Best ticket to ride board game reviews 2022

Want to ride from one city to another and then again another city? You can gather your close friends and challenge them to ride across the cities. Oh! That may not be possible in real for somebody, but you can have this experience through ticket to ride board gaming.

And here I’m with a review of some best ticket to Ride board games, which offers you the thrill of a real tour. The list starts with Ticket to Ride - Play with Alexa. You will find a buying guide section containing some vital factors to consider before riding and also the gameplay rules. So you won’t regret continuing reading the article further.

Ticket To Ride - Play With Alexa

Ticket To Ride - Europe

Ticket to Ride - Rails & Sails

Best Ticket to ride board game 

1. Ticket To Ride - Play With Alexa


Brand: Days of Wonder

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. North American cities interconnecting map
  2. Fast-paced board game
  3. Two to five players allowed
  4. Connect two faraway cities for additional points.

This ticket to ride game set from Days of Wonder comes with the North American cities interconnecting map. It is a fast-paced and award-winning board game. You have to build your train routes to earn points.

The game is playable between two to five players. Typically it runs for 60 minutes and anyone over eight years old can participate in the gameplay. You can earn additional points by connecting two faraway cities.

2. Ticket to Ride – Europe


Brand: Days of Wonder

Weight: 2.8 pounds

Key Features

  1. European city maps
  2. Introduces ferries and powerful locomotive cards
  3. Playtime 30 to 60 minutes
  4. Fast-paced, award-winning game.

Coming out of the convention North American cities, Days of Wonder has built this ticket of ride game that comes with European city maps. Build your trains routes to earn points.

The game introduces ferries and powerful locomotive cards to claim unique routes. Two to five players can participate in this fast-paced game. Eight years old players are allowed for this game and it will run for 30 to 60 minutes.

3. Ticket to Ride - Rails & Sails


Brand: Days of Wonder

Weight: 4.4 pounds

Key Features

  1. Introduces new and exclusive ship cards
  2. 2 oversized maps
  3. 165 trains cars and 250 ships
  4. 120 destination cards included with 140 travel cards.

Days of Wonder comes with another version of the ticket to ride game, in which new and exclusive ship cards and plastic ships have been introduced.

The game set features 2 oversized maps. The package contains 165 colored train cars, 250 colored ships, 140 travel cards, 120 destination cards, 15 harbors, and 5 scoring markers. You can have more engaging gameplay with this simple but elegant game set.

4. Ticket to Ride United States of America Map


Brand: Again Products

Weight: 5.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Connect trains from Canada to Mexico
  2. Playable between two to five players
  3. Authentic, real and new game set
  4. Easy to learn.

This ticket to ride game set from Again Products comes featuring the United States of America. You can connect trains from Canada to Mexico. The game is playable between two to five players.

It is an authentic, real and new game set. You can easily learn the basic techniques of the game and it is vastly replayable. The game will run for 60 minutes approximately.

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5. Ticket to Ride: Asia Map Collection One


Brand: Days of Wonder

Weight: 3.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. Asian map
  2. Ensures exceptional performance and high quality
  3. Includes 6 wooden cardholders
  4. 45 plastic train cars were included.

This ticket of ride game set from Days of Wonder comes featuring Asian Map. The game set ensures exceptional performance and high quality. It adds depth and complexity to the base game.

The game set includes 6 wooden cardholders and additional 45 plastic trains where 9 each train is of 5 different standard colors. All these things are used for the gameplay. It is not a standalone game.

6. Days of Wonder Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom Map


Brand: Days of Wonder

Weight: 3.3 pounds

Key Features

  1. Map of United Kingdom
  2. Comes with a double-sided game board
  3. New train cards and tech cards included
  4. New share stock cards.

Days of Wonder come with another version of the ticket of ride game, where the interconnecting cities in the United Kingdom are shown on the map. The game set comes with a double-sided game board.

It comes with new train cards and tech cards needed to connect the cities in the United Kingdom. The game set also includes new stock share cards.

7. Ticket to Ride - First Journey


Brand: Days of Wonder

Weight: 2.6 pounds

Key Features

  1. Adventurous ride across America
  2. Fast-paced game
  3. Introduce to the younger players
  4. Finish six tickets before the fellow riders.

If you want your kids to have an adventurous ride through train across America, then provide your kids this ticket to ride game set from Days of Wonder. It is a fast-paced game that finishes within 30 minutes approximately.

It is a great game for introducing younger players to the ticket to ride the game. Here the main task is to finish six tickets before their opponents do so.

What is the ticket to ride game about

ticket to ride board

Ticket to Ride is an adventurous game, where you have to claim a railway route by setting up your rail cars on the route and also have to make a connection with two cities by completing a route. The objective of the game is to collect as many points as possible by claiming the rail route your own. You will also get bonus points by completing a destination.

The game is about roaming different cities of a country one by one. This becomes a thrilling game when you challenge your friends to do the same thing before you. When all the railway routes have been claimed, the game comes to an end. The winner of the game is decided by counting the points of each player,

Buying Guides

Only reading the description of the selected products is not enough for the new buyers to choose the right ticket for the ride game set. There are some important things you need to watch out before purchasing for it.

Game version: The conventional version of the ticket of ride features the interconnecting route between different cities of the United States of America. Since then many new versions have been introduced and before buying you need to decide which one of all these versions you need.

Enough train cars: If you are playing the game with five players, then you need to have 225 train cars. Because at the starting of the game, each player is given 45 train cars. A game set must include a minimum of 225 train cars.

Scoring markers: A minimum of 5 scoring markers should be included in a ticket of ride game set. The highest number of players is five to participate in the game and you need to deliver one scoring marker to each of them. And the markers also need to match the colors of the train cars.

An adequate number of cards: There are two types of cards used, destination cards and train cards. Around 140+ train cards and 120+ destination cards should be included in the game set.

Playing instructions: Having a playing instruction or rule book in the game set makes things easier for anyone to understand the game.

Requirements for the ticket to ride game

The things you require to play ticket to ride game will be included in a complete ticket to ride board game set. Buying a complete game set will provide all the pieces of equipment and you just need to setup it before beginning the game.

A map: It can be described as a map of the route you are playing or even the game board. It shows you the routes to the destination and where you can set up the train cars to claim that place.

The board is square and you will find a scoring track around four sides of it. The map depends on the version of the game. Though the game was invented first with only American intercross routes, now it has many versions with different country routes.

Train cars: The pieces you set up on the rail track to claim the routes are the train cars. You need a minimum of 225 train cars on a ticket to ride the game set. The game can be played between two to five players and each player will have 45 train cars at the starting of the game.

This is why 225 train cars are required. If you are playing with less than five players, keep the remaining train cars aside from the playing area. The train cars should come in five different colors to distinguish each player easily.

Playing cards: A complete game set requires 144 playing cards to begin the game. There are two different types of cards, destination cards, and train cards. Destination cards show the way or destination you need to complete in the game and the train cards guide you to move forward in claiming different routes in the game. At the starting of the game, each player will receive three destination cards and four train cards.

Scoring markers: Scoring markers are here to keep the scoring track of the players. A maximum of five players can participate in the game, you need to have five different color scoring markers matched to the train cars.

Ticket to Ride board game rules

Now you have gathered the playing pieces or the things you need to start the game, you are almost ready. The first thing is to setup the game and start earning points by claiming the train routes.

First, place the map or game board at the center of the table and distribute 45 train cars to each player with a matching scoring marker. Place all the scoring markers at the zero point of the scoring track.

Now shuffle the train cards and give four cards to each player and keep the remaining cards just in front of the board face down. Take the top five cards and place them beside the deck face up.

Then shuffle the destination cards and give three to each player. They can keep all three cards or any two cards. But never show your destination card to the opponents until the game ends. Keep the remaining cards face down like train cards.

Now one to go first by whether a toss or randomly by giving the experience one the first chance.

The game will continue clockwise. A player can do three actions during his turn. These are drawing train cards, claiming destination, or drawing destination cards.

The player can pick up two train cards on his turn either from the deck or from the face-up cards. He can’t pick a second card if the first one is a locomotive card.

He can claim any route according to his card and place train cars there.

Drawing destination cards and completing it will provide him extra points at the end of the game, but if he fails then he’s going to lose points.

After the end of the game, points are calculated by counting the number of routes claimed and by the length of the route. The person with the most points wins the game.

Duration of a ticket to ride game and history

The game is a strategic game and is played between two to five players. If the game is played at a normal pace, it will finish within two hours.

The ticket for the ride board game was first introduced (wikipedia) in 2004. JulielDelval and CyrilleDaujean illustrated the game and Days of Wonder was the publisher of the game.


I think those who have read the article top to bottom should have no further confusion regarding the buying of the ticket of the ride game set. The products I’ve discussed are best in quality and there are variations in the versions. The buying guide section will make things a lot easier for you to choose the right product. And thinking of the new guys, I have provided the rules of the game .pdf. So without making more delay choose a product and start having some adventurous train ride through board gaming.

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