Best Bike kayak trailers and canoe

Do you like kayaking and also want to roam around with your lovable kayak in your vehicle? What could help you better in this regard than a bike kayak trailer? This article comes to you with a review of some best kayak trailers. I’ll also discuss some crucial things about bike kayak trailers here. So continue to read if you are interested.

Bike kayak trailer

A bike kayak trailer is a transport that is used to carry your heavy kayaks from one place to another. You need to attach the kayak trailer to your motorbike or bicycle and then place the kayaks on it. The wheels designed with your kayak trailer should cooperate smoothly with your bike and roll. This will make you transfer or carry your heavy kayaks wherever you go.

How to make a kayak trailer for bike

You can make your kayak trailer for your bike instead of buying a new one. For this, you have to follow the steps I'm giving below.

  • First, you need to design hitch with two metal pins to, which will hold the rubber hose to the hitch. Then fit the hitch around the bike seat post.
  • Just slide the hose over the hitch and install the pin to make the hitch install.
  • Then measure your bike's length and cut the pipe at that length. Then bend the pipe to attach and fit it with the kayak.
  • Now it's time to assemble the pieces of equipment.
  • Lastly, attach wheels underneath the trailer to make it roll with your bike and carry the kayaks safely and securely.

Bike kayak trailers and canoe

1. Burley Flatbed, Aluminum Utility Cargo Bike Trailer

This bike trailer comes with a two-wheel design that keeps the trailer upright and stable. It has a weight carrying capacity of 100 pounds. It has 16 inches spoked alloy wheels with push-button release. The trailer quickly dissembles and is compactly designed for transport and storage. You will find a standard forged hitch included with it.

Key Features

  1. Two-wheel design
  2. Weight capacity of 100 pounds
  3. Quickly dissembles with a compact design
  4. Sixteen inches spoked alloy wheels.

2. Aosom Foldable Bike Cargo Trailer

This foldable bike trailer is made of sturdy steel frame and a strengthened PE bottom, which provides a sturdy construction. It has a heavy-duty weight holding capacity up to 110 pounds. It is easy to set up and fold down because of the foldable design. You can fasten the trailer onto your back wheel with the simple to use universal hitch. So it is effortless to attach and remove.

Key Features

  1. Made of sturdy steel frame and strengthened PE bottom
  2. Foldable design
  3. Weight holding capacity of 110 pounds
  4. Detachable front and back.

3. Wike Heavy Duty Flatbed Bike Trailer

 This bike trailer comes with 20 inches alloy wheels with stainless steel spokes. It has push-button quick-release axles. You can remove the wheels of the trailer effortlessly and store flat with a low profile. You will get two reflections on the backside of the trailer for added safety. A quick hitch is included to lock the trailer with your bike.

Key Features

  1. 20 inches alloy wheels with stainless steel spokes
  2. Quick hitch included
  3. Two reflections on the backside
  4. Push-button quick-release axles.

4. Retrospec Rover Hauler Cargo Bike Trailer

The bike trailer comes with a unique folding frame for providing simple and compact storage. It fits 20 inches to 29 inches wheels. It has an internal 4 point D-rings in its no-slip interior base that offers additional security and safety for your gear while on the road. The elements used to construct it is weather-resistant, weather shield, and rear vent window. It also includes a safety flag for added visibility.

Key Features

  1. Unique folding frame design
  2. Internal 4 point D-rings in its no-slip interior base
  3. Safety flag for added visibility
  4. Fits 20 to 29 inches wheels.

5. Kayak Cart Dolly Wheels Trolley

 This trolley is constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminium. It features foam cushion on the bars to protect he kayak or vehicle from bumps, scratches, and other abrasions. It can carry up to 165 pounds of weight easily. It comes with a cam buckle tie-down strap to secure your kayak, canoe, or another small boat. It also features 10 inches all-terrain airless solid rubber tires to ensure easy rolling along with a double leg kickstand for extra stability and easy loading.

Key Features

  1. Constructed with corrosion-resistant aluminium
  2. Weight holding capacity of 165 pounds
  3. Easy storage
  4. Ten inches all-terrain airless solid rubber tires.

Bike kayak trailer cost

There are both cheap and expensive bike kayak trailers available, but you have to choose which one fits your vehicle mostly. Because only buying an expensive one may not suit your bike. That's why to choose that one, which is appropriate for you. 

If you are searching for a bike kayak trailer, you will find trailers under $100 as well and over $1000. But as I said, before purchasing ensure what your bike requires. A bike kayak trailer from $100 to $400 can provide you with a satisfactory service that's for sure. You can still spend over $1000 if you want.

Kayak trailer for bike plans

The main plan for attaching a kayak trailer with your bike is to carry your heavy kayaks with you comfortably. Here are a few things that can help to complete your plan correctly.

  • The hitch designed in the kayak trailer attaches it to the seat post of the bike.
  • It has wheels underneath to help the kayak trailer roll down as your bike moves on.
  • It is quite a lightweight thing but can carry heavyweight kayaks comfortably.
  • You can quickly attach the trailer with your bike with the hose and the pins.
  • After use, you can disassemble it and store it in a secure place.

Final words

So a kayak trailer for your bike will surely solve the problem of carrying your kayaks anywhere. You can buy one or make it on your own. It is effortless to attach and start moving the kayaks with safety and security.

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