooter. From a four-year-old kid to a full-grown adult, everyone will feel comfortable while standing on this premium snow scooter for a fun ride.

The sled can withstand up to 220 lbs. of load at a time, making it compatible with both kids and adults. Along with that, this scooter is enough capable of running both on slop and a flat track.  Therefore, you will have the authenticity to use this item throughout the whole year.

The optimized scooter handle that comes with it will allow you to change the direction while gliding through the uphill.

The anti-slip footrest is another good reason why you should go with this item. You will never slip off of the sled no matter how slippery the snow is.

Finally, the durable molded plastic material is enough resistant to impact so that you can play on this scooter with maximum freedom.


  1. The collapsible handle will save your space while transporting the scooter to a longer distance.
  2. The scooter is compact enough with a total weight of 4.5 lbs.
  3. With a price of less than $40 dollars, this one is quite economical.


Don’t impose too much pressure on the bottom of the handlebar, this may snap off the handle from its location.

How to choose the snow scooter for your kids?

snow scooter ride kids

The top five questions that will help you to choose the best snow scooter for you are-

  1. Why you are thinking about purchasing a snow scooter?
  2. Is the scooter safe and better controllable?
  3. Is the sled foldable?
  4. How much weight does the sled can withstand?
  5. What is the construction material and dimension of the scooter?

Why you are thinking about purchasing a snow scooter?

The most predominant factor you need to fix before you go for the purchase is why you want to purchase a snow scooter. Is it for any professional purpose or a hard ride? Or is it for making your kid a little bit more enthusiastic?

Well, when you need a scooter for hard riding in the snow, you need to be very much careful about your process. Because any defects found on the scooter can make your skating complicated.

On the other hand, if you want it as a toy for your kid, giving priority to the controllability and external look should bring sufficient experience.

If you are looking for some other winter sports options for your kid, you can also check the inner tube for snow to give your child the best fond memories possible.

Is the scooter safe and better controllable?

If you are reading this article, we believe you are here to choose a snow sled for your kid. When such is the case, safety is always the most important aspect you should ensure at first.

To get a high-end safety experience, checking the controllability of the scooter always helps. Here are some of the essential aspects that are worth checking to get better safety from the scooter-

  1. A convenient handlebar with enough gripping
  2. Backside guard rails
  3. Directional channels
  4. Height adjustability
  5. Well-made skis

Always ensure that the scooter you are aiming to purchase is filled with such properties so that your kid always gets the comfort he prefers from the item.

Is the sled foldable?

Most probably, your kid will not use the scooter throughout the whole year. When the snow will be thinner, and the summer will show up, he probably will be busy playing some other kinds of sports.

That is when you will need to think about storing the kick bike for the next year. At that particular moment, a foldable design always makes it much easier to store.

Besides, a flat foldable handlebar also helps to carry it from the snow spot to the top of the hill with ease.

Therefore, always ensure that you are giving a better concentration on the portability of the device so that you can avoid all sorts of hassles in the longer run.

We have also added an article on the cost of a snowboard. If you are thinking about purchasing a snowboard for your expert kid, you may check that article as well to have a better understanding of the price range of a snowboard.

How much weight does the sled can withstand?

It does not necessarily mean that you always have to go with a kid-friendly scooter that can withstand a specific weight load.

If you give a better look, you will find many family-oriented snow scooters that can withstand from 120 lbs. of load to as much as 220 lbs. of load.

Never go with a sled that is not capable of withstanding more than 100 lbs. of load.  Choosing such one might come with cheap material that will break with a moderate impact.

Besides, choosing a better load-capable snow scooter can also enable an adult to enjoy some casual fun whenever he is in the mood. 

What is the construction material and dimension of the snow scooter?

A good area that dictates whether the snow scooter will last for a long time or not is the material that the scooter is built with.

When you are talking about a kid-friendly scooter, the heavy-duty polymer should be the most typical material that you will find in the majority of the snow sleds.

Some kick scooters can also come with rugged steel or aluminum-made material, but those products tend to be half expensive than a plastic-made item. Besides, maneuvering those scooter also require a little bit more expertise.

At the same time, checking the size and dimension of the sled also play an important role in dictating the controllability of the item. The larger the size of the scooter, the better it is to handle. But maintaining the balance between your kid’s height and the scooter’s height is also important.


How much does a snow scooter cost?

A snow scooter can cost anywhere between $40 dollars to as high as $350 dollars.

The price of a snow scooter depends on the type and material. Here is a little chart that will give you a little glimpse of the price range of a snow scooter-

Range type



$40-$60 dollars

Mid-range/ suitable for both kids and adults

$70-$250 dollars


$250-$350 dollars

What are the types of snow scooters?

A snow scooter can be of multiple types. Here are some of the most popular types of a snow scooters-

  1. Kick start
  2. Ski-mounted
  3. Electric 
  4. Airhead snow scooter

Is there any brake system on a snow scooter?

In most cases, there will be no brake on a snow scooter other than some exceptions.

If you want to stop a snow scooter, you will either need to stop it by kicking on the ground with your feet or by some other external physical techniques.

How do you control the trajectory of a snow scooter?

A snow scooter will mostly come with a handlebar that will help you to control the trajectory of the scooter. The function of the handlebar is more like that of a steering wheel of your vehicle.

Is it necessary to wear safety gear while playing with a snow scooter?

Safety gears like ski goggles and ski helmets can always ensure essential safety in case the rider faces any accidental falls. Therefore, it is always ideal to wear safety gear while playing with a snow scooter.

Final summary

We know it's already winter, and Christmas is approaching steadily. You can always make the Christmas of your kid memorable with a super exciting Christmas present? How about surprising your kid with a quality snow scooter this Christmas Eve? Give a thought about it.

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