Best Surfboard Travel Bag Reviews 2022

I think one of the most ignored pieces of equipment in surfing is surfboard travel. But a surfer must have this thing on the go to protect the surfboard and other gears required for surfing. A surfboard travel bag made of nylon or polyester can be a good companion on your trip. You need to look at some other features of the bag as well.

This article contains a review of some best surfboard travel bags, and the list starts with the Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag. It came with padded deluxe shoulder straps and is made of high-quality polyester. Continue to know the details of other products and the features you need to have in your travel bag.

Best Surfboard Travel Bag

Why are surfboard travel bags used?

surfboard travel carry

The simplest answer to this question is to take your surfboard on the go with added security. If I describe this line in a few more words, it will better know why using a surfboard travel bag.

Storing surfboard: A surfer needs to have something where he can store his surfboard while it is not in use. And nothing could be better than a surfboard travel bag in this regard.

Take on the go: You can move on with your surfboard by storing it inside the travel bag whenever and wherever you like.

Ensuring safety: These surfboard travel bags come with foam padding inside and a strong zip system, which ensures the safety of your board.

Carrying other small equipment: You will find stash pockets or extra pockets to store other needed accessories for surfing the travel bag.

How to choose?

Just buying a travel bag to take your surfboard on the go is not enough to ensure the security of the board. You have to look out for some specific features in the bag.


The most used materials for surfboard travel bags are polyester and nylon. Except for these high-grade materials, you won't find enough comfort in storing your boards inside the bag or while carrying it. Look for such materials that make your bag usable in any weather conditions. This will allow you to take the bag whether you are traveling under the sun's extreme heat or on a rainy day.


This depends on what size of boards you are going to slide inside the bag. For larger boards, you need comparatively larger bags with enough space inside. Some surfboard bags come with the capacity to store more than one board, but it is very rare.


To ensure the safety of your board, there should be foam padding inside the bag. The thicker the padding, the more your board will be safe inside. The thickness of foam padding typically measures from 1/8 inches to ¼ inches.

Strong zip system

The security of the boards inside the bag highly depends on the zip system. You should not compromise on the quality of the zipper and look for a bag, which has a heavy-duty, non-metallic zipper built-in. Bigtooth zippers are better than small tooth zippers for surfboard travel bags.

Shoulder straps and handles

It is better to have both shoulder straps and handles designed in your carrying bag, as it lets you carry it in any way you want. But you have to think about the comfort these shoulder straps and handles are going to provide you. Padded design is highly recommended for added comfort in this regard.


The material of the bag is vital for durability. Bags made of weatherproof materials will last longer and continue to be the best companion while you are traveling with your surfboard.

top 7 Best surfboard travel bags reviews

Pro-Lite Rhino Surfboard Travel Bag


Brand: Pro-Lite

Weight: 9.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. The bag is cut 26.5 inches wide
  2. Made of 600 Denier Polyester on top and bottom
  3. Top zip flip top opening for ease of storing board
  4. Padded deluxe shoulder straps with stow pocket.

This surfboard travel bag from Pro-Lite has come with the ability to store 1 or 2 boards. It is quite a large bag 26.5 inches wide. It comes with a top zip flip opening for making it easier to slide your board in and out of the bag in a quick time. Open the zipper of the bag and store your loving surfboards to make yourself ready for travel.

The bag is made of using 600 Denier Polyester on the top and bottom parts. This construction of the board makes it a suitable one for use in the sunshine or in the rain. It has a padded deluxe shoulder strap with stow pockets. You can store the extra accessories in this pocket while traveling. The bag comes with a collapsible gusset with a Velcro closure. Large exterior wetsuit and accessory pockets are included in the bag to increase to fulfill the demand of the customer.

User experience

With good quality materials, users can take their favorite surfboards on the long tour. Most consumers find the bag really handy because of the drainage system as it lets them keep the wet boards inside.

Also, the foam padding enhances the quality of this travel bag. It can support during the whole tour with a secured zippered system.


  1. It can hold one or two 21 inches, wide boards.
  2. The interior is heat and water-resistant.
  3. The polyester construction covers the 10 mm of foam protection.
  4. It is easy to slide in the boat and take it out through the zip line top opening.
  5. You can keep the wet suits in the large exterior pocket with a drainage system.
  6. A collapsible gusset with Velcro closure makes travel convenient. 


The bag seems to be heavy for some users.

Dakine Surf Daylight Noserider Bag


Brand: Dakine

Weight: 4.2 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of heat and water-resistant tarpaulin material
  2. It comes with ¼ inches foam padding
  3. Has heavy-duty, YKK coil zipper
  4. Padded shoulder straps with stash pockets.

This surfboard travel bag from Dakine is made of tarpaulin material, which is heat and water-resistant. So simply, you can define this travel bag a weatherproof. If you are traveling under extreme sunshine, you can carry it, and even if the weather is not favorable, you can also take it on the go. The bag comes with ¼ inches of foam padding to secure the board inside.

The zipper system is the most important feature of any travel bag to ensure the security of the product placed inside. This travel bag is designed with a heavy-duty YKK coil zipper. It has a zippered fin slot. The bag is made to store long boards measuring from 7 ft 6 inches to 10 ft 2 inches. It has got padded shoulder straps with stash pockets. These straps make your hand free to carry other important gears, and you can also store some other needed pieces of equipment in the stash pockets.

User experience

Regular surfers and travelers love this bag more than similar to other versions. The roomy space accommodates the surfboard properly. It stays safe inside, and you can travel around the whole world if you wish to do so.

It protects the board inside with the all-up zippered design. Moreover, the perfect travel-friendly design creates no issues while taking it on the go.


  1. The tarpaulin bag offer all-weather usability. 
  2. It is a lightweight carrying bag with foam padding.
  3. With the padded shoulder straps, it is easy to transport.
  4. It can hold longboards ranging from 7 ft 6 inches to 10 ft 2 inches long.
  5. The bag is sturdy.
  6. The YKK coil zipper keeps the surfboards safe inside. 


The bag doesn’t have any shoulder straps.

Curve Surfboard Bag Day Surfboard Cover


Brand: Curve

Weight: 4.5 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of 600D poly canvas nose and tail
  2. 1/8 inches foam core
  3. Reflective silver design
  4. Extra-large padded adjustable shoulder straps.

This surfboard cover from Curve is the perfect lightweight protection for your surfboard. It is made of using 600 Denier Poly canvas nose and tail. It has got 1/8 inches foam core inside to ensure the security of the board inside. You will get a fin slot with Velcro closure on all sizes of this bag. It comes with a reflective silver design on both sides.

The cover comes with the capacity to store your longboards. Longboards up to 24 inches wide can easily slide into the cover and fit securely. You will have protection for your board inside because of the foam core, and the strong zipper system is added to the security. The super durable extra long big tooth zipper reaches from the tail around to approximately 2/3 of the way to the nose on the opening side. The cover comes with extra-large padded adjustable shoulder straps.

User experience

It is definitely a decent surfboard cover at a decent price, which supports the users for up to two days traveling. However, very few users are disgusted with the thinner that should be solved in the next product from the company.

The quality construction provides proper performance on the go by keeping the surfboard secure inside. Moreover, it has taken security level one up by adding a zipper system.


  1. The bag comes with a super durable extra-long big tooth. 
  2. It offers easy gliding of the boards inside the bag.
  3. The slider inside is anti-corrosion.
  4. It is convenient to carry with shoulder straps.
  5. This well-made travel bag is lightweight. 


  1. The bag smells if kept unwashed for two days. 
  2. The opening seems not big enough.

Abahub Premium Surfboard Travel Bag


Brand: Abahub

Weight: 11.2 ounces

Key Features

  1. Made of water-resistant PE shell with 600D reinforcement
  2. Bigtooth YKK nickel-plated zippers.
  3. 2 by 4 inches vents for protection
  4. 1.5 inches adjustable shoulder straps and durable, ergonomic plastic handle.

This premium quality surfboard travel bag from Abahub is made of a water-resistant PE shell and reinforced with 600D. It comes with 1/5 inches foam core. It is constructed with PE lining and big tooth YKK nickel-plated zippers. A high-quality travel bag must come with a heavy-duty, strong zipper system to ensure the product's security is kept inside.

This bag is designed to store boards measuring up to 6 feet 7 inches by 23 inches. It has got 2 4 inches of vents for heat protection. Manufacturers used 600D nylon for the protection of the nose and tail part. It is designed with 1.5 inches wide padded adjustable shoulder straps and a durable, ergonomic plastic handle with an upgraded strap buckle and double stitching all around.

User experience

The manufacturer has neither disappointed their consumers in the quality nor in the pricing. As a user, you can store a longboard efficiently inside the bag. On the other hand, if you are carrying shortboards there will be a lot of spare space.

So far, no one has faced a problem with traveling the bag on the through water path the exterior canvas is waterproof. The longboard will safe inside with a strong zipper.


  1. The board remains protected from heat because of the air vents.
  2. The interior construction keeps the board safe from dings and scratches.
  3. With the rust-resistance zippers, durability is ensured.
  4. Ergonomic rubber handle and padded shoulder straps allow convenient carrying.
  5. It has an upgraded strap buckle with double stitching all around for extra safety.
  6. There is an external pocket with a zipper. 


The bag is sometimes too big to carry a single surfboard.

FCS Travel 2 All Purpose Surfboard Bag


Brand: FCS

Weight: 9 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of custom 600D weighted materials with PRC coating
  2. 10 mm main body PE foam
  3. Durable, long-lasting molded PK Delrin zipper
  4. Padded rail protection.

This surfboard travel bag from FCSis built from lightweight materials. It is made of custom 600D weighted materials with a PRC coating, which creates a water-resistant shield an added barrier to protect the fabric. This bag's 10 mm main body PE foam provides an extra layer to protect your board inside.

It comes with compression straps and separation sheets that eliminate board movement and damage during travel. It has also got padded rail protection along the zipper path that helps to prevent rail damage. Manufacturers have used durable and long-lasting molded PK Delrin zipper built to ensure strength, durability and extended security. You can carry the bag comfortably with the folded multilayered webbing handle with a stiff EVA insert.

User experience

Where most traveling surfboard bag comes with sturdiness or lightweight structure, this one has done a pretty good job to satisfy the customers. One can conveniently carry it like a travel bag because it adds almost no weight to the surfboard.

Even using it for a long-time is quite a common thing for the majority of consumers. Also, it saves the board from water and other elements throughout the whole trip.


  1. The bag provides an extra layer of protection from impact through the high-density padding.
  2. The padding on the rails ensures protection from damage.
  3. It is a comfortable traveling partner with padded shoulder straps and an ergonomic handle.
  4. The bag is a lightweight one.
  5. With the marine-grade zippers, enhanced safety and security are ensured.


The bag construction isn’t a supportive one for easy storage.

#OCEANBROAD Surfboard Longboard Bag



Weight: 3.7 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of heavy-duty reflective shells and 5 mm padding each side in between
  2. Extra 8 mm padding is reinforced at the head and tail section on each side
  3. Two sliders
  4. Padded carry handle and adjustable shoulder straps.

This longboard storing bag from OCEANBROAD is built with heavy-duty reflective shells and 5 mm padding on each side in between. Besides, an extra 8 mm padding is reinforced at the head and tail section on each side. The bag is perfect for storing boards measuring 6 feet by 22 inches to 6 feet 1 inch by 23 inches.

It is designed with nickel-plated big tooth zippers, which is added to the safety. It opens 40% at the tail sections when it is zipped. You will find two sliders on all bag zips placement that allows you are padlocking then on the go. It comes with one Velcro inner pocket measuring 28 by 25 cm and one exterior zipped pocket measuring 68 by 50 cm. The bag is equipped with a padded carry handle and adjustable shoulder straps.

User experience

It is tough for most users to find a quality surfboard travel bag under this price range. Keeping the minimal zipper opening aside, the bag has ensured superb quality and performance guarantee for most consumers.

The bag has proper stitching and durable fabric construction for a long-lasting service. Another feature that most users found fancy about the bag is the unique padded zipper flap. It protects the bag rails from the zipper.


  1. The bag protects surfboards from dings and fractures.
  2. It is easy to put in the board and take it out with the 40% zip opening.
  3. Top-grade materials and craftsmanship enhance the bag's durability.
  4. With the extra-thick padding on the shoulder straps, it relieves the pressure on the shoulder.
  5. It is also transportable on a car roof.
  6. The two sliders offer the user to padlock the bag while traveling.


  1. Putting a ten feet surfboard inside is difficult with the zipper opening.
  2. The bag doesn’t remain cool under sunlight.

Dakine Daylight Surfboard Bag Hybrid


Brand: Dakine

Weight: 3.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. Made of heat and water-resistant tarpaulin material
  2. ¼ inches foam padding
  3. Padded shoulder straps with stash pocket
  4. Heavy-duty, YKK coil zipper.

This surfboard hybrid bag from Dakine features a generous outline and a full run of sizes for a near-custom fit for your hybrid-style boards. It is designed with ¼ inches of foam padding. It comes with a heavy-duty, YKK coil zipper as added to the security.

The board comes offering you lightweight and padded storage for your daily travel time. It comes with padded shoulder straps with a stash pocket. You can store small but important pieces of equipment needed during travel in these pockets. The bag is constructed using heat and water-resistant tarpaulin material.

User experience

This bag is a good alternative for those who are tired of putting surfboard through a compact zippered opening. It provides a full zippered opening for convenient storage of the surfboard. After putting it in the user can ensure security using the zipper.

Most consumers love the all-weather design as they don’t have to think twice while going out with the surfboard keeping it inside. A trip without pressure can be ensured when you put the surfboard inside this bag.


  1. With the generous outline, one can fit wider retro and fish shapes boards inside.
  2. The exterior construction makes it all-weather usable.
  3. You can travel by keeping your hands free by using the padded shoulder straps for carrying.
  4. The surfboard remains protected from dings inside.
  5. It offers an extremely lightweight and padded structure.


There isn’t enough room in the tail area to store fins.

Surfboard travel bag size

The size of the surfboard travel bag depends on the three measurements of your surfboard.


Most quality surfboard travel bags are water and heat resistant. If you are traveling through water, having a water-resistant cover over the boar is vital. And the heat resistance keeps the board properly safe inside.

Also, to maintain the exterior canvas quality it would be better if it is UV-protected.


It is better if the bag can store at least two medium-size boards. However, not every board is ideal for longboards. Having spare space inside even after storing one board is definitely a great addition.


Proper padding inside keeps the surfboard safe from dings and scratches. It plays a vital role to maintain the board's quality. It doesn’t matter wherever you are traveling; your boards will stay protected inside.

Strong zip system

Except for being strong, the zipper should provide an adequate opening to the bag. Top-grade models have proper openings for convenient putting inside and taking outside. However, you may suffer from some cheaper models as they don't offer a suitable opening for large boards.

Shoulder straps and handles

Most users try keeping their hand free while traveling and shoulder straps is the only solution for this. However, if the padding on the straps seems inadequate, you can also try the alternative option of using handles.


A durable bag will last long and support in a much well manner. No one actually likes spending valuable dollars on any product that doesn't offer longevity.


The most important thing to consider before choosing the size of the bag is to measure the length of your board. Never choose a bag that is smaller than the length of your board.


The width varies depending on the models of the boards.


I will use the same words for the thickness of the board, different boards with different thicknesses. However, if you are looking for bags where you can store more than one board, then look for a bag with more space inside.

Is there any alternative available for surfboards

Yes, you can try out some other options to take your surfboard on the go. The reasons behind switching to these options may be because you are tired of using traditional bags, or you personally prefer using these bags.

The alternative options follow this way –

  • Surfboard day bag
  • Surfboard Sock
  • Surfboard travel coffin.

You may mix up between surfboard travel bags and day bags because they look almost similar. The padded interior is the most promising side of the bag. However, the board isn't entirely safe inside as there is no zipper system.

Also, the missing shoulder straps and carrying handle makes traveling a lot difficult. On the other hand, a board sock isn't a suggested option for surfboard traveling because of the less safety it offers.

It doesn’t have any padding, but it’s lightweight. It is easy to store, but tough to get on & off. Don’t ever imagine of zipper system here, but it is the cheapest option. Travel coffin is the most expensive option on the list.

It can carry the most number of surfboards at a time, which is up to four. Also, it ensures the best protection and is always ready for safe traveling.


Will a longboard fit into a surfboard bag?

Yes, a longboard can fit into a surfboard bag regarded the board should be big enough to accommodate it. Not every surfboard travel bag can store 10 feet or up the board. Check out the size first if you want a longboard to fit inside.

Why does one need a surfboard bag?

In simple words to make travel more comfortable and keep the surfboard safe, it is necessary to purchase a travel bag. This type of bag prevents the board from dings, scratches, fading, and cracks, etc.

Should a surfboard bag have padding inside?

It is a crucial feature of a quality surfboard bag, and a regular traveler shouldn’t compromise this. It is because the safety inside is as important as the safety outside.

Why water-resistant surfboard bag is necessary?

If continuous water splashes enter the bag, it can cause damage to the board. And if the bag can't ensure safety from water while traveling, it is not worth buying.

Cost of surfboard travel bags

The average cost of a surfboard travel bag ranges from $120 to $400. The price of these surfboard travel bags starts from $60, and you will find low to mid-range bags within $60 to $300. But high-grade travel bags, where you can store more than one surfboard are a bit expensive. They cost around $300 to $550. You can also look for simple surfboard covers as they are very cheap. You will find them for$40.


Grab your bag and slide your lovable surfboard to make this trip memorable. The bags I have mentioned are worthy of looking out, and the buying guide section will help you in choosing the right travel bag. But never compromise the quality of the board. I wish you a pleasant travel time with the surfboard inside your new travel bag.

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