Best water polo balls reviews 2022

Water polo is an excellent sport to enjoy your summer day inside the pool. For water polo the most important thing you need is a water polo ball. But most of you guys are not capable of choosing the best water polo ball that can serve you in possibly the best way.

That’s why I have come here with a review of some best water polo balls for you. I have kept, Mikasa Sports W5000- mans water pool balls at the top of the list. Mikasa is the most popular manufacturer company for producing water polo balls. To know details about this product and the other products you need to continue reading this article.

Best water polo ball

Best water polo ball

Best Water polo balls

1. Mikasa Sports W5000- mans water pool balls

 Mikasa is the most popular manufacturer company in making water polo balls. They have designed this water polo ball for male players specially. This ball comes in yellow color, which is the most used color for water polo balls. The ball is not completely yellow as it has black stripes designed on the body. This makes the ball look like a competition standard.

This is a size 5 water polo ball, which is approved for the male players for playing water polo. This size 5 ball is approved by NFHS. The ball is built by using a rubber. You will get maximum grip on the ball as it is well buffed. This makes the ball well comfortable for summer funs. The ball typically has a circumference of 68 to 71 cm, and the pressure of this ball is 90 – 97kPa. It comes to you with a warranty of 1 year.

Key Features

  1. NFHS approved
  2. Size 5 ball
  3. Yellow color
  4. Maximum grip buffing.

2. Mikasa Sports W5009 -Women's Water Polo Ball

 This is a size 4 ball from Mikasa. The ball is designed for the women water polo players. According to the rules of FINA, size 4 ball is recommended for both younger water polo players and the women players. Boys under 14 years and any girls over 14 years are recommended to use this size of water polo balls. That’s why Mikasa manufactured this ball for the women and youths.

The ball comes in yellow color with black stripes on the body, which makes the ball a standard one for official water polo competitions. You can also use the ball inside the home poolside area to enjoy the hot summer. The ball provides you maximum gripping as it is hand buffed and made of using rubber materials.

Key Features

  1. NFHS approved
  2. Size 4 ball
  3. Maximum grip buffing
  4. Yellow color with black stripes.

3. Mikasa Sports Intermediate Size 3 Water Polo Ball

 This is a water polo ball manufactured by Mikas for the intermediate level players. It comes in size 3. The size is recommended for the young players who have known much about water polo already and looking forward to playing the advanced level of water polo. It helps them to improve their skills.

This ball also comes in yellow color with black color stripes on the body to provide a standard look. The ball is buffed well to provide you maximum grip facility during the game. Any boys aged 12 or less than that and girls aged 14 or less than that are highly recommended to use this size of ball.

Key Features

  1. Intermediate payers
  2. Buffed for maximum grip
  3. Size 3
  4. Yellow color

4. KAP7 Size 4 COMP Water Polo Ball (Yellow)

This is a size 4 ball from KAP SEVEN. They manufactured this ball to meet all the specifications of NFHS, LEN, USAWP, and FINA. The ball comes in natural yellow color, which a bit different color from the balls manufactured by Mikasa. It also has black stripes on the body of the ball.

This ball can be used in the entry-level competitions and also in the training sessions. To provide you an excellent gripping the ball is hand buffed with K7 proprietary technology. The young water polo players and the women players are recommended to use this size 4 ball.

Key Features

  1. Meets specifications of NFHS, LEN, USAWP, and FINA
  2. Hand buffed
  3. Entry-level competition and training ball
  4. Young and women players are recommended.

5. Mikasa Men's Heavy Weight Water Polo Ball

 This is a training water polo ball from Mikasa. The ball comes in size 5, which is usable for men water polo players. The ball has a different color than the other water polo balls from Mikasa. It comes in black color with yellow stripes on the body.

The ball is a heavyweight one, which made of thinking about the practice hours for men water polo players. The ball is buffed with black color rubber and provides you a good gripping during the practice hours. The ball weighs around 3.3 pounds. You can improve your gripping strength, passing strength, and shooting accuracy with this ball.

Key Features

  1. Training ball
  2. Black buffed rubber
  3. Heavyweight product
  4. Black color with yellow stripes.

6. Mikasa 4-inch Mini Promotional Water Polo Ball, Soft Cover-Yellow 

This is a mini water polo ball from Mikasa. The ball features soft PVC cover, which can be used as a stress ball or can also simply toss it around after an intense practice session. You can perfectly fit the ball in your palm and have a comfortable grip as it comes in a small size.

The ball is 4 inches in diameter and the weight of the ball is 1 pound approximately. This size of ball can be used for the kids or by those players who are learning the basics of water polo. This ball can be quite easily used as a recreational water polo ball inside your home yard pool.

Key Features

  1. Soft PVC cover
  2. Perfectly fits in your palm
  3. Great promotional item
  4. 4 inches in diameter.

7. Tachikara Water Polo Ball (EA)

This is a size 5 ball manufactured by Tachikara. This ball is made of using a different formula, a new kind of ball. It is made of with Hydro tec top grade rubber and deep channeled. This construction added great gripping facility and playability to the ball.

For stronger grip the manufacturer company created a unique ribbed texture. The ball also comes with great durability as it is a yarn wound. The ball meets the official weight and size. Size 5 is usable for men water polo players, but this ball is allowed to use by all ages of water polo players. The ball is sold and shipped deflated. Overall it can be a good size 5 ball for you guys.

Key Features

  1. Hydro – tec surface
  2. Deep sets
  3. Yarn wound for durability
  4. Official size and weight.

8. KAP7 Mini Skip Novelty Ball Size 1

 This is a mini size ball from KAP7. It comes in size 1, which is usable for the kids or the young learners of water polo. This ball can also be quite easily used as a recreational water polo ball inside your home yard pool.

The ball is kids friendly. It is made of using rubber and is quite soft and bouncy that makes it appropriate for the young players. As it comes in a small size, it fits in your palm very easily. It can be a great ball for goalie handy eye coordination. The ball is completely yellow in color with a KAP7 mark designed in the middle of the body. 

Key Features

  1. Kids friendly
  2. Soft and bouncy
  3. Fits in palm
  4. Great for goalie hand-eye coordination.

9. Franklin Sports Floating Water Polo

 This is a set of floating water polo target with a water polo ball from Franklin sports. The set comes with a huge 57 inches by 33 inches of water polo target, which is floatable. And it includes an 8 inches water polo ball.

The floating target is made of heavy-duty PVC, which is ideal for using water polo games. No assembly is required to play the game, you just need to inflate the target and take the ball to start enjoying water polo inside the pool area. The set includes an integrated net for extra sturdiness. Anyone over 6 years is allowed to use this set of water polo target and water polo ball.

Key Features

  1. Floating water polo target
  2. An 8 inches water polo ball
  3. No tool for assembly
  4. Recommended for 6+ years old players.

Buying guides

Still many guys have confusion regarding which size of ball is appropriate for them or what other things they need to consider before buying a water polo ball. But there are not many things to consider. I'm going to discuss few facts that you should look before purchasing.

Size: The most important fact to look before buying a water polo ball. There are 5 different sizes of water polo balls from size 1 to 5. Size 1 is for the kids, size 2 for the young players who know something about water polo, size 3 is for those young players who are looking forward to playing in the professional level, then size 4 is for women and youth and size 5 is recommended for men water polo players.

Color: The color approved by FINA is yellow with black stripes on the body. But there are balls of other colors like black with yellow color stripes. But for official matches, yellow color balls are always recommended.

Gripping: The ball should be buffed well to provide you a good gripping, unless you will not be comfortable inside the pool playing water polo.

Softness: Especially water polo ball for kids should have enough softness, not necessary for advanced players.

Durability: You should always look for a durable ball, which will last for long and serve you in the best way.


What type of ball is used in water polo?

A water polo ball with bright yellow color and having coloring stripes on the body coming with ease of gripping is used in water polo.

What is water polo balls made of?

Water polo balls are typically made of waterproof nylon, and it is buffed with rubber for a comfortable grip.

What is the size of a water polo ball?

There are five sizes of water polo balls, size 1 to 5. But the two main sizes is size 4 and 5, which are recommended for women and men players respectively.

What size water polo ball for high school?

Size 5 ball is recommended for high school water polo. You can also use a size 4 ball for this purpose.

How much does a water polo ball weight?

A water polo ball of size 4 and 5 weighs around 400 – 450 grams or 14 – 16 ounces. But other balls weigh less 300 grams or less than that.


You guys might have already found this article helpful if you are looking for water polo balls. I have given description of some water polo balls that you guys might love to look at. Then I have written a buying guide that will give you the idea of what facts you need to consider before purchasing for a water polo ball. Again I have answered some frequently asked questions by you. Overall, I think you guys will find this article very helpful and will be able to purchase the right water polo ball for this summer season.

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