Top 10 Best street hockey stick reviews 2023

One of the most important equipment needed for playing hockey is hockey sticks. You have to choose the right kind of hockey stick for any kind of hockey game. But most of the time while buying street hockey sticks, buyers fall in confusion. That’s the reason I’m here with a review of some best street hockey products and also with a buying guide that will help you to make the great choice.

In this list of street hockey sticks, I have kept Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick at the top position. This is a 43 inches street hockey stick, which is constructed using a synthetic material. It also comes with a replaceable jet flo blade. To know more about this product and the other ones, you need to continue reading this article.

best street hockey stick

Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

Bauer Senior ABS Blade Stick

Mylec MK1 – Senior – ABS Stick

Best street hockey stick

1. Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick

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Mylec manufactured this eclipse jet flo stick that is perfect for driveway and street hockey games. This hockey stick features a patented jet flo blade. The blades are replaceable, which allows you only to change the blade not the whole stick if the blade damaged somehow. The stick is built off using synthetic materials.

It comes with a traditional two-piece design, and it has a secure fit with two screws. The shaft part of the stick is made of high-grade kiln-dried hardwoods, which ensures the durability of the stick. To increase durability and performance, the blade part is reinforced with plastic and fiberglass. This is a 43 inches street hockey stick and comes to win wooden & black colors.

Key Features

  1. Patented jet flo blade
  2. Replaceable jet flo blade
  3. 2 screws for a secure fit
  4. Constructed with synthetic materials.


  1. The addition of two screws securely fits the blade with the shaft. 
  2. The wooden construction makes the shaft durable and sturdy.
  3. The stick offers interchangeable blades for both-hand use.
  4. The stick is properly sized for adult users. 

2. Bauer Senior 58-Inch I300 ABS Blade Stick

This is a 58 inches hockey stick from Bauer designed for the senior players. This street hockey stick features a lightweight multi ply senior handle. It can be used on any surface but is designed for street hockey games. The blade of this stick is built with high-quality ABS fiberglass.

The ABS blade construction of the stick provides superior puck control and shot velocity. The stick can also bear the rough playing in surfaces like concrete or asphalt. This high-strength ABS construction made this stick durable enough. The core of this stick is designed with fully fiberglass-reinforced ABS.

Key Features

  1. High-impact ABS blade
  2. Lightweight multi-ply senior handle
  3. 87 flex p92 curve
  4. Fully fiberglass-reinforced ABS core.


  1. The high-quality ABS-constructed blade provides superior control and shot velocity. 
  2. You can use the stick on any surface.
  3. The design of the shaft and blade provides a classic feel to the user.
  4. It is an ideal stick according to the price. 

3. Mylec MK1 – Senior – ABS Stick

This stick from Mylec is designed to meet hazardous conditions on rugged surfaces. This is a 58 inches hockey stick designed for senior-level hockey players. It can be used on various surfaces but is specialized for street hockey or ice hockey. This durable stick comes in black and yellow colors.

The blade part of the stick is made of ABS fiberglass. It is designed in such a way to minimize cracks during hard shots and passes in the offensive positions. They used AZDEL thermoplastic composite material to construct the blade for ensuring great durability. The shaft of the stick is made of wood.

Key Features

  1. Durable for all surfaces
  2. ABS blade for enhanced durability
  3. Wooden shaft
  4. Minimizes cracks of the blade during hard shots.


  1. The user will have extended durability and long-lasting performance. 
  2. The manufacturer constructed the stick usable on all surfaces.
  3. The offensive players can comfortably play hard shots without worrying about cracking.
  4. The stick provides good quality to the price. 

4. Franklin Sports Youth Street Hockey Set- (for youth)

This is a junior street hockey stick set from Franklin Sports. This set comes with two hockey sticks and a 65 mm low-density street hockey ball. Both hockey sticks are 37 inches in length and are perfect for street hockey games. As the sticks are designed for young players, these sticks are allowed for both right and left-handed players.

These hockey sticks feature a full-cover vinyl graphic wrap around each shaft, which brings loads of color to provide enhanced excitement to your street hockey games. These sticks are recommended for any kids over 6 years old. The set of sticks come in blue of green color.

Key Features

  1. Set of two street hockey sticks
  2. Includes a 65 mm street hockey ball
  3. Has a full vinyl cover wrap
  4. Usable for both left and right-handed players.


  1. The blade of the sticks can withstand the natural wear and tear from hard surfaces. 
  2. The ABS construction feels lightweight in the hands of the user.
  3. It is appropriate for both right and left-handed usage.
  4. The graphics around the shaft creates an attractive design. 

5. Franklin Sports NHL SX Comp 1010 Street Tech Hockey Stick

This street hockey stick from Franklin sports is designed for both advanced and junior hockey players. This hockey stick comes in two different lengths. 52 inches sticks are designed for adult players, and 40 inches sticks are designed for the young players. This is both right and left shot stick.

The blade comes with a vented blade design made of using high-impact polymer, and it is also replaceable. The shaft of this stick is made of multi-ply poplar or birch. The material used to make the whole stick is wood, and it comes in assorted colors.

Key Features

  1. Replaceable high-impact polymer blade
  2. Multiply poplar or birch shaft
  3. Usable for both adult and young players
  4. Ideal for right-handed players.


  1. It is both left and right-handed stick. 
  2. The length of the stick makes it an appropriate choice for beginners in this field.
  3. The blade included with the stick is replaceable depending on the user’s need.
  4. It provides adequate sturdiness during hard shots. 

6. CCM Ultimate ABS Wood Senior Hockey Stick

This stick from CCM is designed to skate on a rough, outdoor surface such as asphalt or concrete. This stick is specially made for the senior hockey players. The shaft of the stick is made of wood and ABS blade is fused on the shaft.

You will get supreme power with a classic feel because of the multi-laminate wood design. And for providing great durability, the stick comes with the ultimate ABS blade core. It has a design of traditional square corners with straight sidewalls, and the grip is clear with non-grip coating.

Key Features

  1. Multi-laminate wood design
  2. Ultimate ABS core blade
  3. Traditional Square corners with straight sidewalls
  4. Usable on rough surfaces.


  1. The sturdy wooden shaft ensures long-lasting performance. 
  2. The manufacturer used ABS core in the blade for extended durability.
  3. The length of the stick makes it suitable for junior players.
  4. The non-grip coating provides a perfect grip on the stick. 

7. Mylec Z2820 Stick with Nylon Blade

This hockey stick from Mylec is specialized for using in street hockey and roller hockey games. The stick features a laminated shaft and a glass-filled nylon blade. The length of this stick is 57 inches and it is mainly usable for the senior hockey players.

The 57 inches shaft offers maximum balance during the game and it comes in black color. Glass filled nylon blade of the stick gives the look and feel of a wooden stick. The blade is actually constructed with nylon to withstand heavy play on rough surfaces. This stick is used for right-handed players.

Key Features

  1. Black painted laminated shaft.
  2. Glass-filled nylon blade
  3. Ideal for right-handed players
  4. It provides a look and feels of a wooden stick.


  1. The stick provides durability to the users even on the roughest surface. 
  2. It provides backhand shots with great accuracy and consistency.
  3. It is a lot cheaper than most other street hockey sticks available.
  4. The length of the stick is enough for beginners in street hockey. 

8. Franklin Sports NHL Power Fusion Street Hockey Stick

This street hockey stick from Franklin sports is designed especially for the junior hockey players. This hockey stick comes in a length of 48 inches. Right-handed players are recommended to use this stick.

The stick comes with a natural ABS blade. It is constructed with high impact rigid ABS. The shaft of this stick is made of multi-ply poplar or birch. The fused shaft and blade construction made this stick a good one for junior-level players. It is constructed using wood and comes in various colors.

Key Features

  1. High-impact rigid ABS blade
  2. Multiply poplar or birch shaft
  3. Usable young players
  4. Ideal for right-handed players.


  1. The inclusion of the new toe design in the blade adds more strength and stability. 
  2. The thickness of the teeth around the toe provides better fitting and visibility.
  3. The user will experience increased durability with the modified plastic polymer.
  4. It provides a better grip and control with the crosshatch texture.
  5. You can also check the product lifespan here. 

9. Franklin Sports NHL 1090 Right Shot Phantom Street Hockey Stick

This is a 56 inches street hockey stick manufactured by Franklin sports for the adult players. It is made with a fused shaft and blade construction, which allows the stick to withstand a beating from the pavement for multiple summers of intense street hockey competitions.

The stick comes with full coverage of vinyl graphic wrap. It comes with a high-impact rigid ABS blade and the shaft part of the stick is constructed with multi-ply poplar or birch. Wood has been used to make this 56 inches stick. This stick comes in assorted colors and is ideal for left-handed players.

Key Features

  1. High impact rigid ABS blade
  2. Multiply poplar or birch shaft
  3. Full coverage vinyl graphic wrap
  4. Left shot hockey stick.


  1. This street hockey stick provides precise wrist shots. 
  2. The heavy-duty and rigid construction allows it to withstand usage on rough surfaces.
  3. The ABS core blade ensures the durability of the stick.
  4. The younger hockey players will find it attractive because of the vinyl graphic wrap around the shaft. 

10. Reebok CCM Junior Ultimate ABS Street Hockey Stick


Brand: CCM

Weight: 2.8 pounds

If you are a right-handed player and you are worried about having a durable and long-lasting hockey stick to have an efficient performance in street hockey, you should check out this one from CCM. The manufacturer used the ultimate ABS core to construct the blade of the stick. This blade provides the same sort of durability on various surfaces.

The shaft of the stick comes with a multi-lam construction. It also has a glossy finish, which makes the shaft a durable and long-lasting one. The stick has a stiffness of 50 flex. It comes with a P19 blade pattern and is an appropriate choice for right-handed players. There is also a stick made with the same features for left-handers.

Key Features

  1. Blade constructed with ultimate ABS core
  2. The shaft comes with a multi-lam construction
  3. 50 flex stiffness
  4. The stick comes with a P19 blade pattern.


  1. The street hockey stick is highly durable and strong because of the multi-lam construction. 
  2. The manufacturer included the glossy finish ensuring long-lasting performance.
  3. The ABS core blade makes it usable on tough surfaces as well.
  4. It is typically used on any surface with durability. 

Buying Guides

After reading the review of these street hockey sticks, there are still many guys who will fall in confusion before choosing the right stick for them. That’s why I’m going to discuss about few facts that you need to look at, which will make it easier for you to choose the right street hockey (wikipedia) stick.

Materials: Street hockey sticks must be made of such materials that can serve you well even during the rough play on surfaces like concrete or asphalt. Though wooden sticks are very good for providing strength but for street hockey it’s better to go with the stick made of composite materials.

Length: You have to choose the length of the stick depending on the skill level of the player. Your height and playing position is going to impact the length of the stick. A forward typically love to play with a shorter stick and a longer stick is better for the defenders.

Shaft flex: Here, flex means flexibility and it is defined by numbers like 70, 80, 85, 89, etc. The heavier players must use sticks with higher flex numbers. The higher the number is, the stronger the stick will be.

Blade: This part controls the puck and so the curviness of the blade will affect your game. There are three common types of blade curves found nowadays. These are toe curve, mid-heel curve, and mid curve.

Durability: As a street hockey player, you won’t want your stick to get damaged after few games. That’s why you should look for a hockey stick that ensures durability and you can deal with rough and tough surfaces comfortably.

Weight: Typically street hockey sticks are bit heavier than normal hockey sticks. This is because they have to go through a rough surface during the game. So your stick should be heavier enough that provides you swift gameplay and you don’t feel uncomfortable.


What is the best street hockey stick?

Mylec Eclipse Jet Flo Stick is perfect for street hockey. I have also discussed some street hockey sticks. You can look at the first part of this article to have your answer.

What size street hockey stick?

There are different sizes of street hockey sticks .pdf depending on the level of the players. Sticks for junior players are less than 50 inches and adult players use sticks above this length typically.

How to know what street hockey sticks to use?

For this, you have to compare the stick with your height and choose the correct length. Then depending on your playing position make a choice.

What is a street hockey stick?

Street hockey sticks are those sticks that are designed for playing in surfaces like asphalt or concrete. Wooden sticks are commonly used for this purpose.

How much does a street hockey stick weight?

The weight of street hockey sticks varies from each other. But typically the range is between 500 grams to 650 grams.

Final words

You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for a new street hockey stick. I have given a description of some street hockey sticks that you might love to look at. Then for thinking your easiness in choosing the right stick, I have written a buying guide that will give you the idea of what facts you need to consider before buying a street hockey stick.

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