Best usssa, wood and high school baseball bats reviews 2022

Choosing a baseball bat is not an easy task to accomplish. You need to consider a lot of things while selecting a baseball bat. Is it should be composite, aluminum, or wooden? How the bat should fit your weight and size. What should be the appropriate length of the bat?


You probably should know that the regular strategies for buying a new baseball bat are to look at the build material of the bat, the barrel of the bat, the fusion system, and the weight of the bat with the proportion of your size.

As there are too many suggestion and recommendation in time of buying a baseball bat,

For your better consideration, we are suggesting you some of our best usssa baseball bat that maybe can fit you the best.

Best usssa baseball bat

usssa baseball ball

Best wood bat

Best high school bat

4 Best usssa baseball bats 

1. DeMarini 2020 CF Zen 2 3/4" USSSA Baseball Bat Series (-10, -8)

This one has been a phenomenal invention from the very beginning of 2018.its getting huge popularity for its composite material output.

If you are worried about the usssa standards (mean wikipedia), then we would like to let you know that this bat complies with all the requirements of usssa.

It is a two pieces composite bat with a perfectly balanced lightweight, and the response of the barrel of the bat with the contact of the ball is great.

If you are a professional baseball player and you know how to hit the ball properly, then this bat is a highly recommended for you.
From 2018 to so far this one has not attained more demoralizing review.

key feature
  • Para flex plus composite barrel
  • Reactive end cap
  • 3 fusion connection
  • Two and three quarter length
  • 1 year manufactured warranty

2. Marucci Posey28 Pro Metal -10 USSSA Baseball Bat

This is a kind of bat that actually looks like wood but actually is made with metal. The interior of the bat is total aluminum. This bat is going to be a drop 10 series bat. The 28 inches bat will take 18 ounces of weight. This bat is quite exceptional for its longer barrel attire. This makes the bat hit properly.

The knob of the bat is also designed to reduce the vibration. When you hit the ball, the vibration of the bat will be in a minimal number, and the contact with the bat and ball will be smoother. Marucci series bat is quite trusted worthy to its consumers. If you are trying to get a perfect experience of baseball, you can give it a try.

key feature
  • USSSA standards compatibility
  • Two and a three quarter barrel diameter
  • Great compatibility
  • - 1o drops
  • 1 year manufactured warranty

3. Easton 2018 USSSA Ghost X Senior League Baseball Bat 2 3/4 (-10)

This Ghost x is for sure, a beast in the game of baseball. This bat has the best dynamic feel system. You can count it as the most powerful composite bat in the game.
Exact advanced carbon technology in this bat has created a perfect environment for a light swing away.
The knob of this bat is suitable for a perfect feeling of gameplay. The knob enhances the feel and reduces the vibration in the handle.

The extended barrel of the bat will ensure the perfect hit and power. This Ghost X has created a revolution in the Easton Company. For perfect enthusiastic gameplay, this bat surely will be a better choice.

Key features
  • -10 drops
  • Ultra-thin 32 inch exact carbon handle
  • Extended barrel (two and a three quarter barrel diameter)
  • USSSA certified
  • Hyper skin grip

4. Marucci Cat7 Junior Big Barrel Baseball Bat

This Marucci cat7 junior baseball bat is a much more extended version than the previous cat6 version. This bat is unique for its big barrel size. This one’s barrel size is twice as much large as the previous cat6’s barrel. This particular baseball bat has the Av2 knob system, which has made it afford less vibration. This bat has a drop 10 ratio system.

The big barrel of this bat has made it easier for the big hitter to hit big. Another important part is the balanced swing away movement of this bat, for what the batter need not to worry about maintaining a perfect balance. As our recommendation, this bat can also fill up your expectation if you are looking to hit big.

Key features

  • Av 2 ant vibration knob
  • Two and a three quarter barrel
  • Perfect swing away and higher response rate
  • Faster swing speed
  • Usssa certified

Best baseball wood bat

1.Marucci AP5 Maple Baseball Bat:

In a time of buying a wooden baseball bat, you need to consider things like if it is made with maple, ash, birch or bamboo. As maple is the best choice for its tighter grain, density, and durability. We are bringing for you the best Marucci wooden baseball bat. Marucci AP5 maple baseball bat can be the perfect choice for you.
If you are transferring from composite to the wooden bat, then this bat can give you a composite feeling.
This one is bone rubbed for ensuring the heavy density and thus will provide you a larger league swing away.

The extra-large barrel of the bat will ensure that you get the perfect taste of big mashing.
The knob and the barrel of the bat are well tapered. And thus you will feel a smoother feeling in time of catching the bat.
If you are interested about the bat, make sure to know in which league you are playing and if the bat features comply with your league standard.

Key features

  • Bone rubbed ensured ultimate wooden density
  • Well tapered handle and knob
  • Extra-large barrel
  • 30-day warranty

2. Louisville Slugger 2019 MLB Prime Wood Bat Series

Louisville slugger makes three types of a wooden bat. Hard, harder, and the hardest. This Louisville Slugger 2019 MLB prime wood bat series is the hardest one.
If you are looking for a bat for major league baseball playing or for practicing hard, then this bat can suit you than any other bat.
The Exo armor premium topcoat has given the bat a significant uniqueness.
This model of the bat is designed both for the prime hitters and little knockers

The medium barrel size and standard handle will make sure the player can make perfect contact with the ball. The balanced swing away of the bat and a bone rubbed composition will be handy in time of playing and for a better experience.

Key features
  • Cupped end
  • Balanced swing away
  • Exo armor premium topcoat
  • MLB ash

3. Victus PRO Reserve V-Cut Maple 33" Wood BB BAT 18F

This one is the last wooden series bat recommendation from us that you can choose to have a great experience in a time of playing baseball. Victus PRO will ensure that you get the perfect MLB wood for quality gameplay. This victus series of a bat will provide the hard-hitting power quality for the big power hitter. This bat does have an end cap to it what will provide you get the perfect use of the total density of the bat.

Although this bat does not have the perfect pro packed finishing, but the density of the wood and the harder barrel size will ensure quality hitting. If you are looking for a perfect bat for practicing or for playing in the little league, then you can try it on.

Key Features
  • High-quality MLB wood
  • Bone rubbed ensure high density
  • -1 to -3 drop
  • Handcrafted quality maple

Best high school baseball bat

1. Louisville Slugger 2020 Meta (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat Series

For high school level baseball bat, this Louisville Slugger is a no comparison bat.
Most of baseball can't ensure durability and excellent performance. It’s only durability or only performance. But this one is totally different. You can mark that this one will surely provide both great performance and durability.
The eco composite barrel of this bat surely will provide great performance, and the true sound of the bat will give a sporting feel.

The 3fx connection system will reduce the vibration at the highest level. The balanced swing of the bat confirms that you get the perfect power of hitting. The larger barrel size and density will ensure power hitting. Thinking about making it big? Give this one a try..

Key feature
  • Eco composite barrel
  • 3fx connection system
  • Premium RTX end cap
  • A balanced combination of power and speed
  • Ls pro comfort grip

2. Rawlings Velo Hybrid Balanced BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat

This BBCOR baseball bat is a perfect mood swinger. If you are looking for faster pitch speed, then this bat can be a perfect choice. This bat will have a little heavier swing away, which will ensure you get the perfect hitting potential. But the swing away is going to be preferable because the bat is composite in construction, and this bat is lighter weight in nature.

Like all other Rawlings bat, this bat has a perfect vibration reduction system. And the thinner handle of the bat can be useful for a perfect hitting experience. Pick it up if you are planning to buy a new one.

Key feature
  • 2 5/8 barrel size
  • 0.50 BBCOR
  • Composite end cap
  • -3 drops

3. Louisville Slugger 2019 Prime 919 (-3) 2 5/8" BBCOR Baseball Bat

This bat comes with 1 year of warranty that proves the strength of the bat. Although a little change from the previous 918 version, this bat with a two composite construction will give you a perfect hit power. This bat has a vcx connection for increasing the power potential and for a comfortable movement between the barrel and handles in time of controlling it. An RTX used in this bat will provide a longer barrel size.

Composite microform barrel design used in this bat will ensure the perfect swing away in time of playing. With the vcx connection, the vibration production after hitting is reduced greatly.
And of course, this bat is BBCOR certified.
Loved the feature? Feel free to have the possession of the bat; we would highly recommend you to buy the bat.

Key feature
  • Two pieces composite microform barrel
  • Rtx end cape.
  • Vcx technology
  • 32’’ in size
  • BBCOR certified
  • 1 year manufactured warranty

4. EASTON Ghost X Hyperlite -11 (2 5/8") USA Youth Baseball Bat

If you would like to purchase a USA standard bat, then you can try this one.
For hitting double, triple, or home run, this bat can be the right choice, especially for those who are learning to hit big. Exact carbon technology used in this bat will make sure that the bat can smoothly grab for perfect hitting.
The speed cap used in this bat will ensure the 100% barrel production.

The grip that Easton Company has used here is made with Lizard Skin DSP, which made the bat more flexible or trustworthy in time of catching the handle. Beside the swing away and the hitting ability of the bat is also notable.
If you are playing little league or in high school level, then for hitting double, triple, and a home run, this bat can be in good help.

Key feature

  • Advanced carbon technology for maximum barrel performance
  • New speed cap will provide more sound and balance
  • Hyperlite balanced design for ensuring a perfect swing away
  • Customize Lizard skin DSP

5. Rawlings 5150 Alloy BBCOR High School/Collegiate Baseball Bat (-3) BB75

Here is our final recommendation that you can choose if you are playing in college or high school level. This bat comes with a drop 3 module systems, which will make sure that you get a perfect swing away in time of hitting the ball and to ensure maximum hitting potential. Rawlings alloy 5150 technology will provide a maximum amount of durability and performance. This bat is 0.5 BBCOR certified and comes with a 2 and 5/8 inch barrel diameter.

This larger barrel size will maintain the proportion of your barrel size and capability of your hitting big.
In terms of playing high school league or in college-level baseball learning to hit big is necessary, this bat can be useful if you are trying so.

Key feature

  • Comp lite composite end cape.
  • Stiff handle with a large sweet spot
  • Aerospace-grade Rawlings 5150 alloy
  • 0.50 BBCOR certified
  • 2 and 5/8 inch barrel size

Buying Guides

If you are planning to buy a baseball bat, consider the thing that can cost you in the long run. Whether you are playing for a major league, high school, or college league or for a little league, make sure to know the standards and rules and regulation of the league, what types of bat they actually prefer. After you know all that, now give a look at the construction material of the bat. Do you need a metal bat or wooden bat? If you are a beginner, then a wooden bat will be the suggestion as because the wooden bat will give you the opportunity to practice and prepare yourself better.

On the other hand, if you are a pro-level player, then a composite bat will be the right choice for you. What next? Now, the brand of the bat? From which brand or company should you buy the bat?

Honestly speaking, all the company tries their best to produce the best product to their consumer. It's totally your own decision from which company you would like to buy the product.

Considering all the construction material, dropping system of the bat, barrel size, end cape, knob of the bat, size of the bat, the sound of the bat with the contact of the ball and most importantly durability and performance of the bat you can choose from which brand you should buy the product.

Make sure to count down the weight of the bat. If it is too heavy, then it can cost you the mood of the game. The performance of your total gameplay can turn into havoc.

If you are planning to buy it online, collect all the information about shipping, and if they will return you the product in case of any fault in the product.


1. How long is a baseball bat?

 Well, it depends. With your size and age, the size of the bat also can change. You can change your bat size with the help of a standard bat size chart. Baseball bat, in general, comes with a minimum size of 24'' and a maximum size of 33-34''. Choose the right bat with the right size of yours.

2. How to grip a baseball bat?

Different types of people grip a baseball bat differently. But the perfect way to grip a baseball bat is- if you are a right-hander, grab the baseball bat with the fingertips of your left hand. After that, place the right hand on the upper front of your left hand. Now try to contact in the best way where it fits the best.

3. How much does a baseball bat weight?

With the building material, the weight of a baseball bat can change. But nowadays, a baseball bat can be around 33 to 36 ounces. That is, a baseball bat can be around 1 kg. But at the beginning of baseball, the bat weight was around 1.4 kg or 3 ounces.

4. How to size a baseball bat?

The standard bat size varies with your age and height.if your age is around 5-7 then you can use 24-26’’.from 8-9 you can use 26-28’’.in age of 10 use 28-29’’.from 11-12 use 30-31’’.from 13-14 use 31-32’’ and from 15-16 to above you can use 32-33’’.

final words

This was our little effort for you guys to make it a little easier in time to buy a baseball bat. If you appreciate our effort, we will remain grateful to you.

Happy playing. We hope you will be on the leader board one day.

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