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A spinning top is a kind of spinning toy, which is very popular among the kids to enjoy their leisure time in the school or even home. Twist the toy on a hard surface and it will spin for a while. These toys can be made of metal or wood.

To gift your child a quality spinning top you must go through this article containing a review of best spinning tops. In this list, I have kept Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler on the top. This musical toy comes in with a built-in bell. Continue this article to know more about all the listed items.

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Best Spinning Top

1. Hape Penguin Musical Wobbler (for kids)


Brand: Hape

Model: E0331

Weight: 3.53 ounces

Key Features

Built-in bells included

Sturdy wood construction

Safe paint finish for kids

Moderate volume system.

This musical wobbler for kids comes from Hape with built-in bells. This musical toy will provide your kids much fun as the penguin pal waddle, spin, rock and roll. There are soothing and tinkling sounds that will always keep your child awaken and provide him enhanced fun. When the toy waddles along nicely the built-in musical option makes sounds.

You don’t have to worry about the safety of your kids in this musical toy as it comes with as safe paint finish.  The toy is constructed with sturdy wood, which will provide your kids a long-lasting fun for years. The musical system has a moderate sound volume to protect the sensitive ears of your kids.

2. Rienar Accurate Spinning Top


Brand: Rienar


Weight: 0.8 ounces

Key Features

Zinc alloy silver construction

27.5 mm in diameter by 32 mm

Lightweight toy

Cause a bit scratches on the surface.

This spinning top from Rienar is built with silver material. If you are looking to provide your kids with some small metal constructed toy then this spinning top can be a good choice. This is quite small in size, which allows a good grip for the kids. And it is also lightweight, which is a plus point for any kid's toys.

The spinning top measures 27.5 mm in diameter by 32 mm approximately. It is built of pure metal. Zinc alloy silver has been used to construct this spinning top toy. As it is made of pure metal, it will cause a bit of scratch on the surfaces you are spinning the toy. Overall it is a good metal toy for kids.

3. 3 Pack Jumbo Cobra Durable Plastic Spin Top


Brand: Cometa

Model: SG_B06XY8KBZ4_US

Weight: 1.76 ounces

Key Features

  1. Beautifully designed
  2. Made of durable materials
  3. A family fun spinning top pack
  4. Available in more than 12 different colors.

This beautifully designed spinning top pack from Cometa is made of using durable materials. It is great family fun spinning top pack. The pack includes 3 spinning tops, 3 strings, 3 finger stars, 3 rings and 3 bell clips. The construction of this spinning top set confirms durability.

The spinning tops can withstand wear with consistent use and metal tips optimize spinning to ensure that your kids can get the most out of your tops. The pack comes in more than 12 different colors, which of course increases the percentage of fun for your kids and also for the whole family. You can go outside with these solid spinning tops and have greater fun.

4. Sosanping Metal Flip Over Top


Brand: Gyroscope

Model: 6434821

Weight: 0.176 ounces

Key Features

1. High polished metal top

2. Flips over seconds after spinning

3. 29 mm in diameter

4. Have a chrome-like finish.

This spinning top from Gyroscope comes with a highly polished metal top. This top has a chrome-like finish and is excellently machined for a better spinning experience. The method of spinning is the same as the other spinning tops. After spinning this over top you will see it suddenly flipping over and then it will continue to spin upside down.

The over top is 29 mm or 1.14 inches in diameter. Your kids will find this top well gripped inside their palm. This gray color over top will surely provide your kids with greater fun during their leisure period. The flipping over method after spinning a few seconds enhances the playability of this top.

5. Plexity Labs UFO Tops - Metal Spinning Top


Brand: Plexity Labs


Weight: 0.64 ounces

Key Features

  1. Each model has different color and fun
  2. Long spinning time
  3. Includes sighting cards
  4. Recommended for 3 years and up.

This colorful spinning top comes from Plexity Lab. The specialty of these spinning tops is that each of these models come in different colors and provides younger ones a different sort of fun. As children are always fond of colorful toys, so they will surely find this model of spinning toy very much exciting.

The spinning top comes with a long time spinning ability. It can spin up to 3 minutes or sometimes even more than 3 minutes. The model includes collectible cards. Every UFO top includes a sighting card with a picture and story about UFO sighting and info cards are there to explain everything about your UFO top. The box of this top includes Rendlesham stainless steel top, sighting card and trifold.

6. Mini Tin Tops Ast


Brand: Schylling

Model: SC-MTA

Weight: 3.84 ounces

Key Features

  1. Sold per piece
  2. Assorted colors
  3. An old classic with a new twist
  4. Just pump the handle and let it spin.

This colorful spinning top from Schylling is sold per piece with 1 top. If you are looking for providing some fun to your kids with a spin top then you can have this model. The reason behind suggesting you go with this model is the colorful design of it.

Kids always favor coloring things and when they such a colorful spinning top, their fun will go beyond imagination. The top comes with an old classic model with a new twist. The process of spinning is quite simple as you just have to pump the handle of the top and then watch it to spin. The spinning top measures 6 by 6 inches.

7. Alondra's Imports wood spinning top


Brand: Alondra's Imports


Weight: 1.76 ounces

Key Features

  1. Classic design
  2. Wooden spinning top
  3. Premium quality finish
  4. Includes two spinning tops in one set.

This is a classic spinning top set from Alondra's Imports. The top is constructed with wood. The high-quality wood used to build the top increase the playability of the tops. The set of the spinning top also comes with a premium quality finish for providing a premium look.

The set includes two spinning tops of the same quality, color and size. So having more than one child in your home won’t be a matter of worry for you. You can buy this set without thinking much and provide the same sort of fun at the same time. As the popularity of this spinning game is raising, this set can be considered as an exclusive one.

8. Playskool Sit ‘n Spin Classic


Brand: Playskool

Model: 34451AF0

Weight: 3.15 pounds

Key Features

  1. Tactic spinning action
  2. Push and pull the stationary wheel for movement
  3. Kids can control the speed
  4. Improves balance, coordination and motor skills.

As you know, Playskool is one of the most popular brands in making such toys for children. They have designed this classic spinning game thinking to improve their balance on a ride, coordination and motor skills by spinning round through this sit n spin toy. You might have enjoyed such a spinning game in your childhood. Now it’s time to provide your kids the same amusement.

This classic spinning toy comes with a spin tactic spinning action. Any toddlers of 18 months or more can sit on this spinning toy and start whirling and twirling. I have already mentioned that Playskool has designed this spinning toy thinking of improving few riding skills of the kids through this toy. It is a great riding toy for any kids over 18 months inside the home. Children of schools can also enjoy the activity of spinning through this beautifully designed toy. Your kids can control the speed of the toy by just pulling and pushing the stationary wheel to make it slow or fast.

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Spinning Top FAQs

What is a spinning top?

A spinning top is a kind of spinning toy that has a short body and sharp point at the bottom for spinning purposes. To make this toy spin you just have to put it on a hard surface and twist it touching the top part. Then it will spin for a while and will slowly release the pace of spin.

What types of spinning tops are available?

There are several types of spinning tops available in the market. Among these entire types twirler, supported top, peg-top, whip-top, buzzer and yo-yo are some main types that are used mostly.

How to make a spinning top?

To make a spinning top first collect a wooden wheel with the same size of dowel. The cut the dowel to resize and make sharp areas with the help of a sharpener. Then insert it into the wheel and make it tighter with glue if it is loose. You can also draw some designs to make your spinning top gorgeous. 

Final words

This review containing some quality spinning top will surely help you in choosing the right spinning top toy for your kids. Some quality products have been discussed here, which will provide your kids with enhanced fun during leisure periods in school or home. I have also made it a lot easier for you to purchase for the right product by providing a buying guide that contains a few important facts, which are worthily considerable before purchasing. There are also some frequently asked questions with answers to quench your thirst. Overall I think reading this article top to bottom is enough for you to buy a quality spinning top for your child.

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