Best Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper reviews 2022

If you are looking to enable quick and easy picking up and storing a tennis ball inside your tennis court, then a tennis ball pick up hopper is the best equipment for you. That's why this article comes with a review of some best tennis ball pick-up hoppers, which you will love to look at.

I have placed Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper at the top of this list. This ball pick up hopper comes with plated steel construction and is made of lightweight graphite. Again, it is easy to carry and portable enough. You guys need to continue reading this article to know furthermore about this item and other items of this tennis ball pick up hopper list.

best tennis ball hopper

best tennis ball hopper

Best Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

1.Wilson Tennis Ball Pick Up Hopper

Wilson, a reputed brand in the field of making tennis equipment comes here with a tennis ball pick up hopper for you guys. This product is constructed with plated steel. This quite lightweight product is made of lightweight graphite. This can carry up to 75 tennis balls.

This item feature handles that convert to lockable legs. It is a suitable product for picking up and holding tennis balls. The plated steel construction of this product has made it durable and long-lasting. You will find easiness in carrying and using this tennis ball pick up hopper. It is portable enough and the no-spill lid ensures that the balls won't escape.

Key Features

  1. Made of lightweight graphite
  2. Constructed with plated steel
  3. Features handle that convert to lockable legs.
  4. Easily portable.

2. Tourna Ballport Deluxe Tennis Ball Hopper with Wheels

This tennis ball pick up hopper is one of the premium hoppers on the market because of its lightweight but yet durable design. This product offers you extra easy maneuverability by coming with wheels. It can hold up to 80 tennis balls.

It is a lightweight product that weighs only about 4.5 pounds. It is made of heavy-duty double re-enforced polypropylene. It has patented handles that lock in both up and down positions. The legs are secured in with a mount so that the legs will never fall out. It stands 33.5 inches high for convenient ball feeding.

Key Features

  1. Wheels for easy maneuverability
  2. Lightweight and durable
  3. Locking handles
  4. High profile.

3. Gamma Sports Premium Tennis Teaching and Travel Carts

This heavy-duty, sturdy premium tennis teaching and travel carts from Gamma sports come with the capacity to hold 325 balls. The heavy-duty, sturdy and reinforced welded construction made it extremely durable and reliable.

It is designed with a diamond-clad weather-resistant powder coating system and it has easy locking lids. These features allow you to buy this item for your tennis court. The tennis ball travel basket of this item is soft and the padded handle makes it easier and comfortable to use.

Key Features

  1. Heavy-duty, sturdy and reinforced welded construction.
  2. Diamond clad weather-resistant powder coating
  3. Safe and secure design

4. Gamma Sports EZ Travel Cart Pro

This is a premium ball hopper EZ tennis travel cart bag from Gamma sports. This product is made of using sturdy materials. The dimension of this product is also quite an impact. These qualities make the item easy to transfer and use.

This tennis travel cart bag is designed to provide enhanced portability. It is built with lightweight materials and has two convenient handles that provide a better carrying option. Again, the two mesh cover zips will keep the balls inside during transport. So you can carry it wherever you like very easily. It can hold up to 150 tennis balls quite comfortably.

Key Features

  1. Enhanced portability
  2. Sturdy materials
  3. Two convenient handles
  4. Two mesh cover zips for the safety of the balls.

5. Tourna Ballport 180 Ball Travel Cart for Tennis and Pickleball

It is a ballport travel cart from Tourna that can be used for holding tennis balls or pickle balls. This travel cart has a capacity of holding 180 tennis balls or 100 pickle balls. It comes with wheels with a locking mechanism that keeps the cart steady on the court. 

It provides you an easy transportation option with a bag that easily lifts out of the frame to carry. The bag comes with mesh top that zips shut and includes pockets for different small equipment. The Velcro flaps make the bag secure for carrying the balls. It is lightweight and very easy to use.

Key Features

  1. Easy to transport
  2. Can hold both tennis and pickle balls
  3. Wheels with locking mechanism
  4. Lightweight product.

6. Oncourt Offcourt Tennis MultiMower - Tennis Ball Mower

This tennis ball mower manufactured from Oncourt Offcourt brand comes with 2 extra back wheels that make it easy to tilt and roll over small bumps on walkways. This tennis ball mower is equipped with a unique ridged roller that offers you to pick up the tennis balls smoothly and effortlessly.

It also offers you easy transportation. The basket on the top allows you to feed the balls easily to the players without having any trouble. The dimension of the basket is 19 inches front to back, 22.5 inches wide and 6.5 inches deep. It can hold up to 300 balls and it can collect all types of balls quite easily.

Key Features

  1. Equipped with unique ridged roller
  2. 2 extra back wheels
  3. Easy transport
  4. Easy ball feeding.
  5. 300 ball capacity

7. BSN Sports Mini Teaching Cart

This mini teaching cart from BSN sports is constructed with non – corrosive steel with an attractive chrome finish. It comes with 4 inches of smooth-rolling rubber wheels that ensure easy transportation. It has got a removable basket and it can hold up to 150 balls.

These products fold quickly and easily enough to provide you easy transportation and storage. It includes a mesh bottom storage tray and a convenient ball retriever hanger in front of the cart. The folded length of this tennis ball cart is 43 inches.

Key Features

  1. Chrome steel construction
  2. Folds easily for storage and transportation
  3. Smooth-rolling rubber wheels
  4. Mesh bottom storage tray.
  5. 150 tennis ball capacity

8. Gamma Tennis Ballhopper Balltube 18

This is a lightweight ball hopper ball tube from Gamma sports that easily picks up the balls through special end caps and can hold up to 18 balls. The tennis balls are forced through a rubber flange inside the end cap and into the tube.

You have to just hang the ball tube on a chain-link fence with the rubber band end facing the ground for dispensing the balls. The ball tube is extremely light when it is empty. When it is full just place the ball tube shoulder strap on over your shoulder.

Key Features

  1. Easy pickup
  2. Easy to carry
  3. Dispense balls
  4. Fill basket comfortably.

9. Vermont Tennis Ball Pick Up Tube

This tennis ball pick up tube provides you with easy ball collection option. It can hold up to 15 balls regular sized tennis balls quite comfortably. The tube is constructed using durable yet lightweight PVC plastic.

Once the collection of the balls is over then just simply remove the rubber band from the top of the tube and pour the tennis balls into your basket. This transparent colored tennis pick up tube is usable for all ages of players.

Key Features

  1. Lightweight tube
  2. Quick ball release
  3. Easy ball collection
  4. Durable product.

10. Kollectaball K-Max 60 Ball Collector Max:

This ball collector from Kollectball can be used for collecting both tennis and pickle balls. This ball collector can hold up to 60 tennis balls or pickle balls at a time comfortably. It is made with a durable, lightweight design that offers an easy and quick collection of balls. 

The wires of this construction have been tested to ensure the ball collector lasts more than 10,000 hours without any breakage. This has got a unique and simple V – opener that spreads wires to dispense collected balls from the carriage. It works in all weather and surfaces. The easy hang handle hook makes the storage a breeze.

Key Features

  1. Fast and easy collection
  2. Easy release
  3. Durable & lightweight design
  4. Works in all weather and surfaces.

Buying Guides

You need a tennis ball pick up hopper for easy pick up and storing of the balls during the game. But you have to ensure that the ball pick up hopper is going to serve you in possibly the best way. That's why you need to consider a few facts to select the best product that serves you the most. Now I'm going to briefly discuss some facts that you need to look at before purchasing for a tennis ball pick up hopper. 

  • Materials: The quality of materials is always going to affect the performance of your product. It is better to choose a ball pick upholder that is constructed with heavy-duty steel material.
  • Holding capacity: Different ball pick up hoppers has different ball holding capacity. But it should have the capacity of holding minimum 18 balls and a maximum of 100/ 150 or even 300.
  • Handle: Convertible handles are always preferable for hoppers. Besides, the handle locks should be in both up and down positions.
  • Wheels: For easy movement of the hoppers, wheels are the best solution. Rubber wheels provide your hoppers a smooth movement, and it also offers you a comfortable transportation option.
  • Size: The size depends on what amount of tennis balls you want to store in it. You can find sizes like 72/ 75/ 80/ 85 depending on the capacity of holding balls.
  • Durability: Good quality brands will serve you with durable hoppers, which will last for a long period of time. However, in the cheaper products, you won't guarantee durability.
  • Weight: Always look for a hopper that is durable yet very much lightweight. The weight of the hopper should not be more than 10 pounds.
  • FAQs

    1. What is a tennis ball hopper?

    A tennis ball hopper is a device that is used to collect tennis balls, which have been used inside the tennis court. It is very helpful equipment during the practice sessions especially.

    2. What size is a tennis ball hopper?

    Depending on the ball holding capacity the size of the tennis ball hopper varies. The sizes could be 72 / 75 / 80 / 85 etc.

    3. How much does cost tennis ball hopper?

    The cost of tennis ball hoppers varies depending on the quality of the product. But still, the minimum price is $20, and the maximum can go up to $500.

    4. How does a tennis ball hopper work?

    A tennis ball hopper collects the balls and stores them into the basket. You can feed the ball to players and move it around easily if the hopper has smooth-rolling wheels.

    Final words

    You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for the tennis ball pick up hoppers. I have given a description of some good tennis hoppers that you guys might love to look at. Then I have written a buying guide that will provide you with the idea of what facts you need to consider before purchasing for a tennis hopper. Again I have answered some frequently asked questions by you. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful and will be able to purchase the tennis hopper for your tennis court

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