Blokus Excelant Board Games Ideas In Your Home

Are you looking for an abstract strategy game for your kids, which is not complex? Here I’m with a review of the best blokus board games that can fulfill your demand. You can enjoy the game with your family members anytime you want as it takes less time to get the result of the game.

In this review of the Blokus board games, Blokus Game [Amazon Exclusive] is obtaining the first position because of his overall qualities. You can watch out for other products also while choosing your game board. The buying guide section will make the buying process a lot easier for you. I am suggested you some more excellent board game like sorry board game, Carcassonne, Blokus. So don’t miss it and continue to read the article.

Best Blokus Board Game

6 Blokus board Game reviews

1. Blokus Game [Amazon Exclusive]


Brand: Mattel Games

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. Perfect game set for the whole family
  2. Set up within a minute
  3. 21 different playing pieces in four colors
  4. Nice grey color game board.

This is a complete Blokus game set from Mattel Games that is perfect for the whole family. You can set up the whole set within a minute and start having board gaming fun with the family members.

The game set comes with a grey color game board, which looks nice enough to attract your kids. It also includes 21 playing pieces of red, green, yellow and blue colors. Distribute the pieces to the players and think a bit strategically to play the game.

2. Blokus Duo


Brand: Mattel Games

Weight: 13.5 ounces

Key Features

  1. Two-player game set
  2. The yellow color game board
  3. 21 white and 21 black pieces included
  4. Perfect for kids of 7 years or more.

Gather the kids who are seven years old or up and let them have some strategic fun with this simple board gaming. Mattel Games come with this Blokus board game set, which is perfect enough to provide fun to the whole family.

This is a two-player game set, which comes with a yellow color game board. It includes a total of 42 game pieces that are distributed at the beginning of the game. The playing pieces are white and black colored.

3. Blokus Trigon Game


Brand: Mattel Games

Weight: 1 pound

Key Features

  1. Hexagonal shaped game board
  2. Four different colors of playing pieces
  3. Starts with 22 pieces
  4. Comes with a triangular twist.

This is a bit different Blokus game set from Mattel Games that comes with a hexagonal shape. The rules of the game are pretty the same as the original game, but it comes to you with a triangular twist.

The game set comes with a hexagonal-shaped game board, which gives you a new experience of the game. There are four different colors of playing pieces included in it, green, blue, yellow and red. At the starting of the game, each player receives 22 playing pieces of the same color. Fill the most squares on the board to win the game.

4. Travel Blokus


Brand: Mattel Games

Weight: 12.8 ounces

Key Features

  1. Two-player edition game set
  2. The white color game board
  3. 42 playing pieces
  4. Vibrant, translucent purple, and orange color pieces.

This is another two-player edition of the Blokus board game from Mattel Games. The game set comes with a white color game board, which has recessed squares. It also includes an instruction guide and a storage tray.

The game set includes 42 playing pieces of two different colors. The playing pieces come in vibrant, translucent purple and orange colors. To set up the game, you don’t need to do much. You can make the game set ready within a minute to start the fun.

5. Puzzles Blokus - Board Game


Brand: Puzzles

Weight: 2.1 pounds

Key Features

  1. 84 playing pieces
  2. The black color game board
  3. An instruction guide included
  4. Red, green, yellow and blue color pieces.

This is a four-player Blokus board game set from Puzzles, which requires a bit of strategic thinking for winning the game. The game set comes with 84 playing pieces, which are distributed equally at the starting of the game.

The playing pieces come in red, green, yellow and blue colors. The game set features bright colors and simple rules. The game board is black colored and comes with 400 squares. You will also find an instruction guide with the game set.

6. Mattel FMW25 Strategy Game


Brand: Mattel

Weight: 6 ounces

Key Features

  1. Two-player version
  2. 42 playing pieces
  3. Red and blue color pieces
  4. Perfect for the whole family.

This is a two-player version Blokus board game set from Mattel that comes with 42 playing pieces. The playing pieces come in two different colors, blue and red.

At the starting of the game distribute the playing pieces to the two players. If you can play this game a bit strategically, this can be fun for the whole family and you can also let your kids improve their strategic thinking through some gaming,

Blokus board game

Blokus is a board game played between two to four players. It is an abstract strategic game, but you don’t much strategic thinking to win or play the game. The game is perfectly suitable for the younger members of your family. However, anyone of your family can also participate in the game. The game doesn’t take much time to finish or set up. You can unpack the game set and set it up within a minute.

And the game will approximately run for 20 to 30 minutes. So kids can enjoy playing the game in their leisure hours in the school and the parents also can enjoy this game when they are spending free time inside the house. The most interesting thing about this game that makes it a great one for the kids is, it improves the strategic thinking power of your kids with some simple rules. So why you won’t let them play this excellent abstract strategic board game?

Buying guides

To spend your dollars on the right game set you need to know a few things, depending on which you can choose the right one. Read out the below points carefully first and then make your choice.

Game version

Although there are not many things to consider before buying a Blokus board game set, I think you just need to decide which version of the game you need to buy. There are both a two-player version game set and a four-player version game set available in the market. You can only play the game between two players in a two-player version game set. However, a four-player version allows playing the game between two or three or four players. So my suggestion is to buy a four-player version game for versatility.

Design of the game board

The design of the board mainly depends on the version of the game set you are buying. Typically, a Blokus game board comes with 20 by 20 designs that contain 400 squares. But a two version game board certainly comes with fewer squares and sometimes they come in a conventional design. The conventional shape of the game board is square, but as you have noticed I have mentioned a game set that comes with a hexagonal board.

Enough playing pieces

The number of playing pieces also depends on the version of the game you are buying or you are willing to play. In a two-player mode, you need 42 pieces in total. However, in four players game mode 84 pieces are required and at the starting of the game 21 pieces are given to each participant.

Instruction book

Though this is a very simple game to play, the newer players or the younger ones might find it difficult a bit at the start. So an instruction book with the game set will make it easier for them to understand the object and basic rules of the game.

Playing components in Blokus game

The game doesn’t require many components to play. You just need a game board and a few playing pieces to start the game. Gather these two components and set up quickly to start the game.

Game board

You need a 20 by 20 game board to play the Blokus game. It will have 400 squares in total, where you have to place the playing pieces to earn points. The main target of the game is to get rid of the playing pieces as many as possible. The game is played between two to four players. If it is played between four players then each player will receive one corner of the game board. However, in a two-player game players will receive two corners of each.

Playing pieces

In a blokus game, a total of 84 Tetris like playing pieces. These 84 pieces come in four different colors as the game is played between a maximum of four players. If the game is played between four players, each player will start the play with 21 playing pieces. On the other hand, in a two-player game, each player goes with 42 playing pieces of two different colors.

The playing pieces used in the game come in five different designs. There are twelve pieces with five squares, five pieces with four squares, two pieces with three squares and a piece each with one and two squares. It is better to play the longest playing pieces at the beginning of the game to take a lead on the board. The longest pieces have more points than the shortest ones and more points will be deducted at the end of the game for having the longest piece left.

How to play Blokus game and rules

Well, Blokus is not a complex game at all. You can easily let your kids, who are over seven years old to enjoy the game and learn some strategic thinking. This board game runs for 20 to 30 minutes typically, so you don’t need to spend much time on it. Select a game set from the above products and unpack it. Then do a simple set up and begin the fun by placing the playing pieces on the board.

Setup the board on the center of the table and let the players take a seat around it.

Now distribute the playing pieces among the players depending on the number. If the game is going to be played between two players, distribute 42 pieces of two different colors to each player. In a three-player game, give 21 pieces to each player, and letting the unused pieces away from the board is better I think. And in a four-player game, each player will receive 21 playing pieces of the same color and they will be sitting at each corner of the board.

Decide which player is going to deliver his first move. You can flip a coin or do whatever to choose the first player.

Now you have to start the game by placing a piece at the corner of the board, which is at your side. If the piece doesn’t cover the corner properly, it will be a wrong move.

Try to place the longest playing pieces early in the game, because you won’t be able to place them when the game progresses. And this can cost you negative points at the end.

While placing the pieces, try to take them to the center of the board. This will give you more space to get rid of all of your playing pieces and ensures, you don’t get stuck on the board.

Remember one thing during your move; you have to place the playing piece in such a manner that touches the corner of one of your playing pieces. A move without touching the corner of another same color playing piece won’t be a valid move.

The game ends, when there are no playing pieces left for a player or there is no vacancy to play a move on the board.

If anyone can get rid of all his playing pieces, he will get 15 points. If it doesn’t happen, the pieces left for each player will be counted and the points will be deducted depending on the number of squares in the remaining playing pieces. The player with the highest number will win the game.

Blokus game history

This two to four-player simple strategic board game Blokus was invented 20 years ago in 2000. Bernard Tavitian was the creator of this abstract strategic game. The game was first published by Sekkoia. In 2009, the game was sold to Mattel.bes


Don’t make any more delay to choose a Blokus board game set. The products I’ve mentioned above and the buying guide are enough for you to choose the right product and let your kids test their strategic thinking power. I’ve also discussed to rules of the game for more easiness. So grab one of these game sets and let the fun begin.

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