What is dodgeball and how to play

Dodgeball is a team sport, where players of each team try to throw balls towards the opponents to eliminate. If the thrown ball hits any part of the opponent below the shoulder, he will be eliminated. The game’s objective is to eliminate every player of the opponent’s team to win the game. You can enjoy … Read more

What is a kendo stick- Do kendo sticks really hurt

Kendo stick is a bamboo sword that is used in kendo practice sessions or competitive kendo fights. Mostly kendo sticks are made of soft bamboo. Basically, kendo is a Japanese sport and the stick used here is known as shinai. So whether you call it a kendo stick or shinai, it’s the same thing. Because … Read more

Best Hacky Sack (Footbag) Reviews 2022

If you are confused about what size of hacky sack and footbag you should purchase for or how many panels or what are filler materials you prefer, then you are at the right place. Hacky sacking or foot bagging is a great past time that only requires a hacky sack or footbag and your skills … Read more

How to win tic-tac-toe – Tic-tac-toe strategy

Tic-tac-toe is a pencil and paper game that is played between two players. To win this game you have to follow some strategies, which will help you a lot. As there are two players, one will go to put his mark first in the tic-tac-toe box. The player who goes first have the better possibilities … Read more